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CAUSE-EFFECT Paragraph Assignment

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For your fourth online assignment, you need to know that this fourth online assignment is about composing a CAUSE-EFFECT PARAGRAPH in academic English.

Therefore, the paragraph that you need to write needs to follow this prompt:

“Please write a cause/effect paragraph about social phenomenon that you see, notice, or observe around you and you know that the phenomenon has the causal relationship”

Remember, you need to write the title of your paragraph, topic sentence, supporting sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentence in your cause-effect paragraph. If any of these elements are left out, the score of your paragraph assignment will be reduced accordingly.

You may write three paragraphs by focusing on Causes, Effects, and Causes-Effects paragraph development.

For further advise and revision, we will discuss important aspects of your paragraph writing in our class.

The deadline of this assignment should follow the schedule that we have arranged and agreed together in the classroom.

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  1. This year’s drought has happened very long. Wells, rivers, even lakes have dried up. In addition, the soil around the rice fields is also cracked. All the plants there were no exception, dead rice and dried up. Farmers don’t even have time to harvest it. As a result, this year the farmers suffered huge losses.


  2. Nama : Tazkia Rizalmi
    Sesi : A
    NPM : 17040026

    Effect Paragraph :

    The Effect of Rebonding Hair

    Hair Rebonding is a chemical treatment that relaxes your hair and makes the curls turn straight in the process. This is the ideal technique for getting sleek straight mane especially if you have frizzy and unmanageable hair. Unlike straightening your hair with a straightener, rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds in the hair and rearranges them to form new bonds for straight hair. In short, it is a permanent procedure that breaks the natural cell structure of your hair and restructures it. A neutralizer is used to re-bond the structure of the hair, giving you the desired texture and shape. The effects of rebonding last for a long time and it considerably tames down frizzy hair. The protein molecules present between the bonds in the hair gives it characteristic. Every type of hair has a natural bond that gives it its physical quality curly or wavy. This technique uses chemicals to change this natural bond to make it straight. Unlike straightening your hair with a straightener, rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds in the hair and re-arranges them to form new bonds for straight hair.


  3. Name :Tazkia RIzalmi
    Sesi : A
    Npm : 17040026

    Cause Paragraph :

    Poor Diet Cause of Obesity

    Obesity doesn’t happen overnight. It develops gradually over time, as a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices, such as eating large amounts of processed or fast food that’s high in fat and sugar. Drinking too much alcohol, alcohol contains a lot of calories, and people who drink heavily are often overweight. Eating out a lot, you may be tempted to also have a starter or dessert in a restaurant and the food can be higher in fat and sugar. Eating larger portions than you need,you may be encouraged to eat too much if your friends or relatives are also eating large portions. Drinking too many sugary drinks including soft drinks and fruit juice. Comfort eating, if you have low self-esteem or feel depressed, you may eat to make yourself feel better
    In sum up, poor diet and bad lifestyle chooise cause obesity unhealthy eating habits tend to run in families you may learn bad eating habits from your parents when you’re young and continue them into adulthood.


  4. Cause
    Andri derian putra

    Cause of blindness
    Poeple who will suffer from blindness usually experience visual impairment first, wich then will develope into blinness. And there are several diseases that can cause of eye blinness. First is CATARACT. Cataract are conditions in wich the lens of the eye becomes cloudly so the vision becomes disturbed. Most cataract are caused by the aging process. And then, TRAKOMA. Trakoma is an eye disease caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacterial infections


  5. Drugs effect for our life
    As we know drugs are actually used in healt. But many poeple in this era abusing the drug. Now we will discuss what the effect of the drugs for our life. The effect of drugs is health disorder of the nervous system like: hallucinations, impaired consciousness, peripheral nerve damage. And the most dangerous effectof drugs is HIV AIDS. A person who is addicted to drugs will be get risk of HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS is easy contagious. So if we are in direct contact with person who consumming positive HIV AIDS. Possibillity we are infected with HIV AID


  6. Effect Paragraph:
    The negative effects of watching korean drama

    Nowadays, there are a lot of young generation who love to watch korean drama. They do not knowing about many problems that causes by watching korean drama too often. There are some negative effects of watching korean drama. First, it can make you wasting time. All your free time will be used for watching korean drama all day. Second, you will be less socialization. Because of the drama, you will not be able to meet your friends out there or hangout together. The next effect is it can make you less sleep and not do another activities. In brief, watching korean drama too often will not give a good effect for you.


  7. Nama : Ulfa Rahmi
    NPM : 17040018
    SESSION : A 2017
    Cause Paragraph
    Title – DISEASE
    Disease is caused by many factor that come from inside and outside. Factor that come from outside are water, weather and any others. Which one weather that most cause of disease is pancaroba. It is weather that change fastly and uncurtain that make people body endurance not stable. Another factor from outside is water, water can induce disease if the water is not sterile. Disease that induce from water are diarhhea, cholera, hepatitis A and any others. While, which one factor from inside is our mind. If someone think too much it can induce disease like stress, headchace and any others. As result, disease is inflicated from many factor


  8. Cause Paragraph:
    The reasons why you should get involved in organization

    At school and college, there are many organization or extracurricular activities. Many students do not realize why it was important to join organization. There are some reasons why getting involved to organization is important. First, you can meet new people and make new friends. You might have a lot of common with some of these people and others might open your eyes to different point of view. The second reason is you can learn to work in a group and develop your leadership skills. The other reasons are organization can help you to build your resume and scholarship opportunities, also discover your intesrest and passions. Therefore, participating in organization that you enjoy can give you many contentment.


  9. The dangers of drugs
    Drugs not only damage the body, but also damage the mental. If a person takes drugs the important organs in his body will be damaged, even if damaged people who take drugs are not able to stop their habit of taking drugs, drugs cause dependence. Mentally a person who consumes drugs will be damaged, they will not be able to think clearly, and his mind will always be disturbed. Because of the danger that we are strictly prohibited from taking drugs.


  10. CAUSE Brawl
    most of the brawl school children have their own fun. therefore many follow the brawl. his usual brawl is very dangerous. BANNED!!!!!!
    EFFECT Gang
    has a very bad impact for students in Indonesia. there are injured kuka because of the incident that was dange. many ed of such trivialities. so the government is WRONG. BANNED!!!!


  11. Cause Paragraph


    Lately flood disaster rife in Indonesia. This is caused by irresponsible citizens. People throw garbage into the river so that the river overflows. The gutters in front of the residents’ houses are not cleaned and left full of garbage until the water is inundated. Society can only damage the environment without preserving the environment. The flood is very troublesome to many people. Community activity stalled when floods hit. The residents should work together to clear the sewers and the surrounding environment.

    Effect Paragraph

    The Term of Night Bath

    The term night bath is synonymous with boarding children. Child boarders often take a bath night. Some of the reasons why child boarders bathing night because of they have many tasks, going home at the night, and other reasons. Many of the harmful effects of a night shower. Such as rheumatism, premature aging, wet lung, gout, disrupted metabolism, colds, fever and muscle aches. After knowing the dangers of a night shower, we should avoid bathing at night. Keep our body healthy to avoid various deseases.


  12. Cause > Drugs

    A drug is any substance (with the exception of food and water) which, when taken into the body, alters the body’s function either physically and/or psychologically. Drugs may be legal (e.g. alcohol, caffeine and tobacco) or illegal (e.g. cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin). Psychoactive drugs affect the central nervous system and alter a person’s mood, thinking and behaviour. Psychoactive drugs may be divided into four categories: depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens and ‘other’. drugs have an addictive nature and the more often they consume it will cause a negative impact that is slowly killing ourselves. let us as human beings who have common sense away from drugs and all the negative things that approach it.

    Effect > dangerous from drugs
    Drugs are chemicals that affect the body and brain. Different drugs can have different effects. Some effects of drugs include health consequences that are long-lasting and even permanent. They can even continue after a person has stopped taking the substance.
    There are a few ways a person can take drugs, including injection, inhalation and ingestion. The effects of the drug on the body can depend on the way in which the abused drug is delivered. For example, the injection of drugs directly into the bloodstream have an immediate impact, while ingestion has a delayed effect


  13. Name : Rhiska Sayari
    NPM : 17040034
    Session : A
    Title : Cause and Effect Paragraph

    Cause Paragraph :
    “The Causes of The Decreasing Spirit of Worship at The End of Ramadan”

    There are many reasons why many muslims have decreased in worship at the end of Ramadan. First, spending time to go to the mall, plaza or market just to buy clothes, foods and other things will be used in Idul Fitri. They busied themselves with worldly affairs just for the preparation of Idul Fitri. Also, because of social media, most of them more often read facebook, whatsapp, bbm or twitter than worship. And other reason is television. This is the most dangerous thief, because not only reducing the times of worship but also the rewards of fasting. The most important problem is busy to cook cookies and food dishes as well as decorating the living room for the sake of welcoming Idul Fitri. Therefore, many muslims are decreasing their worship at the end of Ramadan.

    Effect Paragraph :
    “The Effects of Firecrackers”

    When Ramadan comes, firecrackers appear everywhere, from adults to children. Whereas, firecrackers have many negative effects. First, prone to cause accidents, especially those who play firecrackers from among children. Then, a sound that is too loud results in noise pollution. Furthermore, the smell of a stinging explosion can cause coughing. And the last, the worst is wasting money. Thus, firecrackers are not useful at all.


  14. Cause
    gadget addiction usually happens because parents do not know the limits of children start using gadgets. And because you do not know the limits, the child so use the gadget as he pleased. So, when restricted, the child would refuse and eventually parents difficult to separate the child with his favorite gadget.
    Children have trouble getting rid of the gadget because they’re used to it.

    people really underestimate the health problems so they are in front of the computer in a long time. Not only those who work in the office, but with the rise of online games, chat and browsing, this makes people feel more comfortable playing computer. What is clear, if you are dealing with a computer or laptop, will definitely forget the time, the vision began to decline, dizzy, and others without your realizing


  15. CAUSE
    mobile legend is a very popular game by young and old in indonesia. mobile legend is a MOBA game designed for mobile. Both opponent teams struggle to reach and destroy the enemy base while maintaining their own base to control the path, the three “paths” known as the “top”, “middle” and “bottom”, which connect the bases. In each team , there are five players who each control the avatar, known as “hero”, from their own devices. The weaker computer controlled characters, called “minions”, spawn on the team base and follow three paths to the opposing team’s base, against enemies and towers.

    mobile legend gives a bad impact on teenagers one of them is lack of sleep. This is usually experienced by the players who are doing Rank mode push. Yep! there is no standard rule to play this MLBB game at night. But anyone who ever tried to play at night, especially solo players would more often get a good team than playing during the day. The result of your sleep time will be reduced. Because of course not only one or two video games are played. It’s good if you want to play MLBB games at night, make sure tomorrow there is no important activity. So you can get enough rest.


  16. Cause : Makeup for teenagers
    Teenagers usually always use makeup, although not a heavy makeup but they use it in their daily life. Much of them use makeup for many reason, among: First, because they think makeup can make them look more beautiful. Second reason is just because they are trying to keep up with the times. Usually during they wearing makeup they do not choose well the makeup they wear and do not consider the dangers and damage that will happen to their skin. Whereas many of the dangers that threaten teen skin wrongly choose makeup, such as cancer. Therefore, if we know a teenager who will use makeup, we should explain the impact and influence of makeup to them.

