The Great Wall – A Movie on ‘Greediness’

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is a movie that was based on fiction about two Western men who travelled for black powder. These two men were hunted by a group of people, whom I assumed to be the people of the Mongolian. The two men ran and remained hidden on a place they thought to be safe. All of a sudden, there was a shadowy creature appeared and took Najid with it. As the movie goes, it turned out that the shadowy creature was known as Tao Tei. It was a symbol of greediness, as Chinese believe in the movie. Many numbers of Tao Tei attacked the great wall and they were commanded by a queen, which always in needs of being fed by its smaller creatures. The two men were taken into custody, but then they were released. On and on as the movie goes, the queen was finally dead after being attacked by William and General Lin. One explosion banished all Tao Tei.

The above paragraph shows a short description of the movie. In this post, I would like to share two feedbacks. The first feedback is related to visual images in the movie and the second one is about moral values that this movie has.

Before you read this short article further, please remember that all of these feedbacks are purely my point of view. You may please give your own feedback as well on this article.

Visual images in the movie

After watching this movie, I find that this movie almost resembles similar quality of visual images as in Monkey King 2: Journey to the West. However, the different thing between these two movies is that The Great Wall has better movement of the visual images. The use of a large number of people wearing bright and dark as well as brownish-mode colours represent the quality of the connection between visual display and movement. Surprisingly, although the setting of this movie is based on two famous places in China: Beijing, as the sanctuary of the King, and the Great Wall itself, the majority of colour that is being used in this movie is brown, or brownish. Besides, the spear of William is red – a unique thing to display in this movie. And, what gets me giving more attention is to the display of the blue soldiers who are all women. It makes their beauty, as opposed to all other colours, stands out from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Tao Tei, as the monsters in this movie, almost represents creatures in the Jurassic Park. This creature also represents combination between the reptile dinosaurs, barking dogs, and alien. Above all, the visual display of this creature is not that scary, but after knowing how smart they deal with human, then that is the reason of why this movie has great visual image. The image and the characters of the image link together as alive!

Moral values in the movie

One obvious thing that we can learn from this movie is related to the idea of greediness. The Great Wall uses Tao Tei as symbol of greediness – the surface look of greediness, or the ugly one. However, when you watch this movie carefully, you will find that actually what symbolizes greediness is Mr. Ballard and Tovar. These men were about to steal the black powder, after being rescued by the Great Wall army. Eventually, the greediness has taken many souls, as a way to sacrifice and feed the queen of Tao Tei, and on the other side, Mr. Ballard has freed himself from Tovar in the desert, but he remains greedy for the black power. He also killed many people, unintentionally. The moral values are that China and the West, resemble similar trait. They were all greedy. The belief that the strong one leads has been broken by this movie. The Great Wall emphasizes more on the greediness toward black powder, perhaps, relates to the greediness over oil in foreign country. This type of greedy will overturn the greediness of the ‘side’ that is greedy. Interesting, huh? Indeed.

Another moral value that we can learn from this movie is that building a great wall will mean nothing without courage and brevity. All the guards with great weapons and tactics will remain weak as long as courage and brevity did not exist. Nevertheless, the great purpose should exist as well, in the body and mind of the soldier, and guards. Tao Tei might be bad, and yes, they are all bad, killing without mercy! However, human can be worst that that. Human can kill within themselves for this very reason: Greedy! Has greedy been taking over your heart, body, and mind? You should think, reflect, change, and do!

All in all, The Great Wall movie is a movie that not only depicts the spirit of protection toward the greatest well; it also presents different ways, and a new way, for us to think over what it means to be greedy.

Being greedy, and ambitious, may help you achieve many things in your life, but you need to look back, perhaps, along the way, in the paths to your great achievements you might have sacrificed something precious, more than you ever think. Well, now, you are already a winner, except when you do it unjustly. This world needs a good man more than a great man ~ Syayid Sandi Sukandi, 2017

The Monkey King 2: A Personal Review

The Monkey King 2 is a movie that has an interesting plot and stunning video graphic design. I watched this movie on April 23, 2017. Although this movie was released long before this date, I never lose a chance to have an opportunity to watch this movie.

