“Silence of the Night” by Syayid

The time I feel now is the one that is the most silent one I can't sleep, even though, I felt sleepy in my sight I woke up and saw the watch laying lazily on my desk Its click makes sound, tik tik tik..., as if it speaks to me saying, "It is three and … Continue reading “Silence of the Night” by Syayid

Smiling in the Morning Whisper (A poem)

>As I opened these eyes to see the darknessI barely couldn't sleep well that nightI was trying to look out from the windowto see the silent of the nightThat moment,the stars were standing prettily abovesmiling and dancing one anotherbeautifully...On the left side of the starsthere was the moonstanding lonely surrounded by the starson the dark … Continue reading Smiling in the Morning Whisper (A poem)

The Sigh of the Desert (A Poem)

>For a moment, that happenedNo warm smile that touches the skySo cold and blueFeeling like I was in the middle of a desertSo dryI turned my sight to that pathtrying to understand, but there was a feeling of guilty inside meor it was only an illusion?I saw that rain, but, my skin touched nothingall were as … Continue reading The Sigh of the Desert (A Poem)