Voices of Indonesian Teenagers on the Cultures of Indonesia and Beyond

As young generation of Indonesia today, as of 2020, I would like to hear your opinion, criticism, and thoughts about Indonesian culture and beyond. You may please write your ideas in the following comment section of this blog post. Please see the question in the blog post.

“Humanizing” Our Writing

This post has been discussed in one of my classes in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It turns out that I even fall in love with writing. "The more I read, the more easier how to understand my writing is. The more I discuss with open-minded people, the more I can feel what the magnificent use of … Continue reading “Humanizing” Our Writing

Characteristic of professional educator

Characteristic of professional educator Ihsan Ade Mista Nowadays, the need of education is getting higher and higher. People realize that education is very needed so that they try as well as possible to get the best education although they spend more money for it. Then, as the need increases, most educators just care about the … Continue reading Characteristic of professional educator

Charateristics of Professional Educators

Characteristics of Professional Educators Elsa Ninda Meifira Nowadays, we often find educators who care about their business without thinking about their students’ desire. Most of them forget about their duty as professional educators. They only come in the classroom, watch their students present the presentation and convey a little material about the topic which has … Continue reading Charateristics of Professional Educators

Argumentative Essay and the Example

Argumentative Essay—Focus: Descriptive Arguments The Argumentative Essay   è   The writing strategy classified as argument involves persuading an audience to agree with you on a controversial issue.   Guideliness for writing an argument essay: Choose a controversial subject (Facts, Preferences, Beliefs, Impossibilities, Opinions) Asses your audience Focus subject with a reasonable claim Use a variety … Continue reading Argumentative Essay and the Example