CAUSE – EFFECT Essay Assignment

Dear Students in Class 2016 A, 2016 B, and 2016 C

As what we had discussed in the classroom, you will post your Writing 2 assignment in the form of a Cause-Effect Essay.

This webpage is used to post your Cause-Effect Essay. Thus, you need to properly save and use the link that I informed you in our group list so that you can post your Writing 2 assignment in a correct link.

Please remember that the Format of Cause-Effect Essay is:

  • Essay Title
  • Author (Complete Name, NIM, and Class Session)
  • Introductory Paragraph (with Thesis Statement)
  • Supporting Paragraphs (with Supporting Relevant Details)
  • Concluding Paragraph

The number of paragraphs that is accepted for this assignment is between five paragraphs, as minimum number, to ten paragraphs, as maximum number.

The theme for this Cause-Effect Essay assignment is related to:

Explaining Cause(s) and Effect(s) of a Life or Social Phenomenon that You Observed, Saw, or Experienced in Your Life.  

Deadline for this assignment is  December 11, 2017, at 12.00 pm, Monday.

Writing assignment that is submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Therefore, you need to post your assignment before the deadline.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in class or through mobile phone.

This assignment needs to be written by yourself only, but you may ask for helps to friends about grammar or structure of your sentences. A plagiarised essay will cause the score of your essay to be terminated. Please write this assignment independently and please avoid translating your essay.

You need to learn how to write well in English, right?

Good Luck ~

Author: Syayid

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  1. Hendra Eifil 16 C

    Padang city or bukitting city??
    West Sumatera is which one traveller destination,not only indonesian people who visited west sumatera but also tourist from many happened because of west sumatera has many wonderfull place to visit such as Padang beach,Puncak lawang,Bukit langkisau,ngarai sianok,etc.Nowdays the accses to west sumatera is very easy bacause west sumatera has an international airport,the named is Minangkabau International Airport,beside that in west sumatera we can find many travel agent who can help the traveller to do their travel or their holiday
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    ​But beside that if we visit bukittingi,we can visit jam, Jam Gadang is the name for the clock tower located in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This clock tower has a clock with a large size on four sides so called Jam Gadang, Minangkabau terminology meaning “big clock” jam Gadang was completed in 1926 as a gift from the Dutch Queen to Rook Make,then can visit Lobang jepang.lobang japang is the japan castle when conolize in indonesia,fort de cook castle it is the holland’s castle when conolize in bukittinggi has many history’places can we visited.when we visited the use not only for traveller but also for aducation about history.

    ​It is difficult to say which city is the better padang city or bukittinggi city?padang has an international airport who make easy to visitor.Padang city also has many beautifull beach who can not we show on bukittingi,but bukittingi has many history’s places so when we visit bukittinggi,it is not only for travel but also for education about if you have much time you should visit then in different time.


    2016 A

    The Effect of the Internet on Modern Society

    The last 50 years have been largely influential in many aspects of technological innovation. Many devices that were considered fiction half a century ago, such as mobile phones, microwaves, jets and many others are taken for granted nowadays. Each of these modern devices impacts people’s everyday activities. However, among the wide variety of innovations that exist today. The Internet is perhaps the most influential of all and it affects almost all spheres of human life.
    Since the Internet, or the World Wide Web, has gained acceptance across the globe, it has demonstrated considerable influence on people’s lives, and it has also become central to many of the key changes experienced in today’s society. For example, social networks, such as Facebook, allow individuals to communicate and to link on social levels with people they may have lost touch with. A couple of decades ago, this was much more difficult to achieve, and communication was expensive (fees for international phone calls) and irregular (the slowness of snail mail). Aside from the social impact, social media has also affected business and commerce. Offering multiple options for networking and allowing for widespread dissemination of information across a broad geographic scope.
    Mobility of information, resources and skills has changed dramatically as a result of the World Wide Web growing and gaining popularity. These days, many individuals are able to work from home, with businesses being able to obtain a global reach for their products and services without the substantial investments. This has changed the world of commerce, not only from the point of view of the businesses, but also the consumer. Those looking to purchase products and services can research available providers, regardless of their geographic location, and can purchase items from any location. Competition is therefore substantially increased by offering consumers the opportunity to improve the products and services they receive, as well as being considerably more aware of the options available, due to the ease with which information can be obtained online.
    Education has also changed dramatically due to the Internet. Changes can be observed in some areas. First, there is an increasing network of online educational opportunities such as the Open University, allowing those who could not have attended a traditional learning environment to obtain the qualifications that they need to proceed with their careers. Secondly, the World Wide Web has also offered many opportunities for research and for the collection of information. Have good skill on internet. More knowledge about internet.
    Therefore we can see that the Internet contributes significantly to many important spheres of everyday private and business life. Thus, it helps people all over the world keep in touch, and communicate instantaneously and inexpensively. Allowing individuals increased access to information and resources enables people to make informed decisions in a much more efficient manner, and it increases their ability to communicate effectively in all aspects of day-to-day life. The World Wide Web has also shifted commerce models, as well as it has had an impact on the way people purchase things, which has strengthened competition. Finally, the Internet has facilitated educational opportunities, providing people with the option to study online, and offering them more opportunities for reaching their goals.


  3. Name: Suci Aulia Ramadhani
    Npm: 16040001
    Session: 16/A
    Causes-Effects of Having a Bad Mood
    If you ask someone if they want to be a good or in a bad mood, this person will most likely think you are weird. The majority of people obviously prefer to feel good and to be in a good mood; this is a natural desire. Whenever you feel down, you can find a way to increase your mood; this is effective, but not a long-lasting measure; unfortunately, rarely people seek to find and understand the reasons causing their bad mood. Knowing these reasons, people would be able to maintain and control their emotions better. There are 3 reasons why people have a bad mood.
    Lack of consuming vegetables, fruits and water. Lack of consuming vegetables, fruits and water. The researchers stated that the lack of consuming about 80 grams of fruits and vegetables daily, would cause deteriorating mental health such as excitement, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm and the other. Just a little you feel dehydrated can cause headaches, loss of focus and a worsening mood. Therefore, men should be sufficient for 3.7 liters of water a day and for women 2.7 liters of water a day.
    Someone who works too hard and is too tired. Work too hard can cause physical and mental health problems. Because, the performance of the body and brain also need to rest. Working all day without stopping can cause your mood bad.Extraordinary fatigue will also cause a bad mood. Eyes that are always in front of a computer screen or laptop, sitting with a long time and others, will cause fatigue that is always felt by the workaholic. Therefore, you should get enough sleep.
    Puberty in adolescence. In the phase through adolescence, the rise and fall of our hormone levels. Dealing with school loads and daily changes can lead to a bad mood. Most teenagers want to be independent, when they are still dependent on their parents and they want to be treated like adults, but sometimes they feel like a child. All these changes and responsibilities make them confused. Another cause is puberty,hormone that works at puberty, can cause poor mood swings for teenagers.
    In conclusion, All of the above causes really affect your mood. Depending on how you think and how you look, how to overcome them. Consume lots of vitamin C, vegetables, fruits and water. Then, enough rest time you like sleep up to 8 hours. And the last, usually among teenagers who have menstruation, always experience a changing heart. You also have to rest and lots of positive thinking. If all that you can do, you will avoid the name “Bad Mood”.


  4. Nama: Widayani Herman
    Npm: 14040184
    Class: 16C
    One upon a time peoples just feit the foods made by mother or family to cooked at home.Because mothers food more higienist,healthy and fresh but now in modern era.peoples likes to consume fast food or just food.Easier and practies. But that all are not healty well.

    First,the people in era modern are very that they are not have time to make food the employers that had limited time to take a rest and make them to order fast food for lunch.

    Second,facilities and interisted menu from fast food restaurant,this way they did to catch the people who dont have time to cook at home.for example KFC who had delivery order. To coustemer,coustomer just pict the phone to order. They would get free food quickly.

    Fast food had bad effect for our healt.junk food had more calories ,and to much calories are not good for healty.

    In conclustion,people are not have a time to cook at home, better if they are not eat junk food as opinion.because fast food are not healty and bad effect to our life.


  5. Veronica Ciana Putri
    16040067 / 2016 C

    The effect of eating only vegetarian food

    Someone who has a body that he thinks is less than ideal will definitely do various ways to get a perfect body and also beautiful. one of which is by doing a very strict diet and sometimes can be dangerous. one of the diet is to eat vegetarian food or just eat vegetables and fruits. vegetarian diet can be very healthy and nutritious if we are careful in getting the needed nutrients.

    In eating vegetarian food has a positive impact or negative impact and someone who is on a diet must know both impacts. vegetarians can get a lot of protein by combining a healthy mixture of nuts and seeds but some vitamins will be hard to get if they do not eat animal foods because not all vegetarian foods have the vitamins a person needs. vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a risk from strict vegetarians who do not eat eggs and dairy products.

    Vegetarians who do not include dairy products can suffer from calcium deficiency, but can still get them from foods such as tofu and tempeh, soy milk, fortified juice drinks, broccoli, leaf vegetable, and almond nuts.

    Some of the benefits of eating vegetarian foods are some of the first, the lower the risk of cancer, some studies show that vegetarians are at a lower risk of getting various cancer jebis when compared with people who consume meat. research that has linked meat consumption with colon cancer, gastric cancer, and prostate cancer. because meat has a high fat content that can increase the hormone that promotes cancer.

    Lower risk of suffering from several diseases. a plant-based diet is good for reducing, even eliminating the genetic predisposition for chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer. plant foods are generally lower in fat, especially saturated fats and higher in fiber, than animal foods.

    Then the conclusion, like any diet if the vegetarian diet contains too many calories or too much saturated fat, can be unhealthy, so the adherents of vegetarians also still need to pay attention to calorie intake mainly from snacks, carbohydrates, dairy products and non-meat fast food.vegetarian also can still be at risk of obesity and even disease, if only concentrate on processed foods such as pasta or pizza.


    Drugs are harmful to human health. Drugs are derived from both synthetic and organic chemicals that can damage the way nerves work. In Indonesia drugs become a very serious problem and require special handling. Why not? because many young people who use drugs.So drugs can damage and threaten the generation of the Indonesian nation.
    The factors that cause teenagers fall into drugs such as the lack of attention of parents, the desire to try, the environment, as well as the invitation of a friend. Not only that teens get drugs easily.Usually teenagers try to use drugs because it is offered by circulation. Initially drug given several times for free . Furthermore, after teenagers feel dependence then the drugs must be purchased with a fairly expensive price.
    Many negative things that arise from the use of drugs. It is like death, overdose, loss of consciousness and can not control themselves.Because substances contained in drugs directly work on the nerve in the brain. Teenagers behavior will also change drastically, teenagers tend to be lazy , forget the responsibility.Even there are teenagers who are desperate to steal and commit suicide. Because if not get drugs be lost will death.
    Meanwhile, many efforts to prevent the use of drugs for teenagers. We can start from small and simple things. It is like giving more attention in terms of material, emotional, intellectual and social. We must exemplify the good and useful. over the achievements in the can so they feel their presence in recognized.As well listen to their opinions.Not to forget also took to the rehabilitation home
    In conclution, Drugs are made of harmful substances that can attack the nerves in the brain. Drugs cause many disadvantages for t then teenagers will leave school and dependence and reckless to do things outside of the in mind.
    Hopefully teenagers in Indonesia avoid the dangers of drugs. And let us embrace and foster teenagers who have already been using drugs


  7. Why Is Drinking Water Important?

    Water is really important for our life. Human, animals and plants must drink water for life. Water is source of life. Without water, there are no lives living in this world. Drinking enough water is also important for our health. It helps maintain the balance of body fluids, control calories, energize muscles, keep skin looking good, help your kidneys and also maintain normal bowel. With that explanation, we know that there are many advantages of drinking enough water for our body and health.

    However, most people undervalue the importance of water. In fact around 70 percent of the body is comprised of water, so that’s why people need to drinking water minimum eight glasses of water a day. Without drinking enough water, it can makes dehydration for our body. Dehydration is the first effect that can make thirst, headache and dryness in our body. Beside if our body is in short of water supply, it can make our blood become thicker and increase blood pressure.

    Second effect of not drinking enough water is our skin can become vulnerable to skin disorder and make premature aging. To keep our skin healthy and not wrinkling, we must drinks enough water to increase our water intake. It keeps the skin well hydrated, soft and supple. Without drinking enough water properly it can damage your skin, fast aging and wrinkling for our skin.

    Cholesterol imbalance is one of the most the bad effects of not drinking enough water. Without drinking enough water, naturally your body gave the signals to increase the production of cholesterol. As a result, it can make blood cholesterol level increased and can easily become imbalance. After your cholesterol level increase, it cause the big risk factors for your health such as fat, heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure.

    In conclution, water is really needs for our life. Not for just to maintain our life but also to keep our body healthy too. It is really important for us to drinks enough water to get the benefits of water for our health. Also drinking enough water can avoid us from the bad effect that can damage our body. So, to avoid the bad effect of not drinking enough water you must drinking enough water minimum eight glasses for your health.


  8. Allivia Alimin
    Why do We Need to Drink a Lot?

    About 80% of the human body consists of water. Moreover, there are some parts of our body which consists of more than 80% water. The brain consists of more than 90% water. Sometimes, the blood is made up of up to 95% water.
    Humans should drink at least 2 liters or about 8 glasses of water a day to stop themselves from dehydrating. You need to consume even more water if you are smoker. Those great quantities of water are needed to aid the secretion of waste from our body through urine, sweat, perspiration. Jf we consume less than two liters per day, the body will balance itself by way of inhaling water from the components of the body, especially from blood.
    Blood, from which the water has been extracted, will thicken. The effect of this inhaled blood, so the way of coagulation will less be fluent compared to watery. When it passes through kidneys, the kidneys will have to work extra hard to filter the blood.
    The kidney’s filter is very smooth, so the gore can cause a tear or a rip in the glomerulus kidney. As a result, your urine will be reddish. That is a sign of the beginning a kidney filter weakness. If it continuous, it can damage the kidneys so they can not carry out their functions any more. This will lead to kidney failure and patient will have to go on a dialysis machine to filter the blood. This is very expensive.
    When the gore circulates through the brain, it can obstruct blood vessels. The brain will not be watery, and because the brain cells consume a lot of oxygen and food, the retardation of the blood stream can cause broken brain cells. If this happens to people with heart disease, it can result in a stroke.
    Now, the decision is yours. Will you choose to invest in your health by drinking 8 glasses of water a day or paying interest for kidney disease or stroke?


    16040061 / 2016 C

    As a result of taking drugs

    Drugs are a mixture of substances derived from plants, animals and chemicals. Drugs that should not be consumed are like marijuana, heroin or putauw, cocaine, and drugs. Drug types are also many kinds, one of them shabu-shabu. This drug is very influential on the human body. In addition, this drug if we can wear it will be difficult to release it.

    The most consumed drugs are shabu-shabu or drugs. if this drug is consumed by humans then there will be many lives that will float. Not only life is floating but many people go crazy if they can not consume the drug. This drug is very influential for the human body, because this drug can damage human organs. This human organ is not just broken, but it can make it forget to itself.

    Besides drugs can also make a self-forget yourself, harm people around. Not someone else but including his own parents will forget, even da who killed him. Drugs plunge people into a misguided street because many healthy nerves break up. And drugs are not just broken nerves but also damage other internal organs, such as: heart, heart and other organs. In addition, this drug can destroy our future.

    Drugs that are a kind of drug is very much consumed by people because according to them can relieve stress. They consume it like taking ordinary drugs, but this drug is very dangerous for the health of the body. Instead they consume not only, but pass it on to others. That’s why people use these drugs, because there are people who spread them. And more and more people died from consuming the drug.

    In conclution, there is no intention to consume or spread such drugs. Because not only can we be broken, but many others will lose their lives. It is caused by the illegal spread of drugs without thinking the bad effects on yourself. And do not think the ycause of the loss we have in ourselves.


    16040086/16 C

    Drugs are very harmful to our bodies if we consume them. First of all, drugs can make your body very weak, this is because substances contained in drugs invade the human immune system.The second, the drugs cause damage to the human brain.Drugs will decrease brain function so increase the risk of frustration and stress.And then, the another danger of drugs is making us as a drug addict and hard to stop it.It takes a long time to stop it and you need to rehabilitated.The last effect, the drug causes damage to the reproductive apparatus in humans.This is dangerous because the risk of birth defects is very large for the drug addicts.In conclusion, there is no use and benefit from drugs and never to try it.


  11. Nama : zainal amir
    Npm : 16040069
    Sesi : 2016/C
    Subject : cause- effect essay
    The Cause-Effect of Young Marriage
    Young marriage is a marriage which is done by a couple whose age is under 17th. Not only a boy but also a girl whose age is not enough to get married but they get married in that age. It can be called young marriage. although there are some possitive effects of young married but the negative effects of it is more than possitive effect. In indonesia, young marriage is often happened. It is not only in the village but in the city too as if young marriage is one of trendy in this era.

    There are some factors why young marriage is easy to happen,such as; economical factor, education, pragnant by accident and the effect of internet. Economical factor is a factor which force the parents marry their children in particular the girl with a boy whose family’s economy is better. The parents do not look at whether their daughter love or not with that boy. In that situation we can guess what will happen.

    The second is education. Because their parents cannot finance educational fee for their children, many parents marry their children. Usually, it’s happened after their children finishing their study in high school. That condition can be found in the village. Why can it be? Because of the lack of knowledge of their parents. They do not know the negatif effect of young married.

    The third is pregnant by accident. In Indonesia, many a couple who has not had legal relation does a sex whereas they know what will happen but they still do it. May be cannot keep their lust to have a sex. finally, the girl is pregnant. After known by their parents if their daughter is pregnant. There is no choice again . marrying must be held because the girl’s parents does not want their daughter has a baby without a father.

    The last is internet. when the teenagers cannot use internet correctly, of course the bad content like site porn will be accessed easily by them. Because of the addected of that content, their brain will be filled by something bad. Thay always think how to do what they watched soon. The fastest way to get it is getting married.
    In briefe, as a result for marriage under 17th are it has big risk when the girl gives a birth such as; a baby is easy to be sick, the quality of the baby that is born is low, the baby get bad nutrient and the fenomenon which is often happened is divorce.