    Effect : The effect of makeup for the body
    In one survey, online makeup retailers found that young girls started using makeup regularly from the age of 11. at that time, teenagers do not yet know the correct way of using makeup and often share it with their friends, and unwittingly spreading harmful bacteria. dividing makeup can actually cause various diseases, including eye infections, cold sores, common ailments, staph infections, and even herpes. In addition, makeup is also a breeding ground for bacteria, especially from liquids such as foundation, mascara, and lip gloss. The users then add their own bacteria from their hands and faces, and makeup turns into dangerous fighters for illness or acne. therefore, if we are going to use makeup we have to make sure the material is contained in it.


  17. 1. Effect
    Fasting is Good for Health

    Fasting is a habitual of muslim and always do in a month every year. Fasting is good for health, for the body and soul too. Because, fasting can prevent us from various diseases that cause from excessive eating habits. This can lead us to obesity that will increase the risk of cholesterol, coronary heart disease, diabetes and others. Next, fasting is the rest time for the body. When fasting we give a chance for our body to rest, espcially for the digestive organs. Other reason why fasting is good for our health is it also can increase the white blood cells and our endurance. In short, fasting is very good for our bodies.

    2. Cause
    Active Smokers

    Smoking is bad habits and dangerous for our health.many prohibition of smoking have a variety of reaction by active smokers and secondhand smokers.second hand smokers who agree with that prohibition.on the other hand active smokers do not agree with that prohibition.they reasoned that smoking is their life,their habit and their style.smoking can make them fast thingking when their doing a job,study,increases their creativity and other reasoned.the prohibition of smoking is hard to doing for active smokers because it is their habits and their style.


    CLASS : 2017
    NPM :.17040036

    The cause many teenangers be lazy

    In this century,most of young people all in the world tend to become lazy. Many factors make them,wheter its from family,friend and enviroment depend on where they are grow up. In this case for example,if someone is built with a sense of laziness, parents do not accustom their children to live discipline automaticly children commonly to do something everything they want to do without thinking about the risk. Same thing with an environment and friends influence,if the environment does not give responsibility for someone and let them with their freedom to live without role.

    The Effect being English Student

    English student is mean that person spend half of their life to learn anything related about English, which is literature,culture. So many effect being English student, the first is someone who can speak two or more languanges they will have different personality,and people that have abilites in English is going to more expressive they tend to our from their comfort zone therefore it will makes ourselves have to confidence everything what we what with English like speaking and writting aspect.


  19. Cause > Drugs is Dangerous

    Drugs or narcotics and dangerous drugs are either synthetic or organic chemicals that damage the nerves. Understanding drugs by the health ministry is defined as drug. Narcotics, Psychotropic, and Addictive Substance. Drugs can cause addiction, disturbed on the nerve and or are able to unconscious. Never use drugs. Understanding Narcotics in general are drugs that are able to anesthetize. In other words, narcotics are drugs that can interfere with the nervous system of the body to not feel pain or stimulation. Narcotics at first there are three made of organic materials namely Candu (Papaper Somniferum), cocaine (Erythroxyion coca) and cannabis (Cannabis sativa). Now narcotics drugs are Opium or Opioids or Opiates or Opium, Codein, Methadone (MTD), LSD, PC, mescalin, barbiturates, demerol, pethidine, and others.

    Effect > Hazards and Impact of Drugs

    The first is the Depressant. Understanding depresan is a substance or substance that can suppress the central nervous system (CNS) and impact on work or functional activity on the body that will cause a calm effect on the user depresan and able to make users fall asleep even unconscious. Drugs also provide stimulant effects. Stimulants in question is able to stimulate the user’s body functions and increase the passion and awareness of the user (self-conscius). After discussing the above matters, let’s go to the core of danger and the effects of drugs and narcotics. Broadly speaking, there are three dangers and impacts of drugs that are the impact of drug abuse on the physical user, the impact of drug abuse on the user’s psychic and the impact of drug abuse on the social environment.


  20. Name: karnida
    •cause effect paragraph•

    Instant Nood Contains Candles
    Instant noodle has a wax that is useful to make noodles glue to each other. Wax content can damage the body’s digestive system, so it can cause interference if consumed continuously and can lead to the growth of cancer-causing cells. other than that
    the body will also have difficulty to digest the wax substance. Because our body takes about 2 days to digest the wax substances contained in the noodles
    instant. If these substances continue to accumulate in the body, our chances of getting cancer are very high. For example, liver, colon, or leukemia. Not only candles from instant noodles, seasonings that contain many additives such as MSG which can be a trigger of cancer in the body.
    There are many real cases of people who are sick and allegedly caused by consuming too many instant noodles. Therefore, you should begin to reduce the consumption of these food.

    •Due to illegal logging •
    There are many cases of illegal logging that have occurred in the last 10 years. The government has issued various rules to punish the illegal loggers. But in fact illegal logging continues to do so to the detriment of many parties. As a result of illegal logging the soil is not able to absorb water properly and also the soil no longer binds. Therefore every forest season comes in the event of floods and landslides.

    •couse effect paragraph
    Providing anticorruption education to children is very important in preventing corruption in this country. With the provision of anticorruption education, children will be able to understand the bad conflict and are reluctant to commit such crimes as they grow older. Therefore, anticorruption education to children is so important that they do not commit the current corruption of adult corruption, and the figures of corruption and what will happen later.


  21. Cause
    Cause of insomnia
    Insomnia is inability to get the required amount of sleep. The cause is have different sleep schedules, sleeping too fast, do not have a routine before bed, drinking too much coffee and too restless in thr middle of the night.

    The effect of not eating meal
    The human body is difficult to survive without water just than without food. Usually when the meal we drink a lot of water. However, because not eat the meal the effect is becomes weak and difficult to focus.


  22. Nurul Huda
    17040011 /17A

    Cause of The Sumatera Tiger is Extinct

    Sumatran tiger is much hunted by wild hunters. They target his skin and there are also arrested for sale abroad. In addition, the Sumetera tiger has lost its habitat. Their houses were burned and converted to function as plantations. Not infrequently they always enter the village residents and then arrested and killed. Animals that became hunts have now been rarely encountered so that they are difficult to find food. Moreover, its difficult breeding pattern becomes a barrier for Sumatran tigers to breed. Therefore, the Sumatran Tiger is now rarely encountered and is on the verge of extinction.

    “EFFECT ”
    The Effect of Natural Disasters

    Lately many natural disasters occur such as floods and landslides. Various regions throughout Indonesia experienced similar disasters in this rainy season. No exception for urban and rural areas. When the dry season comes, drought strikes. First, clean Alr into something very expensive and difficult to obtain.Moreover, faster fires propagate quickly due to high air temperatures. All that happened because of the destruction of forests due to logging activities that rampant this past year


    NPM : 17040097
    SESI : 2017 C


    The effect of smoking on bone.

    Several studies have found that smoking can reduce the amount of calcium in bone. Reduced amounts of calcium can lead to reduced bone density and result in one of the most commonly heard bone Diseases, Osteoporosis, and joint pain. Lack of calcium can also result in reduced tooth strength in the lower jaw. In addition to causing fragile bones, wound healing or injury from smoker also typically lasts longer than nonsmoker. My concluding is, avoid smoking and live with healthy pattern to avoid illness.


    The cause of English as an International Language.

    English is the most widely spoken Language in the world. Cross country communication is a factor that shapes the world as we know it today. The spread and development of Religion, Science, Technology is highly dependent on this communication process. A need arises to Communication and Understand each other. This communication process should also be made possible by people from different Countries who use different Language. This need encourage an attempt to created a Language that everyone can understand and use in world. Finally, English becomes the Language of the world because we need a Language that easy to use by everyone.



    mobile legends online game game that is very popular with young people and old age at this time. this game is a MOBA game designed for mobile phone. Both opponent teams struggle to reach and destroy the enemy base while maintaining their own base to control the path, the three “paths” known as the “top”, “middle” and “bottom”, connecting the bases. In each team, there are five players who each control the avatar, known as “hero”, from their own devices. The weaker computer controlled characters, called “minions”, spawn on the team base and follow three paths to the opposing team’s base, against enemies and towers.

    Playing video game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is very exciting. From a fad to finish off each opponent up to how to play serious to raise the rankings. Everything can be done in the game created by the Moonton. However, there is little danger if you continue playing this game. It does not matter if you can set playing time. Problems come when playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang but to forget the time and activities lainya.salah its less sleep, This is usually experienced by the players who are doing Rank mode push. there is no standard rule to play this MLBB game at night. But anyone who ever tried to play at night, especially solo players would more often get a good team than playing during the day. The result of your sleep time will be reduced. Because of course not only one or two video games are played. It’s good if you want to play MLBB games at night, make sure tomorrow there is no important activity. So that you can get enough rest. So whatever game we play we must be aware with the health of the body and playing quite as entertainment alone.


  25. Name :Ratih trinadia (17040079) 17’C

    The Cause Why I Like Rains

    There are some reasons why I like rain. First, beside rain is the grace of god, rain makes me calm. Second, rain also makes me brave to out of a room and enjoy every raindrops, because for me every raindrops, creating it is own harmonica. Third, rain can shade heart and my feel. Then, I like it because I can feel the peace of life. Next, because there is always a rainbow after rain. The meaning is there is always a beautiful thing that will I get after feeling the pain of falling many times. Consequently, I always miss the rains and hope rains always down.


    The Effects when you late eat

    There are many effects if you late eat. First, you become tired easily because your body not running normally. Second, metobolism slows down. Third, your intestines will be irritated. After that, you will experience gastric inflammation. Try to always eat on time.


    The Reasons Why People Do Not Lectures
    Many people do not continue their education after graduating high school because some reasons. First, they want to work, because for them lectures are a waste of time and money. Second, because economic factor and also their lazy to study again. If they all think like that, how about their future and the future of their country. Over all, higher education is no longer important.


    NPM : 17040092
    SESSION : 17C

    Social Impact Media for Each User
    Various social media used such as, facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, line, and so forth. Usually used by all circles, both young and adults who have tools that can access the internet such as mobile phones. In addition to easy to get information about friends, family, or old friends can also broaden the horizons about the development of modern times. Therefore, social media is now a must for teenagers and young people to be able to participate following the current globalization era.
    In addition, social media has a positive and negative impact on anyone who uses it. The first positive impact that we can have many friends. Second, easy to share information. Both information in the country, and abroad. Third, can be an online business place. The latter, can be a place to issue a hobby of writing, such as an article, blogs, short stories, novels and various other posts that you like. The first negative impact is the increased cost of expenditure. Second, social media is also sometimes used as a place to spread slander and anger. Third, the reduced socialization in the life of the original environment. Fourth, the knowledge of the children so much faster adult. The lastly, can damage the body’s health like the eyes of its users. Because they will be more often busy in front of the computer or mobile phone respectively. Therefore, the need for insight and intelligence in managing the pattern of everyday life so that what we do it more benefits than the negative impact.


