NARRATIVE Essay Assignment

Dear Students in Class 2016 A, 2016 B, and 2016 C

As what we had discussed in the classroom, you will post your Writing 2 assignment in the form of a Narrative Essay.

This webpage is used to post your Narrative Essay. Thus, you need to properly save and use the link that I informed you in our group list so that you can post your Writing 2 assignment in a correct link.

Please remember that the Format of Narrative Essay is:

  • Essay Title
  • Author (Complete Name, NIM, and Class Session)
  • Introductory Paragraph (with Thesis Statement, or What You Will Tell in Your Story)
  • Supporting Paragraphs (with Supporting Relevant Details about Events in the Story. Remember: Details in Narrative Essay are different from Details in Argumentative and Descriptive Essay)
  • Concluding Paragraph (with ending of your story, is it ended in happiness or sadness?)

The number of paragraphs that is accepted for this assignment is between five paragraphs, as minimum number, to ten paragraphs, as maximum number.

The topic for this Narrative Essay assignment is related to:

Telling a Story about Wonderful or Amazing Experience in Your Life. 

Deadline for this assignment is  December 4, 2017, at 12.00 pm, Monday. 

Writing assignment that is submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Therefore, you need to post your assignment before the deadline.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in class or through mobile phone.

This assignment needs to be written by yourself only, but you may ask for helps to friends about grammar or structure of your sentences. A plagiarised essay will cause the score of your essay to be terminated. Please write this assignment independently and please avoid translating your essay.

You need to learn how to share your stories in English well, right?

Good Luck ~

Author: Syayid

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  1. Shooping in a store vs. shooping online

    Some people really enjoy shooping while others hate the whole process of buying things. Those who dislike shooping will try to find ways to find what they want as quickly as possible and them move on to other activities. Shooping online and shooping in a store differenties in various ways. However, they both are convinient ways to shop. Recently, shooping online has been most convinient for me, but i enjoy both ways of shooping. I believe that shooping preferences change depending on a person’s situation. I noticed that many people are starting to prefer shooping online more than in store shooping.
    Shooping online is most convinient for individuals that don’t have time to go to the store. If you are busy with an online job or online classes then shooping online can sometimes be more convinient. It is also convinient since you do not have to drive, catch the bus, wait in a long, or deal with not being able to find the item. All you have to do is type in the item you are looking for and it is there. Once you find the item, you can order it at anytime because online stores never close.
    Lately, i have been having a lot shooping online experience. I usually buy from websites with a huge variety of seller to be sure that i get the best price. The best price is more often found online, but not always online. While, in shooping a store can be most convinient for those who are rarely at home and do not have a time to compare price it is especially convinient for those who work outside of home and students on campus. In store shooping can also be a lot quicker since you do not have the worry about shooping. All you have to do is grab the them you want. Step in line, and buy it. I have had many experinces when never received the item.
    Security is an important concern for shoopers,and not everyone is comfortable with the idea of using a credit card online. The process is fairly safe nowdays, as various programming tools have reduced the possibility that your information will be missued. Nevertheless, there is a risk that your credit card number might be stolen when you shop online. From the aspect of security, there is an advantages in shooping in person. Clearly, online shooping must be carried out with caution.
    In conclusion, equality between them is equally satisfying themselves to shop and provide their respective services. If we shop at the store or in online goods that we can get in accordance with the wishes and easy to get. There are benefits and drawbacks involved both in shooping in a store and online shooping. It seems more likely though that those who enjoys shooping may be just as happy to shoping online.


  2. Name : Marissa Amelia
    Npm: 16040070
    Sesi : 16C
    Cause effect essay

    The danger of electric cigarettes

    Vape or electric cigarette is one of a kind of electronic nicotine delivery. Electric cigarettes are designed to help tobacco smoking addicts start quitting smoking. By switching from tobacco cigarettes to electric cigarettes, they slowly learn to quit smoking. Electric cigarettes exist in various shapes and sizes, but there are three main components in electric cigarettes, namely batteries, heating elements, and fluid-filled tubes (cartridges).
    This cigarette works by being sucked through the mouth. The flow of air flowing from the sucking mouth will ignite the sensor that triggers the operation of the battery-powered small heater. The heater then vaporizes the synthetic liquid nicotine inside the container while activating the light that flashes on the end of the cigarette as a normal cigarette. Synthetic liquid nicotine contained in it can actually make the lungs irritated. When the cigarette is smoked, this fluid will turn into carbonyl which leads to cancer.
    Lots of pros and cons against this electric cigarette. All things related to nicotine are very harmful to the health of the body. Because consuming these harmful substances can cause death. And other deadly diseases. So that will make our life not long.
    As a result of the use of electric cigarettes one of his lung irritation. The irritation that occurs in the lungs is one of the dangers in which this is caused by the synthetic liquid nicotine. The second is pneumonia, the main cause of pneumonia aka lung inflammation is usually an infection of viruses, bacteria and can also be fungi. Then can cause heart disease, If left and continue to use this electric cigarette, there is the possibility of heart disease can invade your body. In addition to heart disease and also respiratory problems, stroke also becomes one of the threatening diseases when you are accustomed to smoking, even using electric cigarettes.
    In conclusion, although actually electric cigarettes is a new breakthrough, but with the chemical content that is very dangerous for the body, it helps you avoid the use of electric cigarettes. Especially if you want to try to stop smoking in total, never use electric cigarettes, because the same danger can be generated. Try to do different forms of therapy to quit smoking and apply healthy lifestyles, such as regular meals, and regular exercise.