  12. Name : Disa Aprilia
    Npm : 16040076
    Session : 16.C

    Negative Effect Gadget For Children

    Today many children are spending time with their gadgets. Can be said they more often play games rather than playing in a free environment with their friends. It is a bad example to do. Even the parents there are proud if his son has a gadget. Instead of banning, but they are giving access to the child. With the existence of gadgets today, many harmful consequences for children.
    The first impact is the health of children to be bad like the eyes and immune the body. In fact a young child who has a clear eye area will eventually look yellowish and watery. This happens because of the light generated from the gadget’s screen. Effects for the body like a child who forgot the time to eat, because it was too busy playing games. And there are also adverse effects of radiation for the growth of children.
    The second is the emergence of bad contents when children playing games. At that time new knowledge arises for the child that is not appropriate for him. Basically the purpose of the child is just to play, but we do not know what happens when they are playing. Examples such as the emergence of ads that look negative and the invitation of a violent game. Although the parent or the person closest to the child is there are watching but still it can sometimes happen.
    The last effect is the bad pattern of intercourse child. Children who like to play gadgets, they will tend to just stay at home. As for they should play freely outside with their friends. But with the existence of gadgets they will only know about all things that are at home. And when someday, when they are faced with an outside enviroment they will be very awkward and their childhood is somewhat boring.
    Should be for better use of gadgets should not be introduced to children or given access. Let the child enjoys his childhood in a free environment accompanied by supervision. So the child will have a happy childhood to remember.


  13. Friend can make life longer.
    Everyone must have friends .Without friends must belife is not fun and empty.Friends are the object we must have in life.Did you know if friends can make life longer?.There are five good effects based on the scientific reason for the presence of friend to the level of one’s health.
    The first effect is to reduce the risk of dementia.According to new findings published in journal of international neourophisicilogy society has many friends and social life that actively can reduce the risk of Alzhiemer’s disease is big enough that 70 %.Alzhiemer’s disease is a condition of abnormalities marked by memory degradation,ability of thinking and speaking power and behavioral changes caused by disordes of the brain.So,if we have many friends means have been spared from Alzhaimer disease.
    The second effect is keeps the body fit.Recent research from Australian research published in the journal of behavior found that friends have a direct influence on the level of activity and eating habits.Of course we’ve experience something like that,for example when we study at senior high school we will certainly gain new experience from the friends habits also usually in senior high school the body will get fat.
    The third effects is sharpen our brain.Making good communication with friends through chat or social media network will encourage cognitive function.We will feel better if we share stories or experience with friends.Especially if we have a friend who understanding with our condition.We will feel comfortable if we nearby.The person like this is usually regarded as a best friend.
    The fourth effect is improve health much better.Having mutually supportive relationships can delay the process to be age.Recent research from Braindeis found that a strong social network especially when combined with physical exercise can reduce health for up to ten years.
    The last effect is can make life longer.Strong relationship with friends can increase our chance of surviving about 50 percent.Because friends can relieve stress and life problems.We can share experiences of living with friends so that wil reduce the exisiting disease in the body.
    In conclusion making friends can make life longer and healthier.So look for friends who are really good and want to shake with us.Who want to accept us what is and always there every we need it.


    SESI C/2016
    Lice are disgusting animals for most of people. They live in human’s hair without permission. Actually, we don’t want those lice on our head. There are some reasons why those lice are on our head. The first is because of our laziness in cleaning our head. The second is because of using veil. The last is because of water.
    The first is because of our laziness in cleaning our head. We have to clean our hair based on the length of our hair. If our hair is long, we have to clean it every day. If our hair is short, we have to clean it twice in a week. So it seems that those lice will not be on your head anymore.
    The second is because of veil. We don’t say that veil is not good but if we wear it almost along day and every day. It can make dandruff and lice come. So we have to concern about our shampoo because there is also a shampoo for women who use veil.
    The last is because of water. Water influences your body. If your water is muddy and dirty, it will be easy for lice come. It’s better for us to clean our bath tub regularly to make our water clean.
    In conclusion, lice are annoying animal who live on our head. There are some factors why they come. The first is because of our laziness in cleaning our head. The second is because of using veil. The last is because of water. To avoid lice we can also use lice comb. If we comb our hair with that comb it can make those lice gone.


    SESI C/2016
    Eating too much is not good for our body. It can endanger our body if we don’t concern about our meal and beverage. There are some effects that can appear in our body. They are like obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol. To control our eating habit, we have to make a tight schedule for it.
    The first is obesity; it is because of stacking fat in our body so that our weight will not be an ideal weight anymore. This disease can endanger our lives. Seeing it from our psychology, it can make us stress and depression too. To avoid it we can have a sport regularly and do not eat over anymore.
    The second is diabetes. There are two factors why it appears. They are from family’s gen and unhealthy life. Actually we may not eat before sleeping. So we have to wait for 2 hours if we want to avoid this disease. The most important thing that we should remember, we may not eat at night or before sleeping if one of families gets diabetes.
    The last is cholesterol; it is because of consuming some unhealthy foods, such as, fried chicken, ice cream, and friend food. These foods contain of much saturated fat. It can cause stroke and heart attack. If we don’t want to have this disease, we have to control what to and eat and drink.
    As conclusion, eating too much is not healthy for our body. It can cause some disease, such as, obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol. So if we want to be healthier in our life. We have to control what to eat and drink. We can still consume it but it must be in balance normal amount.


  16. Nama : Resti Rahmah Fauziah
    Class : Writing 2/ 16 A
    Cause and Effect


    Insomnia is a disturbance of a person’s sleep patterns where the person is hard to sleep in time. At this time most people, especially in adolescents sleep is not a place of time so as to make the body accustomed to not sleep in the hours that have been specified. It causes insomnia or insomnia, insomnia is very dangerous. There are several causes of insomnia that is the result of stress, sometimes the cause of this insomnia in the cause of too much work that accumulate requires us to sleep late.
    Factors of stress are found among teenagers today, such as excessive madness to something, college tasks that accumulate or the difference in understanding with a friend it all causes excessive stress frustration and gradually become depressed. This factor causes most people to become insomnia. There are also environmental factors, such as staying in a noisy place that causes trouble sleeping because of the noise. Irregular sleep patterns cause insomnia. Most teenagers nowadays lecture duties are too piled up because left, when they want to collect the next new day in the making so must sleep late.
    Among teenagers mobile phone is one of the biggest factors cause of insomnia, the development of technology at this time the greater the influence, one of them difficult to sleep or late to sleep because of the number of mobile phone users choose to access the internet at night. There are also because of the phone factor, they can be able to withstand drowsiness when telephoned at night with a partner or friend. From these habits teenagers are currently exposed to many insomnia.
    This insomnia makes it difficult to wake up in the morning, so when waking up to make headache or dizziness. Difficulty concentrating on the lesson, the body feels less healthy causing fatigue. The health of the body will decline and the ease of a person suffering from insomnia is offended.
    In conclusion, you should avoid sleeping too late which results in insomnia, make a lecture at a time that is not pressed, avoid caffeinated beverages. Rest sufficiently, set the sleep patterns are good for health. Sleep in the lights off and do not hold or look at the phone when you want to sleep. Keep the soundproofed bedroom so that the noise outside does not interfere with sleep.


  17. Due to promiscuity of teenagers
    With the rapid development of technology today make changes to the mental of teenagers. Adolescence is the age of change when a person begins to enter puberty. Adolescence is also called the time when teenagers are in the process of seeking identity, to try something new in themselves. Teenagers are more likely to be backward.
    Intercourse is something that people need to socialize. Intercourse itself is defined as sociable and social life. Intercourse itself occurs both in males with men, men with women, and women with women. Free association is also a way to make friends without limits, in speaking and behaving and so forth.
    The promiscuity often happens by several factors. The first factor of parents, such as conflicts between parents or poor parents habits. Both environmental factors, unhealthy environment will support the child to do negative things. The three factors of mass media, the continuous mass influences, the development of the present age, make teenagers free to do anything. Third factor Lack of education, undisciplined schools can make teenagers free to do what they want to do. The last is the religious factor, the lack of upbringing from parents to encourage their children to analyze what is a good religion.
    The negative effects of promiscuity in adolescents are: the first unwanted pregnancy, this is one negative impact of promiscuity due to pregnancy out of wedlock. Usually the teenagers who experience this will find a way to abort (abortion). The second drop out of school, this is because they prefer the ego rather than the common sense and the reality that exists. The third is high criminalization, the need for fun things like drug use. This can trigger a person to commit crime such as stealing, robbing, raping or killing someone.
    Social disease, empathy and compassion are no longer considered to exist. Replaced with a sense of egoism, no matter as long as happy, the nature of hedonism and do everything possible to get what is desired. Health problems globally, such as the incidence of infectious diseases such as HIV or AIDS, HEPATITIS, and venereal diseases.


  18. Eldamil Ersa

    Impact television for the public

    Television is a media that is liked by many people. One of the electronic media that has grown very fast with the development of the times. Nearly 90 percent of people in developing countries know and use television as a means of entertainment, information and education. Television does not limit itself to the consumption of certain circles. Television reaches consumers from all walks of life including teenagers and children. Television is very influential for society.
    In today’s television show there are many lifestyles such as luxury, romance, violence, vulgarity, crime, hatred, free sex, deceit and others. People who watch more of such impressions will eventually accept that as a normal act. Directly or indirectly television certainly gives a big influence on the changing lives of people. Television has a positive impact and negative impact. The various positive impacts and negative impacts caused by less educational impressions for children and adolescents.
    The positive impact of television is television as a medium of information. Television speed in presenting and updating the news because the presentation of news on television is generally always up to date. This certainly will not make us miss information every day. Student television can also get educational information. Many television stations are presenting educational programs such as films on history, science, flora fauna and so on. The presence of entertaining television programs is also very necessary to release the stress for a moment after a day of work or study.
    In addition to having a positive impact, television also has a negative impact. Negative impact that television can damage the moral and cultural community. If we notice lately on television Indonesia broadcasted many soap operas, ftv or drama that tells the life of romance and the seizure of property. This will indirectly affect adolescent thinking. Television also forms a culture of laziness. Many people are willing to sit for hours just because watching their favorite shows. Young women are willing to ditch to watch the appearance of actor or favorite actress on television.
    Not only adolescents, adults can be adversely affected by television shows. The luxurious life that often appears on television makes some people jealous. They justify any means to be like the one on TV. The flows of globalization and westernization also rushed through television. Western culture is synonymous with freedom in all things without tolerance of fellow has penetrated the minds of the people of Indonesia.
    Watching television is good for people to get entertainment, information, and education. But if watching too often and long then bad influences will also participate in our brain. Government as the holder of power should discipline broadcasting in Indonesia by overseeing the broadcasting of television programs and reinforce sanctions for violators. And we as the successor of the nation, should be more selective in choosing the show to watch.


  19. Name : Fatricia Golda Nihalai
    NPM : 16040013
    As we know, many people begin to consume this kind of substances that are very dangerous for the health. Can cause biological or psychological irreparable harms. Drugs always has personal, family and social problems.

    Each one person makes it for many different reasons. But many of them may never get out of the addiction, so they finish destroying their lives.
    The people who start to consume drugs, in many times are involved, because have a low self-esteem, and don’t have a strong discernment to say “NO” to many things. So they are more liable to be manipulated and persuaded to this kind of situations. For example, the people who make the things as a result of belong to a social group.

    An others causes of consume drugs, are the search of pleasure and to overcoming the problems. The people who have had that experience say that these kinds of substances make them to be in a relaxing state and in a different world, without problems. In many situations, like the parties more of people consume it to be in a euphoric state, to establish relationships with people, if the person is shy. On the other hand, exist situation where the people have many financial or familiar problems, for example, so they found an output with the drugs.

    The experimentation of new things is the third cause, of the increasing in the drug addiction, many of them are the young people who search different kind of amusement and when they have already tested product like the alcohol and the cigarettes they sometimes feel the necessity to test new thing like the drugs, but many of them think that if test it the first time is not going to pass anything, but can be left there forever.

    In conclusion, the drugs are killer substances, with which we must be careful not to take them, because not be the solution to many of our problems, our boredom or our form of membership in a social group.


  20. Desita syafutri lisiana

    Floods cause losses
    Flooding is a natural disaster that often occurs in many cities on different scales where excessive amount of water is on dry land. It can happen because the amount of water in the lake, river, or other water flow areas that exceed the normal capacity. flood is generally a negative thing. This is because the flood is always associated with things that harm so it can be called a natural disaster.
    Flooding occurs as a result:
    Illegal logging
    Illegal logging that makes forests barren is one of the causes of flooding. This is because, the root of the tree has a function to absorb water. Therefore, if many trees are lost it will easily flood disaster.
    The cause of this one flood is not foreign anymore. Disposable waste, especially when disposed of in rivers or other waterways, can clog the flow of water so it can overflow and cause flooding.
    High rainfall
    The cause of this flood is due to weather factors. If there are areas that have high rainfall and occur protracted in the long term, have a great risk for flooding especially if it is in the lowlands.some due to flooding and how to cope with flooding.
    Due to the Flood is the spread of various lips of disease.How to cope with flood Do not throw garbage carelessly to lake, river, ditok.Tidak build house or building by river. Do river dredging. Need to do reforestation or forest greening.


  21. Nama: Indri Yunissha Ramadhanti
    BP :2016 A
    NPM. : 16040003

    Cause-Effect Essay

    Due to Littering

    At this time looks still low public awareness of environmental hygiene. seen from the behavior of people who do not care about health in themselves respectively. like, there are still many people who throw garbage in rivers. or settle around the river. maybe they do not know the impact of what they do.

    as for the increasingly global economic development with the construction of buildings that do not heed environmental sustainability. for example illegal logging. In addition, the malfunction of clean ditches. because most people also dump garbage in the ditch. As a result of the disasters of the people and the environment we are experiencing are floods and natural disasters. where damaged by the community itself is not functioning the river with a lot of garbage that flows in the river.

    so the air overflows and there is flood. In addition, there is no absorption due to the large number of illegal logging. everywhere so that air can not be absorbed and the disaster landslide everywhere. Like the houses near the banks of the river that block the flow of air. that continues to haunt the areas that have a dirty environment and full of garbage and which do not have a good air duct.

    Also the consequences of the dangers littering the garbage.
    the consequences arising from waste also endanger public health.
    Many people are exposed to diseases such as diarrhea, and vomiting. On the side of the road many food stalls sell a variety of food. But some sellers do not keep clean. the garbage is not thrown in place, thus inviting flies and causing vomiting and diarrhea as well as eating unhygienic food for us to eat.

    In conclusion as for the prevention that we do in order to avoid disasters and diseases caused by littering. by cleaning the ditches. the second to avoid landslides do reforestation or reforestation and terracing. reforestation, such as planting green and fertile tree seedlings. and lastly choose foods that are guaranteed cleanliness. such steps that overcome disasters and diseases experienced by society.



    The human has many characters in this life. It can be good or bad. Most of people said the parentss are always right, but that is not right in this case. They want the best for their children but sometimes like the children are tied, they are watched over as they always do the wrong thigs. We cannot blame it is not good thoroughly, but it has some reasons and impacts for the children if the parentss do it, the children are going to have mental disability, lack of confidence and have a bad future.

    Mental disability is the illness or we can say it bad habit that is different with normal people. The children will get it when the parents are copious to keep their children. For instance, when the children want to go out and play with their friend, the parents said “do not go son, that is dangerous for we or please stay home son”. In this way, the children will never do socialize with other except their family. It is going to change their behavior to be bad. After this one, the children do not know how can they speak and talk to each other, it sounds crazy. The children are always denied then they are going to have mental disability. It will bother when they do the socialize while they have grown up. It is going to be difficult for having friend because the people contend they are strange. Day by day, when they know it, they will more naughty than the others. Everyone is opposed cause having different opinion.

    Another point is the children will be easy to feel scary and lack of confidence. As a human physical there is no different, but they will be frail than others. It causes when they were a child, they were choosen for everything and it would have impact later. It also makes them difficult to make decision, they cannot preserve their argument. They are confused and they are going to lose emotion then they are figthing to each other.

    The future can be seen start when we are a child. Whether we were educated in the best way or not. The statements above will determine our future, how the parent taught us for everything. If the way it likes they force us to do what the parents want, it will be not good. They set, deny and ask us like they want, it will have impact for our future. For intance, when we will marry a girl, should they find it one for us? When we have a job what we like eventought that is dangerous? Should we stop it? Everything is that happened will bother us when we have been an adult people esepcially for our future.

    At the end, all of the things that the parent think and want is good will change to be instead. Actually, they only want the beautifull and the best for their childen. But in this case, they cannot do it. The word “do not” cannot tell it, it is going to be better when they change to be advise. For intance, “son, the weather is not good today, it is going to be rain, we should wear sweater or bring an umbrella”. The children will know and think it was right. The way to protect the children do not always deny them for everything. First, we can tell them the reason and let them think, that is right or not. They will have bad behavior when we deny for everying. They will difficult for getting socialize and the worst is their future will be in danger.


  23. Cause-Effect Essay
    Shandra Fardani (16040053 / Sesi B)

    The Effect of Smoking Addiction

    Smoking addiction is very harmful to health. It can lead to a variety of ongoing complications in the body, as well as long-term effects on your body systems. While smoking can increase your risk of a variety of problems over several years, some of the bodily effects are immediate. The effects of smoking addiction are not only harmful to smokers but the people around them will have an impact too.

    One of the effects of smoking addiction is lung cancer. When you inhale smoke, you are taking in substances that can damage your lungs. Over time, those who are addicted to smoking can damage and clog the respiratory tract. They will feel the shortness of breath that makes the lungs become damaged. Not only that, it will be harmful to the people who are near smokers.

