Specific Ways of “Reading” for Specific Cultural Texts

The following writing is shared in this blog for the purpose of sharing and for educational purposes only. Your comments and feedback are highly valued. Thank you. ____________________________________________________________________________ Syayid Sandi Sukandi Dr. Joel Hardman September 13, 2012 – Week 4 ENG 544 – Reading and Writing Pedagogy in TESL Specific Ways of Reading for Specific Cultural Texts … Continue reading Specific Ways of “Reading” for Specific Cultural Texts

“Humanizing” Our Writing

This post has been discussed in one of my classes in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It turns out that I even fall in love with writing. "The more I read, the more easier how to understand my writing is. The more I discuss with open-minded people, the more I can feel what the magnificent use of … Continue reading “Humanizing” Our Writing

Reflection on Composition and Teaching of Writing: An Indonesian Perspective

This article is one of my works in studying Teaching of Writing at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It is only one of the works that I have written so far. It's just for an introduction. This writing might need some improvements but you could give feedback if you like. I publish this writing as a … Continue reading Reflection on Composition and Teaching of Writing: An Indonesian Perspective

The Twentieth Century Literature: 1900-45

History of English Literature (Written in 2007, published in this blog in 2011) _____________________________________________________ The Twentieth Century Literature: 1900-45 The Education of Act in 1870 that makes the elementary education compulsory for people in the age of 5 into 13 is the factor of the development of literary public, the rising of popular press, and … Continue reading The Twentieth Century Literature: 1900-45

‘Negeri 5 Menara’ – Published Journal

Research Article Soft Skills as The Educational Moralistic Values in Negeri 5 Menara by Ahmad Fuadi: A Formalist Criticism in Sociological Point of View (Click below to read the abstract) Abstract Tulisan ini menjelaskan tentang soft skill sebagai nilai moral kependidikan yang terdapat pada novel Negeri 5 Menara yang ditulis oleh Ahmad Fuadi. Soft skill ini terlihat pada proses pengembangan karakterisasi yang ada di dalam cerita melalui karakter utama bernama Alif. Data diperoleh langsung dari novel di atas. Dengan arti bahwa teks yang terdapat pada novel tersebut dijadikan sumber untuk analisa ini. Metodologi yang digunakan pada penelitian ini merujuk kepada teori, metode dan pendekatan ilmiah yang … Continue reading ‘Negeri 5 Menara’ – Published Journal