  27. Sri anina
    Cause paragraph

    There are many reasons why my ulcer disease recurred.First, I eat spicy food and a few minute later l will feel pain in my stomach.
    Second, when l late to eat rice, l must to eat regulary .If l late to eat tje rice l feel pain in my stomach.Then when l eat some noodle however l try to eat a little, l also feel pain in my stomach.when my ulcer disease rucurred l just drink a glass of milk and than eat the rice.
    At the time l ever control to doctor, he just give me some pil and feel it not help to me.
    Therefore, l must choose the food to eat for prevent my ulcerdisease recurred.


  28. Sri anina
    Effect paragraph
    There are lot of problem caused by alcohol.First alcohol can cause a swell in our liver, this is because it can the liver to work hard filtering the alcohol in our body.Secondly, alcohol drinking damage the human brain, it will decrease the function of alcohol addict’s brain.Then alcohol also decreases the functions of our sense, one is our eye is absolutely can be blind because of alcohol.In addition, this drink can also speed up monopouse for woman because decreases the function of reprodutive organ in woman.
    Overall several dangerous disease to the body which is caused by alcohol and drinking alcohol is banned in Indonesia.


  29. Nama:Noverina ashari
    Paragraf cause

    Cause of bkoken water machine
    I was fourteen years old. I went alone with the train. After I opened the door of the house in a state of quiet. I go home and clean up the house. next I watch tv.After one day I stay at home. In the morning I went to take a shower and I turn on the water machine.After finish shower i forget to turn off the water machine. I returned to the field with the train.for a day the water machine was alive to cause the water machine was damaged.mama I scolded me because of my negligence I feel sad. The next day my mama bought a new water machine ago. my uncle help install a water machine the.

    Paragraph effect
    The effect of wearing cosmetics
    containing mercury
    For most women taking care of the face is very important. Many cosmetic products on the market.But still there are cosmetic product containing mercury. The effect can make facial skin become damaged.Cosmetics containing mercury can make black spots on the face more severe and the face also looks more dull. use in the long term cause the occurrence of small acne accompanied by itching.

    Paragraph cause-effect
    Unemployment in indonesia
    Many young graduates today are unemployed because many factors.First Because job opportunities are a bit. The second the quality of human resources in the processing of natural resources.Third the lack of creativity to create new job creation. Consequently the increasing number of unemployed in Indonesia This will also affect the poverty rate in the country.If a lot of unemployment then the welfare of society is not guaranteed. Therefore the role of government in overcoming the problem of unemployment is very important.


  30. Name: Hendiktus Waruwu

    Causes paragraph.

    Floods are caused by many things. One cause of a floods is when water exceed the capacity of the area it is in. Thus causing it to overflow outside the waters boundary. Another causes is the amount of rain that a certain area of land gets. When too much water has rained over a certain area, sowers start getting flooded, creating a backup and water starts to flow on streets. One more way of flooding is when dams break. Massive dams that hold water back prevent flooding. When the gate breaks, the water flows out of it and creaters a flood. This water dumped one land and as water levels rise, flooding is created.

    Effect Paragraph

    The effects of floods are devastating. Many time floods can destroy everything. Houses can be torn of their foundation because the water has made its structure weaker, tar can be been pulled off road causing major lot holes, earth can be sunken in creating a different landscape, tons of trees has the possibility of being ripped out. To see the effects after a flood is not a pretty site. So, water has to be pumped out of flooded civilian areas.


  31. Nama:Riska ashari

    >>> CAUSES
    Causes of playing video games

    Video game is not a new thing in this day and age. Because in this day and age is a digital age and also supported by technological advances one example is smartfhone. Playing vidio game is the first choice for everyone, playing vidio game is not only liked by adults only but all circles, be it children up to adults. Because playing video game in a hobby is considered a trend. Playing video game is inseparable from outside influences. Video games can also be played anytime, anywhere.

    The effects of play video games

    Video games have a positive and negative impact on everyone who plays them, especially children. Positive impact is able to train the child’s motor, improve memory and train intelligence. While the negative impact is can cause eye disorders, making the child becomes lazy to try something new. Less sensitive to the environment, can not manage the time well, such as study time, and bedtime. Playing video games can also lead to skin cancer due to exposure to radiation. And basically game video has a very serious impact on anyone who plays it, especially for children.


  32. Alcoholic drinking is very dangerous for our health. There are lot of problems caused by this dangerous fluid. First, it can cause a swell in our liver. This is because it can trigger the liver to work extra hard filtering the fluid in our body, so that, the liver becomes swollen because it contains so much fluid. Secondly, alcoholic drinking damages the human brain. It will decrease the function of alcohol addict’s brain, thereby increasing the risk of depression and frustration. If this happens, there will be a change in behavior on the alcoholic, even they can be mad. Then, alcohol also decreases the functions of our senses. One is our eye is absolutely can be blind because of alcohol. In addition, this drink can also speed up menopause in women because it decreases the function of reproductive organs in women, so that they will get menopause sooner than the period in general. Last, it is also able to cause defects in the fetus. Alcohol that comes into the body of pregnant women also has an impact on their baby, so that they will be born with disabilities. Therefore, the circulation of alcoholic drinking is prohibited in Indonesia because it causes several dangerous diseases to the body.


  33. Name:Hafiza Aini

    Cause-Effect Paragraph
    The streets in the capital are very narrow and many holes that make the riders must be careful.In addition,pedestrian-oriented sidewalks are often used by street vendors to sell everywhere.Some even spill over to the asphalt road.in addition,the capital road users also have to share with bus way.so the streets of the capital becomes very narrow.Morever,with many unfinished projects,the streets of capital are getting worse.That is why jam always happen in every corner of the capital’s streets.


  34. Name : sarah khairani
    Npm : 17040027 (A)

    Coca cola soda drink is one that makes us addicted to drink it because in the coca cola contain heroin that makes teenagers addicted,and the intense sweetness of Coca-Cola as a result of its high sugar content should make us vomit as soon as it enters the body. However, the phosphoric acid in the beverage dulls the sweetness, enabling us to keep the drink down.

    An hour after drinking the beverage, a sugar crash will begin, causing irritability and drowsiness. In addition, the water from the Cola will have been cleared from the body via urination, along with nutrients that are important for our health.then cola soda and heroin can crash our brain and disturb our mind to thinking


  35. Nama : Yely Safitri
    NPM : 17040019
    Sesi : 17 A

    ( Causes )
    Water Pollution and Soil
    Water pollution and soil is one of the effect of waste or household waste. Which is also an area pollution and can effect epidemic of a disease. Such as dengue fever, malaria, and any more. In addition to area pollution, household waste can also be a disaster, such as flood because duct water clogged up by the waste. Household waste or waste is the result of daily activities.

    ( Effect )
    Abuse of Narcotics
    Abuse of narcotics can cause negative impact to the user. The effects of this narcotics are mental disorders and addictions. People who use narcotics will experience a strange mental or like crazy, and if the effcets of narcotics has out the user like crazy, and te users feel pain in he body. Abuse of narcotics can also result in damage to the user, damage money, body, future, and other people.


  36. Cause >> The Risk of Instant noodles

    The pleasure of instant noodles is not equivalent to the danger to your body. Although tasty, cheap, and easy to make, instant noodles can increase the risk of dangerous diseases. Consuming too much instant noodle can harm the body, instant noodle can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Instant noodle intake is also associated with lower levels of vitamin D in the blood that has a close relationship with the lifestyle of inactivity and obesity. Some instant noodles also contain tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) which serves as a preservative to maintain the taste and color of the food. Excessive consumption of TBHQ can lead to increased risk of cancer and bowel tumors.

    Effect >> Cancer is dangerous

    Cancer is a disease that can attack all parts of the body. Your body regularly produces new cells that are useful for growth and to replace damaged or sick cells. Normally, cells grow and develop in a fixed way. However, there is also uncontrolled growth which then appears to be a lump called a tumor. The tumor consists of benign tumors and malignant tumors. Benign tumors arise when there is abnormal cell growth that does not cross the network boundary, grows slow, bersimpai, and webbed wrapping so easy to operate and lifted. While malignant or cancerous tumors are the growth of abnormal cells that grow quickly, not sprout, and the growth infiltrate to other parts through the lymph vessels. Cancer can be caused by DNA in cells that often turn into benign tumors, and some eventually become malignant or cancerous tumors. It is this change that causes rapid and uncontrolled cell growth. In general, several reasons for this occurrence can be divided into two, namely 1) due to gene mutations that have been present since birth that are inherited from the parent or due to the disorder of gene formation before birth; and 2) gene mutations after birth caused by cigarettes, radiation, viruses, cancer-causing chemicals, obesity, hormonal effects, long-term inflammation, etc.


  37. Name : Nevia Anora
    Npm : 17040031/A
    Causes of Damage to The Forests
    Forest is the largest producer that produces oxygen.Forests also help absorb greenhouse gases that cause global warming.That is why the forests is called the lungs of the earth.But at this time many we encounter damage to the forest.It can be caused by nature or human activities.There are several causes of damage to forests.first,deliberate deforestation,a deliberate forest fire,than illegal logging.And a prolonged dry season causes the soil structure to become damage and cause the plant to die.
    That is some of the things that cause damage to the forest. whatever the cause of the forests damage,we as humans are obliged to preserve the forest.So that the forests is not damaged and can function properly.

    Effect of Damage to The Forests
    Now,forests destruction is happening almost all over the world.Where the damage is mostly caused by activity of humans.Of course this should be overcome, because every day more and more forests are barren and this will certainly have a devastating impact on life.Adverse effects due to the destruction of the forest is to reduce the quality of oxygen.Causing flooding,because the tree in the forests are no longer able to absorb water.Than drought disaster,when the trees are small enough to absorb only a small amount of groundwater.And causing landslides because there is no longer the roots of plants that can absorb rain water.


  38. Name : Syahrizal
    NPM : 17040008
    Class : A

    • The Causes of People Like a Cigarette •
    Many people like a cigarette beginning from the children until the old people.There many causes the people very like a cigarette.First,environment is the influence first that make the mindset of child to follow his surroundings.Second,friends is one of the cause of people like smoking.And another causes is a psychology make everyone else smoking due to the are under stress because there is no job.

    • The Effect of The Smoke•
    Many prohibition from government to does not smoke because the smoke is dangerous for healthy but still a lot of people to do.There are many the bad effect of the smoke.First,make the lungs is broken and trouble in breathing.Second,easy to get heart attack.Third,allow the cancer in the body.The other effects is like the blackened for lip,to be yellow teeth,easy tired in the body and there is still the other effect.


  39. Cause (Juvenile delinquency)

    Andi is a naughty boy. He always harasses his friends while studying . In the classroom he is always making noise so many teachers can not stand his behavior and choose to leave the classroom or punish him. He also often skipped school, and and went to play online games. Because of his association with noughtry children make him accustomed to smoking and drinking. Not infrequently he has involved in a fight. One day he was found carrying a bottle of liquor in his bag. And because they never learn and often skip, the almost all grades are red. Coupled with his poor behavior, he did not go to class and was removed from school.

    Effect (people’s economic problems)

    Immediately all the price of stople goods jumped up in this week. Not to mention rice, eggs, cooking oil, sugar and various other stople goods. Public transportation fares such as public transportation, buses, motorcycle, and other also suddenly rose. As is the case with the sudden expedition and distribution services raising the tarif. Employees and laborer also demanded and laborers also demanded an increase in their wages and salaries, as the previous solary nominations were deemed no longer worthy to provide for their livelihoods. All the necessities of lif do not seem to want to be in the original position. All this happened because the government recently issued a policy to raise fuel prices and bacis electricity tariff rates.