    In addition smoking addiction also affects other medical disorders, such as hypertension, disorders, becomes more often sick, stains in teeth and gums, damages the brain and relieves memory gradually and the skin will become wrinkles fast due to the performance of decreased cells that need oxygen. Moreover, smoking addiction can harm the economy, which will spend money only to buy cigarettes that certainly cause various diseases and end in death.

    And now, many teenagers who are addicted to smoking, so, they are need supervision from the closest people, especially parents. There are several reasons why they become addicted to cigarettes. It can be through the environmental and social factors that are surrounded by many encountered. Who beginning only tried, from that they finally make the cigarette as a daily food. Then, the addiction can arise from a sense of calm when smoking the cigarette. And it becomes addictive to those who are addicted to smoking.

    In brief, smoking addiction is very damage to itself and others. Smoking can lead to death in the future. You can also turn to smoking cessation resource center, which has advice, stories from others, and more. There are both short and long-term benefits to quitting smoking. Since smoking affects every body system, finding a way to quit is the most important step you can take to living a longer and happier life.



    Alcohol is the main ingredient in the making of booze, with a measure of each, such as wishky, beer, Brandy, and wine. Alcohol is a clear liquid, volatile, easily move, is memabukan, have the smell of typical, heat, flammable by providing the flame Blue and smoky. Alcohol contained in the liquor, contains certain substances. People to be easily offended and attention to the environment disturbed, can also be impaired coordinated Motor, as well as the cause damage to the brain tissue. People impaired coordinated Motor can do anything without aware of.

    Alcohol is hard liquor. Consuming alcohol is very harmful to our body health. First, alcohol can swell the liver, hepatitis, cancer, low blood sugar and heart failure. That’s because alcohol contains a lot of harmful substances. If consuming alcohol continuously will be fatal.

    Alcohol can trigger lever to go the extra mile to filter fluid in the body. Lever bulge because it contains fluid very much. After suffering perlemakan heart, stages of the next is attacked hepatitis. This can happen if you still consume alcohol at heart condition has fulfilled by fat. Some people experiencing perlemakan heart can be exposed to inflammation of the liver or hepatitis.

    Excessive alcohol consumption can cause some cancers. Types such as breast, colon, esophagus, liver, neck and head cancer. Reasons Why drinking alcohol can cause cancer is because ethanol is converted by the body into toxic chemicals called acetaldehyde. These chemicals cause DNA damage and prevent cells to repair themselves. In addition, Alcohol also causes faster damage to the liver, leaving them better to avoid damage.

    Alcohol is very harmful to our health. Do not drink too much alcohol. Alcohol can cause death. Alcohol can also make people unconscious. Therefore,do not likes to consume alcohol because it is very influential for our health.


    NPM :16040041
    CLASS : SECTION B / 2016



    Bullying is an activity understaken with the intention of mocking in a partronizing tone until physical violence. Bullying can take place in schools, at places of employment, and even in neigborhoods, involving adults and children. Today bulliying is a serious problem in schools and college. Bullying normally begins by stuff they see at home such as their parents fighting, maybe the bully was bullied by someone else earlier in their life. Farthemore bullying happens not because of anger or unresolved conflict, but raher refers to a sense of superiority to show the bully is most powerful and has the right humiliate, or act arbitrarily on others.

    A lot of bullying does result in what they see at their house. Bullying come from houholds whose parents are cold, or ignorant and effect teach their children to use anger and violance to solve problems. Children raised in such environments not concider their verbal assaults or or physical agggression as bullying, they even think that their behaviour is normal and acceptabe. Next, if a young child grows up seeing his or her parents figting and hitting each other, of course they are also going think that is acceptable behavior. However, parents often miss the bullying that goes on within their own homes.

    Bullying come of as strong and confident people. To show the bully is most powerful and has the right humiliate, or act arbitrarily on others. They like the sense of authority that they have over other kids because maybe that is the only thing they hold any power in. Many bullying take their insecurities out on other people. Then, causes the kids they bully to be insecure.

    In other situations, bulliying is a way of emphasizing one is seniority in particular setting. This is the main reason for bullying in learning instituations. For example, a person who is under pressure may decide to release it on the helpless, subordinate indiviuals around him or her. One major effect of bullying is emotional distresss. If the bullying takes the from of physical abuse or threats, the victim may become withdrawn, developing low self-esteem.

    To conclude, Bulliying is an activity understaken with the intention of mocking in a partronizing tone until physical violence. Today bulliying is a serious problem in schools and college. Bullying come from houholds whose parents are cold, or ignorant and effect teach their children to use anger and violance to solve problems. Then, Bullying come of as strong and confident people. And In other situations, bulliying is a way of emphasizing one is seniority in particular setting. It is such a shame that young kids these days are being bullied, and more attention needs to be brought to the situation.


  26. Causes of stomachache

    In the world there are many causes to make someone stomachache. Sometime every people does not care with that. Stomachache can make a person death. Because in the stomach there many sel and organism. There are many ways to make someone sick.

    First, the causes of stomachache is late to eat. Sometime everyone late to eat because there are many work and they can leave the work. In the work they have break time for eat and at the moment they can eat. After , they eat they can continue their work until finish. They can work enjoy too because their have many energy after eat.

    Second, eat many spicy food. The spicy food does not good for your health because it can make your stomach hot. You can eat spicy food but you must eat just a little. The spicy food for example , noodle and fried rice. You put in many chili in the food after that , your stomach will be sick.

    The next causes of stomachache is eat many sour food. You can not eat a sour food before you eat rice. The food can make your stomach acid up. Our mother , always remember our to do not eat many sour food because it is not good and make you are stomachache. Do not eat many sour food it can make you are stomachache.

    In conclusion, there many causes to make someone stomachache for example , late eat , eat many spicy food and eat many sour food. You must avoid this causes if you do not stomachache everytime. Stomachache can be make a person death. So, do not try too get stomachache. Always remember eat if you want your body healthy.




    Diet on slimming pills

    Diet is the way poeple lose weight. Many poeple want diet because they went to life healthy. And there are also want look good body when who seen. Some poeple sport with diet and keep have diet regularly so that healthy life and avoid disease. How ever now humans an instant way without thinking of the effect on the body it self. Like a diet on slimming pills without spot. Some effect from diet on slimmimg pills without human are aware and just obsessed with instant ways.

    First uncontrolled metabolism every day the body consumes food for the metabolism process, where all the incoming food will be burned or used as calories to perform the activity. However, if taking pill will affect the process of metabolism is decreased and uncontrolled. There are certain organs that reject the existence of such drugs, such as in the kidney organ, kidney organs will be damaged by working too hard, in addition to the kidneys other problems also occur in the heart and liver organ. So the use of slimming drugs will affect the metabolic process that will damage the body.

    second ependency if we start to consume slimming pills we lose weight, but if one stop drink it will cause our body will be fatter than before. This is what causes us to continue taking the drug that eventually became dependent. How it works slimming drug as well as when we consume alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. The content of penthremine in slimming drug that will cause addiction. And allergy effects or danger from taking certain pill that make allergy. In certain slimming drugs a person who does not fit to consume it will cause allergies such as skin burns, or appear red spots on the surface of the skin. Allergies will also worsen the skin if not treated properly, will occur irritation or can trigger skin cancer.

    Third slimming pills will cause the body lack of nutrients, because in the pill contains phentermine and topiramate which play a role in reducing appetite. If we consume it continuously then the body very little menghrima in take of nutrients used as a metabolic process. So someone who consume slimming pill tend to fast lelhh when doing activities. And Dizziness and Headache Some slimming pill contain chromium substances that cause headaches and dizziness. Chromium is not recommended consumed by someone who has a history of depression, liver disorders, diabetes, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders, because it will worsen his health.

    Fourth dangers of drinking Slimming pills is the next pain in the joints. Phenytoin content in slimming drugs will cause a very severe joint pain. So it is not uncommon for someone who takes this drug to remain active while doing the activity, they tend to stay silent because of the pain when his body is moved. So it is recommended that someone taking the slimming pills offset with adequate calcium consumption, in order to reduce the pain.

    In conclusion, everyone is not prohibited to diet, because it does not infringe the rules. Will but if we have obsessions only to make a good body in how to instant will many experiences because something instant is not good for human bodies. Looked with exercise way, then the body would be healthy, eat attempted our consumption of fruit do not eat food waste. Then your diet will be good directly.


  28. Effect of Practiceless
    Speech is one way of communication that aims to give an information to the audience. There are four methods of delivering information in speech, there are; memorized , impromtu extamporaneous, and manuscript. When we use the impromtu methode, we do not need to prepare the topic of speecs. That is why impromtu methode is defficult to do, especially for the beginner. There for we have to practice a lot and having many vocabulary.
    When we never practice or memorizing vocabulary, we will get various roblem during speech. The problem are; get a podium panic,do not know what to say, and just silent in front of the audience.first is podium panic. In this situation, you will get nervous that never ends. Because we do not know what to do. And we feel it that because we never practice to speech in front of the people.
    The second is do not know what to say. This will happen, when we feel nervous. We do not know what is a good word that the suitable for the topic. And we cannot find any idea to develop it. It so dangerous, when it happen.
    And the last one is just silent on the stage. This is the most sarve effect. When we cannot control our nervous or convey someting related to the topic. Then we will experience this. Silent in front of the audience. Without doing enything, untill the time is over.
    In conclusion, the effect of practiceless are; podium panic, do not know what to say, and silent on the stage. There are will happen in our speech when we did not prepare our self, yet. In this case, preparing our self is the best choise to do. There are; recognized vocabulary and practice in the spare time.


    NPM : 16040031
    CLASS SESSION : 2016 / B

    The Effect of Consume Junk food

    Junk food is a food that contains little nutrients, nutrition foods that contain large amounts of fat. The junk food like a hamburger, french fries from McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut. They are a bad meal if consumed continuously because it is unhealthy or not good for the body. Nowadays there are so many people consume junk food especially teenagers. They do not pay attention to the consequences of consuming junk food too often. There are three effect of consuming junk food too often.

    First, effect of consuming instant noodle everyday. If consuming instant noodles every day will cause many diseases in our body. Why instant noodles is not health for body?, because, although instant noodles is delicious also contains a lot of sugar content where it can cause Diabetes disease. Indirectly the sugar content is well absorbed by our bodies. The chemicals in instant noodle can also lower our metabolism. There are also some other diseases caused by noodles like a cancer, stroke, liver failure and kidney failure.

    Second, effect of consuming French fries are snacks that have been around for hundreds of years. But, this one food is still considered bad if people consume too often. Any food that is fried using vegetable oil, will be bad for health. Therefore, the food will contain polyunsaturated fats, which produce cancer-free radicals in the body. French fries also tend to contain cancer-causing chemicals called acrylamide. Acrylamide is said to be a carcinogen or a causative agent of cancer, by a United States government health agency. So, french fries can cause tumor or cancer development in the lungs, stomach, and thyroid gland.

    The last is Hamburgers, hamburgers is the most popular type of junk food, especially in Europe and America. Though a lot of research results in the field of health that shows the many bad effects of burgers for health is categorized as ‘bad food’ for the body. The bad effects of burgers for the body is also known as foods that trigger obesity, cholesterol, heart, and more. If it turns out that we often consume these types of foods, it will increase the amount of fat triglycerides are closely related to heart disease, liver disorders that cause many piles of fat in the liver.

    In conclusion, there are many bad effect for our body if consuming junk food too often. Because the amount of chemicals and fats contained in junk food resulted us easily attacked by dangerous diseases. That’s some of the consequences of consuming junk food too often. To be sure, everything if consumed in excess will be less good for health.


  30. The causes of ride a motocycle

    People around the world have known motorcycles ever since. When a motorcycle is created, it serves as a means of transportation. People use it to go everywhere, but now motorcycles can be used as exercise equipment for motorcycle gangs, or just to travel alone. When people ride a motorcycle, accidents can happen. This motorcycle accident can be caused by damaged equipment, weather conditions, or carelessness of the rider.

    Failure of equipment can be one cause of motorcycle accidents. For example, if the motorcycle brake does not work properly, it could be a problem for motorcycle riders, because without brakes, motorcycle bikes can not be controlled properly either. There are many other motorcycle equipment that can be the root of the problem on a motorcycle, such as handlebars, tires, etc. The equipment also can not work well if they have long worked, too old. Motorists should be careful and pay attention to motorcycle equipment to keep the accidents away from them as they ride their bikes. Therefore, it is important for bikers to check everything before they drive their bikes. This can be the best way for motorists to avoid accidents due to motor equipment failure. The safety of riding a motorcycle can be made by the rider himself.

    Weather conditions can be another cause of motorcycle accidents, such as in rainy and windy situations. In rainy situations, water can disrupt the brake and block the brakes. In addition, in rainy weather, motorists also have difficulty in controlling the motor because the road is wet. In the windy weather I think it is impossible to handle bikes and the weather is good, because it can cause unstable motorcycles. The bikers should pay attention to the weather. They should not rise after heavy rains or when the wind blows hard around the riders.

    The ultimate cause of motorcycle accidents is carelessness of the rider. If the reasons above include non human factors, this is the human factor that can cause motorcycle accidents. This is what happens to most riders when they ride. Sometimes they do it with their consciousness or they just do it because it is a habit. Sometimes motorists do not care about traffic signs. They stop where they should not stop. This rider is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents in riding a motorcycle. To avoid accidents caused by this factor, drivers should pay more attention to traffic signs and focus on riding a motorcycle.

    In conclusion, there are several factors that can cause motorcycle accidents such as broken motor equipment, weather, and carelessness. Actually this accident can be avoided if every rider checks their motor equipment before riding a motorcycle, do not ride a motorcycle in bad weather, and increase awareness of traffic signs. Better to prevent than we have to treat. We can make ourselves safe if we can create a safe way to ride a motorcycle.


  31. Nama : Sarah Ramadhanty
    Npm : 16040047
    Essay : Cause Effect

    Flood Of Padang City
    Lately, many natural disasters have occurred such as floods and landslides. Various regions in west sumatera such as Padang and Solok in the spotlight today. Very heavy rainfall every day resulted in several flooding point in the city of Padang. Flood in Padang there is a calf adults and there is an adult knee. Flooding cause by negligence of the community to the surrounding environment.
    At the moment it is seen that still low awareness of society. And cleanliness of the environment are also much ignored by society. It is seen from the behavior of pepole who still throw garbage carelessly. Society does not care about its healt impact from littering. People are often found to dump garbage in rivers and sewers.
    People do not pay attention to the construction of houses. They built a house with a cement courtyard without a gap to suck water. Besides the government does not handle the illegal building. Consequently when it rains, the water will overflow and there will be floods. Flooding will occur in densely populated areas.
    Padang city also includes densely populated areas and high dense buildings. Therefore, flooding in Padang becomes commonplace when the rainy season comes. Because of the community is not aware of the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. The great flood also poses a threat to oneself. Floods can also swallow the soul of the community.
    In conclusion, it is very important to awareness of Padang community for its area. Padang becomes flooded because there is no awarehess from the community. The goverment should encourage people to care for the environment. The goverment also needs to create organizations in very region in Padang


  32. Tris Malinda
    Writing II (cause-effect)

    Global warming
    Global warming is the current increase in temperature of the Earth’s surface (both land and water) as well as it’s atmosphere. Average temperatures around the world have risen by 0.75°C (1.4°F) over the last 100 years about two thirds of this increase has occurred since 1975.In the past, when the Earth experienced increases in temperature it was the result of natural causes but today it is being caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere produced by human activities.

    First,cause of global warming is green house , A greenhouse is a house made of glass. It has glass walls and a glass roof. People grow tomatoes and flowers and other plants in them. A greenhouse stays warm inside, even during winter. Sunlight shines in and warms the plants and air inside. But the heat is trapped by the glass and can’t escape. So during the daylight hours, it gets warmer and warmer inside a greenhouse, and stays pretty warm at night too.

    Second, Increasing global temperatures are causing a broad range of changes. Sea levels are rising due to thermal expansion of the ocean, in addition to melting of land ice. Amounts and patterns of precipitation are changing. The total annual power of hurricanes has already increased markedly since 1975 because their average intensity and average duration have increased (in addition, there has been a high correlation of hurricane power with tropical sea-surface temperature).

    Third, The effects of global warming are the environmental and social changes caused (directly or indirectly) by human emissions of greenhouse gases. There is activities are the primary driver. Many impacts of climate change have already been observed,including glacier retreat, changes in the timing of seasonal events (e.g., earlier flowering of plants), and changes in agricultural productivity. Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns increase the frequency, duration, and intensity of other extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and tornadoes.

    Solusion global warming is Speak up,What’s the single biggest way you can make an impact on global climate change? Talk to your friends and family, and make sure your representatives are making good decisions. Power your home with renewable energy,Choose a utility company that generates at least half its power from wind or solar and has been certified by Green-e Energy, an organization that vets renewable energy options. Reduce water waste,Saving water reduces carbon pollution, too. That’s because it takes a lot of energy to pump, heat, and treat your water. So take shorter showers, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, and switch to WaterSense-labeled fixtures and appliances.


  33. Astari Rahma Malta
    Air Pollution
    Urban air pollution in some major cities in Indonesia has been very alarming. Air pollution is defined as the presence of foreign substances or substances in the air causing a change of air composition from its normal state. The presence of foreign materials or substances in the air in a certain amount and in a long time, will be able to disrupt the lives of humans, animals. If such a situation occurs, then the air is said to have been polluted.
    Substances contained in the air include noble gases, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen, methane, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and others. In big cities, the contribution of motor vehicle exhaust as source of air pollution reaches 60-70%. While the exhaust gas contribution from industrial chimneys only ranges from 10-15%. The rest comes from other sources of combustion, for example from households, burning garbage, forest fires, etc. Due to human activity that is not environmentally friendly, the air often decreases its quality.
    Effect of Air Pollution On the respiratory system The polluted air enters the body through the mouth to the lungs. Gas pollutants and particles can damage the respiratory system. Effects on plants, Plants will be damaged by air pollution, leaves faded or discoloration on the leaves. Effects on animals In addition to humans, pollution / air pollution also causes death in animals. Animals die from hydrogen sulfate, generally resulting from plants that have been contaminated by pollutants and then eaten by animals causing death. Due to atmosphericthe direct influence of air pollution especially particulates is reducing vision The cause is the remaining carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, etc.). In addition the influence of CO2 can also affect climate / weather on the earth’s surface.
    Air pollution levels are not only due to natural phenomena which are increasingly inconsistent with cycles, but in it there is the interference of human existence itself that is less so pay attention to the balance of nature, green land that has been hard to find that serves as the lungs which is the most important organ as breathing apparatus.
    In conclusion, air pollution is indispensable action or effort as well as ways to overcome it because air pollution has a big impact or impact either in our environment or where we live and the earth will be damaged if the air we do not keep. Some efforts that can be done, among others, plantation entrepreneurs burning on agricultural land that they will try. Industrial exhaust gases prior to release / discharge into the air, must first be neutralized. Perform greening, especially in industrial and urban areas. Reduce the use of petroleum as a fuel source and replace it with other energies such as solar thermal energy (hydroelectric), wind power. The placement of industrial areas to stay away from densely populated settlements.