  3. Name : Astari Ningsih
    NPM : 16040009
    BP/Sesi : 16/A

    Inner Turmoil
    I was the first child of two siblings. I was born as a woman. And I have a younger brother who has a five-year-old disagreement from me. I was educated hard by my parents, in the hope that I became a strong and independent woman Even though I was born into a simple family, I was determined to be what my parents wanted, and set an example of good behavior for my younger brother. It all started when I got the most valuable experience at the age of 17 years. When two years ago, on 7 until 8 March 2015 I attended an inaugural up level event in a scout organization. I was still class two in high school and camping distance from school about 8 km.

    That day was the one I was waiting for and I was very ambitious following it. Because I’ve been disappointed before that failed to be inaugurated because of a problem with my coach last month. It made me a lesson to give up. But all that is not as easy as I imagined. First I had to ask permission first to the scout coach from my school. Although I know he is still angry with me over the past problem. And sure enough, he gave me a chance but on condition that I should be responsible for reporting and collecting consent to follow the activities of our parents.

    At that time I was also a chairman in a representative of the school to be sworn in. I brought some members to participate. The most inconvenient thing for me is to wait for other members to immediately give me permission from their parents. Because later that I will report to my coach. After that I was at the campsite and went to our coach house near the school. I went there using the motor alone with a long distance travel in the afternoon. Within 20 minutes I arrived there, then fulfilled my promise to report to the coach. He applauds me with the determination of my struggle that has kept my promise.

    Then I came home after it was over to go back to camp. The campsite is located in the junior high school where my mother taught. When I got there, the other members were waiting for me. Looks very crowded people once, we joined the camp with junior high school and some other high school. But our event still runs separately between junior high & high school according to the planned supervisor who will inaugurate us. The event will start soon, at midnight exactly. We almost did not sleep because of the activity, initially when at 8 pm we were told to gather all the participants. Then we do meditation in a corner that is located in a quiet place the school environment. There was silent as we were not allowed to speak without interest.

    I obediently performed the activities that night. After a few hours later our names were called one by one to carry out the night jurit. The route is about 2 km from the school where the camp out the highway to the cemetery and back to school. We walked on that dark day with the remaining candles. Along the way we were given different orders in every post we passed. All orders are related to scout material. Until the place is so dark, lonely, and horrible that is buried, we were shocked by a senior brother who jail deliberately scare us in the grave. All I lived with care to return to the camp site.

    I think it is done, but not yet, arrived at school then we were told to sit down to unwind. Suddenly afterwards we were told to go in and sit in the mud pool beside the school, we were given one big candle and 1 long longer. The candle is turned on and must be finished all, then we can just move from the pool and then we can rest. The time did not feel late into the morning until dawn, we were still told to march again & walk 3 km to the river to wash away from the mud. After arriving there the sun had risen with the cold morning dew. We can not stay there long because we are given a time limit to clean up immediately to return to the camp site. After that we went home and arrived at 7 am and were welcome to rest. Then we returned again to carry out the ritual of the inauguration ceremony to the end.

    Then when the ceremony was over there was something I did not think happened and I remember the most, I was stuck in the action of the guides co-workers with my parents. I just remembered that the heart was my birthday, even though it was past 1 day. At that time I was declared not graduated, I was summoned and bombed in class with all the representatives of my school, until everyone was angry with me. I am embarrassed, disappointed and sad in front of dozens of friends who witnessed. Apparently the plan was deliberately made by my parents as proof of affection and hope his son will be better and mature in thinking ahead. I was in turmoil, as if aware of how happy to get a very caring parent to me. I must try to change as they expected. That was an unforgettable event for me.


  4. Nama : Siti Mariatul Haptiah
    NPM : 12040074

    A bloody accident on the day of maghrib
    One day when I was child of 8 or 11 years old. At that time I lived in sawahan in tarandam. The image of where I live is in the house where we live there is a kind of railroad track that was used in the dutch dynasty but did not work anymore. This railroad is the beginning of the accident. My childhood is fun and playing with friend. But the fun change when I played with my friend. The incident happened in the day of maghrib.
    The beginning of the incident when me and my friends played rickshaws. We played very cheerfully and happy. In riding a pedicab. We laughed and cheered. Our rickshaw play is done by turning around the village and turning again. rickshaws that we ride or ride many other children.
    At the time we were playing rickshaws at the last maghrib. Many mothers advise not to play in the evening maghrib because the myths of the children should not play untill late at night because many children are wandering but the advice we do not ignore as children happy and happy to play rickshaws. Laughter and carefree fusion in the fun and laugh.
    It turns out our laughter and cheerful and with an accident that the pedicab accidentally hit the rail that does not work and unfortunately I was sitting in the outer place where my feet hit the iron from the pedicab. I was moaning in pain by shouting, people immediately warm me up at the moment also mother come home and see what happened to me. After that I was taken to my neighbor’s house was the mother shocked by the injuries. My feet found very wide wounds. I was finally taken to the midwife’s house with a stitch wound after the stitches had finished. Finally I rest untill the wound healed.
    The story from above we can conclude that listen the advice of the people around you, because the advice of the parents mean they love us. Advice from parents means the elegance given by them. Fun can be a disaster, so every pleasure does not always end well. Play at the right time playing remember the time and hours. Because your time is not always spent playing.


