The Story of Malin Kundang

The Story of Malin Kundang Since the text of Malin Kundang folktale is not easy to find, especially the one written in English; therefore, I want to share the following text to you all. Hope it is useful for you. This story is the most well-known folktale among Minangkabau people in West Sumatra province, and … Continue reading The Story of Malin Kundang

Short Story – “An Empty Room”

A short story by Syayid, year 2008 There was a walk I was passing by. It was late in the night. I felt so cold as my dresses were so wet by the rain, falling hard outside. The wind takes my hat away. I tried to keep it to be always in my head. 'Till … Continue reading Short Story – “An Empty Room”