  40. Name : putri rims suryandi
    Npm. : 17040110
    Session : 17 A

    The Household waste
    Households are contributor to environmental pollution which is a large percentage. Because the waste generated from the household every day will exist continuously. The type of waste from households that contribute to environmental pollution and is difficult to control is plastic. Plastic waste also has properties that are difficult to decipher because it takes a very long time in the process of decomposition. Many people throw garbage into rivers and make dirty water.

    Effect of bath over night
    Eating too late at night is not good for health so this bad habit should be stopped from now on. Ideally people eat only 3 times a day ie in the morning or so-called breakfast and lunch and dinner and the rest usually snacking snacks to delay hungry until the hour of arrival. But with a variety of reasons usually many of us who often postpone their meal time for various reasons. The habit of delaying the meal leads to your eating disordered and forced to eat when it is late at night. This habit has the potential to increase weight unhealthy. As we all know, at night the organs in the body work less than during the day. Due to the first dinner Affected Heart Disease, the second risk of diabetes. That’s what causes illness if we eat dinner then it’s right time to eat.

    (Causes and effects)
    Negative Effects of Smoking
    Smoking has become a habit for the world community. Even for most people, smoking is a major requirement such as rice. In this essay I will explain about the negative effects of smoking. Many of the negative consequences of smoking include the following.The first effect is shortness of breath. This is important to disclose. If you see a smoker, you may be advised to “stop signing because it is not good for your health especially lung health.The second effect that can cause coughs if she is not used to smoking Someone who is new will find it difficult to breathe to regulate the smoke she suction If it happens then the breath will not stabilize then cough.If smoking has become a habit and has lasted long, then smokers lips will blacken, teeth will be yellow and also bad breath, the smell of cigarette smoke is bad, undesirable, besides many children Young people in Indonesia who smoke have become their habit to smoke.Everyone to destroy its beauty. In addition, a smoker will experience shortness of breath, it will cause fatigue in the body of smokers. Not strong for exercising especially running.
    The conclusion that smoking is very harmful to the human body. The consequences mentioned are only a small part. There are still many negative consequences of more dangerous smoking such as heart disease, lung and impotence that can cause death. So stay away from being like a man from a hit man. Do not try to approach it let alone consume it. Remember that cigarette is killing you slowly, dear to you.


  41. Name: Ella Melasari
    Nmp: 17040090
    Sesion: 17’c

    CAUSES (waste at this time is one of the causes )
    of unbalanced environment in society or a country. at the present time the use of waste is found in many streets or in front of one’s home. today most people do not know the dangers of littering and still be a habit for those who do not know what causes it.

    EFFECTS :(the effect of the waste itself is to have adverse effects)
    on life and can damage the environment of human life or any society that will result in floods that come on when it rains not only that the garbage can also cause various diseases that will attack someone exposed to the virus or any other disease . the littering of garbage can cause very harmful effects for many people.


  42. NORHASIKIN 17040017(A)
    CAUSES (The reasons why I love cooking)
    There are many reasons why I love cooking. First, it is a fun activity, when I am cooking I feel more enjoy and relax to spend the time. And other reasons why I love cooking is I can forget all of my problem or my sadness when I cook something.

    EFFECTS (The Effects of Junk Food)
    There are many effects of junk food
    Junk food is a fast food that has many negative effects.First, junk food is the main cause of obesity because junk food contains a lot of artificial sugar and salt that can cause obesity.And other reasons, Main Cause of Diabetes, sugar and salt used in high amounts in junk food as described earlier, will cause obesity if too often consumed. While obesity itself is one of the causes of diabetes


    The Reason Drinking Fresh Water Very Important
    There are many reasons why drinking fresh water very important and there are also some benefits. First, prevent from dhydration. Because, dyney can being done filter to blood and make easily expedite digestive food system. Second, can help to give energy for muscles, joints and bones to remain flexible. Also can protect many bacteria in body, exactly in stomach. Third, protect and refresh the skin so as not to dry. And so many benefits if we drink fresh water everyday. Eventhough drinking fresh water very easily is done, but many people still drinkless fresh water. So, I think we should drink fresh water minimal eight glasses a day, so that we will be spared a lot of disease. Cosequently, drinking fresh watee very important for our body.

    The Effect from Drinkless Fresh Water
    Drinking fresh water very is needed by our bodies like brain, heart, lungs and so many others. Content water our body around 60% until 70% from body weight. If someone drinkless fresh water one of the it is resulted many kind disease. First, we can get dhydration. Dhydration is where our body not enough get liquid in body. Second, we can get digestive system. It is where our body must expedite digestive food system in the body. Third, our body easily tired. It is where not enough metabolism to body and effect our body be tired. Fourth, we can get problem to kidney. Kidney is place where in our body to process water also for filter liquid to body. So, I think drinking fresh water very important for our body. Because, if we enough drink fresh water, we will distance from disease.


  44. Nama: lara zanura
    Npm : 17040023

    EFFECT of K-popers and Otaku (Nijikon)

    The K-poper and Otaku are the name for people who love k-pop and anime. They initially just entertain themselves and let go fatigue. But, then addiction and even obsession, cause some impact. The first, fantasizing or hallucinating. They tend to dream of something even impossible. Second, can not distinguish reality or not. Sometimes they even act and behave like movies they like. Third, single (even forever). something they expect to live like the stories the like. So,some of these impact affect the nation’s generation.

    CAUSE of Anemia.

    Anemia is a condition where the body lack red blood cells. This conditions can affect the body’s performance. The first cause, deficiency iron, for red blood formation need hemoglobin formed from iron. Second, have a chronic disease. Because, it can inhibit the formation of red blood cells. Third, reptured red blood cells or defects. This conditions also named is Anemia Hemolitik. Some of the causes that must be know so that it can help the fast handling.


  45. Nama: lara zanura
    Npm : 17040023


    The K-poper and Otaku are the name for people who love k-pop and anime. They initially just entertain themselves and let go fatigue. But, then addiction and even obsession, cause some impact. The first, fantasizing or hallucinating. They tend to dream of something even impossible. Second, can not distinguish reality or not. Sometimes they even act and behave like movies they like. Third, single (even forever). something they expect to live like the stories the like. So,some of these impact affect the nation’s generation.


    Anemia is a condition where the body lack red blood cell’s. This conditions can affect the body’s performance. The first cause, deficiency iron, for red blood formation need hemoglobin formed from iron. Second, have a chronic disease. Because, it can inhibit the formation of red blood cells. Third, reptured red blood cells or defects. This conditions also named is Anemia Hemolitik. Some of the causes that must be know so that it can help the fast handling.


  46. Name : Chindy Rahayu Putri
    Npm : 17040104
    Sesi : 17 C

    Cause paragraph
    Title : Influence Technology
    Technological developments in today’s increasingly rapidly.it is because technology can simplify all activities undertaken in everyday life. With technology we can get information without having to go to the library or other

    Effect paragraph
    Title : Negative Impact of Technology
    An increasingly sophisticated technology certainly has a bad impact for us all. first lazy to socialize because everyone tends to prefer chatting rather than chatting directly. both the number of frauds such as rampant online store fraud. third can decrease learning achievement. and still other impact


  47. Name: Alya Ainayah
    NPM : 17040015
    Session: A

    Causes : “Unhappy Moment in Ramadhan”

    There are several reasons why Ramadhan this years is so unhappy for me. The first reason is fasting in this year I can not get together with my parents and my brothers. During Ramadhan I keep studying at my college. So before Ramadhan, the campus give a free holiday only five days to all students. Also, because Ramadhan last year I can breaking fast and sahur with my family but not in this year. It is was a very unhappy moment I have ever. I really miss that moment with my family. The most important problem that makes me not happy is we will do the final exam test in this Ramadhan. Other than, the homework should be collected before the exam. Although I think the homework can be completed as soon as possible. Overall, I’am very not happy.

    Effect: “The Effect of Independent Life”

    There are many reasons why independent life is so important to someone. Independent life has a positive impact for someone personality. First, the person who has independent life, they are the people who have good character. They will find a solution If they get a problem in their life. They will not ask for help to others, If they still able to overcome the problem. Second, the positive impact If someone has independent life is they will have a good confidence. Confidence is very important for someone life, especially in the social environment and where a person works. Confidence occurs because someone believes that they can do something if they want to try. I think people who have a good independent lifestyle will be adable and will not be arrogant.


    The cause of early marriage
    the number of marriages in Indonesia is getting higher. many teenagers are married under the age of 18 years. economic factors that make parents marry off their children with a more capable person. the low level of education of parents, children and society makes early marriage more prevalent. there are parents who are afraid of their children to commit adultery, then immediately marry off their children. in short, because of economic factors, low education and families that make teenagers have to get married under age.

    the result of an early marriage
    Early marriage in Indonesia is increasingly happening. This early marriage is done by teenagers who are still under the age of 18 years. the result of which olwh this marriage very much. Firstly, young couples who marry early do not know how to assume responsibility. second, their adolescence will be disrupted. third, pregnancy that is too early can affect the life of teenage girls. fourth, when married at an early age the individual needs are not met. In short, this early marriage has an unfavorable impact on married couples underage.


  49. nama : syawal fak izin
    npm : 17040107
    sesi : 17 C

    cause effect paragrph
    ( stay up )

    Due to lack of sleep or habit staying up will cause you hard to think and learn. Sleep plays an important role in our brain’s cognitive processes, such as attention, alertness, concentration, and problem solving. Sleep also plays an important role in the consolidation of memory in our brain at night, if you lack sleep then at night you will be difficult to remember the experience or lessons that we experience during the day. , heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. According to expert estimates that 90 percent of people who experience sleep disorders and insomnia definitely have other disorders of the disease.


  50. Name : Endang Ayu Tri Astuti
    Npm : 17040082
    English department’ 17 C

    ▪Cause Paragraph▪
    Missing my hometown

    There are some reason why i always miss my hometown. First, the distance it is too far.Second, is the food in Padang and in my hometown have different taste.Then, when i have problem with my friend i can not share to my family because they are far, and it is make me sad and feel lonely. Next, when my money low , i should be smart fo save my money,it was so hard. Consequently, i always need back to my hometown.

    ▪Effects paragraph▪

    Cellphone is one of important things for me. Cellphone can help me to do my homework,by using an internet.Then, cellphone will make me feel not lonely. Next , cellphone can help me to meet new people. But after that without phone i will be lazy to do exercise, to have a good time with my friend because phone.

    ▪Cause – effects paragraph▪
    Stop education

    Many collage student stop their education because some reason. The first, cause is that their feel boring in a mid semester. Second is that because economic factor.And also because their lazy . It is really bad if this always grow until the future. Over all, government should manage this population.




    Nowadays, we know and we often see that many people have gadget neither that are old, youth or child, but when the children often use gadget, it can make them be addicted. There are some causes that make the children be addicted to gadgets.The first cause is the busy parents. Some of parents when they are busy and do not have time for their kid, they will give gadget in other to their child will be comforted. Second, gadget has many interesting fiture such as games, videos, photos, and others that make them interested to keep playing. Then, the children would rather see the colors which are design on gadget. They spend more time looking at it. In short, addicted to gadget for children can be caused by parents and design of technology.