  5. Nama : Siti Mariatul Haptiah
    NPM : 12040074

    A bloody accident on the day of maghrib
    One day when I was child of 8 or 11 years old. At that time I lived in sawahan in tarandam. The image of where I live is in the house where we live there is a kind of railroad track that was used in the dutch dynasty but did not work anymore. This railroad is the beginning of the accident. My childhood is fun and playing with friend. But the fun change when I played with my friend. The incident happened in the day of maghrib.
    The beginning of the incident when me and my friends played rickshaws. We played very cheerfully and happy. In riding a pedicab. We laughed and cheered. Our rickshaw play is done by turning around the village and turning again. rickshaws that we ride or ride many other children.
    At the time we were playing rickshaws at the last maghrib. Many mothers advise not to play in the evening maghrib because the myths of the children should not play untill late at night because many children are wandering but the advice we do not ignore as children happy and happy to play rickshaws. Laughter and carefree fusion in the fun and laugh.
    It turns out our laughter and cheerful and with an accident that the pedicab accidentally hit the rail that does not work and unfortunately I was sitting in the outer place where my feet hit the iron from the pedicab. I was moaning in pain by shouting, people immediately warm me up at the moment also mother come home and see what happened to me. After that I was taken to my neighbor’s house was the mother shocked by the injuries. My feet found very wide wounds. I was finally taken to the midwife’s house with a stitch wound after the stitches had finished. Finally I rest untill the wound healed.
    The story from above we can conclude that listen the advice of the people around you, because the advice of the parents mean they love us. Advice from parents means the elegance given by them. Fun can be a disaster, so every pleasure does not always end well. Play at the right time playing remember the time and hours. Because your time is not always spent playing.


  6. When I was 15 years old, I got an unforgettable experience. It happened when I on the way from my school to my house,it happened about nine years school is so far from my house,its about I live in boarding house near my school and I always back to my village every once a week.. As usual I always go home every saturday always did my house and I go home by motorcycle..on the way to my home I should cross the forest but sometimes I meet some house in anothet village..
    One day when I was on the way,suddenly my motorcycle got problem ,the mechine not working like usualy.than I stoped to check my motorcycle..but when I check my motorcyle,suddenly I hear something move beside me,but when Iook on arround me,I dont show anyting.I was screed and make afraid.
    After that I try to looking help,but no one croos the way,after that a saw man with her wife..he also from my ..than I stoping them and asked a help.after that they help me to service my motorcycle..after that we continiue our trip to our village together.


  7. name : Rizka Hayati
    NPM : 13040222
    class 2016 A
    Writing II
    Narrative Essay

    Embressing Moment
    In our life, there is many tragedies that we passed, ranging from the happyA sad, proud, and embarrassing. as well as writers who never get events that could not be forgotten until now. The incident happened a few years ago, when I was senior high school grade 3. On the day of thursday where was so heavy rain that school floods up legs. It was 2:30 hours and every students were back home from school. All students wanted to go home school but still rainy but not too swiftly. The
    At the time, all students wanted to take the motorclycle to the parking. But the water was still high. The students stood on the front porch in front of the parking lot. It was same like me and my friend. When we waited the rany, suddenly my friend’s stepmother called and told to go home as soon as possible. So that we coud refused that. Because of the urgency, we took the initiative to go home despite the rain. We opened our shoes to get the motorcycle parked, then we ran to the parking lot together.
    As we ran down, both of us felt into the hole, we did not remember that in front of the parking lot there was a manhole. Then, everyone laughed at us including the teachers who stood up too there. By shame and blushing face we stood up and took the motorcylcle and went home without thinking of the people around. After I got home, I realized my legs were torn because of the glass, because my shame did not feel pain when it fall in the hole.
    The next day, we recalled the incident and laughed together that how embarrassing the incident was.
    In this time, we always remember about that incident. It make us laugh when remember that and it was unforgetable moment.