    The development of the industrial sector as part of the national development process in boosting economic growth has brought changes to people’s lives. These changes include the impact of industrial development on socio-economic communities and the environment around the industry. The impacts of industrial development on socio-economic aspects include the livelihoods of the people from the agricultural sector to the industrial and commercial sectors, other effects of wider employment opportunities for both local and immigrant communities. The impact of industrial development on the environment can have a positive impact and negative impact on people’s survival.

    Industrial development has a direct and indirect effect, the direct influence is the reduction of agricultural land, while the indirect effect is shifting the livelihoods of local people to industry and services / trade. Direct and indirect effects are also positive and negative. The positive effect is to create a diversity of economic life and create new jobs that can improve people’s lives. While the negative effect is the emergence of social jealousy from local youth because of the competition in getting a job. Another negative effect is the reduced agricultural land that causes farmers with little land and no skills and low levels of education to be eliminated.

    Positive impacts or benefits that can be taken with the development of industry, among others, Increase the income of the population, which will increase prosperity, Produce various goods required by the community, Enlarge the usefulness of raw materials. So the more raw materials that are processed in the industry itself, the greater the benefits gained, Expanding employment for the population, Reducing Indonesia’s dependence on foreign parties, The plantation industry can provide additional results for farmers, Stimulate the community to increase industry knowledge, Expand human economic activity, so it does not necessarily depend on the natural environment. Indonesia has very favorable factors for the development of the industry, because as follows, Wealth of abundant raw materials such as rubber, tin, timber, iron, bauxite, Traffic and transportation facilities progressing, Large population as a consumer market and as a factor energy, the existence of government assistance and protection, moreover Indonesia always cooperate with other countries.

    And negative impact industrial development on the one hand provides positive impacts but also leads to negative changes, such as pollution to the environment around the industry such as clean water pollution, noise noise pollution and air pollution. In addition to environmental pollution, negative impacts occur, among others, potential conflict due to social jealousy between indigenous villagers and migrants in terms of ease of access to jobs, especially in the industrial sector.

    In conclution, industrial development brings many advantages, it still has a negative impact. about the negative impact of industrial development that is the occurrence of environmental pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and others that endanger the survival of all creatures of the earth. Environmental pollution caused by water pollution ie small rivers that exist today are contaminated with substances chemical ingredients derived from industrial waste disposal, air pollution causes unpleasant air smells that interfere with breathing. However, in order for industrial development to have a big role in regional development, domestic investment in industry can be improved by reducing and even preventing negative impacts from industrial development.


  35. Nama : nilva winda
    Npm : 16040005
    Sesi : 2016/ A
    Cause effect :

    Drug is something very danger to using in circle teenagers. In this time many teenagers using drug although they are know about the bad effects form that thing. So we must to take care about dangerous of drug to teenagers, when they using a drug they just feeling happines, also cannot to controlling themself. Much teenagers after using drug they often doing bad attitude.

    The teenagers using drug because, they want trying a new thing that can make comfortable and free from any problems that is think of them. Not only that but they will no care about environment of themself like : talk hard at people in area, not want to studying for students using a drug, and not respect at they parents.

    There is important to prohibition order teenagers, not using drug any more if they always used drug. They will get some didssease and far away from they parents. And for they future become to be hazy. To make a teenagers not consume drug they parents must giving full attentation, remind them at of the god. In that thing the teacher also helped the student to not using a drug.

    In this time much people having a difficulties to handle and controlling the teenagers in using drug. When the people try to remind teenagers they only throwing what the people say and dont care about that. Because they not feel make a problem and think only they is true in the world. When they using drug.

    In conlussion drug is form, a danger thing can make people or teenagers become influences and having many problems in they life. For teenagers they must be carefull to avoiding in using drug. When using drug we will far away from friends, parents, and the environtment. So we needed to eradicate the drug and controll your self.


    1. Nama : nilva winda
      Npm : 16040005
      Sesi : 2016/A

      Using drug in circle of teenagers

      Cause effect :

      Drug is something very danger to using in circle teenagers. In this time many teenagers using drug although they are know about the bad effects form that thing. So we must to take care about dangerous of drug to teenagers, when they using a drug they just feeling happines, also cannot to controlling themself. Much teenagers after using drug they often doing bad attitude.

      The teenagers using drug because, they want trying a new thing that can make comfortable and free from any problems that is think of them. Not only that but they will no care about environment of themself like : talk hard at people in area, not want to studying for students using a drug, and not respect at they parents.

      There is important to prohibition order teenagers, not using drug any more if they always used drug. They will get some didssease and far away from they parents. And for they future become to be hazy. To make a teenagers not consume drug they parents must giving full attentation, remind them at of the god. In that thing the teacher also helped the student to not using a drug.

      In this time much people having a difficulties to handle and controlling the teenagers in using drug. When the people try to remind teenagers they only throwing what the people say and dont care about that. Because they not feel make a problem and think only they is true in the world. When they using drug.

      In conlussion drug is form, a danger thing can make people or teenagers become influences and having many problems in they life. For teenagers they must be carefull to avoiding in using drug. When using drug we will far away from friends, parents, and the environtment. So we needed to eradicate the drug and controll your self.


  36. Liza Aulia Gustina


    Writting II

    Cause-Effect Essay

    Bicycles can cause accidents

    People around the world has known bicycle since a long time ago. When bicycle invented for the first time, it has function as transportation equipment, people used it to go everywhere, but now bicycle can be used as exercises equipment, or just for hobby. When people ride a bicycle, accident can happened . This bicycle accident can be caused by the broken equipment, weather condition, or the biker’s carelessness.

    The failure of the equipment can be one of the cause of the bicycle accident. For example, if the brake of the bicycle do not work well, it can be problem for a biker, because without a brake, bicycle can not controlled well too, especially when a biker rides in steep descent, or if a biker wants to hit something. There are many another equipments of the bicycle can be the root of the problems in a bike, such as handlebar, tire, etc. The equipment also can not work proper if it or they have been out of their work time, too old. The bikers should take care and give attention to the bike’s equipment to keep away the accident from them when they ride their bike. Therefore it is important for the biker to check everything before they ride their bicyle. This is can be the best way for the biker to avoid the accident caused by the failure of the bike’s equipment. The safety of  riding bicycle can create by the biker itself.

    Weather condition can be another cause of the bicycle accident, such as in the rainy and windy situation. In the rainy situation, the water may impair the brakes and obstruct the brakes. Besides of it, in the rainy weather, a biker also has difficulties in controlling the bike because of the wet road they through. In windy weather I think it is imposible to handle the bicycle as good as in the good weather, because it may cause the bicycle unsteady. The bikers should pay attention in weather if they want to ride for exercise or just riding around a place. They should not ride after the big rain or when the wind flow fast around the bikers.

    The last cause of the bicycle accident is the carelessness of the biker. If the reason above are include to non human factor, this is the human factor that can cause bike accident. This is the most happen to the bikers when they ride. Sometimes they do that by their awareness or they do that just because it is a habit. Sometimes the bikers do not care about the traffic signs. They stop in the place where they should not stop. This carelesness is the number one of the cause of bicycle accident in riding bike. To avoid the accident which caused by this factor, the bikers should give attention more in traffic sign and focussed well when they ride a bike.

    In conclusion, there is some factor which can caused bicycle acccident such as the broken equipment of the bike, the weather, and the human carelessnes. Actually this aciident can be avoid if every biker check their bike’s equipment before they go by bicycle, do not ride in bad weather, and improve their awareness of traffic sign. It is better to prevent than we have to treat. We can make ourselves safe if we can create the safety way in riding bicycle.


  37. Name : Salsabila Afifa
    Sesion :16B
    Npm : 16040035

    About Writing

    Writing is something very fun, the more advanced the times of so many writers or writings are very popular and famous. Many ways are done by people with writing, and with their writings can be famous in the world even national and international. There are many ways in this modern age to recognize our writing to the public, just by entering our writing to the internet people will know, and if our writing is interesting and nice people will visit it a lot, and also can introduce our writing by publishing books. Writing makes us rich in science, the author generally likes to read, by reading that the author enriched his knowledge and also his insight. About this writing there are still many who do not like it for different reasons so entrenched the nature of lazy to read.

    Causes of the people who writter have different reasons such as: there are indeed hobbies and habits of writing and also motivated to write because many of his books have been read as a result, the reader has a strong desire to become a writer. The ability of a writer is something that is not owned by everyone due to, a writer must be able to make readers interested in his good writing. A writer is able to provide facts and compose words as well consequently, the reader carries the in his writings that are in accordance with reality and can be believed that it is a reality, although it is only in a book. Causes of stringing that word are many people who can not, due to lack of understanding and insight and even lack of reading also includes the characteristics of people who are difficult to string words. When expertise in stringing words is not owned, it is very influential to someone who is given the task to make a article even paragraphs. When a person who does not like to write on assignment by teacher or lecturer usually does not like or irritate because thinking that writing is so difficult and boring.

    The habit of writing is not just a book, writing habits can be applied in the status of our social media, starting with giving a phositive sentence, we can make this habit as the main way to become a writer. If you want to be a writer through social media, there are rules and if the form of information adjusted to the fact that there is no make-up let alone bullying against the status or other authors. Being a writer does not mean free to write or provide information in ways that are not in accordance with the facts or hurt others in the paper as a result, misunderstanding that involves the author even to the legal path due to human rights concerns. Then give the best writing to give a positive change consequently, being a writer is not just a hobby but also helps the community in shaping a good personality and also provide useful information. The author must always keep his ethics in making a writing, not to incite readers falling into negative things and even crimes such as: porn stories that resulted in misguided readers that hurt others due to his passion, how to steal and even how to hypnotize someone to easily take the property his.

    Many ways if we want to become a writer, especially in today’s technology has been sophisticated, by utilizing the internet we can learn online so anything we want to learn just by pressing the button we can get a science that we want. By attending a seminar related to writing, we also can learn a lot, because of the seminar was in the sentus people who know how to write, how to start it, how to publish it, in seminars related to the writing will be discussed such as: seminar with asthma nadia whose book has been famous and his novel is also a lot in the film. Being a writer is not as easy as turning the palms so it takes patience and sincerity to our writing in the know and in the community. All the writers also have problems to introduce the paper to be liked by the public due to, not all circles who have the same taste to read a story or information, thus making a lot of different writings until finally he knows how a writing is liked by everyone though by repeating many times. The key depends on ourselves, if we want to be sure we can be due to success depends on how much effort we do and our efforts will not betray the results.

    In conclusion, writing is not a difficult one, it all depends on our efforts and our desire to become a writer. Success is only achieved by people who always motivate themselves toward the fositive and never give up to try for the success of a work. A good human being is always concerned with ethics and gives something useful to others. When trying not to be satisfied just with our greatness in acknowledging some people, but try to make our efforts successful and happy all people and family. For the sake of success, look for something different so that in appreciation and in everybody’s liking, chase success, do not wait for time to succeed due to time will not wait for us, start moving from now until there is nothing that complicate us in to success.


  38. Name : Nindalagu saputri
    NPM : 160400710/16C


    Adolescence is a fun time. Adolescence can also be interpreted as the process of searching one’s identity. In search of identity, many of the teenagers are trapped in promiscuity because their age is mostly still unstable and unable to control himself. Among teenagers today, promiscuity has reached a very high point of concern. This essay discusses some of the causes and effects that result from promiscuity.

    Free intercourse can be caused by many factors, one of them from broken home family. The broken home family is a family in which the problem is causing the loss of harmony within the family. If the family has broken home, most of them are difficult to fix. In a broken home family, the child is often depressed when they see both parents quarrel. Children also feel the lack of affection derived from both parents because they are too busy with their respective affairs. In addition, broken home family makes the child feel the lack of supervision and accountability in the can from both parents.

    From the broken home family, the negative impact on the child. As a result children often feel bored when lingering at home. The child feels the house is a hell for her so that the child spends more time in forbidden places, such as discotheques or other entertainment venues. Children feel where the forbidden place to get the peace. This is what makes children often do not go home.

    Free association can also be caused by an unhealthy environment. In an unhealthy environment it causes the child is disturbed in its development. In unhealthy environments too, children are often susceptible to new things. With an unstable age the child is not able to control himself so always want to try and know it even if it is dangerous for him. When looking at developments in the environment, children often want to be spelled out slang by his friends. For children, the term slang is more confident even more great.

    The unhealthy environment, causing the wrong child in mingling. When the child is unable to control himself, then the child is also trapped in promiscuity. With the unhealthy environment of children affected and falling into the use of drugs to overdose and die. Children are also often involved in brawl or motorcycle gang that is considered troubling the community. In addition, many children engage in sexual relationships that exceed adults causing them to get pregnant out of wedlock. In fact, children also commit nasty and inhumane actions to cover up their disgrace by abortion even if they know the consequence.

    In conclusion, promiscuity has a cause and effect of various factors, one of which is broken family home and unhealthy environment condition. Therefore, in association we must be able to sort out the friendship. Place yourself as a good and proper teenager in accordance with the demands of religion and norms in order to avoid these negative things. In addition, the role of both parents are very influential on the development of mental harmonies of children.


    NPM : 13040171
    CLASS : 16C
    Junk Food Is Much Its Kind And Easily To Found

    Junk food or usual known as fast food is product foods was in common and have become incredibly global at the moment. The term “ junk food “ in generally referred to food that can be served quickly and food containing many calories but having nutritional value few in number. They consume a kind of food are junk food, even people will not feel satisfied, this will cause a man eating with excessive, which will going to get someone troubled with weight and also his health.

    There are some types of fast food that is fried-snack vendor. Food it has high in calories, a fat content or oil and high an oxidant. When consumed to constantly can cause obesity, of coronary heart disease. Food or next canned meat, the nutrition and proteins from food it has been changed the nature of two absorption. Next food canned or tinned meat, nutrition and protein content of food has been in the midst of adversity to change the nature of its absorption. In addition food canned has high glucose. The third one is in its manufacturing process pickle needed the addition of salt significantly, that can be resulting in deposits of the salt the food intemperate, add on the kidneys. Of processed meat food like a sausage, where containing nitrite salts that can cause cancer as well containing preservative or dyes expense of the heart.

    Fast food also popular cause that like to fast food west version of this is from consumed by the children, teenagers, to the elderly. That they would rather ate fast food than of healthy food. Because they have a great variety of taste and make those of us who consuming it be hooked. Lazy cooking because busy also makes people buy fast food that is for being an can delivery for 24 hours. And to those who are more inclined to choose food with his work stress this because of the absence of the sense of simple and curious to the taste of that food. For example advertising on television, radio, a newspaper, magazine etc.

    Unwittingly those put behind how bad things that occurs when too often consume fast food like to public health can cause a rise in weight. This quickly especially for children and caused diabetes as it cannot be well set the level of blood sugar. This risk will increase when someone obese, or diet high in carbohydrates. Besides fast food can also induced malnutrition because they do not eat healthy food.

    In conclusion, junk food is the food served quickly and food containing much calories but having nutritional value little numbers. Food is much colors and easy. Fast food as many popular those because they have an assortment of taste and making a person consume be hooked so they do not realize the impact of consume fast food is to excess. impact to be found not felt at the beginning of consumption, But the long term effects. Public health impaired as the weight or obese.


  40. Nama : Sisri Handayani
    NPM :16040059
    Sesi : 2016 B
    Tugas Writing II
    Causes Effects Of Why A Person Is Difficult To Concentrate

    Difficulty concentrating many experienced by some people in carrying out its activities. This is a problem that must be addressed and known cause. There are three factors that make a person difficult to concentrate.

    First, someone who breaks irregularly will feel less concentration in the move. We know, rest is very important to make the body fit in the activity. A person who lacks rest will quickly experience fatigue and often feel sleepy. For example, we often see our friends in the classroom sleepy, limp and not this spirit for lack of rest. So, he does not focus on the material provided by his teacher.

    Second, the cause of someone difficult to concentrate is less drinking water. We know that water contains many minerals needed by the body. Power concentration depends on the health condition of the brain organ. If, lazy to drink water makes the brain organ will experience a lack of fluid so that someone will have difficulty concentrating and difficult to solve the problem. In the world of health is recommended to drink plenty of water because white water has many benefits for the body. For example, someone who is not drinking water will be dehydrated. It will also make a person unable to concentrate.

    Third, the cause of someone who is difficult to concentrate is not breakfast. One of the human needs in the world is to eat. In a state of hunger, concentration becomes messy and the focus is split. Many things we would feel if breakfast did not. We will experience our stomachs so we lose concentration. Meanwhile,it will arise the impact of the causes that have been described that will feel by someone who is difficult to concentrate. Like, what if the immune system will decrease someone will be difficult to concentrate. Furthermore, if the lack of drinking and lack of food intake will cause all activities performed will not work properly because it is difficult to concentrate.
    In conclusion, there are three reasons why a person is difficult to concentrate such as, resting, drinking less water and not consuming food or breakfast. The cause will cause an unfavorable impact such as lack of focus in do activities so that the results are not as expected.


