Edwardsville and Some Miscellaneous Pictures of Nature (Fall 2011)

I have always loved nature and the beauty of it. Since I am studying in the United States, especially in SIUE, I found that some scenes of the nature around Edwardsville are somehow unique and interesting.

The standing tall trees with the cloudy sky


Trees and their "smile" to me
The Cougar Lake (Another side of beauty) But, is it human made? I am not sure..
The sun hiding in the cloudy sky looks shy to me
These geese lining up forming a friendship. It's interesting, isn't it? We should learn from them though ^_^
A house - it's a symbol of piece and silent to me. Oh, I really admire silent. Weird, huh?
A pattern of a tree - artistic dimension of how this tree is created. Amazing!
It's so peace and calm.. What a wonderful place to read books and write.. ^_^

Looking at how nature is formed naturally is always interesting to me. Well, I do not mean to say that life in big cities are not interesting but being in hectic situation, for me, is such a boring life. Now, I feel so peaceful and calm.

Well, I would love to see what are the pictures of the nature in Spring 2012. I can’t wait how does it look to be in Spring. For your information, all pictures above are taken in Edwardsville, Illinois, the United States.

Thanks for viewing! Have a great day!