2020 – The Dark Times, or the Enlightenment?

The year 2020 has ended. Many things happened throughout the year that can be taken as lessons and, for some, they can be the gate to a prosperous meaning of the purpose of life as a human on earth. In this post, I share a few of my pondering notes to you to three aspects: 1) early 2020 year; 2) the middle of 2020 year; and 3) the end of 2020. I used to write reflective posts since the end of 2018. This time, I share what is more than just reflective notes. A few social condition and facts are shared in this post to illustrate the whole point of the conflicting views: The Dark Times or The Enlightenment?

Diverse Point of Views on Movies from Indonesian Students

The purpose of this Final Project is to allow students to have Space where they can give comments or feedback about Movies. In the same time, they practice English composition. This Final Project is, therefore, a combination of listening, reading, and writing skill in English. General readers of this blog are welcome to read, and if necessary, are welcome to give additional comments to enrich this discussion.

Voices of Indonesian Teenagers on the Cultures of Indonesia and Beyond

As young generation of Indonesia today, as of 2020, I would like to hear your opinion, criticism, and thoughts about Indonesian culture and beyond. You may please write your ideas in the following comment section of this blog post. Please see the question in the blog post.

Covid-19 and the Reflective Life Experience

Celebrating birthday this year with Covid-19 teaches me two major notes reflectively: the meaning of social status and the expected social care from people to people. What would it mean to have a social status? What does it do with the leaders? The word permanent can also mean non-permanent for some reasons, in an unfair game, or in a solid lies based decision. This year brings real life experience. It keeps me growing from time to time. Please read this post to read the details.

Learning Materials: ENGLISH PARAGRAPH WRITING Course

English Paragraph Writing course is an English writing course that is specifically designed to teach Paragraph writing to EFL students in Indonesia. It highlights theories and concepts on Paragraph writing that includes its elements: Topic Sentence, Supporting Sentences, Supporting Details and Concluding Sentence. In addition, this course also provides explanation on Paragraph Development that is concentrated on Five genres: Descriptive, Argumentative, Process, Cause-Effect, and Comparison-Contrast.