Poem – “The Beauty of Angels’ Smile”

In a good morning day, when the sun rises so clear, I had a walk to my younger brother and sister's school.They are still in elementary school.You know what I saw there?I never believe that children are the angels of all man.When I enter the class, they said, 'Hi...'They all smiled cheerfully.Oh my God, I … Continue reading Poem – “The Beauty of Angels’ Smile”

Poem – “The Blue Sparkling Star”

In the green forest, I walked in a slow motion Seeing the great tall trees around me, circled like a round plate At that time, it was in a night My eye caught a blue shining star above my head I saw what it was You know what was it? It was the blue sparkling … Continue reading Poem – “The Blue Sparkling Star”

Poem – “The Bees”

The bees fly in the park they look for flowers to collect thousand of nectar one bee recluse itself the bee has no wings to fly It qualms in the ground the bees see the flowers like pendulum moving right and left with beauty the recluse bee sees the other bees they just snipshod 'carte … Continue reading Poem – “The Bees”

Poem – “The Flowers in A Park”

Walking in the park an iPod on my ear A Nasturtium attracts me I touch and smell its' fragrance What a beautiful flower I feel Then, I walk Many flowers in the park They are invulnerable although many trees droop their leaves will I make a bouquet from this park? Though this earth is spacious … Continue reading Poem – “The Flowers in A Park”

Poem – “We”

Seeing the stary nightWe both in tight, be the knightWe, together face the long lonely - fightReaching the peace of a lightWe both wish upon the riverThe stone and the ice of waterWe melt them foreverAs they are bare, everWishing you, my woman, be the candleYou hold me, give me a handleYou, my woman, be … Continue reading Poem – “We”