  8. Name : putri ramalia suci
    Sesi C

    the holiday is a moment that is very awaited by everybody.not except with me.because with holiday we can return fresh after bored with routine day. Many of us who take time and and its money to holiday. Talk about vacation I have experience of holiday interesting and fun and hard to forget. one year ago me and my friends went on holiday..we visited many places and tourist destinations in west sumatra.we went about 20 people for two days..we went on a tour bus. on the first day we headed to solok as the first destination. we passed the winding road and the beautiful panorama.from the bus and from the height we can see the beauty of the charming padang city.such as the marine stretches of the sprawling.Belly bayur that became the center of the harbor as well as the beauty others that are difficult to be painted. a few hours later we reached long alah.long long is a fertile area and a little cold. Where we take a break to eliminate fatigue in long journey we enjoy the expanse of tea gardens as well as we also had picked stroberries directly from garden.. we passed the winding road and the beautiful panorama.from the bus and from the height we can see the beauty of the charming padang city.such as the marine stretches sprawling.Telangi bayur that became the center of the harbor as well as the beauty others are difficult to be painted..a few hours later we arrive at long alahan.long long is a fertile area and a little cold. Where we take a break to get rid of fatigue on the trip. At alahan panjang we enjoy the expanse of tea garden and we also had time to pick fruit stroberry straight from garden. the next trip we went to singkarak. Lake singkarak is a lake of pride from the city solok.di lake singkarak we play and boarded the boat or sampan. we continue to mifan water park padang. At padang we stay and rent a rumah gadang. At the night we play and singing together, burning corn and dinner. Meanwhile, in the morning before we go to the highlands we play water rides and swim. Our last trip goes to the high hill. In Bukittinggi we visit the Clock Tower, Bunatang Garden and we buy souvenirs for by . Once satisfied walking the streets in Bukittinggi we returned to pdang in the afternoon. arrived at home in the evening. his conclusion is a holiday is very fun for every person. I find it difficult to forget my vacation. on this holiday many moments with a rare friend. I hope the next vacation can be more cool and fun.


  9. Name: Allivia Alimin
    NPM: 16040034

    One day a clown was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money by making a street performance. He acted and mimed perfectly some animal acts. As soon as he started to drive a crowd, a zoo keeper grabbed him and dragged him into his office.

    The zoo keeper explained to the clown that the zoo’s most popular gorilla had died suddenly and the keeper was fear that attendance at the zoo would fall off. So he offered the clown a job to dress up as the gorilla until the zoo could get another one. The clown accepted this great opportunity. So the next morning the clown put on the gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd came. He felt that it was a great job. He could sleep all he wanted, played and made fun of people and he drove bigger crowds than he ever did as a clown.

    He pretended the gorilla successfully. However, eventually the crowds were tired of him for just swinging on tires. He began to notice that the people were paying more attention to the lion in the next cage. Not wanting to lose the attention of his audiences, he decided to make a spectacular performance. He climbed to the top of his cage, crawled across a partition, and dangled from the top lion’s cage. Of course, this made the lion furious, but the crowd people loved it.

    At the end of the day the zoo keeper came and gave him a raise for being such a good attraction. Well, this went on for some time, he kept taunting the lion, the audience crowd grew a larger, and his salary kept going up. Then one terrible day happened. When he was dangling over the furious lion, he slipped and fell into the lion’s cage. The clown was really in big terrible situation. He was terrified.

    Sooner the lion gathered itself and prepared to pounce. The clown was so scared. He could do nothing and he began to run round and round the cage with the lion close and closer behind. Finally, the lion could catch him. The clown started screaming and yelling, “Help me, help me!”, but the lion was quick and pounces. The clown soon found himself flat on his back looking up at the angry lion and suddenly he heard a voice from the lion’s mouth, “Shut up you idiot! Do you want to get us both fired?”


    NPM :16040086
    SECTION 16 C

    My Unforgetable Vocation
    I still remembered the holiday when i visited my big family in Aripan, Solok.We go on holiday at eid fitri.This holiday at the same time to silahturahmi with my big family in there.We left Pariaman to Solok after prayer eid fitri. Until we arrived in Solok we greeted by friendly by my big family. This feels complete because all my family is here. I am very happy because this is my first time holiday with my big family


  11. Riani sastra wati
    Two years ago, it was bad condition for me. I got a weird sickness and I didn’t know how to cure my sickness. The name of my sickness was “Baguak”. On the first day, I felt it by having fever so that I told it to my mother what happened to me. Actually all of my familiy’s member got that sickness. That’s why that was my turn to have that sickness.
    It was the first time for me to get that sickness, so I didn’t get used to have that sickness. I got fever only at night but when it was in the morning and afternoon I didn’t get fever. I had tried to cure it. My boss had told me to give some rice to the are of Baguak but there was nothing happening. My sickness became worst.
    On the next day. my boss gave a kind of vitamin to cure my sickness. He told me that my sickness was because of the lack of vitamin. Suddenly I took that vitamin. After taking I felt better my body became better, but my Baguak was still in the same size and becoming worst at night.
    At night, I was crying “Ma… sakik!!” I said. And because of my crying one of my brother heard my crying and he said to me not to cry, because if I still cried I would feel pain more. Because of that, I stopped crying and tried to sleep but it couldn’t. so I sat on my bed and waitted until my pain was gone.
    A few days later, my mother helped me to cure my sickness and gave me some hot rice. My mother did it in regular so that it made my sickness was gone faster then I thought. Now, I am healthy and I can continue my routine activities.