    The children when they often use gadget, they could be addicted. There are several effect of addicted to gadget for children. First, the children will be lack of social skills with their friends. They will tend to spend time with gadget than socialize with the enviroment. Second, children will be difficulty concentration and be forgetful. Then, the child will get a mental disorder and behave aggressively. Aggrassive behavior can be triggred by video or game that show violence. Therefore, addicted to gadget gives negative effect for children.


  52. Name: Mardiyah KS
    NPM: 17040096
    Session: C
    Because of Korean Fans
    There are some reasons why must young people today leave their obligations. First, because watching Korean dramas leads young people today to forget everything. They are busy watching and abandoning their obligations as if called upon by parents just ignoring, leaving prayers, and giving up his time watching Korean dramas until morning. Althought they went to school in the morning. Secondly, following Korean styles from his language, his speech, his clothes, and so on. They feel cool to follow the Korean style. Then, they are busy with their own affairs that is just focus on seeing their handphone only. In addition, they are cool to see the videos boyband or girlband to be willing to spend their package to see it. Therefore, most young people today are more concerned with the world alone when they should be worried about his life in the here after like what because now is the end of the age.

    The Effects of Often Lying
    Because often lie causes many effects. First, he or she got a sin. Whether he or she lies intentionally or unintentionally, he or she will get a sin. Secondly, others people will not trust him or her. Even though he or she said the truth though, no one will believe him or her. Then, no one wants to be friends with him or her. Whether he or she is lying for some reasons or not, people will not want to be friends with him or her. Lastly, if he or she passes by sure people around him or her talk about it. In conclusion, change your attitude that often tell lies and start to speak honestly and candidly.


  53. Ghea Intania Riadi
    Session B

    The pimple (causes)

    some people have a problem about the pimple. It causes the pimple is quite disturbing in the face. you have to know some causes of the pimple. the causes are internal and external. first, causes of internal are genetic, stress, food, and others. second, causes of eksternal are pollution, cleanness, make up and others. At the end, if you know causes about the pimple, you can avoid it.

    Spicy food (effect)

    In this era, many people like spicy food. Some restaurant provide a spicy food in the list menu. But spicy food is not good for health. Spicy food gives some negative effects for our health. If you often eat spicy food, you will get indigestion. The indigestion is such as mahg, gastritis, appendix and others. you will even get insomnia. It is not good for beauty and health. In conclusion, some negative effects of spicy food is not good for health


    Benefit Visit The Zoo for The Children
    There are many reason why visit the zoo become a good choice for indonesian family for their holiday. Visit the zoo become a good choice for indonesian family for their holiday because the parents can introduced to their children all the animals in the zoo, they can know all types of the animals in the zoo. They can learn to more care about the animals. And the parents should be able to explain to their children what the animals they see. The most important aspect when the children visit the zoo that they can also explore the environment and find the new things. Consequently, when the holiday, visit the zoo have many benefit for child growth.

    The effect of Global Warming
    Global warming at this time give many negatife effect for life in the world. Especially for the human life, many diseases caused by global warming. Actually, global warming is not directly related to infectious diseases, but global warming causes an increase in the earth’s temperature, so it has potential to increase the population of mosquito growth that can bring the disease. There are some disease caused by mosquitoes resulting from global warming. Like stroke, some skin diseases, diarrhea, chikungunya, dengue, enchephalitis, filariasis, influenza, cholera, sars(severe acute respiratory syndrome). So we can do few things that prevent the occurrence of global warming and transmission some of these disease by keep maintaing the environment.


  55. Name : Elsa Gusti Andari
    Npm : 17040086
    Sesi : 17 C

    Cause paragraph
    Title : Holding back sneezing
    Maybe some of us there who do not feel good to sneeze for fear of disturbing people around or because we know that sneezing can spread the germs. one sneeze can spread a hundred thousand germs into the air at a speed of 160 km per hour

    Effect paragraph
    Title : As a result of sneezing
    According to research, holding a sneeze can have a negative impact on health ie blood vessels in the whites of the eyes will break, it can cause bruises on the whites of the eyes around the iris. risk of hearing loss or vertigo because air pressure coming into the ear can break the eardrum or injury to the inside of the ear. injury to the diaphragm. blood vessels in the brain will weaken and can rupture due to increased blood pressure


  56. Name : Gandi Novis Putra
    NPM :17040062
    Sesion: B’17

    The Cause of Nearsighted

    Nearsighted is one of the refractive disorders in the eye that causes the sufferer is unable to see distant objects clearly. This condition is often called the minus eye or myopia. They are several factors that cause the refraction of the eye. First, until now researchers reveal that genetic factors are the most potential factors that cause nearsightedness. Second, some bad habits can also cause eye muscles quickly tired and increase the risk of nearsightedness. Some bad habits that can cause nearsightedness are like reading while sleep, reading in a place that is too dim, reading in direct sunlight to make eyes glare, and staring directly at light sources are some habits that will cause nearsightedness. Third, another factor that could be the cause of nearsightedness is the lack of nutrition that is important for eye health. Lack of vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin may increase the risk of refractive disorders in the eye. In conclusion, various factors causing nearsightedness.

    The effect of early marriage in indonesia

    Wedding that held when the age of one or both of them are under 17 years old, in Indonesia this wedding called early marriage.From the named, we know that this wedding done when their age are not ready to settle down.This is sure has negative impact on family life and socializing in the community of couples.First, high risk of pregnancy;if woman marries in age whose uterine is not yet ready to conceive then it is very risk fot the baby and also for the pregnant mother.Second, the difficult of economic;this early marrige is often where the groom is not ready to provide for his family needed. Third, divorce early; a teenage still has unstable emotions, sometimes they can not control their own emotions, so that they are often involved in conflict that could lead them to divorce. Furthermore, early marriage is often done by youth that is actually not ready to marriage so this gives negatif effect for themself.


  57. Name : Riska Yovita
    Npm : 17040081
    Sesi : 17c
    Title : Coconut plant on the beach
    Coconut trees are not only planted in extensive plantations. Usually coconut plants only on the bil of fruit abd leaves for kitchen purposes and to sell. But at the present time the coconut tree is not only taken its fruit to be sold also made as an icon and tourist attraction . This has been a lot of we encounter a long the coast. Especially the beachis in Pariaman. On this beach has many people who preserve and plant coconut tree around the beach and addition to take puctures we can also directly enjoy the coconut that is on his tree it is certainly very interisting, beautiful and add interest tourist to visit.

    Title : Application fullday in the school
    The type education in indonesia is constantly changing. Which is currently still in the application of the fullday school program. This program is very good as it can shape the character of the student. In addition, to being effective in shaping the character of the learner because the student. Will be in school longer and the teacher can supervise and control the behavior . The negative impact or effect of this school fullday is that student no longer have time to develop the potential or talents possessed . Because, students only focus on the lessons in school, students also feel tired and less rested due to his students are healthy and even sick.


  58. CAUSE

    Causes of Flooding.
    The main cause of floods is the continuous heavy rain and also the bad nature of the Indonesian people who often throw garbage into the river.This will make dirty water of the river and eventually the water can overflow to the surface.Bald forest also affects the absence of roots that can seep in the rain.The other cause is the less green land that causes the severity of the flood, because it has been replaced by skyscrapers made of concrete. In tackling this flood there are many ways that can be done, can be started by cleaning the river and do not throw garbage into the river.And propagated green land that can absorb rain water.


    Effect Chop Down the Tree in the Wild.
    Indonesia has a forest that is rich in the diversity of population types within it, as the forests of Indonesia become the most threatened forests.The effects of illegal logging include the loss of soil fertility causing the soil to absorb too much sunlight to become very dry and arid.The decline of water resources is also part of the effects of illegal logging. Causes flooding because the forest that serves as a water absorber can not absorb and store large amounts of water when heavy rains occur.


    (17040108 ) C

    The promiscuity is one form of deviant behavior, which is “free” in question is beyond the limits of the existing eastern norms. Free association has several causes.
    First, the Parent factor. Parents need to be aware that times have changed. Communications systems, the influence of mass media, the freedom of association and modernization in various fields are rapidly affecting children. Both religious and faith factors. The religion and faith are the foundations of an individual’s life. Without religion their lives will be chaotic, because they have no outlook on life. Finally, Changes in the Age. Along with the development of the times, the culture also participated or more often known as globalization. Teenagers are usually more interested in imitating Western cultures that are different from our culture, thus triggering them to mingle like the more free westerners.
    The effect of promiscuity is: The promiscuity of free is identical with the name “dugem” (glitzy world). That is already common knowledge that in it very rampant use of drugs. This is very identical with the existence of free sex. Which eventually led to HIV / AIDS. And certainly after the virus is exposed to teenage life will be very lame from all aspects. The high case of Human Immunodeficiany Virus / Acquired Immunune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV / AIDS), especially in the age group of adolescents.


  60. Name : Rahma Fri Oktari
    Npm :17040049
    Session : B

    1. Cause Paragraph (The reasons why people like watching TV)

    There are many reasons why people like watching television. The first cause is television programs provide lots of programs that entertain people, such as : movies, quizzes, gossips and many more. It makes people always spend their time in front of TV. Second, TV gives update information. So, people will not miss the newest information. Moreover, usually watching television also as an event to gather with family. They often watch it in the evening as a relaxing time. In conclusion, many reasons why people like to spend much time in front of TV.

    2. Effect paragraph ( Positive and Negative Effects of Watching TV)

    Watching television gives some effects. There are positive effects and negative effects of watching TV. The first, TV provides lots of information, so you will know many information by watching news. Second, you can get entertainment by watching TV. There are many TV programs on television are available. Meanwhile, if you spend too much time watching TV it can damage your eyes. However, watching tv also make people be lazy. In addition, not only positive effects but also negative effects are given by watching TV.


  61. The Causes Of Smoking
    Almost every public place we can find people who smoke. Not only adults, but also teenagers who become active smokers today. Although every cigarette pack warned “smoking can cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence, etc”. There are some reasons why people smoking. First because of curiosity. When the teenagers grow up, the curiosity gets bigger. They want to try new things and sometimes deviate toward negative ones like smoking. Also, usually a teenager is forced to smoke. If he does not smoke, then his friends will stay away from him because they think he is not cool. Consequently, active smokers are always increasing every day.

    The Negative Effects Of Smoking
    Smoking become commonplace today, although we know that smoking can give negative effects for us. There are some negative effects of smoking. First, smoking causes lung cancer. Substances contained in cigarettes such as tobacco can trigger cancer, both for active smokers and passive smokers (those who inhale cigarette smoke). Furthermore, smoking causes heart disease. Cigarettes cause atherosclerosis, this condition is a buildup of fatty substances in the arteries that block the flow of blood and cause heart disease. The last effect, smoking increases the risk of diabetes. Cigarettes can also causing complications from diabetes, such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. Briefly, smoking can give negative effects on us, and also on those people around us.


