Poem – "Walking in A No-Land Place"

Deep down in the calm green ocean
I breath over the swimming motion
escaping from my in limbo land
and now
I am walking in a no-land place
Looking through the blue place
Showing me a prodigious earth I’ve never walked
Feeling like I am a ghost
Touching all the rugged things in a no-host
Many eccentric fish says ‘hi!’
Some are in the ocean’s flyover
though, sometimes, they forewarn me
to be in a forthcoming gloom
and now,
I imbue with no great salvation
Will this ocean let me in?
though I am not a fish, not even a water
I am a human

(Taplau, 2007)

Syayid's Poetry

Poem – "You are the One I Love"

The one I love is you
You, you and you are alone
I am happy to know you
Now, all the sorrows I feel are gone
Because of loving you
When the sun in the morning rises
everyday, I will wake you up
By touching the smooth of your lips
and making your spirit as the shining stars up
every beat of us, we can touch the silent nights
When we are not freely but in tight
Tell me, what I can do for you
Just to show that I love you
Even all days are just passing me by
but now, each day has something to cherish
because you are with me by and by
until we satisfy all our wish
just be with me everytime you are in cold
let me by the love I have to make you out from the cold
Listen to the tenderly nights speak to you
right over here, in your arms, I kiss and I say
I love you…

Padang, June 4, 2007.

Syayid's Poetry