Covid-19 and the Reflective Life Experience

Celebrating birthday this year with Covid-19 teaches me two major notes reflectively: the meaning of social status and the expected social care from people to people. What would it mean to have a social status? What does it do with the leaders? The word permanent can also mean non-permanent for some reasons, in an unfair game, or in a solid lies based decision. This year brings real life experience. It keeps me growing from time to time. Please read this post to read the details.

Learning Materials: ENGLISH PARAGRAPH WRITING Course

English Paragraph Writing course is an English writing course that is specifically designed to teach Paragraph writing to EFL students in Indonesia. It highlights theories and concepts on Paragraph writing that includes its elements: Topic Sentence, Supporting Sentences, Supporting Details and Concluding Sentence. In addition, this course also provides explanation on Paragraph Development that is concentrated on Five genres: Descriptive, Argumentative, Process, Cause-Effect, and Comparison-Contrast.

Sailing on the Sea to Mentawai Island of Indonesia

Traveling is one of desirable things to do in this life. I had a chance to travel by the sea to Siberut island of Mentawai regency in Indonesia. Such a new place for me to visit. It was also friendly atmosphere with the locals. I did this travel in 2018, long before the COVID-2019 took place.