  12. Name​: Sulisa Irtin Rilianti
    Npm ​: 14040017
    Class​: 15
    Task​: Narrative
    Dayla Lived in a Small Village
    There was a little poor girl, Dayla lived in a small in village. She was alone because her parent was died three months ago. She worked alone everyday. From the morning, she looked for the wood for her fire wood. In the afternoon, she tried to looked for mushroom. She sold it into the traditional market there. Then, she bought her daily need.
    The people around her, often helped her. Sometimes, they gave a sack of rice. They also gave a bucket of fish. She was very happy,when they helped her. She also gave the people her mushroom that she got.
    One day, she found a clump of mushrooms a big scale. The colour of the mush rooms were gold. She was very happy at the time. Then, she sold the clump of mushrooms to the market. She got a lot of money from the mushroom.
    After she got a lot of money. She bought a new house. Then she bought anything that she never had. She saved her money in the bank like rich people. Never forgot, she helped all of the poor people the had helped her a long time ago.
    One night, she met with a bad witch. The witch asked her to give her gold mushrooms. The girl said, she had sold the mushrooms. But, the witch did not believe with her. Then,the bad witch cursed her self and her house became a mushroom garden. The garden was very beautiful with the colourful mushrooms.


  13. Eldamil Ersa

    Bad day
    Five years ago, it was an unforgettable day. The first time had a motorcycle accident. It was a Sunday. Wake up in the morning as usual. Sweeping, cooking rice, washing dishes, washing clothes and drying it is a routine that I do every Sunday morning. After doing all these activities, I planned to joging with a friend. Her name is Ani.
    The clock still shows at 6 am, we get out of the house. Do you know unand? Yes, we usually joging around unand. Because my house with unand the distance is quite far, to go unand we use a motorcycle. Ani is riding a motorcycle. Everything is fine. On our way we chatted and laughed. However, not long after that it became different Ani. Her body trembled. The motorcycle is going faster and unstable. I shouted, but ignored her. When passing a small bend, motorcycle that is still speeding and the road was slippery. Ani accidentally pulled the front brake. We had an accident. We thrown from the motorcycle.
    Because it was early morning, the street was deserted no passersby. After lying on the road for quite a while, someone came and helped us. He helped to pull off the motor. He also led us to walk to a house near us fell. Arriving at home, Ani is afraid to see the blood was passed out. Things get more complicated. We were taken to a clinic.
    Probably because Ani is riding a motorcycle, she found quite serious injuries. His knees were scuffed and his chin was torn from the road to the asphalt. I’m not seriously hurt like Ani. Hand blisters and knees wound pretty deep. We were treated in that clinic. After treated, we may rest for half an hour at the clinic. We were given medicine and allowed to go home. I did not dare contact my family because when I left did not tell them.
    We went home alone. This time I’m riding a motorcycle because my injury is not as bad as Ani. I drove it very slowly as the stanges became slightly bent from falling. “Afraid to go home, afraid to be scolded”, the words we continue to say alternately on the way home. If we do not go home, where are we going? The question was not answered. Arriving at home, my parents look very anxious. Lucky what we fear does not happen. My mother said, “Without parental consent, wherever we go will not survive”. It is our negligence to leave without asking permission and to make parents anxious. Until now, why Ani trembling while riding a motorcycle that makes us fall is still a mystery.


    NPM : 13040171
    CLASS : Writing 2 / 16C

    When we were not prepared to stay in the Sawo island

    This morning me and my friends visit one of the islands that was in the field Sawo the island. This island located in the Muaro Jambak, Tabing. This island ai not uninhabited and no life here, only huts to rest the fishermen. Me and my friends set off on 08.00 am on the way home because Sawo tiara island located near a friend house i called tiara. Right behind the house tiara a Biduak which we shall on have been there for led us to the island. Biduak we were in cannot accommodate many passengers so we divided into two trip and a place to go across the sea is about 20 minutes.
    When me and my friends and came across the island, us that is enjoying the beauty of the view that is on the island. Do not forget we took pictures and swim there. We take a provision as food, drink, and snack and have not forgotten we bring supplies as praying equipment, soap, and brush of hair, glasses, hats and a long as a substitute for a towel. Before we swimming in the ocean we first eat rice we have had brought from their house all. A few minutes after eating we are prepared to swim while playing sand and collect shells and hermit there.
    After swimming i and friends decided to surround and see on this island. During on his way i see stone corals with various colors and size of the diverse and look so wonderful and have an odor that is fishy. Other than that i also saw there are several species marine animals as jellyfish and sea cucumber. And enjoy the scenery is all around the island there are several my friends try holding jellyfish but it is forbidden by a friend because it can cause irritation to the skin.
    When we got to the front island, we were headed Biduak to get ready back to the land. But, Mr. carrying Biduak said that we cannot go home because weather has caused deteriorating and we must stay on the island of sapodilla without the preparation for staying. When we are going to shed we saw two male turtles being swimming and we ran to cottage because it started raining and sea wave start the. Because we do not have enough equipment and so we have made fires in the rain and storms. In that evening fires started out and we are getting cold without any blankets and warm clothes. When cold we all feel starve with food we are taking up, and we are forced to hold hunger till sunrise.
    In conclusion, this is a very impressive to me and my friends, because there is no preparations complete to stay on an island. It will be a story historic i will tell those who are than me and with this experience i can connect a closer with my friends where we feel meaning friends and shared with friends.


