I had been working as an English lecturer at a private college in Indonesia since 2009. Working as an English lecturer provides me lots of opportunities to gain more understanding of what I had learned so far not only as a lecturer but a reflective practitioner as well. It’s a bit different when you compared what you know as a student to what you know as a lecturer. Because my students are classified as Indonesian EFL Students, so one thing that I noticed from them is the struggle they faced when they composed their thesis. In this post, I am sharing what I know about Writing Thesis for Indonesian EFL Students.

This post is divided into a few sections. They are:

  1. (PART 1) A general overview to Writing Thesis
  2. (PART 2) Writing Chapter 1 – Introduction
  3. (PART 3) Writing Chapter 2 – Literature Review
  4. (PART 4) Writing Chapter 3 – Research Methodology
  5. (PART 5) Writing Chapter 4 – Findings and Discussion
  6. (PART 6) Writing Chapter 5 – Conclusion and Discussion
  7. (PART 7) Writing the References section

Each of the above list provides you with a video. Please find videos for each item above as in the following list.

(PART 1) Writing Thesis in English: An Overview

(PART 2) Writing Chapter 1 in Thesis – Introduction

(PART 3) Writing Chapter 2 in Thesis – Literature Review

(PART 4) Writing Chapter 3 in Thesis – Research Methodology

(PART 5) Writing Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 in Thesis

(PART 6) Writing References section in Thesis

Dear students, you can SUBSCRIBE to listen and watch all of my videos in this YouTube channel: Mr. Syayid’s Vlog

Have a great day! I hope all of my videos above are of great help for you as Indonesian EFL students wherever you are on this earth… 😊

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