Books on WRITING 1 (Composing Paragraphs in Academic English)

In 2017, I finished writing two books. The first book was entitled as WRITING 1: Composing Genre-based Paragraphs in Academic English. The second book was Petunjuk Praktikum WRITING 1. These two books are mandatory books to be used by first-year students at English Education Study Program of the college where I currently work (2018).

The image of the covers of the two books can be seen below.

Book Cover for WRITING 1: Composing Genre-based Paragraphs in Academic English
Cover of Book: Petunjuk Praktikum WRITING 1

If you are interested to have a copy of these books in the form of hard-copy, you may please request me by sending your email to:

At this moment, I do not provide digital form. In case you stay in Indonesia, I will send the books to you in hard-copy form. Please let me know your home address and phone numbers. I will let you know how much does these two books cost. If you need to get lower prices, you can order the books with more than 100 hard-copies, so you only need to send the price in package form. “Requesting a single copy is expensive”, as the publisher mentioned to me.

The two books are used, in general, but more specifically for EFL students in Indonesia, or for EFL students in countries where English is considered as a foreign language.

Book 2 is on its way to be published. Stay tuned!