  15. Rima yulianti (16040080)

    First break with my parents

    About 7 years passed exactly in 2011, and I was 12 years old. At the age of 12 years, I have finished my education at the elementry school. There I was very confused to continue the school where, because I was not allowed to continue school in junior high school. Some names of pesantren have been mentioned by my parents. I have to choose one of them. I was forced to choose one of them. My choice is Pondok Pesantren Adlaniyah.
    Pondok Pesantren Adlaniyah is one of the private schools in Ujung Gading. I chose the school because the facilities are more complete than the other schools. Where, in Pondok Pesatren Adlaniyah has provided cabinets and mattresses. Not only that, my other reason is the food at Pondok Pesantren Adlaniyah is also ready to be presented to all students. Although the cost to get into the school is very much, my parents did not mind my choice. Because they know, after I went to school there, I will be taught with the science of religion along with other science.
    After the day of the determination has arrived, I was delivered by my whole family to the school. Because I have to stay in the dorm and part with my parents. I could not hold back the tears for seeing the situation at the hostel, and it was so much different from my previous life. I do not know if I can adjust to that new environment. I also saw my mother’s tears, She could not afford to leave me in the dorm. Because that was the first time I parted from my mother and did everything without my mother’s help. There my mother always embrace me while crying, I also can not hold my tears to see such atmosphere.
    After a few days I stayed in the dormitory, I was very distressed by all the rules that exist in the school. Everything is set, ranging from sleep, waking, eating, praying, talking, everything should be with the rules. A few weeks later, I was sick and could not go to school. My parents came to visit the dormitory and asked me “Where is sick son ?.” I can only be silent without a word. My parents immediately asked permission to the boardingers to bring me home and seek treatment, the same guidance counselor gave permission to my parents. After that I was immediately taken to the hospital, the doctor said to my parents “Buk, please guarded his child’s diet, do not ask first to do many activities, because he can not be too tired for now. My mother replied with a sad face “good doctor, thank you ”.
    So, I am very distress away from my parents, and all that makes me often sick because do not feel at home in the dorm. But I never quit, because I do not want to make my parents sad. I persevered until I finally finished my school at Adlanyah Pondok Pesantren.



    My name is Citra, this is my story when I lose my grandfather. My grandfather was the best and wise person I ever knew in my life. He was the only one who gave me the feeling to be a granddaughter after both of my grandparents from my parent died before I born. He is actually the younger brother of my actual grandfather that adopted my father to be his son. He was so kind and care about his granddaughter and grandson, and he was kind a creepy too when he was angry, but actually he was a good person. That’s why I still love and adore him until he died one week ago.

    It started five days before he died when my grandmother called my father that my grandfather was at RSUD Pariaman. He was in the hospital because of his stroke and liver complication. He never told anyone even his family about his sickness. He just covered his sickness with smile because he did not want to make difficulties for anyone.

    At that first time when he entered the hospital I did some video call to him. He looked a bit pale but still had awareness to recognize me. He said to me that he was fine and do not worried about him. He said again he really missed me and want to say something important to me. I promised to him to go to Pariaman after I finished my college studies in that week. He looked sad, but he said he will waiting for me. At that time I got a bad feeling but I just ignored it. I was really confidence about his recovery and waited the time that I can meet my grandfather soon.

    In the college Cia, Siswi and I took a lunch together at the Café Pojok. I waited to my order with them and suddenly I got a bad feeling but I did not notice it. When Cia fell a glass with her cappuccino, I thought it was a bad feeling that I felt before. So I did not worry about that. I suddenly missed my grandfather at that time. I still kept a positive thinking about my grandfather but I cannot. I called my father and asked him about the time we can meet my grandfather. My father said he cannot meet my grandfather in that week so finally we agreed to meet my grandfather in the next week.

    In Tuesday morning, I stayed at Vina’s dorm. There were Firma, Nini and Rima in that dorm. I discussed about my material with Rima because we had presentation at ten o’clock in speech major with Ms. Donna. After discussed the material together I got some WA messages from my younger sister. She texted me that our grandfather was passed away at seven o’clock and wanted me to went to Pariaman with my parents. I could not hold myself at that time and crying with regret.

    I delayed my studies in that day and went to Pariaman with my parents. I asked my grandmother about my grandfather last words for me and she said that my grandfather last word was the last video call with me. I regret about it. I really want to go back at the time I did video call with my grandfather. If I have enough time, I really want to meet him after I did video call with him. I wish I were there at his last day in his life, but I know it will never happen. That was my biggest regret that I still regret it in my life.


