Paper/Thesis Writing and Translation II Scores – 2011 J,K,L and 2011 E,F Odd Semester 2013-2014

Hello my dear students,

I am so proud to see how you tried your best to get good scores. You did great jobs in all assignments.

However, I have the following notes for you to remember:

  • Paper/Thesis Writing Class (All Session: 2011 J, K, and L)

The core purpose of this class is to guide you in composing a research proposal for thesis and a proposal for a research paper in the field of English Language Teaching. The focus that I saw from your writings is how well you address the most important issues that you need to study in your research later on. Some of you did good works in collecting relevant references, using the references in the body of Chapter 2 (Review of Related Literature), and composing a List of Reference (References). Perhaps, the only problem that we faced was the local-based reference system that is being used in our institution. I did teach you all MLA and APA system that has been used internationally, but apparently, the institution seems to be so objected when I taught you that system. On top of that, please remember as well that writing academic writing or research writing in English is completely different from writing the same genres in Bahasa Indonesia. Somehow, some Indonesian lecturers seem to interchange this aspect as they like, and the result is, many of your writings, especially after you graduate later on, are not very well respected by readers at national or even international scale. The last point that I would say about this score is related to the soft-skill score. I gave you soft-skill score based on the data that I saw from our daily interaction in the class. None got below 60 because I believe that all people are basically good. It is just the way I see you as a student that needs proportional value assessment. Lastly, congratulations to those who get A for this subject. You deserve this score. Meanwhile, to the rest of you who do not get A, trust me, your ability is beyond the score you get now, but what you need to do is to do your best and do all tasks diligently. Please use the “question” and “answer” session in the class accordingly.

For your score, please see the attachment below (Click the document which applies to your class session)

1. Paper/Thesis Writing 2011 L

PTW 2011 L Odd Semester 2013-2014

2. Paper/Thesis Writing 2011 J

PTW 2011 J Odd Semester 2013-2014

3. Paper/Thesis Writing 2011 K

PTW 2011 K Odd Semester 2013-2014

  • Translation II Class

Teaching Translation II has always been the hardest subject to teach. Why? This subject requires you to be able to use two languages at the same time. Not only you have to comprehend the theories applied in the practice of translation, you also need to understand how to incorporate your theoretical comprehension into practice. The total assignments that I asked you do for each of you is five assignments, which were divided into five topics: Health and Science, Cultural Context, Education, Political Issues, and Economy and Business. From all these assignments, of course, your total score could not be valued as it is. Therefore, I looked at your mid-term score and final examination score. Surprisingly, some of you did good jobs in the mid-term test and assignments but average in final examination. This situation applies to your hard-skill aspect. For your soft-skill aspect, please remember that you all are basically fine and having good attitude in front of me, especially after I recalled our interaction in the classroom. Since the institution requires lecturers to add the soft-skill values into your grades, therefore, I apply the overall assessment system, which means, looking at the students based on the classroom communication situation. Finally, to those who get an A for this subject, congratulations! For those who get scores lower than you expect, please remember that you need to stay focus. If I demanded you to translate your chosen-texts from Bahasa Indonesia into English, please do it so. Never try to sneaky on me by doing the other way–finding English texts and translate it into Bahasa Indonesia. If I asked you to avoid using Transtool, please do it so. Otherwise, yes, the punishment for you because of doing that is, of course, a lower score. I believe you could do more than your present score implies. All you have to do is to keep improving yourself times to times. For you who get an A, please don’t be proud too much, since the actual test is happening after you finish your studies.

Scores for Translation II in Class Session

1. 2011 E Translation II Score

Translation II Session 2011 E Odd Semester 2013-2014 Oke

2. 2011 F Translation II Score

Translation II Session 2011 F Odd Semester 2013-2014 Oke

At last, congratulation to all of you who pass this subject.

Padang, January 19, 2014.

Syayid Sandi Sukandi, S.S., M.A

Note: I am using this blog because I can use this medium to show you your scores as it is. Thank you. 🙂