Pancasila Moral Education (Pendidikan Moral Pancasila) Assignment

Dear students,

As you are an Indonesian student, you are required to comprehend Pancasila. You also are enrolled at PPKN Department. This department focuses on teaching and guiding you about Pancasila and how to create as well as keep up a civilized society under the principle of Pancasila.

Because you are learning English Application II with me, then please send your writing in English by giving your comments on these two assignments:

  1. What can you tell about the Workshop on Revolutionary Industry 4.0 and 5.0 that is happening in Indonesia these days? — you can talk about this about what you got in the Workshop
  2. What can you review about the journal article that we had read in the class? The title of the journal article is Pancasila Moral Education.


Please write your assignment in the form of a paragraph consisting of five to seven sentences only in the comments section below.

For example:


NIM. 0000000

Assignment 1:

I think that the Revolutionary Industry 4.0 means that it asks for our readiness on how to use technology for our current stage of living. bla bla bla…… (5 – 7 sentences)

Assignment 2:

The journal article discussed about the history of Pancasila in Indonesia. Pancasila is the key principle of the way of life as a citizen in Indonesia. bla bla bla…. (5 – 7 sentences)

Deadline for this online assignment submission is Saturday, April 13, 2019, at 12:00 am. Good Luck! Please be on-time.

Assignment 4 – Writing 1 2015 A, B, C, D

Students, previously, you had learned much about the elements of a good academic paragraph. They are topic sentence, supporting sentences (with supporting details), and concluding sentence. Please bear in mind that we still move on with that concept.

This assignment 4 is designed to have your Writing in the Form of PROCESS PARAGRAPH. After you wrote the paragraph on the assignment template that we have in our class, this time you should comment your writing into this post.

The format of your writing is:


Name/ NIM: BADU ATAI/ 15040000

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Title of your Paragraph)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

(Your paragraph should be written at least with 15 sentences. Pay attention to the grammar and spelling).


Note: Please post your writing ontime since I will check it few minutes before our class starts. Late assignment for whatever reasons, at this time, are unacceptable; otherwise, you had serious injury or any other things that hinder you to do this assignment.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment. Good Luck!

Psycholinguistics – Midterm TBI A & B 2016

Dear Students of Psycholinguistics Class,

We have discussed about Mechanisms of Language Acquisition and How Children Construct Grammars, started from our discussion with Stages in Language Acquisition, The Perception and Production of Speech Sounds, First Words, and The Development of Grammar.

Our midterm examination today will get into the following questions:

  1. What can you describe about how a child adjust his/her language ability into the environment if we view it through the ideas on stages of language acquisition?
  2. When you have grown up as you are today, can you please briefly inform what can you remember about your first words? You can get the information from your mother, father, or siblings for this question.

Type your answers not less than 20 sentences for each question. Please support your answer with relevant examples and narration. Also, you need to recheck your grammar before posting it.


Please answer the questions above by posting your comments on the available section on this post. The deadline for this examination is on Friday, April 29, 2016, 07.00 am. Late submission of comments will still be allowed, but that will reduce your score. Therefore, please do it ontime. The printed form of this examination should be collected through the Class Coordinator on Monday, May 2, 2016.

For our 10th meeting, please read  and give your opinions on “The Development of Grammar for the Acquisition of Phonology” section on the book we used for our class. We will collect it on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

Good Luck!

Psycholinguistics Class – Assignment 2

In our class, we have learned so far about how Children Construct Grammar. As what the book we use provides, we know that the concept of language acquisition involves the understanding of the Innateness Hypothesis, Stages in Language Acquisition, and the Perception and Production of Speech Sounds. Children for the most part create their own grammar by listening to all utterances in their life.

In this assignment, what you need to do is to post what you have learned so far about a child’s language or children’s language around you. Their language might be Minangkabau or Indonesia. What we need to remember is that the children create sounds that we could hear. You may write the sound in the comment session below.

Remember, you can comment once only. Please avoid commenting too many times, as I will only select your last comment. We will discuss your assignment in the class along the line with discussing about The Development of Grammar in overall view before we come to each part of the topic.

Good Luck!

Psycholinguistics – Students’ Writing Responses (Part 1)

Students’ Writing Response (Part 1) Psycholinguistics – Assignment 1, 2, 3

Assignment 1

Please write and type your brief summary of what we have learned in the first and second meeting in the comment session below. (Please write only within 300 words. Exceeding those numbers will reduce your score).

Assignment 2

Please write your response about what you have learned so far about Language Acquisition, especially about the Mechanisms of Language Acquisition in one paragraph only (between 10-15 sentences). You can quote one or two sentences from the passage that we read together in the class in your response, but your sentences should be more than what you quoted!

Assignment 3

Please write your feedback or argument or evaluation about the following statement from the book we read in the class:

The earliest studies of child language acquisition come from diaries kept by parents. More recent studies include the use of tape recordings, videotapes, and controlled experiments. Linguists record spontaneous utterances of children and purposefully elicit other utterances to study the child’s production and comprehension. Researchers also have invented ingenious techniques for investigating the linguistic abilities of infants, who are not yet speaking (Fromkin 352).

The way you type your written response:

Name/ NIM: _________/ _____

Assignment 1.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (300 words)

Assignment 2.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (300 words)

Assignment 3.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (400 words)

Hope you could do this assignment individually. Plagiarized response will automatically reduce your score for these three assignments. Your written should responses for these assignments whould also be printed and submitted in hardcopies form in the class to me ontime or at the designed schedule. Please contact your class coordinator if you need more information regarding these assignments.  

Good Luck with your Studies!

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