  17. Education is very important in life

    I wrote this story based on personal experience of my sister named Yensi Hutri Ani.When my sister school in SMPN 1 IX Koto Sungai Lasi she did not pass.She almost desperate and did not want to continue her education.Because there is encouragement from my parents she tried to rise.She followed the next test named “paket B”and pass.She continued her study at SMAN IX Koto Sungai Lasi and department is IPS.
    During studying in SMA she have many problems the one of them is payment SPP.Her parents very difficult to pay her SPP,but she is still remains and studying hard and got the champion until graduated.She began to hesitate to continue her education or not,she wanted continue her education on the island java.She chose Bandung but her parents do not allowed because the some reasons.One of reasons is talking about money,her parents are not able to pay her tuition.
    Because persistence and her insistence she convinced her parents if they can.Few hours later after her parents deliberation they gave permission.With a little money she ventured to go to Bandung.For the first time she boarded the plane and spilt with her parents.She still remembers her father’s expression when she took off for the first time.Everyday she called to tell about her education and told about her past experience during college.
    The first and second semester she did not find the emergency problems.But when she third semester she start complaining.Once one night she calling while crying at the time in ramadhan.She said “my mom i was not yet sahur because there is no money to buy food” and her mother crying and said “if it is not able you may go home”. But she still did not want to go home and she want to be a succes women.Until fifth semester and she got better place to work it’s located at Bandung the name of company is “kantor pajak utama bandung”.She called her mother and gave the best information it.Her parents are very happy.
    Because of her hard worked now she works in the tax office.Also have a boyfriend and he is a docter.She always said to me if you have big dream do that.Allah always keep and listen you.Nothing immposible in this world.While still trying to be sure there will always be a way.


  18. Name : Resti Rahmah Fauziah
    Npm : 13040181
    Class : Writing 2 16A
    Narrative Essay

    My experience when it was in the sawo island with my best friends

    I went to the island with my friends yesterday. we prepared for holiday, we were many preparation to be discussed and organized. There are foods, beverages, games, and organizing the holiday was not difficult as each my friends are. In the island us together we were going to the island for vocation, to entertain yourself from the tight our activities. There we can saw beautiful scenery makes us comfortable.
    When i was there, i feel wonder what will the beauty of it. The island is called sawo island, sawo island is still natural and not disturbed by human activity. There we can relax and enjoy the waves, but in the sawo island waves and there are waves are calm in the back of the island. In the afternoon we want to go home, suddenly there was a storm, and we have to stay in the island in order to avoid things that are not desirable. When i was there, i saw the fisherman on the island when there was a storm.
    After that, we take refuge in a cottage in the island, and we wait until the storm ended. The storm did not stop, we are at the cabin chatting, joking and playing guessing games to fill the time is not to be bored. After the storm subsides, we are out of the cabin to take a pictures together as a souvenir when we are in the sawo island. When we are tired, we went to the cottage to get some rest. The sky is getting dark, we got a little disappointed because i could not see the sunset, because of the storm there is still.
    In the night, we light a fire pit in order no to fell the cold. Because the weather there is very cold. We do not have any preparation for a stay in the island. There are some of the fisherman who arrive in the island and see us without any preparation to stay, fisherman gave us to eat together. After that we have all been tired, we took a rest only lined with wooden planks for us yo sleep. In the morning we were getting ready to go home with a boat.
    This experience, the experiences that we never forget, is a long night when we did not have a readiness to stay in the island. When supplies of food and drink less. As we all get reasonable of wooden planks and cold in the absence of a blanket that warms us when the a fire extinguished. But there we feel how the meaning of friendship and means to share with friends


    First Experience In An Organization

    This story about my experience while following the organization on campus. Campus that is now increasingly glorious and has undergone many changes. The name of this campus is STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat. I did not really want to go to college here. The reason is because one, i did not want to be a teacher. But because it is my strong desire to go to college, inevitably i have to go to college here.
    Day by day I passed this campus with the passage of time. A time I began to feel boredom. I thought in addition to coming, learning, and going home no longer do I do. I suddenly remembered the existence of this campus organization. I thought instead of just lecturing and coming home, I would better look for experience in an organization. I was initially interested in joining UKM Seni organization because I was going to dance, especially in Minangkabau cultural dance. Although in fact I was not adept at dancing.
    In the end I chose to follow the organization HIMA English or better known as HIMA ESA. The reason i ultimately chose HIMA ESA is because it is more profitable because I can be close to the senior who are in line with me. In this organization I get alot of knowledge. As can get information about English lecturers. But it can also exchange knowledge with the seniors.
    When I was a member of this organization, my first job began. My first job was in the SIMAK event where the event was held to welcome new students. In this event, I was mandated to be a member of the event division. Where this division can be regarded as the most devoted division has a big responsibility in the success of an event. At that time me and my friends had to prepare all the neccessary procedural procedures. In this case we might prepare the participants of the contest taken among other competitions, namely Uda-Uni, reading poetry, and solo song.
    At the time of preparation for the contests, we experienced considerable differences in emotional drain. For example in the preparation of contestants and clothing that will be worn by the contestants. At that time we were quite dizzy and exhausted. Where there are so many shortcomings that must be covered quickly so that there was no mistake during the event. To the extent that we spoke in a loud voice to each other . Thus making there a sense of inconvenience communication between members of this division.
    After the clash between members, we ended up putting our ego aside, as the contest time will begin. At that time, it was time for the contestants of English to perform. We and friends from the other division provide encouragement and support to the contestants. When they perform, i felt a sense of pride. At that time i was not care about the end of result. Whether win or not I was not care. I just thought, my responsibility I have done.
    After all the contest events was over, it is time to announce the winner. I said to my self “ ah well, i was lazy to hear it”. At that time, I immediately went to sit in the back row while leaning back in the chair. I was very tired and need rest. The announcement of the winners still continues. Among the announcement, it turns out one of the participants from English department won 1st place, and continued to the winner of poetry reading where English department was ranked second. My friends and I immediately giving thanks and happy smiling.
    In the end, came to the announcement of Uda-Uni of this campus. Which was where the Uda-uni contest was a top event in the procurement of this SIMAK. In this contest we put high expectation, because we can also assess how the contest was going on. And in the end our guess was correct , we won with a very satisfactory ranking. We also welcome the triumph of this victory with tears and cheers. We were proud ultimately our hard work was paid off. And it turned out there was still one more announcement which was the end of this SIMAK event was the overall champion. Unexpectedly we also won the overall champion in SIMAK in 2017. Our happiness doubled, this victory was greeted by sobs members of HIMA ESA. This had been an incredibled experience for me and never forgotten.
    At last, my first organizing experience was very enjoyable. Honestly I was initially doubtful whether I could join the organization because previously i had no experience in organizing. It turned out with over time I started to like and very enjoy once. There was a lot of lessons to be gained in an organization.


