Short Story – “An Empty Room”

A short story by Syayid, year 2008

There was a walk I was passing by. It was late in the night. I felt so cold as my dresses were so wet by the rain, falling hard outside. The wind takes my hat away. I tried to keep it to be always in my head. ‘Till I found a house. A very old one. It was an old building. Thunder helped me to see the house clearly. It was a very hard September rain. Lonely. Wet. There was me. As I got into the house, I found none stayed there. It was dark, completely dark.

“Hello, is there anybody here?”, my voice did not get any reply.
I felt as I was lonely. In the meeting room, I saw a picture of a beautiful lady. It hanged over the wall but her beauty seemed reflected so in perfect to my eye.

When I asked again, still, I didn’t get any reply. Then, I walked in. Slowly I came into a big room. The light by thunders from the window helped me to see better the room. The pictures were still the same. There were all lady’s picture.

Days and days I stayed there in the house. It was as usual. It was empty. Till I found a room with colorful and is decorated with many beautiful flowers inside. I smelled delicious Turkish delight.

I saw a flower which kept tightly in a pink-leather cage. The flower was so lovely. Pink-red. Seemed like a rose but it was not. My mind kept asking me, of whom this warm and beautiful room belongs to. The smell was so relaxing. Then, I felt as a magic. As I touched the cage of the flower, I was in the other world. It was in a park with many beautiful flowers. So beauty.

My ears were slowly listening to a delightful music heard from a distance. It was from a girl. A girl whose pictures I had seen in the house. Then, I knew that it was not real. I was in the ghost world.

The girl smiled at me. She stopped and gave me a flower. It was exactly as the same as the flower which I saw in the room. She wore a blond hat with beautiful dress in green. Her eyes were felt as warm as the morning sun. But, we could not speak, even to touch. When I sensed the flower, she spoke some words to me.

“Please, keep the flower for me…”
I was shocked, “who are you?”
“I am nobody but you. I am your inner side. I won’t go anywhere. I am you.”
“But, what?”, I asked in doubt.

She was gone. Only a silence came into my ear. All were disappeared. I turned back to the house lonely and in wet. I was in an empty room, with picture of the girl whom I couldn’t see inside. Completely empty. An empty room. Full with no meaning of dignity.