The first aspect that I would like to comment on about this movie is its plot. This movie, as I understand, is a continuation of the previous volume, which was entitled The Monkey King. In this serial, Monkey King is performed by Aaron Kwok, who in the previous serial, performed antagonist character. The plot of the story in The Monkey King 2 is almost similar to the previous serial. However, a different aspect is seen in the stage where Sun Wu Kong met with Zhu Ba Jie and Sha Wu Jing. In the end, they will eventually accompany the Master – a Buddhist monk to find a holy scripture that was located in the Leiyin Temple of India. The plot is organized as in a moving forward mode; nevertheless, some parts of the story are reversed in order to give a richer description of how these four characters came into being at the end of the movie. One character that is vividly influential in this movie is the character of Goddess, Kwan In, that always reminds Sun Wu Kong about his spiritual journey.

The second aspect that I pay attention to in this movie is the graphic design or the animated visual display. I find the visual display of each scene in the movie, stunning. My favorite scene is on the stage where Sun Wu Kong fought with the White Bone Demon in her castle. Unfortunately, when the demon changed herself into a giant bone-like creature, she looked ugly and I thought that she would transform into a monster. On the other side, the stick of the Monkey King, as an influential property, seems undeniably strong and powerful. It sticks with Sun Wu Kong. At some points, I thought that the stick cannot be broken into pieces because it is the strongest property in the plot of this movie. All scenes in the movie use strong graphic design, which in turn, makes this movie is worth watching for children and family with almost realistic images.

In brief, the plot and the graphic design in this movie are two elements that interest me very much, as its viewer. I suggest that this movie should be watched from the beginning until the end. The teaching and character might be framed within Buddhist stories, but in terms of the movie, The Monkey King 2 is a lot better than the other Chinese animated movies.


To purchase the movie, you can go to this link: THE MONKEY KING 2

“Jason Bourne” 2016 – Enemies are, Within

On Friday night, exactly at 18.45 pm of Depok time, I went to Depok plaza to watch a movie entitled “Jason Bourne.” I watched this movie together with ibu Teni and kak Yani. They were both teaching English at LBA LIA – Depok. What a pleasant treat for me to watch this movie for free. It was my first time watching a box office movie in Cinema XXI. I went to this place after a Friday class of learning English for Academic Research with Dr. Aurora Murphy, an Australian instructor.

When I got in to the theater room, I saw a nice and clean space. Chairs were neatly arranged. The screen was clean as well. I sat in the last three lines of the room. Everything looked perfectly fine from the location of seats for visitors. I sat next to ibu Teni and kak Yani. Then, the movie started.

At 09.00 pm, the movie ended. What was my impression of this movie? It was extraordinarily masculine, but at the same time, it was a technologically gentle movie. It sounds complex, huh? First of all, what was obvious for me from this film is that the character ‘Jason Bourne’ was performed nicely. The actor performed his acting in playing out Bourne as if he blended in with the character. The character and the actor areas if one person. Not only the image of the main character that stood out in the movie, but ways of the technology being used in hunting for Bourne were also amazing to me. How would it be possible to call someone who stayed in Italy, for instance, with such a clear voice from the United States? Besides, the way technology can get someone’s laptop and at the same time erasing its files from a far distance to me, are so stunning and sophisticated. It just feeds my imagination on gadget pieces of stuff.

Well, in short, this movie is worth watching for teenagers and adults. Good values and messages are still here if you can notice them. Jason Bourne is a patriotic man to his country, but personally, he loved his father dearly. I did not see the character of a mother in this movie; however, two women were quite dominant in the plot of this movie. The first woman appeared in the delivery of files of Jason Bourne The last woman is the one who had been used by the Agency to find Jason Bourne. It turned out that these two women are the actual characters that finally killed the enemy. Isn’t that interesting? Jason Bourne played a masculine character with a gentle manner, while the women have an instinctive character with an unnegotiable attitude toward lies. What a profound line of the story!