  41. Name : Astari Ningsih
    NPM : 16040009
    BP / Sesi : 16/A

    Water Pollution
    Water is the source of life that exists on Earth. As one the planet in the solar system, the Earth has a very large water content. Even when viewed from outer space, we will see the blue color on Earth tends to be more than other colors. This indicates that the waters are larger and more than the land is on Earth. We all can not deny that water can not be separated in everyday life. Humans and other living things desperately need water to be able to meet the needs of his life. In the body of humans and other living things are needed fluids, and water that fills the needs of the liquid. That is why humans and animals need to drink.

    Water pollution is a change of state in a water reservoir such as lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater due to human activities. Lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater are an important part of the human life cycle and are one part of the hydrologic cycle. In addition to also drain the water drain sediment and pollutants. Various kinds of functions are very helpful to human life. The greatest utilization of lakes, rivers, oceans and ground water is for agricultural irrigation, raw materials of drinking water, as rain water and waste water drainage, and even potentially as a tourist attraction. Although natural phenomena such as volcanoes, storms and earthquakes also result in major changes to water quality, this is not considered pollution.

    Water is basically a very pure natural resource and comes from within the Earth with a clean state. The contaminated water is impure water because it is mixed with various processed or waste materials, as well as other chemicals. The first cause of water pollution is waste. In addition to waste, waste is also often the cause of water pollution is very commonly found. Then what triggers the occurrence of other water pollution is the use of explosives when fishing. Water pollution other than caused by various chemicals and also human activity, it can also be caused by various natural factors. Natural causes that cause water pollution are like the rest of the metabolism of living things that are directed to the sea.

    The impact of the most common water contamination we encounter is the decrease in oxygen levels present in the water. water pollution will cause the water to become dirty so that the water reserves that exist on Earth will be reduced because a lot of polluted water. Water pollution will also disrupt the balance of the water ecosystem. Water pollution will also cause a variety of natural or catastrophic events to occur. Disasters that have the potential to arise from water pollution include erosion, flooding, and landslides.

    How to deal with water pollution, ie using water wisely. Reduce water use for less useful activities and use the right amount. Reduce the use of detergents. As much as possible choose a detergent that is environmentally friendly and can decompose in nature quickly. Reduce consumption of harmful chemical drugs. Hazardous chemical drugs such as pesticides, and mosquito coils are one of the causes of the destruction of the aquatic ecosystem. Do not use the river to wash cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Not using rivers for rides to bathe livestock and as a place for latrines. And do not throw household waste in the river or lake. Manage household garbage well and try to plant trees on the banks of rivers or lakes. Be aware of the continuity of water availability by not damaging or exploiting the water source so as not to be contaminated. Optimizing the implementation of critical land rehabilitation aimed at enhancing underground water conservation. Tackling damage to land disposal of B3 waste disposal.


    Instant noodle

    Instant noodle is not a strange kind of food in our ears. In fact maybe we’re one of the food enthusiasts on this one. So many love this food. Because people like to eat noodles is because make it easy, his name is instant noodles then it does not need any special skills to make it. But it also tastes delicious, because instant noodles provide various flavors. There is a taste of fried noodles, chicken onion taste, chicken curry flavor, and chicken soup. And instant noodles that the price is very affordable. But frequency eat instant noodles also bad for health.

    Firts,eating instant noodles that are too frequent or routine can cause liver damage. Instant noodle contains hazardous substance one of them Proplene Glycol which obviously damage and disturb the work of the liver. Furthermore, Increase cholesterol levels. Foods that can raise cholesterol levels not just food coconut milk or various seafood but it turns out Instant Noodle also become one of the foods that can increase cholesterol levels because of the high salt content. Next, decrease metabolism. The chemicals in Instant Noodle can also lower our metabolism. Do not think Instant Noodle can energize us because Instant Noodles will only give a little energy and reduce our metabolism back because of these chemicals and many more.

    The second, instant noodles not only cause damage to the liver but can also cause cancer. Because instant noodles terspat Styrofoam substances, which will react if dissolved with hot water. Shrofoam is soluble exposed to hot water is a carcinogen (cancer-triggering toxins) when nesting in the human body and if it continues to accumulate can lead to cancer. In addition to instant noodles can cause cancer, instant noodles can trigger headache. Instant noodle contains a lot of MSG. MSG is not very good for our body and brain. Consuming MSG can give a mild to serious effect. Simply put, it is a headache. MSG can trigger headaches because the body does not receive this harmful substance.

    Instant noodles are foods that interfere with the absorption of nutrients. This is very dangerous, especially in small children who are growing flowers. This is thought to interfere with the absorption of nutrients, so in children under five can cause them to be late to grow. It is advisable to keep away from children, only to provide healthy and nutritious foods that support their growth in order to grow optimally and healthy for their future.

    In addition, instant noodles can also cause obesity, hypertension, stroke to heart disease. Instant noodles if consumed give a filling effect. But after that in a few hours later we will again feel hungry. Though calories and carbohydrates in Instant Noodles already a lot. This tends to make us eat several fold. What’s more, not a little that juxtapose Instant Noodles with rice. Instant noodles are also included in junk food or foods that are poor in vitamins. Eating Instant Noodles too often can trigger heart disease.

    In conclusion, there is no doubt that instant noodle is a favorite food of most people. Not only tastes good, how to make it very practical and the price is very affordable. Indeed, noodles actually contain carbohydrates – just like rice, but to worry about is the presence of certain chemicals including preservatives and spices. Eating instant noodles that are too frequent or routine can cause liver damage, cancer, cholesterol levels, heart disease, obesity, and many diseases that will be caused if too often mengkosumsi instant noodles. Indeed the human body has its own system to filter these substances, but if the frequency exposed then the organs such as the intestine and liver to the kidneys can give up also in the end.


  43. Nama: Titik dwi slopa
    Npm: 16040036
    Tugas :Writing
    Paragraf cause effect essay

    cause effect Flood

    Flooding is caused by human activities, because human are not able to keep the the water overflows and enters the surrounding area. Floods aften occur in riverside area or area that used to be a garbage recharge area. And also in areas prone to flooding . this disaster usually occurs in the rainy season with hign rainfall and long duration.can lead to its lack of cleanliness and flooding can cause natural and sosial factors.

    The first ,floods are caused by two factors: natural and sosial factors. Natural factors are the causes that come from natural itself. And nature produces heavy rain that goes down continuously so that the river water overflows. So that water can not flow because the water will spread in all directions and enter the settlement of citizens. Nature can also cause the narrowing of the river as a result of erosion so that in flows into the river and causes the river’s diminishing capacity.

    The second,sosial caused floods ,the factors that often cause flooding. This happens because of the human habit itself that often causes the destruction of nature because human often throw garbage in the river. And causes the surface of the river to become shallow because of the garbage that accumulates. And as people also set up their houses or other buidings in the riverside waters.

    The after,shallow surface of the river causes the river to be unable to accommodate the flowing water. Because the water in large quantities and also causes the soil can not absorb water. Due to heavy rainfall. And causing water to overflow in all directions and large amounts of water to flow into residential areas. The water causes the houses flooded and the impact of flooding homes become damage.

    In conclusion ,flood is a human act. Because the river man’s deeds become his victims. Because humans do not maintrain the nature and the river well,then there was a flood that made the houses flooded and damaged by the flood. Therefore keep nature as well as possible so that the wild is free from the flood.


  44. Name: Lara Dwi Khairanisa
    Npm: 16040019
    2016 A
    Essay cause effect


    Social media are inseparable from today’s people, children, teenagers, and parents. Social media is another world where everyone can share information freely, both general information and personal information. Various types of social media are very popular today such as, fecebook, BBM, instagram, and much more. The goal of social media is to make it easier for people to share information with the public. However, social media has many negative consequences for children, teenagers, and parents.

    The negative impact of social media first is social media as a place of fraud. When connecting through social media, we only deal with indirectly. Although there is now social media that facilitates us with video call feature, it will not rule out any crime. An example of facebook, facebook is a social media that is very liked by the entire community. And so many scams from the social media. Therefore, its use must be careful that we do not become victims of social media.

    Almost everyone who has enough phones to have facebook. Facebook becomes the most common place of fraud. Fraud is done ranging from just installing fake photos, put a picture that is not good to see, to money scams. The way that is often used is installing fake photos, beautiful or handsome then attract attention to other facebook users. From it will happen money scam. This is certainly very detrimental to us.

    Besides social media will make users busy so they are always aloof. Because users will be busy seeing their social media accounts. So they ignore the surrounding environment. Social media users are unwilling to communicate directly with the public. And they prefer to communicate through social media rather than face to face. Social media seemed to remove the social values that exist in society.

    In conclusion, so much social media impacts on life. If this is not overcome then the creation of an individual society. Individual communities are people who do not care about other communities. Whereas we need others in our lives. In using social media is very important for both teens and parents. Especially for children because if they are too busy with social media then the development will be disrupted.


  45. Name: Kesuma Wijayadi
    NPM: 16040063/C
    The Danger of Food Containing MSG

    Did you know that eating a dish that contains flavor will disrupt health. MSG is a common food additive used as flavoring. MSG is a glutamic acid produced from the fermentation of molasses and food starch fermentation. However, using MSG as a food additive has the potential to cause health problems. The discovery of MSG began with the isolation of glutamic acid by German chemists in the late 1860s. In the 1940s to the present time MSG has begun to be commonly used in kitchen around the world as a flavor of cooking.
    In the country of Indonesia very many foods that contain flavor or MSG. Not only in restaurants or outdoor snacks but also has penetrated into home cooking so it is difficult to find food that uses traditional spices. Even today there are so many diverse food shapes, colors and flavors. Food or drink that carries the taste of fruit or vegetables though, based on many studies that have been found, it still contains flavors that are harmful to health. This is the cause of flavor that is used in various foods are artificial flavors.
    Many consequences or effects will arise if consuming foods containing MSG is continuously and in large numbers of scale. First, the effect on the heart that is Arrhythmia, is a condition where the heart beats abnormally and irregularly as it should. Feeling anxious, is a condition where the heart feels very heavy to beat or sometimes heartbeat beats very slow and feel very anxious. Hypertension, Flavoring can cause the condition of blood pressure increased or decreased in the extreme.
    Second, it can cause effects on the Gastrointestinal system such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, anal bleeding, and flatulence. Third, the effect on the Respiratory system. The danger of taste flavoring can also have an impact on the respiratory system. The consequences of an impaired respiratory system can be fatal if left continuously. Symptoms are like asthma, shortness of breath, chest pain, nasal nose sneezing. If the ingredients in flavoring have been about the circulatory system or the respiratory system, the organs or vessels in the body may experience swelling.
    So the effects of flavoring or MSG consumption should be worth our beware. Reduce consumption of foods that use artificial flavoring. Even many experts argue that the accumulation of MSG over the years can trigger a variety of diseases including obesity, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic diseases. To avoid this, consumers are encouraged to read food labels carefully or better to consume the foods we cook on their own.


  46. SALMAH AINI ( 16040088 )

    The impact of part time for students

    In Indonesia its high unemployment rate makes many residents with low economic level. This low economic population makes people do many ways to stay alive. Especially the problem to the financial experience of students who are less adequate, so plunge into the world of work on the sidelines of campus activity or an empty schedule. For the entry fee is the main goal of students who plunge into the world of work side by without thinking of the impact it produces. another reason he has a slightly empty time on a specified course schedule. The workplace is usually followed by students such as: catering, clothing store, restaurant waiter and some other side jobs that have a little schedule. Why did the student take the part time? Because with a little time he can divide his time with his college schedule. This side job besides making money, there is also its impact for the student.
    In the talking of this part time there are several impacts that resulted, which first seen in terms of academic obtained. On this part time students who can not divide the time by fast, then the academic will be disrupted by his own. Can be seen from the making of tasks of course every student has a very dense task. In making the task as a student who joined the part time will be hunt rush or even not optimal due to exhausted work. And is in a hurry to pursue working time that is close from the time set by the boss or the owner of the business. At the time of the lecture will not focus his students when the lecturer explains the material or other activities in the class if he came to work at night. Which, of course, sacrifices the student’s break time consumed by his part time.
    And secondly, the impact on health that can be by the student. Which at the time of work would need enough energy. This side job is sometimes unnecessary, the way of summoning the work done by his boss was sudden. Of course in health will surely be disturbed as late to eat because hurried to go to chase the call work, then in this health look seen on the student body is not maintained his self in the working condition. Can even be seen unlike the student’s visible from him Who should be students should look neat. On the student’s health should be optimal because many other activities that must be done for the course that smoothly and of course as a student who achievement.
    The last impact is seen from the social aspect of the student. In this part time of course he did a lot of busy activities of course his less social with the campus environment or his close friends. Purpose of not social here that the student is less updated about the existing information either from the office study program or in the class. The lack of social in to participate in the campus like other organizations and activities. On the other hand, in the classroom such as visiting friends who are sick who can not participate in the participation will occur. Because in the pursuit of a side job he will pursue. In that case the less socially disadvantaged student is deeply affected by the social impact in his lack of soul togetherness with other friends. Then do not close the possibility of friends in class do not want to approach him or be friends with her. In here the student will feel there is less if you do not have friends in asking various things such as asking the assignment of lectures or as his.
    Students who can not divide their time by fast or quickly will be very dangerous impact. If the money sent by the parent is enough or less then clever is in me financial management and not once to do side jobs. In conclusion let it be simple in lectures but focused on one purpose.


  47. SALMAH AINI ( 16040088 )

    The impact of part time for students

    In Indonesia its high unemployment rate makes many residents with low economic level. This low economic population makes people do many ways to stay alive. Especially the problem to the financial experience of students who are less adequate, so plunge into the world of work on the sidelines of campus activity or an empty schedule. For the entry fee is the main goal of students who plunge into the world of work side by without thinking of the impact it produces. another reason he has a slightly empty time on a specified course schedule. The workplace is usually followed by students such as: catering, clothing store, restaurant waiter and some other side jobs that have a little schedule. Why did the student take the part time? Because with a little time he can divide his time with his college schedule. This side job besides making money, there is also its impact for the student.
    In the talking of this part time there are several impacts that resulted, which first seen in terms of academic obtained. On this part time students who can not divide the time by fast, then the academic will be disrupted by his own. Can be seen from the making of tasks of course every student has a very dense task. In making the task as a student who joined the part time will be hunt rush or even not optimal due to exhausted work. And is in a hurry to pursue working time that is close from the time set by the boss or the owner of the business. At the time of the lecture will not focus his students when the lecturer explains the material or other activities in the class if he came to work at night. Which, of course, sacrifices the student’s break time consumed by his part time.
    And secondly, the impact on health that can be by the student. Which at the time of work would need enough energy. This side job is sometimes unnecessary, the way of summoning the work done by his boss was sudden. Of course in health will surely be disturbed as late to eat because hurried to go to chase the call work, then in this health look seen on the student body is not maintained his self in the working condition. Can even be seen unlike the student’s visible from him Who should be students should look neat. On the student’s health should be optimal because many other activities that must be done for the course that smoothly and of course as a student who achievment.
    The last impact is seen from the social aspect of the student. In this part time of course he did a lot of busy activities of course his less social with the campus environment or his close friends. Purpose of not social here that the student is less updated about the existing information either from the office study program or in the class. The lack of social in to participate in the campus like other organizations and activities. On the other hand, in the classroom such as visiting friends who are sick who can not participate in the participation will occur. Because in the pursuit of a side job he will pursue. In that case the less socially disadvantaged student is deeply affected by the social impact in his lack of soul togetherness with other friends. Then do not close the possibility of friends selokal do not want to approach him or be friends with her. In here the student will feel there is less if you do not have friends in asking various things such as asking the assignment of lectures or as his.
    Students who can not divide their time by kesit or quickly will be very dangerous impact. If the money sent by the parent is enough or less then clever is in me financial management and not once to do side jobs. In conclussion let it be simple in lectures but focused on one purpose.


  48. Name : Rima yulianti
    Npm : 16040080
    Ssession : C

    Health effects due to bathing at night

    Keeping clean is a form of faith. One of them by way of bathing. Bath is recommended for everyone, in order to cleanse the whole body of the dirt resulting from daily activities. In addition, the bath can also calm and refresh the body. Bathing done at least twice a day, in morning and evening. But, there are still many people who are lazy bathing, or even bathing at a later time with a variety of reasons, one of them bath at night.

    How many effects of the disease caused by the bath at night. First, the lungs are wet. These wet lungs usually develop cough with phlegm, have breathing problems, until the body is shivering. Nevertheless there are still many people who bathe at night. Because they consider this only a myth. But we should be more vigilant in maintaining health, because prevention is better than cure.

    Second, body temperature is disturbed. This is because during the night, the body temperature is more likely to weaken and need adequate rest. If the bath at night and then the pores open again. Then water can enter the body and can cause hormone problems in the body. For example, can be affected by fever. Then use the time at night to rest from the various activities that are done in everyday life. So that the body temperature can be balanced.

    Next, the impact of muscle pain. Now not only parents who are affected by muscle pain, but young people also have a lot of muscle pain. This is also due to cold water at night that enter into the body through the pores. With frequent showers at night, the muscle pain will come on its own regardless of age. That is the reason why parents often forbid their children to take a bath in the night.

    In conclusion, the night bath is very much harm to health. Especially for children who are still in its infancy.


  49. NAMA: Lingga Anggraini
    Npm: 13040031
    Cause- effect essay
    “Fast food”
    In the past, people in the city always ate healthy and fresh food. But today, many people like to eat fast food such as pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken. Many reasons why people prefer to consume fast food.

    There are several reasons why fast food grows quickly in Jakarta. The first reason is changing lifestyles in society. In Jakarta, many people are working in offices or companies. The workers do not have much time to search for food because the working hours are very solid. Advertising is another reason. Jakarta is a big city that through advertising always informs new products to society. For example, internet and television report every day about development of different types of fast food. All of these ads influence people to buy fast food. Moreover, price of fast food is very cheap. Therefore, every day many people buy Hamburger, Pizza and other fast foods.