  62. Name : Risa oktaviani
    Npm : 17040016
    2017 A

    *Effect paragraph
    The Effects of Broken Home

    The broken home family have several negative effects for the development of children. First, lack of affection from their parents. Furthermore, the children who have a broken home family often have psychological problems as fear, worries, always feel go awry and be alone. Instead they become hate their parents, the children consider the all happen are the mistake from one or both their parents. And than, have the problems of moral, the children will follow that what they see as bicker, coarse, and emotional. Therefore, the family have a important role for the development of children

    *cause paragraph

    The train

    The train is one of the favorite transportation for everyone. There are many reason why someone choose the train as the public transportation. First, because the cost used the train is very cheap. Also, the everyone want to arrive in some place quickly. So, the train is the good choosen. Because, with the train nothing that hamper in the course. And the trip is smoothly. And other reason, used the train very comfortable because, the train has been AC. As the result, many people who don’t get the train ticket because sold out.


  63. Paragraf cause

    Why choose the holiday at home

    There is are many reasons why people choose holiday at home rather that going out of town. First, the holiday schedule is not effective, or just a few days and makes the holiday time not fun. Because to time the holiday we must hasil many time, in order to feel together with family. Second, durung the holiday the street to go to the holiday Will be Crowder by Cars and motorcycle, this making the street bogged down. So, of we go to, we Will only spend time on the road. Then, of on a holiday, mau be a place of recreation Will be Crowder and so we and the children less able to enjoy the holiday. And holiday could fail due to Unfarvorable weather. Such as the rainy season, the holiday outside. So, we must choose the time to holiday with family or children’s.

    Paragraf effect
    The effect of a lot play gadgets

    Many children are very fond of playing gadget. Playing gadget hasil several negative effect. First, children can be effected by the game and make then lazy. As lazy to the learn, lazy to eat and lazy to wake up because, them play gadget untuk night. Futhermore, gadget can be damaging the eyes, because gadget gas very strong radiation light. So, right now many children that wearing glasses at any early age. Not only damaging the eyes, gadget can be damaging the child’s mind and many children that doing what he sees in gadget on his daily life. Thus, gadget is not very good the development of children on the growth.


  64. Name : Mifta Hatur Rizky
    Npm : 17040074
    Session : 17C

    Anticorruption Education to Children

    Providing anticorruption education to children is very important in the prevention of corruption in this country. With the provision of anticorruption education, children will be able to understand the adverse effect of corruption and are reluctant to commit such crimes when they grow up. Therefore, anticorruption to childre is so important that they will not commit their criminal corruption in adulthood, so corruption numbers will be reduced or lost in the future.


    Natural Disasters

    Recently many natural disasters have occured such as floods and landslides. Various region throughout indonesia experienced similar disasters in this rainy season. No exception for urban and rural areas. When the dry season comes, drought strikes. Clean water becomes something very expensive and difficult to obtain. Faster fires propagate quickly due to high air temperatures. Thus, all this happened because of the destruction of forests due to the lively logging activity of the last year.


  65. Rita rozalia
    Cause-effect paragraph

    The Application of Tiktok
    Application of tiktok is one of the application which become the cause of social gap problem society today. The cause of the application tiktok because people are competing to create applications that aim to achieve fame and to viral or even limited to the virtual world entertainment. The target of this application is all people, especially teenagers. Sophisticated today teens more often socialize in the virtual world than the real world. As effect of the influence of tiktok, unwitting users tiktok go out of the zone of propriety, for example: someone who wore hijab, dance with energetic to follow the music provided the application. Some users are also mostly not worth watching like minors, parents, officials, and even elderly. All these things, are the negative impact of the application of tiktok which initially only for the more entertainment become social problems in society.



    The reason why my sister gets anemia

    There are some of the reason why my sister has anemia. First, she consumes less protein, when she breakfast or dinner she only eats with vegetables without any side dish. Second, her irregularity during menstruation. When she menstruation, she’s a lot of dirty blood, sometimes in one mounth she can two times menstruation and it can makes her lack of substances. The third, less nutritions and it makes her muach short of red blood. As a result, the reasons why my sister got an anemia disease. And now she has to consumes lot of protein.


    the effect why i choose STKIP

    my decision to continiue my study in STKIP PGRI give many positive effect for me. First, i get much knowledge about english language. I have been learning about four based on english language reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is so interesting. Furthermore, i get a motofation to be a lecture, because all of the lecture give me many motifation like in grammar lesson, every student have to can explain material for all student in the class. And the last, i am not introfed anymore, because every stufent have to speaking a lot, giving opinion, and discution. It is can make me more interactive in the class.


  67. Name : Filza Hasanah
    NPM. : 17040010
    Session : 2017A


    Lazy to Study
    Most of people lazy to study. Lazy to study has several caused. First, people do not have desire and ability for their self. Second, lack of motivation from parents. If they get support from family they will be study hard. Third, depend on their friend. Make people only want to cheat. Fourth, people do not like the particular lesson. Then, people feel their self most smart and do not important to study. Peole overmuch play the game. It make people forget to study as a duty. Consequently, lazy to study has several cause.


    Lazy to Read
    Most of people lazy to read. Lazy to read has several negative effects. First, people did not like to read, their knowledge will not increase and always stuck. Second, they will miss information. People lazy to read did not know information was happen in the world. Third, ignites stupidity. Peole will stupidity because their totally do not have information and knowledge. Furthermore, people do not have quality. People will generate personality did not develop. So, lazy to read has several negatif effect.


  68. Randa Trias M(17040077)C

    The effect of drinking alcohol in a short time

    Many people can enjoy a alcohol without any significant promblems.but sprending a weekend with binge drinking can cause serious health problems.
    Drinking alcohol beyond the reasonable limits can lead to the expansion of cysts in the stomach and intestinec,as well as deep bleeding so alcohol is very danger to the healthy.not only that there are many the danger of alcohol example like unconscious.


  69. Nama : Rubbyanti Zulfa
    NPM : 17040022
    Sesion : A

    Cause >> Dirty Environment
    A healthy environment can help us to avoid various diseases that interfere with health. Not just the home environment that needs to be maintained, but the environment outside the home also needs to be maintained. If the environment is occupied, the people get health life, of course this will create a good impression for themselves and society. Conversely, if the environment we occupy dirty will cause a bad impression. Consequently a dirty environment can cause various diseases that is: First, Wormy can occur on adults, but the tendency is more common in children because children are more difficult to maintain cleanliness, especially when they play. Second, Malaria is a dangerous disease that can cause death, caused by mosquitoes that settle in a dirty place. Last, Dengue fever(DBD), due to mosquito bites caused by the piling up the garbage. Therefore, we must take care of our home environment. In order to stay healthy and protected from various diseases.

    Effect >> Consuming Spicy Foods
    Almost part of Indonesia people like to consume spicy foods, although they know the danger of eating spicy foods. But still some of those who ignore the dangers of eating spicy foods. The danger of consuming spicy foods can be bad for the health of the body, the stomach feels pain after eating spicy food, feel the heartburn, the fragility of the stomach surface or also called acute ulcer, so the stomach is easily injured, cause diarrhea, and stomach feel hot when finished consuming spicy foods, this is the most common symptoms occur in people who like to eat spicy foods.


  70. Parapraph 1(CAUSE)

    The Effects to Smoking for Health

    Smoke is dangerous and addictive products(causing dependence).
    In the smoke there are 4000 dangerous chemicals 60 of which are carcinogenic substance that can cause cancer. One of the most dangerous effects of smoking is lung cancer. Chemicals in cigarettes have the potential to damage lung cells which can the turn into cancer cells. Other serious diseases you can experience are bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema. So, the consequence of the person who smokers are very dangerous for health and also ca lead to death.


  71. CAUSE

    In Indonesia, there are often cases of bullying. Teenagers are suspects as well as victims of such actions. Many causes of that actions. First, they get less attention from their parents. Parential attention is the main thing to avoid the occurrence of cases of bullying. Then, they wants to be leader or to be the rule. Because this child wants to show that their are strength and oppres the weak child. However, the child who ever be the victims of bullying has a desire for revenge for what they gets and usually they will bullying other people. In short, bullying is a deviant behavior that can harm others and should be preventable.


    Mobile Legend
    Mobile Legend is a popular game in the world, now. Most people plays this game. The type of this game is battle, with 5 vs 5 players in each team. The positive effect plays this game are you can learning about teamwork, not selfish. Second, you can control your patient. Because there will be team members who make you emotionally. Moreover, you not easy to give up. In this game, if yoy easy to give up, you will defeat and your struggle will be vail. Finally, there are a positive effect plays Mobile Legend.




    There are many several why minang society like to take a picture in Siti nurbayah bridge.First,Siti nurbayah bridge is one of the glamour bridge in padang.Because it has a big and colorfull streets light.So,it is very beatiful,exactly in the night.Second,Siti Nurbayah bridge is one of the instagramable place for a lot of minang society,we can see in the minang society instagram,many people take a picture in there.Third,We can see a beatiful view in there.For example,there are many ship in the bank of river and community housing surrounding hills,and it is very beatiful exactly in the night.For this reason,why minang society like and choose Siti Nurbayah Bridge as a good spot to take a picture.


    Staying up late is a conditions when someone is not sleep until late at night.Humans normally sleep at least eight hours a day.Staying up late has some negative effect for everyone.First,when you wake up you will fell more weak,not fit,pale,and not ready to perform daily activities.Second,It will make us suffer from heart dissease,hypertension,obesity,and died at young age due to stroke.So,Staying up late has a several negative effect for everyone who doing that.


  73. Name : Serli Permata Sari
    Npm : 17040073
    Session : C

    Title : Why foreign culture is easy to enter indonesian

    Why easily foreign culture into Indonesia because of the increasingly sophisticated era in the era of globalization it is easier to see the Indonesian nation also foreign culture. Now not only on the television entry of foreign culture but we see in the present day the nation of Indonesia can already use the internet from there outside culture entry and poison the nation of Indonesia. But do not blame the outsiders should be the nation of Indonesia are also aware and embarrassed imitate the outside culture, while our own culture and many different cultures that exist even abandoned and not appreciated by our own, therefore we do not easily follow the foreign culture.

    Tittle : Negative Effects likes Kpop

    Being a K-popers has a negative effect. First, a K-popers can become fanatical of his idol and tend to disrespect other idols, because they feel his Idol is the best while others are not competent. Surely this could trigger a ‘Fan War’ which means’ war between idol fans with one another idol, like a shootout Usually this happens in Social Media. The next negative impact is to be a wasteful person. Because, K-popers always want to buy K-pop stuff like Album, Photobook Idola, and Watch Concert. Of course, these things are quite expensive. Forgetting tasks and responsibilities also becomes the next negative impact. Because we are too preoccupied with our idols, we often forget our duty to learn, do the tasks, forget the deadlines of work and others. For those of you who love K-pop, be a wise fan. We may love K-pop, but we must know the limits of our attitude as a fan. Moreover, do not abandon the duties and duties of the K-pop!.


  74. Name:Destia Eka Krisdayanti
    The flood is a condition in which happened puddles excessive and resulted in his submerged in one of the region. The flood water volume was in a large inundated the area. The flood also can be interpreted as the flow of water that can not in the hold by rivers,seas,and lakes. Floods can also cause casualties. Flooding caused by the blockage. The intensity and the felling of the trees. As for the cause produced by the activities of the surrounding community.

