Reflection on Ramadhan 1440 H

Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan hikmat kepada Luqman, yaitu: “Bersyukurlah kepada Allah. Dan barangsiapa yang bersyukur (kepada Allah) maka sesungguhnya ia bersyukur untuk dirinya sendiri; dan barangsiapa yang tidak bersyukur, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kaya lagi Maha Terpuji”.

Al-Qur’an, Surat Luqmaan, ayat 12

‘Change’, a word that is common to everyone’s ears. Things change, situation change, and people change, though in fact, they do not change a lot. Almost all circumstances change, only if we change.

When I think about my Ramadhan this year, yes, things change. Although things might change, but I feel that such changes bring me to become a better person, a better human with all of its well-being. In Ramadhan 1439 H, the previous one, I learned the notion of Sabar (patience). To grow patience in your soul and mind is not easy. However, I am sure that it gives more peace than harms to oneself.

Unlike previous year, as I mentioned above, in this year I learned the notion of thankfulness to Life that God had trusted me to live this life. Islam teaches me how to represent this attitude with a word: Bersyukur. The word is a word of Bahasa Indonesia and it means that sincerely praising Allah SWT for all blessings that He directly and indirectly provides to all humans.

The way I cam to the word Bersyukur is interesting to me. It came through different directions, internally and externally.

Internally, of course, the word Bersyukur exists in my mind as a reflection of everyday experience. Day by day, I see things in different perspectives, no longer in a personal level, but I had tried to learn to think beyond my comfort zone. I began to raise questions to myself, such as “What would I think and feel if I was that person in that life circumstance?” The answer might be personal and different for each and everyone of us.

From the internal changes, then I projected my mind to see how things going on around me and beyond my presence. I began to learn more how to care for my country, Indonesia, and the world where I live in to this day I type this post. When I was a young person, a teenager to be precise, I did not pay attention that much about my country including its politics and social circumstances. Well, no, I did. I cared, but such care was left unknown. Who was I? Only a teenager at that time.

People might say that it was not their business to care for others, although they might live on the same country.

During Ramadhan 1440 H, exactly on May 22, 2019, for example, a riot happened in front of KPU and Bawaslu building in Jakarta. A number of people protested about the results of 2019 General election, which for some parties the election had fraud and mischievous attitude on the voting process. After the riot took place, six people died, as the DKI Jakarta Governor mentioned publicly. Up to the day I publish this post, Indonesian Constitutional Court still examine the documents submitted about the fraud and mischievous conduct by one of presidential candidate’s parties. Nobody can predict what the outcome of the court decision will be. Should we assume it constitutionally, politically, or socially? God knows. Wallahua’lam bi shawab.

Another shocking news that happened in Ramadhan 1440 H was the attack on Masjid Al-Aqsa in Palestine. I myself wonder a lot about the answer of the following question in mind: “In this year and age, where technology speaks beyond border and truth revealed through everyone’s eyes, why does Israel keep ‘hurting’ Palestinians? Up to now, I could not find the answer. I only can assume the answers would be: Greedy? Power?

On, and on, and on…so many social disputes and judicial abandonment on the name of humanity. The social case on Rohingya in Myanmar and Uyghur in Xinjiang, China, and Syria…. I sighed deeply. 😩 How could all those things happen?

Anyhow, what are all those things above related to me?

The point is that I am thankful to God at least I am not in the position of the leaders involved in Indonesian politics. From what they did, as politicians or leaders in their sector, I learn many more things on how to speak responsibly on public (not just silent), be responsible, be wise on making political decisions, and on top of all is to be honest and fair in all affairs, nationally and internationally.

In short, this Ramadhan 1440 H brought me insight on how to express the feeling of bersyukur (thankfulness to God). People cannot live alone themselves. The air that I breath and the body that I have are the creations of Who? I am one, so God must be one, too. Allah SWT as Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Esa means One and Only. Therefore, there is only between me and God directly.

What does Ramadhan 1440 H mean to you?

The Greatest Masjid in West Sumatera, Indonesia

One of the interesting places to see in the province of West Sumatera in Indonesia is Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat, known as The Greatest Mosque in the province of West Sumatera. The mosque itself was started to be built in 2016 and the construction was completed in 2019, together with its tower. From the outside, the mosque has beautiful ornaments with a soft red color.

Besides, the building has two floors. Most people visit the Masjid not only for daily prayers but also for Holy Islamic Days, such as Idul Fitri and Idul Adha.

The unique thing of this Masjid is the combination between Minangkabau culture and Islam. The roof of its kind and the crafted Arabic letters on its walls create additional artistic values toward the building.

Anyway, if you need to know a short description on this aspect, please watch my explanation in the following video:

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Fulbright in the World Indonesia Scholarship Festival Padang (UNP) 2019

On April 27, 2019, I was invited to be a speaker an event about scholarships in Indonesia. The event name was World Indonesia Festival, as the committee called it as WISH Padang 2019. I presented about Fulbright scholarship.

Berikut video presentasinya (Click the following link to see the presentation video):

The opening session of WISH Padang 2019 was filled out by the Rector of Univeritas Negeri Padang (UNP) who had been represented by the assistant of the third vice dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the university. Besides, the governor of West Sumatera province also attended to open the event formally.