    However, fast food has a negative effects on the people of Jakarta. The greatest influence is the effect on health. It can be seen from many people in Jakarta became fat because of these foods. As a result, these people will become less productive and have a condition such as heart disease and diabetes. Another consequence of the fast food is losing tradition of eating together with family at home.
    Now, children and adults rarely eat together at home. As a result, parents and children seldom communicate each other. The next effect is on the economy. Fast food is not too expensive, more expensive when cooking at home; however, all fast food comes from foreign-owned franchise company, so the benefits of these foods for foreigners.

    In conclusion, I think that a lot of people consume fast food in Jakarta because of the lifestyle, the influence of advertising, and low prices. However, I believe that these foods have serious consequences in the community such as health problems, loss of traditional family meals, and economic problems. Therefore, people in Jakarta should leave fast food for a better life.


  50. Name​:Sulisa Irtin Rilianti
    Class​: 16 C
    Internet use of children

    The internet is a global network between computers to communicate from one location to another in the world. such as schools, universities, banks, business firms, radio, tv stations. Internet media is one of the media that can be used to get various information. information about education, job vacancy, news. the internet is also useful as a link for communication to someone far away from the continent or country.
    The role of the internet in the world of children. the world of children is the world’s most fun. in the introduction of internet media to children to introduce information that can be obtained in the use of the Internet as an educational information tool for children via the internet. stages of introduction of the internet to children, children ages 2 to 4 here parents should accompany children in internet use, children ages 4 to 7 children are getting interested in the internet parents should keep watch over children in internet use, 7 to 10 children start looking for information and life social outside the parents also still have to assist children in using the internet,ages 10 to 12 in the pre-teen years more children need a lot of experience this is the right time to further introduce the internet but still with supervision of parents, ages 12 to 14 this is when children start actively in social life children will be more interested in online chat parent role overseeing the child in excessive use of the internet what else in terms of online chat, ages 14 to 17 in this child will better understand what exactly the use of the internet and children will be more tau things what may and should not but constant supervision of parents still exist.
    Why the use of the internet is the most widely used communication medium to connect to everyone in the world. as a medium of data exchange with the use of email, newsgroups, can exchange information degan quickly. information search media or data about jobs, news, times, education. ease in the internet will be useful to the public know what is happening. as an information field in education, culture, and employment.
    Effect for internet about to child, Internet pornography is one of the number one business in the online world, a child who is addicted to pornography will be difficult to stop his habit will continue to do continuously. sexual predators every day who take advantage of existing in the internet chat room (chat room) to acquainted invite to have sex. Internet addiction of a child will be angry if there is a limit to use the internet, the lack of social children against peers, family, society because continuously engrossed in using the internet.
    Conclusion in the use of internet to children, the use of internet in children is actually important but in accordance with the age and needs of children obtained from the internet. therefore in the use of internet people old very important role to be closer to children who use internet. There parents should ssssupervise the child in using the internet and what they see from the internet, because not always the internet is bad for children as long as appropriate in using the internet is not that plunged into the negative things that affect the growth and deed child.


  51. Nama : Ranti Fitriyani
    Npm : 16040050
    Sesi : B

    Too Often Eat Noddles

    Noodles is a food product that is often consumed by the community. Noodles also include favorite food of some people, besides delicious, the way of making is also pratical. Various forms of noodles can be found in various places. Difference noodles occur because of the mixture of material and processing techniques. All noodles are processed by hand, without machine. Currantly according to the times, now noodles are made with machine.

    The development of noodle products is quite a lot of, many basic noodle recipes are modified so that many supplements that can be incorporated into the product. Such as vegetables, spices, tubers, and animal materials. Basic components in the manufacture of noodles are flour, eggs, water, salt, and oil. There are some additives such as sodium polyphosphate, sodium kabonate and Pottasium carbonate that act as acids. In addition, noodles are also added yellow dye. Therefore, consumption of noodles naturally.

    The main reasons why these health thereatening foods are still consumed are their filling effects, low prices, and pratical manufacturing pratices. In addition, this noodles is in every area. Another cause is how to cook this noodle to taste, because every person taste difference. While being hungry does not take a long time to cook it. In addition, noodles are an easy meal under and how to eat relaxed. That is why everyone likes this food.

    There are some effects if consuming too often the noodles that ingredients that use chemicals, will accumulate in the body, high blood pressure, increase the risk of cancer, liver damage, kidney failure, obesity, and heart disease. Everyone knows that noodles are foods that not good for consumption. But still consumed with a lot of portions. But until now this food is still sold and sold out. Because it is to follow the taste and do not think about his health.

    In conclusion, keep your health and do not consumed too many foods that contains lost of chemicals. A healthy body will be spared from a deadly disease. In addition, keep the food hygiene to be consumed. Health is the blessing of God that we should be grateful for. Without health we can not do anything we want.


  52. Wahyu Utami
    16040087 /16 C
    Cause-Effect Essay
    Married at young age
    Marriage is not easy thing to live. Before deciding it, need to a lot of concideration of the consequences that must be ready to face and passed someone who was taken the option to get married. Nowadays very many newly married couples in very young ages. Not always married is bad and not forever married is good.
    Someone who marries at a young age, it’s hard to be like a married person as an adult. Youth that can not be said satisfied, can make a little marriage disrupted. The lifestyle of youth will remain carried away after marriage. In fact, not infrequently who still like other friends despite being married. Likes hanging out, crawling, looking for entertainment, etc.
    Like any circumstances, getting married at a young age can not directly make a person mature. Although demanded to be like that, married couples from early marriage is difficult to mature. In solving the problem, still rely on emotions in doing so. Even worse could not find a solution to its own problem.
    At the time, they get married the routines in new life often make those who marry at young age make them shocked and even frustrated with the greater responsibilities and obligations. So they are not able to adapt to changes that occur. They are also very susceptible to depression so as not to make him happy post marriage.
    Married at young age obviously makes a woman must be willing to sacrifice a career that is actually still able to achieve at his age now. The great responsibility then makes him sacrifice what has been his hope or aspiration in the future.
    Whatever decision we choose, marriage is a matter of choice. At whatever age you marry, as long as you can overcome obstacles well, then the marriage will be a medium that gives happiness and lessons that benefit us


  53. Alif Joza Putra
    Cause and Effect Essay

    Facebook As Social Media

    Facebook is a social networking website where users can join communities such as cities, work, schools, and regions to connect and exchange with others. Because, people can also add their friends, send messages, and expect personal profiles so others can see about Facebook’s self-sustaining network also developed for high schools and some big companies. Since September 11, 2006, people with any email address can register on Facebook. Users may choose to join one or more of the available networks, such as by top-level, workplace or region.

    Therefore, Facebook (FB) is a social network that is also used to update status, and is also a tool of modern communicating. Facebook (FB) has attracted many people’s interest in general. Facebook has also hypnotized thousands and even millions of teenagers in this world including children have now been familiar with facebook. Facebook is the first time in the United States which then entered the State of Indonesia. Facebook is also able to change the usual behavior patterns become unusual. In our dealing with facebook we will know the positive and negative impact of facebook in education towards the development of youth behavior. We can specify the following:

    Consequently, Facebook makes us able to find old friends, or our friendships get to the outside countries. Facebook can be one effective means as a site to offer goods. As we know, a lot of online stores that offer merchandise through facebook. Surely this is beneficial for both parties. Both buyers and sellers. Facebook can cheer me up and reduce the boredom of course, when I get bored, I just update the status, then also comment on my status my friend, simple aja, but it is very entertaining. I also can play games on facebook which I think is very fun. “Once the narrative of one of the facebook users.

    Facebook can also have a negative impact if we do not use it wisely. The news is heard from a girl in Indonesia who escaped from his residence along with a man who in know through social networking site facebook. Even the girl had admitted to her parents that she had been staying together at the hotel with the new man in the know. That’s just a little picture of the negative impact caused by the popularity of facebook. There are still many negative impacts that occur if we do not use facebook wisely. For example, facebook makes us linger in front of the computer just to update status or upload photos. Facebook can cause addiction if we do not use it properly. In essence, everything can have a positive and negative impact. It depends on how we use it. If we use it properly, then we will get

    Facebook places for us to share information and get information from people from all over the world. We can use facebook well if we use it wisely. Facebook can also have a negative impact if its users do not use it wisely.


  54. Name : An Nisa Hasanah
    NPM : 160400652
    Session : 2016B
    Cause-effect essay

    Cause of Sibling Rivalry

    Having siblings is important thing and very valuable by someone in everywhere. But, not everyone can get along and peaceful with his siblings. Probably, nothing upsets parents more on a daily than the constant fighting between children in the family. Children are learning and interact with their siblings at home or with their friends in outside. Some rivalry or conflict who happend is to be expected among siblings actually considered a normal part of grow up children.

    Sibling rivalry is a common problem which faced by parents. sometimes parents are also hard to make their children become peaceful. Not to forever, the siblings can be brother or sister. They can also be fierce enemies. And even there are also brothers but like not know with each other.

    There are several cause of sibling rivalry. The first is jealousy. Jealousy is one of the problems that exist in family. Usually, this problems is occur because children feel his parents more be affection to her brother or sister then he. While it is often true that a parent may be in some way closer to one of their children than another. For example, if their parents buy a new clothes to her brother, surely sister will also ask. If not it will be sibling rivalry.

    The other cause of sibling rivalry is affection. Every child should get the same affection. Do not distinguish one from the other. For example, if you have children who are close together in age, it can also be sibling rivalry. This is because you will have to give the children each the same kind of attention. the difference of affection will make the child feel that the parent is not.

    As the result, there are several cause of sibling rivalry. The parents must give affection and attentionn to their children. So that siblings rivalry do not happend.


  55. Causes and Effects of Stress on Children

    Stress is a response to factors or situations that negatively affect a person’s physical, emotional, or psychological. Stress is good in small amounts because it motivates someone who makes it more productive. However, too much stress is also very harmful to someone. Stress can interfere with one’s daily life. Most people assume that stress affects only adults. However, statistics show that stress also affects children.

    Children face strong pressure from their environment. Persistent pressure on children is harmful to activity, health, and development. There are a number of causes and effects of stress on children. Stress can be caused by negative and positive situations. Children who live in harsh environments, both physical and emotional, experience stress. Therefore, they alienate themselves from their friends. Parents who constantly scold their children are also the cause of stress. Fear that is manifested in children makes it difficult for them. Events such as accidents, loss of loved ones, and rejection also cause stress in children.

    The biggest stress effects experienced by the brain. The brain controls all the stress mechanisms in the body making it the main stress organ. Johnson states that the vulnerability of children’s brains is due to the fact that they continue to grow and develop. Constant pressure in children interferes with the development of the brain and compromises its normal function. Studies have shown that children who are under stress have smaller brains. Toxic stress damages brain circuit connections resulting in smaller brain development. The prolonged period of stress in children affects their nervous and immune systems. The stress hormone is released when the child is exposed to stress. The hormone cortisol, which is released as a result of stress, suppresses the immune system. It makes a person vulnerable to illness and infection.

    Depression, eating disorders, and chronic diseases can also cause stress in childhood. The effects of stress include personality changes, aggression, and irritability. Children who experience stress are likely to experience the frustration and alienation of friends and family. They spend more time alone and are less motivated. Children who experience stress exhibit behavioral changes. They may be more disobedient, often quarreling, stuttering, and often crying.

    In conclusion, stress in children has many causes and consequences. The idea that stress attacks only adults is wrong. Too much stress, very detrimental to a child’s life. Stress affects the physical, emotional, psychological, and social aspects of the child. It is clear that stress affects the nervous system and the health of the child. Children who experience stress tend to have negative characteristics such as irritability and disobedience.


  56. Syilvi Anwar
    Cause Effect

    Being A fanatic Fans.

    Nowadays people have being a fans. Many actress and actor from other country they already know. Every idol in the world trying to give their best performance. Many people love music and drama in this world. They hear a lot of kind of music and drama. Not only listening to music but also looking for the actress. Fans come from various country and there are also various of fans in this world. There are fanatic fans and normal fans . The most dangerous is being a fanatic fans.

    One of the effect being fanatic fans is damage individual self. Not only dagame for the fans but also damage the idol. For example, there is a fan who always follow the idol whenever the idol go. Started from in the fan city or another city even another country, sometimes a fan like this have goal to bother the idol, it call ‘Sesang Fans’. Sesang fans always follow the idol concert and buy all attribute for concert. Sometime Sesaeng fans buy many tickets and give it free to anther fans who can not buy the ticket. When sesang fans trying to get close with the idol, they will hurt the idol by scratch the idol. This is kind of anarchic fans.

    In addtion, fanatic fans also spend their money to buy a lot of things about the idol. From the small thing like poster and big things that really expensive. Sometime fans is a children. If children want to buy that things they will ask money from their parents. If they did not ge it many way they would do, like lying to parents or maybe steal money. The other case, there is fanatic fans can not accept if the idol get marriage. Hearing the issue idol get marriage is disaster for faanatic fans. Some of them will cry everyday and some of them stop being fans. The most dangerous is the fans will suicide.

    Finally, being fanatic is bad behavior. People can be fan but you should know where damage your self and where it is not. Real fan should take care of their idol. They follow their idol but only for take the idol photo and they standing far away each other. We should to be a nice fans and respect with what the idol performance because the idol always trying to give better for their fans.

    At the end, being a fan is not false. Sometimes we should wise to be fans. Not to hurt your idol but to support them. Fan should not be selfish , idol have their own life, they not only life in entertaint wolrd. If they decided to stop from entertaint world because they have own reason, fan should support them. It is the funtion of real fans. Love your self before you love another people.



    Staying up late is a situation where someone is not staying up late. Humans should normally sleep at least eight hours a day. As for this stay, the hours of sleep is less than six hours. For the young, the term begadang is a common thing, they spend all night just to hang out or have fun beside-roadside, cafe, discotheque, and other places of entertainment. If someone often stay up late into the night, this means it will disrupt our body which will seriously affect our health condition, including:Fatigue and weakening of the body’s immune system.

    Sometimes it can trigger the body and become mentally tired. This is because they are forced to work continuously without any time lag to get enough rest. The impact of fatigue can result in health problems and our body resistance will decrease. This will make our bodies more susceptible to diseases and various types of infections caused by viruses, such as flu, fever, lung infections, intestinal infections, hepatitis, and so forth.
    Headaches and weight gain.

    Persistent sleep loss can result in damage to brain cells that can cause headaches, such as dizziness or headaches. This is because the brain lacks time to rest. Sleep deprivation can lead to disruption of fat metabolism in the body. This will make the hunger tends to increase, which ultimately affects the increase in body weight.
    Affect fertility and insomnia.

    For women, staying up may affect hormone secretion and ovum quality. This tends to affect the menstrual cycle. And for men, staying up may affect the quality and quantity of sperm. The habit of staying up may affect one’s sleeping hours. If at any time he should or want to sleep earlier than usual, he will have difficulty doing so.
    This is because the body has adapted to the habit of staying up all this time.

    In conclusion, even though you have a lot of work to do and various activities, staying up late does not mean a good choice, it will be bad for yourself, your family, and your environment.You should avoid staying too late because it will have an impact on your body’s health the downhill.If staying up is already a duty like work for example, then you should other healthy lifestyle should really apply. Seperi set up a healthy lifestyle by fulfilling your daily nutrition and diligent exercise so that your body is kept healthy. However, if it can be done should stay up late should really be avoided.


  58. Teguh Imam Saputra
    Cause-Effect About Alcohol

    Alcohol drinks are drinks that make a person intoxicated. This drink is very harmful to the body and human health. In Indonesia alcohol is very much the kind of beer or palm wine. Many reasons why people drink alcohol one of them to relieve stress or when there is a big event, event custom. Just in Indonesia who do that
    First, alcohol can cause the liver to swell. This is because alcohol can trigger the liver to work extra to filter the fluid in the body, so the liver becomes swollen because it contains a lot of fluid. The harm that both alcohol causes damage to the human brain. Alcohol will decrease brain function of alcohol addicts, thus increasing the risk of depression and frustration. If this happens, there will be behavioral changes in alcoholics can even go crazy.
    Then, alcohol also decreases our sensory functions. One of them is the eyes that can experience blindness due to alcohol. In addition, alcohol can also accelerate menopause in women because alcohol decreases the function of reproductive organs in women, so they experience menopause faster than the time in general. The last danger, alcohol can also cause defects in the fetus. Alcohol that enters the body of pregnant women also affects the babies in the womb, so they will be born in a state of disability.
    Therefore, the distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Indonesia because it causes illness for the body. In addition, alcohol also makes someone become lazy to do activities. Not only drinks, it turns out alcohol is also used in cosmetic tools. That is to clean the face of the dirt.
    The conclusion is that alcohol is very harmful to the body. Extremely damaging to the body and also resulting in death when consuming excessively.


  59. Yola Puspita
    Cause Effect

    Teenagers and Social Media

    In this modern era, everything looks simpler. The development of technology become increase as the time goes. Every time the company of technology update their technology for interest people. Technology such as computer and internet help human for doing communication. People used social media for communication, because it is effective, easy, and fast to receive. Social media is increasingly used by people especially teenagers. Teenagers become the most of using social media in this era.

    One of the effects of social media is the people now become individual. They busy with their gadget and did not care with people around them. In the old time people had quality time with friends and family. They have conversation when they are meeting each other. They sharing a story and laughing together. While now, they are sharing a story by their social media. For example of the effect is, It makes teenager become introvert and do not want to socialize and afraid to speak in a public place. They are more comfortable with their friends in the social media and a lot of speak in the social media than in the real life.

    In addition, technology make teenagers spent their whole time in the social media. They even forget about their homework of school and their job as a child, helping parents at home, because they are too busy with their life in the social media. Meanwhile, social media is a place for criminal do their job to cheat people. As one case, many teenagers become a victim of rape, because they believe to meet their social media’s friend. Another cheat are about sent money to the criminal, and become of the suspect of their word on social media. People or teenagers need to be careful with their word on social media.

    Finally parents, need to control their children by using technology. They can become a victim or suspect of social media. As teenagers, we should be careful to act in social media and need to limit it. We have to be wise to using social media. Social media can be a positive such as find knowledge, friend, even family.