    Natural disasters
    Lately many natural disasters occur such as floods,landslides,and drought. In different region and in all indonesian experienced a disaster of the rainy season and dry season. In the rainy season in the area of the town or village always in landa flood. And if the dry season comes and the drought hit and its difficult to get a clean water source. And many in rural areas occur felling of trees and can result in landslides and floods.


  75. YESI SUSANTI (17040061)

    Disappointed toward online shop
    There are many reasons why i was disappointed when i bought new shoes in online shop. First,size not same with reality. I ask size 36 but i accept size 37. Besides,i am verry need to come in wedding party with my friends. Then, i choose pink color,but the color similary maroon. I would to swapped with the appropriate order but no responded. In fact,the materials not durable and the color fade easily. Consequently,i am disappointed with it.

    Effect Paragraph

    The Effect of Littering
    Many people not aware in garbage disposal,although has many negatives effect. First,if people littering will be caused environment dirty,because wherever the place lot of garbage,such as on the side of the road. Second,can be used flood,because in the garbage carelessly,over time will be carried by the rain water to a lower place like a river. The longer garbage will a accumullate and lead to blockages. So,that the flow of water becomes not smooth and then there will be floods. Finally,if people aware with garbage disposal,then definitely can to throw garbage in place.


  76. 1. Cause
    Cause of the Emergence of Obesity

    Obesity is the buildup of fat in the body that causes excessive weight gain. Obesity it self caused by a variety of factors including, heredity, side effect of drugs, complication of certain diseases and eating unhealth foods in excess, so that it can directly cause obesity. For that we can avoid the cause in order to avoid obesity.

    2. Effect
    Eating Junk Food Can Give Many Negative Effect for Health

    Junk food is one of the most popular product in the world today. This food is much interest because of it do not need much time to order and the price is quite cheap. Eating junk food is allowed as long as it is not consumed exessively. If junk food consumed excessively, it can give many negative effect for health. Such as, junk food contains many calories with little nutrients that harm the health of the body. Not only that eating junk food can also cause diabetes and cause many problems in the digestive system and also can lead to increased risk of heart disease. In short junk food still be consumed but must remain with its limit.


    NPM : 17040006
    SESION : A

    There are many reason why I have been happy when I being tour guide. First, I work according to my hobby. I feel great when someone invites me to go on vacation, especially my family. And also, because to be a tour guide I get a lot of knowledge from a place I visit, such as: history, culture and the specific food of the area. Next, I also get many friends from my job, as well as: I have friend for hotel reservation, bus and some tour guides from each city and country. Then, from this job I get a lot of income from the company, shopping place as a tip for me. Finally, that is the reason why I enjoy working as a tour guide.

    My habit of always using a mobile phone will be able a lot of negative effects. First, my mom said “our eyes will be damaged” and then I feel my eyes are not too clear to see something. I check to the doctor, and the doctor said “my eyes damaged because mobile phone”. I often stay up and in the midnight I fell hungry and without me realize my weight continues to grow. Besides, I also often feel headache. So, I think there is no benefit to using a mobile phone too much.


    There are many reason why I have been happy when I being tour guide. First, I work according to my hobby. I feel great when someone invites me to go on vacation, especially my family. And also, because to be a tour guide I get a lot of knowledge from a place I visit, such as: history, culture and the specific food of the area. Next, I also get many friends from my job, as well as: I have friend for hotel reservation, bus and some tour guides from each city and country. Then, from this job I get a lot of income from the company, shopping place as a tip for me. Finally, that is the reason why I enjoy working as a tour guide.

    My habit of always using a mobile phone will be able a lot of negative effects. First, my mom said “our eyes will be damaged” and then I feel my eyes are not too clear to see something. I check to the doctor, and the doctor said “my eyes damaged because mobile phone”. I often stay up and in the midnight I fell hungry and without me realize my weight continues to grow. Besides, I also often feel headache. So, I think there is no benefit to using a mobile phone too much.


  79. negative effect from new climbers

    In the era now, we know many climber to climbing mountain specially new climbers. Usually the new climbers didnot pay attention equipment and they didnot know climbing rules. Beside that many effect inflicted like. First many new climbers throw the rubbish carelessly and didnot bring rubbish to down and make natural damage. Then vandalism with write or identity or write phone number, instagram, and Facebook , that only to get exist and get famous. Next many paper scattered in the mountain to greeting friend an someone. After that climbers picking flowers it is edelweiss or immortal flower. Finally many effect inflicted by new climbers which not pay attention and didnot know climbing rules


  80. Name : Alrevina Tri Azhari
    NPM : 17040100
    Session : C

    The Effect of Not Getting Enough Sleep

    Someone sleeping less than eight hours every night can suffer from sleep deprived and sleep disorder. There is some cause a lack of sleep, the first diet that bad. Second, factors age, because the elderly tend to sleep a little more than the young people. Third, namely sleep disorders such as insomnia can underlying issues for individuals lack of sleep. Thus, the lack of sleep steadily can cause health problems like exhausted and heart disease


  81. Hafiza ( 17040063 )
    Cause paragraph
    Causes of violence
    Almost many people do not like violence that is a bad attitude . There are several causes of violence. First, lost sense of affection. The lost of person’s affection leads to the birth of violence by committing an act that harms other. Second, loss of shame. The loss of shame makes a person to act violently without thinking of many people. There are even people who feel proud of the violence that has been done. Finally, following the passions. This is will bring people to damage. Consequently, many people hate the violence.

    Effect paragraph
    Negative effects of excessive diet
    Many people wants to look ideal with an excessive diet that has many negative effects. First, someone with strict diet will be depression. This is because the results of the diet does not look as desired. Second, excessive diet causes hair loss. This is because lack of profein and other important nutrients that cause hair loss. Furthermore, excessive diet makes us hungry. If we eat less in a long time then the body will feel hungry. So, the excessive diet is bad for our health.


  82. Nama:Sherly Adhari


    When these floods occur, homes are flooded, cars are overturned and people drown or are hit by debris. Many people die and the rest are injured, ruining lives for everybody hit by the flood. People lose allot of money, but it really is the worst for the government. They have to find out ways to stop the flooding in Jakarta being so devastating, and they spend millions fixing all the damage.


    1. Nama:Sherly Adhari


      When this flood occurs, homes are flooded, cars are overturned and people are drowned or crushed by rubble. Many people were killed and the rest injured. destroying life for everyone affected by the flood. People lose a lot of money, but it’s really the best for the government. there is also a loss of other property. They must find out how to stop the floods in Jakarta are so devastating. they also spend millions to repair all the damage.


  83. Nama:Sherly Adhari
    The main reason Jakarta floods are so devastating, is because Jakarta is sinking to beneath sea level. This is happening because Jakarta gets all of its water from under ground, so it slowly sinks as the water under ground is being taken out. Another reason that floods are so devastating in Jakarta is because the streets and roads have little or no drainage system, and in the areas that do have it, the fill up quickly causing the rainwater to overflow the drainage system and flood the roads. One other big reason is that since Jakarta is in quite a tropical area, rainfalls very heavily, meaning that streets fill up with rainwater very quickly.


  84. CAUSE
    College Students Who Live in Dormitory
    Many people like college students choose live in dormitory. There are many reason when we live in dormitory. First, actually some of college students wake up in the morning is wakened by their mother or their father. Now, they wake up in the morning when want to go to the campus by alarm in the smartphone. Some of them dont know how to cook some food, so they must learn to much how to cook. And other reason, in their house, wash some clothes by washing machine, but now they was some clothes by themselves. Not easy to be boarding child, some of them, exactly women like shopping. But if we were boarding child, we can not buy much some clothes because we must saving money for buy our daily needs. Also, because some of them do not own a car or motorcycle, transportation is very difficult. If the weather is raining and want to go to the campus or market we must take a taxi. Although, we should be able to manage a lot of time and become an independently person.

    The Effects of Use Social Media
    To use social media like google, instagram application, line, whats app, and some else has several negative effects. First, when we use that applications, we lost many time to study. Second, we lost quality time with family and friend, so we dont know each other exactly neighbors, and we can lost friends because we just stuck in smartphone to open that applications. Furthemore, our eyes got damage because lightening in smartphone is not good for our. Some child, use that applications. The parents must keep their children because the impact is danger. They can open dangerous sites in google, instagram, and some else. Because child more curious than adolescent and adult people. Finally, we lost a lot of precious time. So, people who use social media less able to interact with the surrounding environment, because it is too preoccupied with smartphone that have provide some of that applications.


  85. Hafiza ( 17040063 )
    Cause paragraph
    Causes of violence
    Almost many people do not like violence that is a bad attitude . There are several causes of violence. First, lost sense of affection. The lost of person’s affection leads to the birth of violence by committing an act that harms other. Second, loss of shame. The loss of shame makes a person to act violently without thinking of many people. There are even people who feel proud of the violence that has been done. Finally, following the passions. This is will bring people to damage. Consequently, many people hate the violence.

    Effect paragraph
    Negative effects of excessive diet
    Many people wants to look ideal with an excessive diet that has many negative effects. First, someone with strict diet will be depression. This is because the results of the diet does not look as desired. Second, excessive diet causes hair loss. Furthermore, excessive diet makes us hungry. If we eat less in a long time then the body will feel hungry. So, the excessive diet is bad for our health.


  86. Bad effects of the gadget

    Today, smart phone is very important to people’s. This has bad effects on people’s lives. First, gadget make people individualistic. Gadget users usually communicate more with sosial media. It makes many people do not communicate direcly with each other and not blend with the environtment. Futhermore, the ease with which people get by using the gadget makes people lazy to activity. For example, the people can shop throught the online shop without having to go to shop direcly. Then the amount of time wasted just for nothing that is not useful like playing online games. Online games addicts will not care how much time is thrown away for it. So, use of gadgets can also be bad for self and the environtment.


  87. Nama : Poppy Puspita
    NPM: 17040072


    Sleep Late at Night.
    Our habitual to sleep late at night has many disadvantages. First, sleeping late makes you wake up late and this can lead to loss of concentration. Second, sleeping late affect the brain most adversely that it can make you got headaches. Next, it also makes your body troubles you in form of backaches. The fourth reason is it developing ugly dark circles under your eyes. Moreover, pimples and other kinds of skin problems also appear on your face due to faulty sleeping habits. Therefore, the habitual of sleep late gives many bad effects for our health.


    Take a Nap Everyday.
    I really like to take a nap everyday often as I can. There are many reason why I like to take a nap. First, it can improve our health. Napping gives your brain a chance to rest and your body a chance to heal. Second, take a nap can improves our mood. According to Mednick, “Napping bathes your brain in seretonin, reversing those effects and creating a more positive outlook”. Another reason is it improves learn and work of our memory. Napping improves your memory retention during sleep, recent memories are transferred to the neocortex, where long-term memories are solidified and stored. Cause of those reason I really like to take a nap.


