Writing II Mid-Semester Students’ Writings 2015 C and D Class on Smoke Problems

This time, you are required to write an argumentative essay on the following question: "What can you argue about the smoke problem that happens in Indonesia this year (2015)?"

Writing Assignments for Classes of WRITING II, Academic Year 2015-2016

This post is designed for students who are taking Writing II course with me. The topic of this post is designed by following the course syllabus for WRITING II. ===================================== For students, please follow the following instruction in order to complete your assignment. Type your full name and NIM on the comment. Write your essay draft … Continue reading Writing Assignments for Classes of WRITING II, Academic Year 2015-2016

“Ways with Words” by Shirley Brice Heath (1983)

Two communities that were obvious in Heath’s ethnography studies: Roadville and Trackton. Both of these communities seem to share similar circumstances, but the core principle living was not similarly portrayed. In these two communities, an interesting aspect that is mainly exposed by Heath is the ways language evolved from the early generation to the next one. Since … Continue reading “Ways with Words” by Shirley Brice Heath (1983)

“Humanizing” Our Writing

This post has been discussed in one of my classes in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It turns out that I even fall in love with writing. "The more I read, the more easier how to understand my writing is. The more I discuss with open-minded people, the more I can feel what the magnificent use of … Continue reading “Humanizing” Our Writing

Characteristic of professional educator

Characteristic of professional educator Ihsan Ade Mista Nowadays, the need of education is getting higher and higher. People realize that education is very needed so that they try as well as possible to get the best education although they spend more money for it. Then, as the need increases, most educators just care about the … Continue reading Characteristic of professional educator