    At the end, we have be wise to limit using technology and social media. We cannot be a slave of human creation. Parents should give some learns to teenager about how to using social media well. Teenagers can get knowledge if their using social media well. And we can get the positive effect of using social media. While, the important thing, as a teenagers, if we can using social media with well in our life, then we can be good on educated other teenagers or other people.


  60. Firma Lestari 16040078
    2016 C

    The effect of staring at the smartphone screen is too long

    Along with the development of the times and technological advances. Appear various types of objects or electronic devices are all sophisticated examples of communication tools such as laptops, smartphones and laptops. Among the objects or electronic devices that smartphone is an object or technology tool is the most widely used. Among adults, workers, parents and even young children are already using a smartphone. Especially among the students of technology tools such as laptops and smartphones are in need in terms of making tasks and help in the process of walking learning activities well. We can know at this time technology tools in the form of smartphones have become the necessities of our lives that can not be separated. Like for example if we travel without bring smartphone, seemed there is something less. It shows that we are already dependent on the smartphone. But without we realize that using smartphone also have negative impacts and cause various diseases.

    Some symptoms and diseases are caused due to too often staring at the smartphone screen. First impaired vision. Realize we forget the time if it has been preoccupied with the smartphone. We play smartphone for hours and eyes start to feel sore causing disruption of vision. Too long staring at the screen smartphone not only can cause the vision becomes blurred but also resulted in the eyes become swollen and red. Even when staring at the smartphone too and often also can cause the incidence of cataract disease or also can be called with nearsightedness.

    second View becomes blurred. We often stare at the screen smartphone with a long time. What else do we as a students. The name of a communication tool in the form of a smartphone can no longer be separated from the grasp. Maybe that is caused by the need in order to make the task or just other purposes. But without realizing it can damage the eyes. The eye sight, which was not initially end-dented, became blurred. For example, when we are too long staring at the screen of smartphones writing on the smartphone screen will look like a vaguely know not clear.

    Third headache. When holding or playing the smartphone the wrong neck position causing headaches. And that’s not all that causes the headache. But when we see or staring at the smartphone screen too long can also be a headache. Headaches can also be caused by the light of the smartphone screen with high contrast. That is not able to be seen by the eye with naked conditions. Should if see or staring at the smartphone screen set the contrast smartphone first to be able to anticipate so as not to experience headaches, when playing a smartphone.

    In conclusion along with technological advances such as sophisticated communication tools such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Among the technology tools that smartphone is a communication tool that is popular and widely used. Now Smartphones are used by every example for example adults, workers, parents, even young children have been using smartphone. Can we know smartphone has become a necessity of life that can not be separated. But without in realizing using a smartphone can result in various diseases. such as visual disturbances, blurred eyes and headaches.


  61. Nama : Dewi Sartika
    Npm : 13040030
    Sesion: 2016 C
    Cause-Effect Essay

    Cause-Effect Essay: The Effect Of Smartphone Or Mobile Phone

    In this era of advanced technology, almost everyone in the world has a mobile device. Whether it is a regular phone or android smartphone , which every day is never separated from the grip of its users. But behind the daily use of mobile phone, there are bad effects that can be caused, which can provide harm to ourselves both in terms of health or social terms. For example :

    The first, can make us anti social. Too long hp play can make us so anti social. This is evident when we’re cool with our smartphones, making us so do not care about others around us. But unfortunately almost all mobile phone users, do the same when being cool to use their phone. Of course this can make the loss of our social sense in the real world, and more concerned wit the virtual world that is in our smartphone.

    Meanwhile, other effects of smartphone or hendphone usage is can decrease eye health. If we play too long smartphone, can also have a negative impact on our eyes. Because the radiation generated by mobile phone screen or smartphonr, can cause the health of our eyes to decline. Moreover, if we play the smartphone in a lying position, can slowly lead to decreased eye function. So to maintain eye health, we better limit the use of smartphones.

    The last impact of the use of smartphones is to interfere with the brain nerve. As we know, that radiation smartphone or mobile phone is quite dangerous for the human body. Because the electromagnetic waves they produce, can cause damage to the nerves of the human brain. More powerful radiation will be generated by the smartphone, when we use it to call. Therefore, using a smartphone can excessively damage the nerves of our brains. To maintain our nerves health, it’s good not to use the smartphone for long, especially to call.

    So the conclusion is the various impacts that can be generated by smartphone or mobile phone, both to health and to our social. Therefore we should avoid excessive use of smartphones for us to avoid the adverse effects caused by smartphone or mobile phone.


  62. Nama : Fitriani
    Npm : 13040019
    Sesion : 2016 C
    Cause effect essay

    Impact of mobile phone for students

    Mobile technology is a technology created by humans to facilitate communication. Advancement of communication technology has many benefits for human life, specifically also beneficial to the world of education, especially in the learning process, both in the process of learning planning, learning management and assessment of learning. Technology products that are currently rampant mobile phone is able to shorten long distances, so that can communicate with each other at the same time and at any time. HP helps a lot of communication between individuals and even between groups with various service facilities provided telecommunication services. Here is the impact of the use of mobile phones for students.

    The first is to divert attention. In reality, HP managed to distract students from the learning process. They pay more attention to HP than all the explanations the teacher gives. Obviously if this condition occurs, then the effect of HP on learning achievements they actually experience. Due to paying too much attention to HP, the teacher’s explanation is ignored. As a result, their achievements-also degenerate. This is one result of HP’s influence on children.

    The second is lower concentration. Concentration is the level of our attention to something. In the context of learning, means the level of attention of students to all explanations and guidance of the teacher. Supposedly, all students’ attention is directed to what they are learning, but HP often takes up most of their time.

    The last is lazy to learn. Children who are addicted to HP, then all the time doing is just play HP and HP. They never think of anything else. For them, the most important thing is HP. If everywhere there is no HP, then it seems incomplete, even some children who do not want to do activities because they do not have HP.

    So the conclusion is the various impacts that can be generated by the mobile phone or mobile phone. Whether it’s a positive impact or a negative impact. Students and students can restrict the use of HP from self-awareness, friend influence, parental upbringing as well as teachers at school. As long as students and students can share time for learning and playing with HP, it does not matter. Study hours are smooth and interspersed with HP play, but do not also till students are hooked on HP, it needs to be limited by parental supervision if at home, and teachers if in school.


  63. Dwi Tania
    Cause-Effect Of Water Pollution
    In this life all living things need water without water in the world there would be not life in this world. Because water is the source of life and will be very dangerous if water suddenly disappears. There are many functions we need from water such as for drinking, washing ,and other necessities. Water that must be consumed by humans and other living creatures is also clean water with clear colour and also does not stinks. But in some areas there are still many living things that use water that has been contaminated. Behind the water pollution that occurs there are causes and effects that are in it. Causes such as plastics and ship waste. While the effects is the extinction of the food chain, disruption of the entire ecosystem and disruption in humans.
    There are many causes for water pollution. The main one is plastics. The reason for that is that plastics take four hundred and fifty years to decompose in the water. Also many companies use plastic and people throw it in the waterways.Such waste includes bags, bottles, cups, straws, cup lids, utensils, six pack holders, cling wrap, fishing line, bait bags, and floats.The second highest cause of water pollution is ship waste. Ship waste is one of the reasons sea water population is polluted. A lot of waste is thrown into the sea just like that.Some people do not care about the impact that will occur from what it does.
    One of the most important issues related to poor water quality is that the entire food chain is impacted drastically or even extinct due to an increasing population.Polluted populations of microorganisms such as plankton, and other small fish.Another problem related to water contamination is the disruption of the entire ecosystem. Ecosystems are a way of interaction between creatures that inhabit a particular region, and are therefore interdependent. But water pollution can greatly damage the delicate relationship between living species that inhabit a particular environment.This, causing increased imbalances in the environment, causes the species to become extinct; whenever the ecosystem suffers, it also affects the condition of our planet in general, and thus, the people who live in it.
    Perhaps the most visible damage from water pollution is connected to humans. For example, diseases such as hepatitis are caused by eating contaminated seafood. Developing country, often found problems with water quality, often experienced cholera outbreak or diphtheria. if there are still many people who use contaminated water, can cause skin diseases, reproductive problems, typhoid fever, and so forth. Moreover, sometimes can cause heavy metal poisoning or pesticides. Because polluted water often contains mercury, plumbum, insecticides, herbicides, and so on.
    In conclusion, as can be seen, water pollution causes a number of serious and negative consequences. It destroys the species of animals that inhabit the oceans and oceans, and disrupts the existing food chain. Water pollution also affects ecosystems negatively, destroys them and thus affects the ecological situation on earth. Both of these factors have an indirect but powerful influence on humanity. As for the direct effects, contaminated water causes people suffering from cholera, diphtheria, skin diseases, reproductive problems, poisoning, and so on. All this means that mankind must pay attention to the problem of water contamination, otherwise it will continue to hurt it self.


  64. M. KHADAFI


    Being possessed is the poeple who lose control themselves. In medically, it is mentioned “Dissociative Trance Disorder (DTD)”. The people who are easy to get possessed are named possesion syndrom. Moreover, the people who get possessed feel something like amazing power that control themselves. Even though, their voice can be changed being another voice like a animal vocie. Based on gender, female is bigger risk to get possessed than male. It is caused female is easier to be influenced than male. Being possessed is related with mystic.

    Generally, there are three main factors which cause the people are easy to get possessed. They are the people who are never worship to their god, the body is not fit, the other is quixotic. In islam religion, the people who are never worship, such as: never praying for five times, never reading Al-qur’an as well as dzikir. It will be easier to get possessed because the evil genie like to approaches the people’s body who are never worship to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Neverthless, if the poeple often do it the evil genie is scary to approaches them because the evil genie will be heat. By keep worship will make us to be protected from the evil genie attack that wants come into ourselves.

    The body is not fit is usually caused often doing activity too over. Moreover, the defense self of the poeople does not function well. It can make the poeple get possessed too. Furthermore, this condition which the people’s body are really tired. Also, that thing cause they have low consciousness level, so their subconscious is easy to be controlled by the evil genie. The people’s body is not fit is easy to get possessed because they have low consciuosness level.

    The people who are often quixotic is usally caused of stress many problems that they get. They who are heavy stress tend to get Insomnia and quixotic in the night. Consequently, their mind fells chaotic so they are negligent from Allah’s helping. Like wise, the poeple who are quixotic is usally their mind is empty. Automatically, their consciuosness level is down, so it is easy to be controlled by the evil genie. Quixotic can open big oppurtunity for the evil genie to get possessed the people’s body.

    In brief, being possessed can happen owing to the people who are never worship to their god, the body is not fit, another is quixotic. The people who are never worship will be easier to get possessed because the evil genie like to approaches the people’s body who are never worship to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. The people’s body is not fit is easy to get possessed because they have low consciuosness level. The people who are usually quixotic have blank mind can open big oppurtunity for the evil genie to get possessed the people’s body. All of that are dangerous thing if we do. We can lose own ourselves and being another self.


    NPM :16040029/A
    The effect of does bot take a prayer.
    many people are Muslim, but many do not practice prayers. whereas prayer is a religious pillar.
    the effect of not performing prayers very much. And much people know the effect of not praying. so many people know, but still many people who do not perform the prayer.

    The frist efect the effect of not performing the prayer is certainly we get sin. Everyone must know with sin, but still many people continue to sin.Everyone is afraid of sin, but they are sometimes unaware of their sin, one of them leaving the prayer. Cause people do not perform prayers and get this sin is one of them busy in daily work.Therefore people easily get sin.

    Then, the effect for people who do not pray is his life that feel restless. for people who do not perform the prayer must feel his life anxious.Cause of this anxious life is one of the effects of not praying. prayer is important for people who are Muslim. If we do not practice prayers we often feel anxious.

    And then the effect of not praying is our easy emotions. because the prayer can hold and manage our emotions. cause of this easy emotion is because if people do not pray then he can not distinguish wrong and right. Therefore prayer is very important. Easy emotions can be fatal to people and themselves.

    Summary, get sins, life feels nervous and easy emotion it all depends from sholat.efect of that is we can go to hell. all people surely do not want to go to hell. if we do not want it then one of us we do praying timely.supaya we do not get sin , life is calm and we are not easy emotions.


  66. Vina Yuanda Sari 16040083


    Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. In Islam wearing the veil and covering a mandatory compulsory for every Muslim, especially women who have aurat(genitals) more than men. But this obligation is not much done by Muslim women. The reason they do not cover the nakedness of them because, assuming closing the nakedness or wearing hijab is a form of self-consciousness is not a duty so that they wait for him more ready to wear the veil and cover the aurat. In addition they consider hijacking restrict their movement to get along with the environment. On the other hand there is also a veiled and covered aurat suddenly remove her headscarf with various reasons such as stress facing problems, the burden of life and also the influence of the environment. Removing the veil when we have been covering for a long time will make us get a lot of losses for both yourself and family.

    There are some impacts caused by a woman removing her hijab, first considered to have no respect for religion. People who are used to us who always close the aurat, then suddenly open it, they will assume we are playing with religion and not respecting religion. Especially today is easily known to many people because of social media, then in an instant we will get many questions even bully from them. They will assume the man who opens his hijab has a bad nature and does not have a strong religious belief. apart from that initially has many friends, after opening the hijab will slowly shunned land.

    Second, family and friends will be surprised and disappointed at the decision to open the hijab. When opening the hijab, parents are the first to be surprised and questioned about the decision. They feel ashamed for not succeeding in educating their children to have good religious knowledge. Parents will be subjected to insults by people around because of the decision of his son. In addition, even close friends will be more questioning the decision. But family and friends will still appreciate the decision because they are the people who know everything about us.

    Next, it is considered to have severe life problems. When opening the hijab will appear another assumption that people who open the veil has a heavy burden of life so find a way to solve the problem is by opening the hijab. Another assumption is considered to be a person who is not patient away from God or even considered a change of religion. The assumption of another bad assumption will always come when opening the hijab. When the circumstances that people who open the hijab will be more depressed feelings. That’s when people around believe the decision to open the hijab is because it has a severe problem.

    In conclusion, many losses are obtained when removing the headscarf and open aurat, both harm to themselves and family. Among them, regarded as not respecting religion, family and friends will be surprised and disappointed, and also considered to have a difficult life problem. So much as any problem in life is just a test of faith that we are able to maintain the belief in God, because by removing the headscarf and opening the aurat is not the best way to solve the problem.


  67. Name: wetri lisya zurianda
    Npm: 16040048

    Difficulty transportation

    In Indonesia have many specific regions. It is exactly in a district Koto Balingka at Sikabau. The place have many problems about transportation. Many regions around have a good transportation and current That region have not got it yet. Many problems transportation in the region not suffice such as, no network, prone of flooding, and lack of teachers.

    The first problem is not network in the village make many people difficult get information from outside the area. Effect backgroundness region do not understand about technological. Effect from no network in this area make generation have not spirit to study. Before that, school in this area always late to get information from the outside. Although about that sofskill who have in the region very nice to so everyone is not foreign when come to at village.

    Next, prone to flooding result the region difficul aquipt need house. When the rain come transportation used is motorcycle in the finally the region must wait assistance from other. Many effect when the region prone to flooding in community. Flooding in this place make each other difficult to get clothing and food. Prone to flooding often happens in this place. When rain it is many people difficulty for get something.

    From both no network and prone to flooding above there are problem seriously is lack of teacher. Reason in the regolion is transportation for go to go there difficult. For example, if rain the teachers can not come to that region for teaching. Effect region which long travel make lass educators in the area. The teacher difficult come to that region because so far from her life. Many teacher to teaching move to that village.

    Over all, many problem in the region make effect bad at the village. YoungGeneration have hard for study. In the absence of adequate facilities such as, no network in that area, prone to flooding and lack of teacher become effect in community life.


  68. Name : Ranita Juliani
    Npm : 16040015/A
    Cause-Effect Essay

    The Effect Using Google Translate of Students

    English subject learn about how students can to understand what they speak, write, read and listen about English. It has the ways to understand it. That all have the concept of subject in English language. English language can be easy if students often practice. Practice can do alone or with friend, example talk with friend in English language. This time students more choose the bad way in learn English language.

    Learn about English language make student think to try translate the words or sentences use the google translate. Therefore this time students more difficult to remember what they write in English language. Different with students who do not use the google translate. They can more remember and understand what they write. Then with use the google translate in learn English language be passive in the class when presentation or discuss.

    There are some reasons why students more choose translate at google. First, students use google translate because do not have purpose and do not want to learn more about English lesson. They do not know about the important of English language. Also search meaning the words or sentences difficult in the dictionary. The other reason is they feel bored because do not get the comfort study English Language in the class.

    Use the translate google has several negative effects. First, students can not understand about they made and can not to explain about it. Moreover students can not get learn or benefit in English language. Students only wasted the time for nothing in the class. Using google translate makes stupidity for students. Students difficult to write in English language because they do not know many vocabulary. Difficulties in English language also because students do not practice. Other effect is the meaning of sentences or material using google translate more difficult to understand and not complicated.

    In conclusion, using google translate makes students be stupid in learning about English language. They can not develop their idea and skill of English if always use google translate. Students will not remember the words or sentences in English language if use google translate. Using google translate may to use but do not often, students should not copy paste all the senetences or paragraph, but they can search some words. Translate google more give bad effect for students.


  69. Name : DIKA
    Npm : 16040018 (A)
    Writing ,Cause-Effect Essay.

    Music as the outpouring of the heart

    Our head and eardrums are often sick and hearing is slowly starting to fade away. We are less aware when we are wearing earphones with a loud noise that can damage the hearing, if this is done continuously can damage the eardrum

    one of the effects of music for teenagers today is negatively affected by messages sent by western music through lyrics, videos and music. Its effects include dangerous things like drugs, sex, and murders that will cause them to harm themselves and others. For example, around the campus students prefer to listen to music than to meet the person sitting next to him and prefer to occupy yourself

    due to lack of communication with friends around us ie lack of friends and our knowledge, music also affect student time. because the music over time can make us happy, drifting in feelings and thoughts. And students are more happy with a long time to listen to music than to learn. Many doctors say that we are too happy to listen to music is very bad for our health and even because listening to music without stopping it can cause the deafness in our own ears.

    music actually also promotes sex and words that make us complacent with the lyrics of the song so we forget to listen to the Qur’an. Lyrics containing sex can give the wrong message to children, while adults may know how to distinguish between what is right and what is not. But what about children who are underage because they often listen to songs and they become know about love, feelings or so forth.

