“The Beauty of Angels’ Smile”

>The Beauty of Angels’ Smile

In a good morning day, when the sun rises so clear, I had a walk to my younger brother and sister’s school.
They are still in elementary school.
You know what I saw there?
I never believe that children are the angels of all man.
When I enter the class, they said, ‘Hi…’
They all smiled cheerfully.
Oh my God, I never believe that The beauty of Angels’ Smile is in childrens’ face

No matter what,
are we still the angel?
or we have been being a devil?

God knows…

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“The Blue Sparkling Star”

>In the green forest, I walked in a slow motion
Seeing the great tall trees around me, circled like a round plate

At that time, it was in a night

My eye catched a blue shining star above my head

I saw what it was

You know what was it?

It was the blue sparkling star

Lonely in its place, but shining more than a sun

Filling the empty and cold night

Then, I felt my hands touched it

I felt flying to the sky above

To feel the warm of the blue sparkling star

(My home garden, ‘imagination’, 2007)

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“The Bees” – Poem

The Bees

The bees fly in the park
they look for flowers
to collect thousand of nectar

one bee recluse itself
the bee has no wings to fly
It qualms in the ground
the bees see the flowers like pendulum
moving right and left with beauty
the recluse bee sees the other bees
they just snipshod
‘carte blanche?’, the bee asks
‘nectar! nectar!’, they said screamingly
marring the nasturtium and dandelion

the bee protect the flowers
but an elf comes like a phantom
the frenzy things end
the elf is inquisitive to them
only the bee, then, becomes a linchpin…

 Syayid, May 29, 2007.

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“The Flowers on A Park”

The Flowers on A Park

Walking in the park
an ipod on my ear
A Nasturtium attracks me
I touch and smell its’ fragrance
What a beautiful flower I feel
Then, I walk
Many flowers in the park
They are invulnerable
although many trees droop their leaves
will I make a bouquet from this park?
Though this earth is spacious
my eye catch a beautiful cygnet
in its’ family, it is so beautiful to see
this scenery kills my strong vehement
although it is a hindsight action
Oh, God!
or, it is a delusion flower?
but the daisy attracts me, too
What a conundrum
although nasturtium is no yet a park
but a paradise of illusive flowers…
(My Home Garden, a favorite spot when I am sad) – Syayid 2007

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A poem inspired by my Mom.


Seeing the stary night
We both in tight, be the knight
We, together face the long lonely – fight
Reaching the peace of a light
We both wish upon the river
The stone and the ice of water
We melt them forever
As they are bare, ever
Wishing you, my woman, be the candle
You hold me, give me a handle
You, my woman, be hold as mine
Forever, we will be fine

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