Mata Garuda Sumbar and LPDP Awardee also attended the event to share the views and tips as well as tricks on how to win and get LPDP scholarship. The chair of Indonesian Scholarship Network (ISN) from Jakarta also attended the event. Thus, it provided good values for students and visitors to know more about scholarship that is available in Indonesia or overseas and open for Indonesian students.

In the session of Inspiring Talk, the committee invited Prof. Saldi Isra and Prof. Mestika Zed. These two public figures increase the worthy of the event.

IELTS Coaching Clinic by IDP, IELTS Simulation by TIME Language Center, and also provided information on Tips and Trick of scholarship application.

Additionally, the event also has Stand and Expo that display various types of scholarship available for students who are interested to study overseas, such as Japan, Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, and Australia.

In short, the WISH Padang 2019 event was successful because many students and visitors came to the event. Almost 3000 students came to see the scholarship event. The event itself was sponsored by W-DANK LOKALATE, a product of Nutrifood in Indonesia.

This picture shows my support for Nutrifood W-DANK with Indonesian traditional taste (Kopi Gula Aren and Kopi Durian)

Standing with Ibu Akhriani in W-DANK Nutrifood Stand (Kopi Gula Aren and Kopi Durian) So Tasty!! 🙂

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Have a great weekend!

Pancasila Moral Education (Pendidikan Moral Pancasila) Assignment

Dear students,

As you are an Indonesian student, you are required to comprehend Pancasila. You also are enrolled at PPKN Department. This department focuses on teaching and guiding you about Pancasila and how to create as well as keep up a civilized society under the principle of Pancasila.

Because you are learning English Application II with me, then please send your writing in English by giving your comments on these two assignments:

  1. What can you tell about the Workshop on Revolutionary Industry 4.0 and 5.0 that is happening in Indonesia these days? — you can talk about this about what you got in the Workshop
  2. What can you review about the journal article that we had read in the class? The title of the journal article is Pancasila Moral Education.


Please write your assignment in the form of a paragraph consisting of five to seven sentences only in the comments section below.

For example:


NIM. 0000000

Assignment 1:

I think that the Revolutionary Industry 4.0 means that it asks for our readiness on how to use technology for our current stage of living. bla bla bla…… (5 – 7 sentences)

Assignment 2:

The journal article discussed about the history of Pancasila in Indonesia. Pancasila is the key principle of the way of life as a citizen in Indonesia. bla bla bla…. (5 – 7 sentences)


Deadline for this online assignment submission is Saturday, April 13, 2019, at 12:00 am. Good Luck! Please be on-time.

English Proficiency II – Quiz 1

Hello Dear Students,

We have been learning about English Proficiency II for four meetings. This time, I am going to have a Quiz for you. This quiz can be used as the evidence of your presence on our fifth meeting and it is also used to see how far you have understood about the relationship between English Proficiency, Adult Education, and the concept of English Language Learners.

Additional Information

If you need to add a few more readings on English Proficiency, the following books are recommended for your readings. You can click the following links:

  1. Book 1 – Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges From Language Proficiency to Academic Achievement
  2. Book 2 – English Language Proficiency Assessments for Young Learners
  3. Book 3 – English in Global Contexts: Proficiency Tasks for Aspiring Learners
  4. Book 4 – Assessment and Intervention for English Language Learners: Translating Research into Practice
  5. Book 5 – Literacy Strategies for English Learners in Core Content Secondary Classrooms

Please also remember that the context of our class is geared toward the notion of EFL, or English as a Foreign Language. As we all know and notice, Indonesia views English as in the sense of English as a Foreign Language. Therefore, please bear in mind that constructing your views within this notion is important.

Quiz 1 Instruction

Please read the following passage in the form of a screenshot:

Guiding Principles of Adult English Language Learners Proficiency

The above figure was a screenshot of the following book:

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education. English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education, with Correspondences to College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, and Mathematical and Science Practices. Washington:  American Institute for Research, October 2016, p. 8.

After you read the above passage, then now it is your turn to select one point from ten points of the guidelines.

After that, you need to explain in your own words what does it mean with the point that you selected. Your explanation can be written in the comment section below. The length of your explanation should be only one paragraph, but the paragraph needs to have more than five sentences.

For example:

I choose point 4: “Social language has an important role in ELL’s English Language acquisition process”. The point means that an individual English language learner involves many aspects. He or she is also influenced by the social circumstances where he or she lives. Language acquisition process happens when a person learns a new language, such as English. In Indonesia, English is considered as a foreign language, so the process of acquiring this language is different from students who study English in Singapore or Japan. The social language, which is like that in the Minangkabau region, impacts the way a student acquire English. Therefore, point 4 of the Guiding Principles above clearly informs us that considering social language when acquiring a language is undeniable.

Also, your explanation is your work alone. Copying from other sources is considered an intellectual crime.

The deadline for this quiz 1 is March 30, 2019, at 11:59 pm. Good Luck!

(Your explanation should be written in the following comment section below)