    Relaxed and blatantly music is always on the go everywhere, such as in the market, public transportation, internet cafes and even though. music affects many people ranging from small to adult to sex. but if the search for facts is very different from the truth because when we see the music / videos that smell porn is just a mere play to affect our minds

    In conclusion, we must begin to limit the music we listen to before it brings destruction to our early childhoods and our lives and then better prevent before losing something valuable in ourselves.


    16040072 / C

    The Effects of Lazy

    The big enemy in our life is lazy. Lazy are the feeling that makes us difficult to do something and it has many bad effects in our life. The effects not only for us, but it can feels by the other people. When we want to do something, but our heart say “I am lazy”. The effect of it is there is no act that we have to do what we want to. Sometimes people can control their lazy like a compel their heart to do it. But sometimes people can not control their lazy. We do not know how can lazy disturb our heart easily. The big enemy in our life is lazy.

    There are several kinds of lazy. The first is lazy to study. Lazy to study is a very bad thing in our life. Why can we say like that?, it is because of the bad effect of lazy to study is, it makes us stupid. If we do not study or learn something good, we will not have enough knowledge. Knowlegde is very important. It makes us know the differenciates between the good things and the bad things. For example, we are in an examination. In examination, we may not cheating. Because of we know that cheating is not a good attitude, so we are not do it. The other benefit of knowledge is, it makes us have many knowledges that can bring us around the world also. It meants that with knowledge, we will know many things such as know the lessons, know the information, and so on. For example, we have a homework, because of we had studied and had a knowledge about the question of the homework, so, it makes us easily to filled our homework and finished it. So, we have to study diligently.

    The other kind of lazy is lazy to work. Lazy to work is something that makes us not success. Everybody want to be a success person. But, to be a success person, there is no time to lazy. For example, when we want to have much money, to build a dream house, or maybe we want to be a director in a company, we have to work hard of course. If we do not work hard and still lazy, all of our dreams or our expectation will not be we get. It will still a dreaming in our life.We can see the bibliography of success people such as Mr. Basrizal Koto. He was do many things to be a success person. He works all what he can do. He was not lazy and always try to get what he want.

    After lazy to study and lazy to work are lazy to do an activity. There are many activities in our life such as jogging, traveling, shopping, dancing, and so on. Sometimes we are lazy to do that activities. For example, we are lazy to jogging once a week. If we lazy to do that, our body will not be health and weak or tired easily. Then, if we are lazy to go everywhere such as traveling, it will make us not really fresh. Because, traveling can make us fresh, healthy and far from stress or depression.On the other example is when we hungry, but, there is nothing to eat in the dorm, so we have to buy anything else that can be eat out of dorm. But, you feel so lazy from that situation. So, it is not good for yours.

    The most bad lazy is lazy to pray. Salat is the obligation of every religious person. Bacause, religious are a pillar of religion and we must carry it out as well as possible. If we are not do it, God will be angry with us. The effect of lazy to pray is you will not be looked upon high by God. In the other hand, the effects are your sustenance will be difficult and your face does not look bright. Sometimes we really want to do it, but our heart feels confuse and lazy. It causes of we are seduced or instigated by demons. We have to make strong our heart. We know that we are more strong than demons.

    As the result, we do not lazy in our life. Because lazy is not a good attitude. If we lazy, we will not success today or in the future. We have to be spirit to do everything good.



    Broken home is a term used to describe a family atmosphere that is not harmonious and the unfavorable condition of a harmonious and prosperous family that causes conflict and divison within the family. This can happen to any family. Many causes and effects that make this broken home happen. Without realizing it, a small mistake can make all a mess. Whereas broken home this can disrupt the development of children in the family.

    Every family always wants a whole and harmonious family. A family far from quarrels or divisons. But every family has a problem and the problem does not come for granted, but there is a cause. The main cause of the occurrence of broken home is divorce. Where there has been an inconsistency between husband and wife in building their household. Besides that, the lack of adult attitudes between the two, so they can not hold each other emotioanally. A divorce is not a desirable one in a household. But if a husband and wife does not understand how important a family is, then a divorce can happen. Selfishness and unwillingness to budge between husband and wife make the household connection hot and not harmonious anymore.

    After the divorce in a family, many consequences, especially the disruption of child development. The thing that can happen to the first child is a psychological impact. Every family who experience broken home will usually have an impact to his child. Parents never think about the consequences of their actions. A child can develop well if it has a good psychological as well. Common sense children who experiences broken home have an exaggerated fear. The child does not want to interact with his friend, he prefers to shut out from the environment, more emotional, sensitive and labile. The actual psychological impact that children receive will vary depending on the age and development process of the child.

    Many things that can be caused from this broken home. In addition, to children have a psychological disorder, other things that can be caused is the disruption of learning achievement of children. If the psychological child has been disturbed, then the child will be difficult to develop. Because he tends to be alone and do not want to mingle. Children will become lazy and have no motivation to learn. Child thought that broken home that happened to their family is very disturbing his mind. In fact this should not happen to the child. In his young age, children shoul get the attention and affection of both parents. If the parents part, the child will only get support from one side only. So it will interfere with the learning process of the child. If the child is lazy to learn, then his achievement will decrease.

    In conclusion, unconsciously parents, broken home indirectly give a serious impact to their children. Rarely are there parents who think about the consequences of the actions that he did. Due to broken home children experience the impact of psychological and declining learning achievement. Of both impact, the psychological impact is more visible to the child. Because the child psyche is disturbed and he can get depressed because he gets more attention from his parents.
    It should be broken home it does not happen. Parents shoul be able to solve household problems well. Without having to say farewell between them. It will be effective for every family who wants a whole family.


  72. Siti Syaqiratur Reka
    2016A / 16040024
    Cause-Effect Essay

    Cause-Effect of Enviromental Damage in Indonesia

    Thesis Statement : Besides unsightly, rubbish resulted in unpleasant odor and can cause big problem that is flood.

    Rubbish is a problem that we often hear both in television and the environment. Rubbish is dirt or used goods that smell unpleasant and can even cause some diseases when the rubbish is piled up. Rubbish is a major problem as it relates to the environmental conditions of a particular region now. Besides unsightly, rubbish resulted in unpleasant odor and can cause big problem that is flood.

    Not only in big cities, rubbish also exist in various small areas in Indonesia. Rubbish is a problem that never finds a solution. Lots of people do not care about the environment, not even thinking about littering, not just illegal logging can also cause disaster, as well as forest burning. Each region has a way of overcoming the garbage pile that continues to increase every day. but they do not realize the consequences. they know that littering can cause many diseases and floods but they do it anyway.

    There are some problems that can cause environmental damage. First is illegal logging. the wood materials are taken from the forest regardless of the consequences so much of the forest is cleared by irresponsible people. Because this illegal logging can cause the forest to be barren and lose the function as a wildlife abode. so it can not prevent the occurrence of floods. The second is the lack of availability place of rubbish. So that among the citizens or people of Indonesia are still littering, especially citizens who still live in the area that there is a river. Citizens are still dumping rubbish or others that cause flooding when it rains. Because when the river rain will overflow and will lead to flooding. Not only the flood but also the unpleasant smell.

    On the other hand, the low level of public awareness in maintaining the surrounding hygiene. This can be seen from the amount of rubbish scattered or piling in the river because they are lazy to throw the rubbish in place. They prefer to throw the rubbish in the river rather than the place of waste that has been provided. And there is also a rubbish that throw behind the house it can cause odor that is not tasty.

    In conclusion, environmental problems in Indonesia can not be solved because there are still many Indonesians whose level of awareness is still lacking in protecting the environment so that it can contaminate the surrounding environment. As a good Indonesian citizens we have to take care of our surroundings by throwing rubbish in place, further raising awareness of the importance of protect cleanliness of the surrounding environment and not doing illegal logging. If you do not do it, then we ourselves will feel the impact.


  73. Winda Sofia
    Cause Effect
    Consuming Alkohol

    In the era of the era now rampant alcohol consumption, especially among teenagers who will damage future generations. Alcohol is a type of liquor containing ethanol which, when consumed, lowers the level of consciousness. Consuming alcohol will attack the brain’s nerves. Alcohol has an addictive substance that will make people feel like continuing to consume and eventually will dependence on liquor. Not only that damage to the liver, heart and mental disorders can occur when it is too often consume liquor.

    Many people who consume alcohol are not aware of the effects. Especially teenagers who only think of pleasure alone. There is a sense of wanting to know and desire to try to feel what it is alcohol. Other factors can also be due to bad environmental influences and friendship that result in bandwagon friends and finally try to feel. Lack of attention from a parent resulting from a person becomes heavy stress.

    The effects caused after consuming alcohol can be felt immediately within a few minutes, but the effect varies, depending on the amount alcohol content consumed. In small amounts, alcohol creates a feeling of relaxation, and the user will more easily express emotions, such as pleasure, sadness and anger. When consumed too many views become blurred, staggered, even to the point of unconsciousness. mental abilities and obstructive memory will be disturbed. Heavy alcohol users can be threatened with serious health problems such as colitis, liver disease, and brain damage. Sometimes alcohol is used with a combination of other harmful drugs, so the effect doubles. When this happens, the toxic effects of combined use will be even worse and may be overdosed.

    There are several ways to prevent addicts from liquor or alcohol. The first can be by directing in a positive direction or by trying a favorite by the addict, so the addict will forget gradually against the alcohol. Know the addict from friends who will destroy. invites to a community forum that deals with religion. And the role of parents is very important in advising slowly the danger of his liquor or alcohol. Thus addicts will begin to abandon the habit of consuming alcohol

    In conclusion, Alcoholic drinks are very dangerous items and can damage the nervous system that can change a person’s personality becomes worse, especially for teenagers or students. Alcoholic beverages are a source of criminal acts that can damage a person’s norms and behaviors. They can have negative effects that affect the body both physically and psychologically. Damage to body tissues such as heart, liver, intestine, until psychiatric disorders. Stay away from liquor that will damage the body, soul, to morals that destroy current generations, especially teenagers or students.


  74. My holiday with my family in Ancol beach

    Last semester vacation I spent with my family. It was nice to be back in my hometown after a semester not meeting the family. Saturday morning, July 3, 2017 I flew from Padang to Jakarta. Arriving in Jakarta, As planned I will take my family for a vacation to the beach Ancol. The last time we made a similar trip was in December 2011. We used to pass several times a year in turn at Ancol beach.
    To reach Ancol Beach it takes about 1.5 hours drive from my home. Ancol Beach is located in Mangga Dua area of ​​North Jakarta. On the way I see yamien noodle restaurant, It’s my favorite, so we stop for a while to enjoy yamien noodles while warm. The yamien noodles are actually the same as chicken noodles, but the distinctive taste makes me prefer the yamien noodles with separate onion and gravy. It feels so good!
    After about 1 hour drive we arrived in north Jakarta area, we passed the biggest mall that is ITC Mangga Dua, the mall is the mall with the biggest selling of electronic appliance in my opinion. My sisters were so excited when my father told me that our destination would be here soon. We can not wait to picnic and swim at the beach, because it’s been a long time since we spent time together with our family to Ancol beach.
    After that, About 10 minutes leave the mall ITC Mangga dua, the thing I least like to happen. Yes, we were stuck in traffic, eventually with a forced we had to wait about 20 minutes until the street smoothly returned. Finally after about two hours drive, we arrived at Ancol Beach. With a happy heart, my sisters and I sang before we reached the picnic site. Arrived at the parking lot, we got out of the car with mats and food for picnics and clothes change of course, because we want to play water on the beach.
    Arriving on the beach, we held a mat and prepared to play water on the beach, me and my ad very happy. We immediately ran to the water and watered each other. we also make a very strange sandy palace, my brother screwed up my sandy palace, he deliberately throw sand into the palace of sand that I have made. But this is fun, and we laugh out loud. My father is busy taking our picture and my mother preparing food. After tired of playing around, we went back to the mat, the food was ready and we also ate very greedily with a happy heart.
    Last, Eventually evening was approaching, the sun began to sink. It was so fast the day went by, our holidays were over, we cleaned up our picnic, and forgot to collect our rubbish again. After clearing the picnic, we went back to the car and headed back to the house. On the way home, we bought snacks that we could eat in the car and at home. After 2 hours we got home safely and with a happy heart. That was my holiday with my very pleasant family.


  75. Nadila Yunika
    16040026 (2016) A
    Writing II
    Cause effect

    The Danger Of Smooking

    Dangers of smoking in general, we know especially for people who smoke cigarettes every day, because it is in every pack of cigarettes there are writings about the dangers of smoking, such as this. “Smoking Can Cause Cancer, Heart Attack, impotence and Pregnancy and Fetal Disorders. But surprisingly despite the pack or packs of cigarattes are contained writings about the dangers of smoking are very scary, still many who smoke

    Cigarattes can cause a lot of diseases. Among them are cancer, heart, respiratory diseases, stroke, bronchitis,cough, weak muscles, infertility, birth defects, gum disease, eye damage and more. It is a disease for active smokers. Active smokers are people who directly amoke cigarettes and passive smokers are people who do not directly smoke cigarattes but suck the smoke that is removed from the mouth of active smokers.

    Usually every pack of cigarattes has been accompanied by health messages that warn smokers of health caused by smoking. But the fact is only decoration. For smokers there are several ways that can be tried to leave his smoking habit. The first to stop smoking suddenly is that the smoker stops completely at a certain moment. This is the way most people live. The second delayed slowly delayed smoking cigarattes so that it would last a day without a cigaratte. And the third by reducing the reduced number of cigarattes smoked every day so no longer smoke at all.

    Hopefully these ways can be tried for smokers in order to his smoking habit, because cigarattes not only endanger themselves but also the people around him. Remember, former successful smokers are all those who want to quit smoking.


  76. Nada NurAfrita
    16040017 A
    cause effect

    Using Softlense

    I would like to write about using softlense, many teenagers in the world using softlense for make they style better. Softlense have many colours like grey,ice grey,dark grey,purple,and transparant. And softlense have type like barbie eyes, flower,and the doll eye. Than, their eyes can be look more than beautifull, between they do not use softlense. Softlense can change their eyes because softlense bigger than cornea, softlense can changed their eyes but softlense have a impact to their eyes. And softlense have a bad effect for our eyes

    The first, softlense is the one of thing into to eyes. And than, softlense made by plastic that is the one of thing they should into to their eyes. And it is really dangerous for cornea if they always using softlense every day it is will be impact for your cornea. Then, cornea will be broke. If they cornea broke of course that something problem with their eyes.

    The second, softlense can be one of the problem for eyes if they using softlense everyday. They can not using softlense when they swimming and sleeping. Becasue when they swimming softlense will be contaminate with bacteria. If softlense contaminate with eyes they can not using softlense, because will be negative effects for eyes. And than, when they using siftlense for sleeping. Softlense go out line from cornea and will into to eyes.

    The third, when they use softlense their eyes would not respect with some reaction thing into their eyes. For example when some of thing want to into the eyes a small coming out to eyes and then the eyes can not respons fast. Because everyday the eyes enter the softlense to eyes made eyes not respons if some thing want to into to the eyes. Further more, when they use softlnese everyday otomaticlly the will using oxygen water for make they not drying when use softlense. Softlense can not drying in their eyes if the softlense drying it is will be a big problem. it is will made cornea irritation and broke.

    In conclusion,they can not using softlense every day. Because it is very dangerous for their eyes. And than,if they using softlense do not softlense dry in their eyes. If the soflense dry in their eyes, softlense can made cornea irritation and stick to cornea. And i think softlense is not solution for our eyes, probably they can use softlense but not for daily activity.


  77. Name : Elok Elvi Sasi
    NPM : 16040002
    Session : 16 A
    Cause-Effect Essay
    Thesis Statement : Cause and Effect from Unemployment
    Unemployment is one simple word but really concern who is experience. Most people argue if unemployment who is none job and just sit relax in their home, but the actual meaning is who do not have a job, looking for a job, working for less two days a week or someone who is try to get a worth job. The unemployment also have more kind, and it is disguised unemployment is manpower who is not optimal in their job because one reason. Then, under unemployment is workforce is not optimal because no field job and usually this manpower is work less from 35 hours a week. Last kind is open unemployment is really none a job at all.
    This case is main cause from retreat the economy in the country. More cause from this unemployment, such as amount for looking a job is more than from job chance where the asking for manpower just a little (disperancy among supply and demand). Later, education and skills is low and can not to competence. Also existence a stoppage job relation. Afterwards, more kids is dropout and not continue their school or manpower is not fulfill the job requirement and unstable among economy, politic, and secure in the country, and etc.
    From this event, have more effects not just for theirself but also for the society,economy, and government. In ecomocy effects like, first is amount the high unemployment will be bad result for PDB. Second, lack the productive donation to PDB because not produce the stuff and service. Third, the unemployment will reduce the country savings. Fourth, this case can to influence an ability in investment and also reduce the producing power in society. Fifth, increase the social cost. Sixth, the unemployment can to reduce national income and percapita income.
    On the other side, the affects from the society, like create a security interference in society because crime level is increase. Also increase the poverty and activity illegal ecomoy, many of dirty region, increase the kids for dropout from the school. In addition to increase a street children and singers in the road. Then create a social disperancy and unstable society, in social impact can to take effect the national development, can to create unstable politic social too. Thereupon, from this effect can increase a thief and the reason is because they are desperate or have not other choices and also have not full-time job or the salary is less.
    In conclusion is unemployment is cause from more factor where this factor can create social conflict, such as criminal action everywhere and the result someone willing to steal for fulfill their life everyday even a thief is steal with murder case. Not just that, the society became poverty and hunger everywhere. The government must firm for manage this problem, also he find a way to overcome this economic case. Because the impact is incredible and the victim is society. So, they are really need government help for find other ways to decrease the unemployment in this country.


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