Teenager’s Love in “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant” – Korean Movie

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant is an interesting movie to watch. I watched this movie, just after I had a little break from my study. Watching this movie reminds me to the times when I was just a teenager. It was so funny! The plot of the story of the movie and the meaning of the movie are actually simple, but the way these two things is presented is triggering my laughs. I found myself having a lot of times feeling fun after watching this movie. Again, this movie is about love between Hyun-Joo and Ahn-Ha-Young, the two main characters of this movie. If you really like watching teenager’s love, then, I would simply recommend this movie. Besides, this movie presents a lot of funny moments that happen between Hyun-Joo and Ahn-Ha-Young.

Retelling the plot of the movie

Compared to other types of movie, this movie presented the girl, Ahn-Ha-Young, as the main character. This girl is  a student in one of schools in Korea. She is a typical girl who likes to have fun with her friends, but she does have a specific way of life as a student. Like any other girls, if I may say, she likes to dream having her prince someday. However, this feeling is buried far away from her mind because she feels so embarrassed when her friends said that she could kiss the prince in her dream. When this movie was started at the beginning, there was an ugly prince who kissed her, just like a story of Princess White, who was kissed by a handsome prince.

Ha Ji Won as the Ahn-Ha_Young

Until one day, when she went to a pool to swim, she met with a man whom she thought that the man has a good-looking appearance. She almost split over when she saw this man. Then, in the following day, when she went home from school, she walked in limbo. Because she remembered that funny event, she kicked a broken can laying on the ground until it flies away and drop into a man’s face who was driving his car into a parking lot. At this moment, they both meet. From here, the story begins to move into interesting stages.

Kim Jae Won as the Hyun-Joo

Hyun-Joo makes the enslavement agreement with the girl because she was the girl who made his car had scratch on its skin. He just wanted to have fun with the girl. Instead of asking the girl to pay for almost three thousand dollars to him, he asked the girl to agree that she had to be his slave for 100 days. The girl agreed with that agreement. Unfortunately, she realized that the man had fooled her with that tricky game. The girl fight back for what he did to her. The story then become even more interesting and full of nice scene to watch.

When the plot moves into almost a quarter end part of the story, Ahn-Ha-Young felt something different. A kiss given by Hyun-Joo made her feel so nervous.  Until she realized that it was a feeling of love. Ahn-Ha-Young’s mother saw this kiss. Her mother saw that the man who pretended to be her daughter’s private tutor was exactly having an affair with her daughter. She requested the man to get away from her daughter and he did. Because Ahn-Ha-Young felt sad with that her feeling that is being torn apart by the man, she focused her study well until she could get into the college. Sadly, she did not make her best to get into the college.Surprisingly, do you what happened? Hyun-Joo had created a lot of things just for this girl. He does not want to let go this girl. At the end of the story, as usual, there is a happy ending.

Impression after watching this movie

Basically, this movie is for teenagers. The characters and the setting are meant to be for teenagers. However, an interesting thing that could be noted here is that the aspect of how love can move someone to get what he or she needs, which is love, is the one that makes him or her to do the best to get it, no matter how much it takes. There is only one question that came out in my mind about this movie, “Does all girls do the same thing?” Probably, they do, though I might not be that comprehend about teenager’s life.

The Scene where Ahn-Ha-Young and Hyun-Joo met

Above all, this move invites me more to remember how life was when I was a teenager at high school. The moment when the student knew how life was when the student studied at the hight school. People said that the moment spent by a student at high school is the moment of the happiest in the student’s life. I would likely agree with this statement.

What do you think? Do you think that living our life at high school is the best moment in life? The answer goes to you. If you are the Mr. Arrogant, will you meet a girl who can turn you into Mr. Humble? Interesting, isn’t it?

Here is a short clip of the video available in YouTube:

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