Music of the Winter Season – A Poem

Butiran Salju – Cantik

Tiny little white things
Falling down from the sky
Covering the brown soil and the sleeping trees
Like rain, feels like a blessing for the earth
In a crowdedness, many…
Leaving the feelings, entangled by the flying snow
Here and there…
The blue sky is covered, as if, by a mist
Presenting the scenes of mystery
The eyes couldn’t bare enough to see, how the sun is shining
covered by the thick cloud up above,
though he might be shy this time…

I look upon the paths in front of me,
and the ground,
Everyone is in the house
A warm house, with warm people, with warm heart,
Sipping a coffee or a hot chocolate milk
Enjoying every minute of conversation
Reading books, or writing a meaningful poem,
Making cookies,
Telling stories to children
or, sleeping, killing times…

Far from a far, that sounds begin to appear
I hear them slowly in a distance,
Na na na…
La la la…
With melody and tones that I couldn’t recognize,
Feeling like every bit of snow is singing,
Reminding me of something
Unknown, but real…

The sounds of every snow, sparkling in its own,
touching the ground,
Animals, Winds, Trees, Soils,

Dancing together, performing the Music
of the White Winter
And Cold, with Severe Mode,
Lovely to See…
For a person who never sees any snow

Soon, the music will change
In every beat
With the same sounds of nature,
Na na na…
La la la…
to Welcome the beauty of the Spring season
all year around…
again, and again

Until you
will leave all these seasons for someone new
Praying for you, in your Solitude
of the Never Ending Days, in the Hereafter

(Cougar Village, Edwardsville, Apt. 2A, Illinois, USA)

The Beautiful Nature ~ 2013

Dignity, such a word
in that shining day
of a love that is meant only to feel
between two pure souls
in their beautiful ornaments,
in their mutual differences,
of everlasting similarities…

In this balcony,
seeing those lovely birds,
and trees hiding their blossoms,
Those birds are really beautiful
in their nature…
Jumping and eating the seeds,
their sounds,
the winds…

Seeing all how this nature works,
and the sun that is elegantly showing his light,
These things,
remind me of how nature works in me,
of how me, works with and in nature,

Nature presents such beautiful delights,
but men,
those men,
seem to destroy everything…
with no mercy,

the days are still passing by
there would be many more choices in life,
providing many beautiful delights…
with, of course, many consequences, to take
but those…
if only men can see them,
approach them,
through such beautiful eyes,
in the name of love and mercy,
that the Creator has given us to lead on this earth.
Be the one,
that leads all creatures on earth.
He, is indeed,
watching You, for everything that you do…
You are indeed, not alone…
To Him, you will be back.

Every living things shall taste, dying,
at one moment in time… But, when?

Are you ready?

– Syayid Sandi Sukandi,
Cougar Village, Edwardsville, SIUE, Spring 2013, heading to Spring break 2013,
be a Magnificent Cat! – The friend of a loyal dog. In human nature

“Silence of the Night” by Syayid

Silence of the Night

The time I feel now is the one that is the most silent one

I can’t sleep, even though,

I felt sleepy in my sight

I woke up and saw the watch laying lazily on my desk

Its click makes sound, tik tik tik…, as if it speaks to me saying,

“It is three and half in the morning. You should sleep…”

I whisper in my own solitude…

Do you know what I hear at this time?

Silence, a really, really moment of silence,

The sounds of the night speaks to my ear

Singing as if I am listening to the voices of thousands of fairies and angels in this dark-blue sky

And the stars that hide shyly in their wisdom

Far away over there, asking me to come to their place and dance with them

I look at the deer outside, eating the grass, in its peaceful smile,

But, I know I wake up for no reason

I do feel the crowd coming to my mind at this kind of time

Listening to the silence

Wiping all miserable words people say

Erasing all valueless of crowd, hypocrisies, money, and prestige

Friendship that is only superficial

Friendship that is only made through heart and pure care?

Silence has spoken all the truth

to me, in the way that I feel as if I am a holy man, but, no, am I not?

Silence speaks in the way, telling me

of all lies hiding in the trees

of all sounds of having-fun young men out there, spending the night with someone new everyday


In this silence,

I whisper in the deepest wish

Beyond what I feel, I pray…

Please help, and make people I love, happy

for they are the place where my happiness is in

Please let the soul of everyone as in spring

for they are the lights when all-stars are in deem way

The world is chaotic,

but only love and sincere submission to Allah SWT,

make the silence as the songs of the fairies.


——- Syayid Sandi Sukandi

Edwardsville, the United States, 3:45 am, Sunday, Dec 4, 2011

Never know how that could be

April 28, 2009 at 11:33am


It was such a nice warmest day I had in the yard

she was there, looking at the blue little sweet smell flower

In a second, she stares at me as if she is so close in the eye

BUt, again, I was just as silent as dodo


Could I know that she feels my heart

Yeah, nobody knows that she kills me with the knife in her heart

So pain

So dark

So yellow in the mud

I am dying and it’s all gone


But, someone came and smiled

Then, the dark disappear as such a rainbow in the bird nest

so beautiful

But, again, I should have not known that person

Cause it broke my heart all apart

When I know that I was just a doll for the person


Lovely blue beach, Padang, Indonesia

All I need is Love

Whispering in a blue beach near the window

I see people laughing freely

Feeling as if no tears to be kept

Hoping that life run well as a shining moon


Down in the park,

there is a lonely boy sitting in the bench

We feel like we are the same



As I come near him

He cries

“All I need is a Love”, he said

I cry 


“Where is you mom and dad?”, I ask

“They are busy with their own. I am left alone”

When I look at into his eyes

I feel an angle there, waiting to be touched


Days and days pass

We are getting closer

Now I know, love can turn to everyone

Even to someone we think only as a friend


I have a love now

Love of a young boy

And I am his biggest brother

Till he finds his parents again

To go far away left me alone


And the moon is shining so blue

While I am here, waiting for someone new to come


To touch me a love

To warm with a love




(My bedrooom, before going to work in the morning, 2009)

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