Music of the Winter Season – A Poem

White... Tiny little white things Falling down from the sky Covering the brown soil and the sleeping trees Like rain, feels like a blessing for the earth In a crowdedness, many... Leaving the feelings, entangled by the flying snow Here and there... The blue sky is covered, as if, by a mist Presenting the scenes … Continue reading Music of the Winter Season – A Poem

The Beautiful Nature ~ 2013

Dignity, such a that shining dayof a love that is meant only to feelbetween two pure soulsin their beautiful ornaments,in their mutual differences,of everlasting similarities... In this balcony,seeing those lovely birds,and trees hiding their blossoms,Those birds are really beautifulin their nature...Jumping and eating the seeds,their sounds,the winds... Seeing all how this nature works,and the … Continue reading The Beautiful Nature ~ 2013

“Silence of the Night” by Syayid

The time I feel now is the one that is the most silent one I can't sleep, even though, I felt sleepy in my sight I woke up and saw the watch laying lazily on my desk Its click makes sound, tik tik tik..., as if it speaks to me saying, "It is three and … Continue reading “Silence of the Night” by Syayid

Never know how that could be

April 28, 2009 at 11:33am   It was such a nice warmest day I had in the yard she was there, looking at the blue little sweet smell flower In a second, she stares at me as if she is so close in the eye BUt, again, I was just as silent as dodo   … Continue reading Never know how that could be