    NPM :17040033
    Sesi :17/A

    there are so many factors that cause a teen to smoke. One of them is due to social factors witch peers. The influence of friend is very hight for a teeneger. Where the younger I friend and also peer group is very thiry for the. The growing influence of the enviroment and the influence of the times. Many in the comunity smoke for the teenager are common,because it can not be restricted or too many influence from outsiders and peers,also the cuttivation of sharing friends from outside,even now there are also children who somok,it is all because influence of friends and groups.



    school children of adolescents who smoke usually get social and psychiatric problem. In a social context students who smoke tend to be shunned by their friends because of their bad habits. Other people their will also be cynical about such behavior and make children isolated from the social environment. Such exslusion can of course make them have rebellious,angry,and difflucult souls to get along with people. From one cigarette can be a pack of coigarettes every day if they have been addlcted and can not leave the cigarette. They can steal your money to buy cigarette,and you have to beware. Many smokers spend their meals much more than the cost of buying cigerettes themselves.


  89. Nama : Mira Sartika
    Npm : 17040071
    Judul cause paragraph : Mischief Aji

    Aji always ignorant to his friends. He always harasses his friends without exception. Besides being naughty, Aji also has a bad temper, that is, it’s always this if he sees the theme gets a happiness, and vice versa. Aji likes to lie. What he says does not match the facts. The most annoying thing is that Aji likes to borrow stuff and never return it. One of the victims is Putra. Putra’s pencil was never returned by Aji when he had promised to give it back. As a result of the nature and actions that all Aji’s friends do not like him.


  90. Cause
    Currently there is often illegal logging of trees. This is done by people who are not responsible. Not only the frequent felling of trees, the soil has lost its function as a source of water absorption due to widespread development. In addition to the bad habits of humans who live around the river. They deliberately throw their garbage in the river so that the river becomes shallow because of the garbage that accumulates on the surface of the river. Therefore, it is not surprising why floods often occur in this rainy season.


    Sesi : C/2017
    NPM : 17040075
    Cause/Effect Paragraph

    Effects Of Mudik

    This phenomena that occur every once a year, especially the most common is the moment of the month of Ramadan and the feast of Eid al-Fitr. Social phenomenon is a phenomenon caused by cultural or cultural factors. This phenomenon itself is a village activity from a city or a place from home to celebrate the month of Ramadan and Idul Fitri. This tradition was done a few days before Ramadhan and the feast of Eid al-Fitr arrived. People go home by using the existing means of transportation, such as private vehicles, buses, trains, ships, to airplanes. This phenomenon also produces a problem that always occurs before and after Eid, that is,” the bottleneck”.


  92. Cause-effect

    The habit of throw away of trash should be planted early on in our daily life. Because people in general still lack the awareness to love and preserve the nature of our own environment. They think it’s just a slogan that does not need to be noticed. Without guilt they throw trash carelessly so that our surroundings become dirty and unhealthy. And when the rainy season arrives, the consequent floods hit the capital. If it had happened like that, then people would blame others for the incident without them realizing that the disaster was a result of their own actions.


    it is uncomfortable to be a boarding child
    , starving night and not being able to scramble the kitchen because there is no kitchen together, and that can save only heather, a magical thing that must be owned by all boarding children, the second
    Never watch TV, because there is no tv so its not live streaming via mobile phone, which will spend the data pulse
    next, Late awake and nobody woke up, and led to a fight over the bathroom.


    In developing countries especially in the State of Indonesia, many people throw trash out of place (ditch, on the street, etc.). Because of the effect of laziness to remove the trash from himself. As a result, the trash becomes smelly, piling up, rotting, dirty, and causing unhealthy environment. The impact we can get diarrhea disease, dengue that spread rapidly to our body.
    In addition, disposing of trash in the river can also lead to flooding. As a result of the flood, many citizens are displaced to other places because the house is affected by floods and the cause of water pollution can be affected by skin diseases.


  93. Alya meiranti (17040052) cause paragraf

    Drug abuse

    In general drug abuse is caused because the substance is promising somethinh that can give a sence a pleasure,comfort,and tranquility.although it is percelued in a pseudo.drug abuse is caused by saveral factors.first social environment,curiosity of someobe to try something without known negative impact for body,split household,as well as lack of affection from parents and abuse of pocket money to buy drugs.second personality,a person’s emotional instability during puberty may prompt a person to make a fatal mistake.then a person’s mental weakness will be more easily influenced to di negative things.


  94. Selmiatun febrida

    The nature of individualism among teens

    The nature of individualism is the nature of many occur among teenagers, which consider that any can be done own, without the help or attention of others. There are some factors cause like as. First, play station is a game that involves only one or two person, which cause a person lack of interact with other people. Second, the internet where many teens now already a lot of media social, they are even more friends on media social than the real world. Third, use of gadgets evenly distribute they become important and more chose play the gadget. As a result, the nature of individualism more find among teenagers and increasingly concerned over time.

    Effect of game online

    Game online is a game that lot talking in this time, either among adolescents. There are some effects of game online such as. First, game online make people addiction to play the game. Second, game online make forebrain a people do not depelops. Third, game online make a people lazy to do other things. And then game online make demage to the eyes of a result of the frequency look at the computer or smartphone. In conclusion, game online can play to repel tedium but not to game be modifier behavior and negative impact to the healty.


  95. Cause
    The Cause of The Flood
    Flooding is one of the most dangerous disastres, because the flood have many effects. The flood is caused by litter and pollute the river. So if the rain, the river is clogged because of the amount of waste. Flooding is also caused by indiscriminate logging that is not replanted. So that if there is rain then land will lanslide and will cause flood, because the land there is no place to survive again. In addition, flooding is also caused because the soil is lower than the ocean and also the construction is too crowded. In conclusion, the flood have many effects caused by the human hand itself.


  96. Judul :
    The effect of drinking less water
    Paragraf :

    Water is very important for our health. Because water is staple drink for our daily life. Some effect you can get if you drinking less water. First, your body will easy tired eventhough not doing heavy activities. Instead, you can easy to feel sleepy or headache, and also dehydration, you will feel your throatis dry. Furthermore, a lot of disordess that you can get if you less drinking water. Like disordess of the disgestive system, impaired kidney function and disordess of skin. Therefore, the less of drinking water will be harmful to our health, it would be better if you drink enough water.


  97. Judul :
    Cause students lazy to learn
    Paragraf :
    learning is very important for students. because of learning they can know something new. But not all students love learning, some of them are lazy to learn, there are some reasons why they are lazy to learn. first, the school load, such as the lessons to be learned or tasks that are given too much. Furthermore, the way of teaching teachers is sometimes not liked by the students because it is too fast in delivering learning materials. in addition, the influence of mobile phone or games are very time-consuming and make them forget to learn. and also personal problems from the family can also make students lazy to learn, because they have to think about the problems they are experiencing. so students who are lazy learn better get more attention and guidance.


  98. Playing handphone brings many negative effects to us the light emitted by handphone which is actually useful to make us able to see the screen comfortably under the sun, but in the dark use of light is too light not very good for health. Playing handphone will cause brain fatigue, eye damage and neurological disorders. Handphone play will also make us forget the time. So, playing handphone is very dangerous for us not only for our body but also will result to other serious illness.


  99. Alya Meiranti (17040052)
    The effect of drugs

    Drugs are very dangerous for anyone.drugs use will affect the health of the users.drug addict will experience neurological disorder,loss of consciousness,difficulty getting ancestry and also the possibility of exposed of HIV/AIDS.drugs addicts always covered with stress,lack of confidence,despression and could not think clearly.drug also a powerful weapon is distroying the life and future of it users.so,drugs is very dangerous not only for our body but also for our next generation


      NPM: 17040099.
      SESI: 17.C

      Breaking Traffic Rules

      Highway user such as motorcycles and cars today many do not comply with applicable traffic rules.First, like breaking through a red light that is still on. Spur the vehicle over the maximum limit and precede each other. Furthermore, some even seize the right of pedestrians by riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk. This kind of behavior is very detrimental to both the rider himself and others around him. Finally, no wonder the number of traffic accidents in Indonesia is increasing every year.



    The Effect Of Wasting Rubbish Carelessly
    To waste rubbish carelessly is prevalent thing which is done by many people. such us, to waste the rubbish in the river, road, and park. Whereas trash can stay anywhere. so if we always waste rubbish carelessly ,it will give many bad effect for environment and human life. Such us, first, if we always waste rubbish carelessly, it will break a sight, because many rubbishs stay anywhere. Second, the rubbish will give many bad odor for human. Third, the rubbish which is wasted carelessly, it can clog waterway and can make a flood. As a result, wasting rubbish carelessly give many bad effect for environment and human life.

    Forest is really important for world. because It as a lungs of a world, control natural disaster, and home for animals. And if the forest is demaged, it is so dangerous for environment and human life. And the factors that cause forest destruction are first, forest fires, which is common undertaken by a farmers to make and move a land. Second, illegal logging, that make bare forest. Third, because of the weak law of enforcement that make the breaker of low are not scare to make a crime. Thus forest is so important fort world and human life.



    Consequences I feel comfortable living in the village because my village provides many reasons why I do not want to move to another place. If talking where my residence and family chose to live in the countryside since I moved from Jakarta 10 years ago. The weather is not too hot and not too cold so every day I’m not afraid to play outdoors and stay silent at home, the scenery is beautiful and natural so my body and mind are fresh every day and never feel stresse,no pollution is meaningful in my village because here is not too lots of vehicles and no factory so my health and family’s waking power.


    Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta is one of the active volcanoes in Java island which is often eruption,because the eruption is causing negative impact. Firstly for people who live at the foot of the mountain or around 5km radius will experience crop failure due to too high temperature and mountain innate material that is destroying, so that the surrounding economies will decline. Moreover, the material releas by the mountain can lead to diseases such as ISPA and of course the health of the surrounding community will decrease. Furthermore, since the eruption of the mountain until the condition is restored and stable it certainly takes time to repair and recovery in all field that there is a lot of damage to public facilities and not functioning so that lead to the sustainability of the community disrupt.And lastly every Merapi volcano erupts always leaving a bad impact on the environment and society.


    Due to the long rainy season many disrupt sides of life, especially in urban areas and densely populated areas of agriculture, but especially in densely populated areas of agriculture. The high rainfall rate of the rainy season, of course, leads to increased water debit that inundates agricultural areas and hence agricultural yields imperfect, damaged and even failed to harvest .as a resulted in economic decline in the region even nasional.so that lower the value of the rupiah against the dollar.in concluding the long rainy season has a major impact on the national economy.


  102. Nama : Mira Sartika
    Npm : 17040071

    Judul : Due To Tornadoes (Whirlwind)
    The city park which was originally arranged neatly is now irregular. Park bench turned back. The green grass was damaged by the ruins of the broken glass garden lights. The fountain pool instantly turns into a cloudy pool of water. Fish in ponds struggling to run out of oxygen in shallow and cloudy waters. Children’s playground was crushed and destroyed. And leave the debris from the ruins. The beauty of a beautiful city park was destroyed in just a few minutes due to the tornado that happened last night.


  103. Cause-effect paragraph
    Effect of Smoking for Healthy
    Smoking is very dangerous for our healthy, because smoking has many effect. Smoking can cause disease for yourself and others. The first effect of smoking for yourself can cause cancer. Cancer is a dangerous disease and cause death. The second effect of smoking can cause hearth disease. Heart disease also cause by cigarette, because very much consuming it. In addition effect of smoking also give negative effect to others such as, asma, cancer, hearth disease, and any others. Smoking also very dangerous if we smoking near children. So, effect of smoking do not dangerous for yourself but also dangerous to others.


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