“Fantastic Four”2015 – How Intelligent Matters with Humanistic Personality

I have recently watched this Fantastic Four movie today. It leaves me a simple but interesting idea to come to my mind. I would mention that how intelligence matters with a humanistic attitude.

There are basically five main characters in the movie. Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny, and Victor. All of them have a great sense of intelligence as it can be seen from the way they work in the laboratory. Things get better when the “Dad” request for all of them to work together to build that machine.

They eventually did that at the end. Well, as most people already believe that drinking beers and alcohol can lead you to the drainage of brain cells, especially Reed mentioned that. Unfortunately, due to Victor’s insistence, he drank that together with Johhny. They went to the “zero planets” afterward. Sue knew what happened, but she was late. The four men already went to the planet.

An unfortunate situation happened. They were all hit by the energy on the planet. It turned out that Ben changed into a stone-like human, Reed turned into a human with flexibilities like sticky rubber, Sue has the ability to be invisible and easy to move things as well as fly with her power, Johnny changed into a fire-like human. Victor, sadly enough, was left in the planet. Well, very easy to be predicted, Victor became the bad guy. They fought and save the Earth. And, the Security Department wants them to work for them.

After watching the flow of this movie, I found it easy to be interpreted. The movie is kinder in the way that it involves a low level of infidelity and destruction. Basically, all characters are alive in their own uniqueness and they present viewers with interesting dynamics. However, if I may give input to this movie, it lasts too fast. Watching it feels like watching a short clip. Everything is so fast. Emotional ties between Ben and Reed, to me, are what I liked the most. Please don’t say that being a homosexual picture of two boys have great feeling one another as friends. I like that part so much. I guess that the presence of Sue does not limit what a woman can do and she displays how she adores Reed as well as how Reed sees Sue as a woman with his intellectual mind.

Above all, when I watch this movie from a symbolic presentation, we all can come to different conclusions. However, yes, intelligence matters with a humanistic personality. Someone who is smart, but has a positive attitude toward one another, though that person has ambition for something great, is a lot better than a smart one but has a lack of values even toward himself. All that kind of person needs to be taught how to use that driven motives for themselves and for others around them.

And, well-done! That message is so clear for teenagers today. Hope they could think of it. I am waiting for another movie like this, but please, with more interesting visual dynamics and stronger enemies. Fantastic Four is too strong. What makes them strong is, their humanistic personality.

Hatred and revenge really kill you, inside.

“Finding Dory” – Simply, Entertaining!

Very much like the story in its first launching of Finding Nemo, Finding Dory has almost similar patterns of story, although other characters and settings are displayed. This time, the purpose of Dory is going to find her family in California, while in Finding Nemo, her purpose is to go to Sydney. What a long journey, isn’t it?

In Finding Nemo, we were given many challenging scenes. From facing sharks to having a psychological dilemma when Marlin and Dory were in the stomach of a huge whale, this is what distinguishes this Dory’s journey from Nemo’s one. The strong character of Dory is that she never bothers to ask for help, even from a stranger fish in the ocean. She liked to make friends and the way she talked is one thing that makes its character stands out.

Surprisingly, tentacles have an undeniably important character as well. And, if I could say, this character is as important as Dory herself. Also, the way the tentacles jump and move, sometimes like the ninja, has made its character has a unique role. The same thing goes for Destiny and her friend, the Beluga fish. All characters have made the story possible!

Well, short-term memory lost? I guess that the phrase is the easiest way for Dory to recognize herself. From that long-distance, Dory finally could find her parents by following tiny clues to get to her parents, from that shells! Interesting, right?

For me, though, what I like the most in the part of this movie is when Dory finally could find the place where she lived with her parents. In the time where she met her parents, for me, the time moved so slow (which is great!). Too bad, in the movie, it was too quick. The story should be made a bit longer at that point. If only Dory got inside the “house” and tried to think for a while in there, and there the parents showed up. However, so touchy!

Worth watching by children and families, but with one thing for sure though: Real animals like the fishes in the movie are not exactly the same as in the movie. They are wilder in their own ways. I didn’t see the sharks, by the way. Where are they? Hm…   Watched it on July 1, 2016.