  20. Teguh Imam Saputra
    My Family

    Have you ever been influenced by some important person that helped you be the person that you are today? I have been. The people that have had influence on me are the most important humans beings, my family. But before I begin talking about my family, I want to describe to you the place that we spend most of the time together which also means something important to me and my family. This place is called the family room. This room is small but cozy. It is painted in white and has three windows decorated with beautiful curtains. By the windows you can appreciate a nice view of some beautiful trees and a nice pool. On the walls there are some family photos like the ones that show where my brothers and I were born, my graduation photo, some family members photos like my grandparents, and some paintings made by one of my brothers.
    Also inside this room there is a nice home theater that includes a nice stereo and TV, and a new compact computer. But this is not all, this room has some very comfortable furniture and I can say that they are comfortable because I use them to watch TV, a movie, or just sit and rest. Also the furniture is used by my brothers to sit and play nitendo, to study, or play with the computer. But from all this furniture there is one chair that is the most cozy chair that I have ever sat upon and that is my father’s chair. So this is our room, which is very important to us and has a lot of special things, but the most special part of this room is when it brings my family togethet
    I could begin the book of my life with a picture of my parents. They are important because they helped in my development. Also, they gave me the things that I needed to grow up in the moment that I needed and they still gave me everything that I needed to become somebody in the future. Among these things is the education that I have received all in my life, my basic needs like food, clothes, medicine, a place to live, and the most important thing, the love. Like for example, by being there when I needed somebody to talk to and giving me speeches when I do something wrong. Also, they care for me when I am sick and they give me the necessary things to get better.
    They teach me good values like how to behave, to respect other people, and to share with other people. Sometimes they push me in certain directions and have high expectations for me, but now I really appreciate everything they have taught me. I understand why they do certain things and it is because my parents want the best for me. On certain occasions I get mad, but later appreciate their words of wisdom and understand. My parents are wonderful.
    Now, about the rest of my family, my two brothers all I can say is that they are wonderful, too. With them I have learned to share, to have fun, and to understand different points of view in different situations. They are younger than me, but that doesn’t matter because sometimes people think that because they are older they know everything and that is not true, we can learn from those younger than us too. Also I have shared moments in which we laughed, or we get sad, but there are always moments that I will remember.

    In conclusion families made the difference in many of the situations that life gives you and without them you would be unable to give the love and support to your children need which they need to become mature and responsible adults. Thanks to my family today I can said all of these things to other .


  21. Intan libra septania ningsih.

    Holiday in pakanbaru.

    Holiday is a very pleasan experience especially if the holiday with family. pekan baru has many facilities attractive. 1 year ago, my family and I vocation to pecan baru . Pekanbaru is the largest city in riau . The time to travel padang to pekanbaru we took 6 hours in travel.

    I get a pleasant holiday experience . because pekanbaru is a city tourist interesting we do not get bored there . there we visited her . We also visited some tourist . In pakanbaru we happy. Why? Because to visit some places we’ve never visited .

    as labarsa , boombara , mosque etc . experience that pulled me when we Into a tourist labarsa . There my sister fell the . hehe experience a pleasant,that is never forgetten for me.

    A trip to pekanbaru quite tiring but fun . A vocation to pekanbaru with the family is fun Because gathering together civil schools are expressed in it,joking,playing together. When the way home we did not forget to stop at the store by a typical pekanbaru namely pisangkipas . A typical pekanbaru most good . when in until in winding the nine we stopped there and took a picture together on the winding nine that the course is so beautiful.


  22. Devi Renita 16040085
    2016 C

    Experience when you want to enter university

    After my sister graduated from SMA N 1 lunang silaut. He went on to enter high school in the university son of Indonesia in west sumatra fields. And he passed the campus.
    I am very glad to hear he can be accepted on campus. And I want to go with him. With the aim to find work in the field. We went together. And the next day, we run our respective activities. He went to college to follow the new student orientation. While I went to the post office to find job vacancy information in the post office, and some applications I have attached. The day was getting late, and I went straight home to the boarding house.
    After several weeks of continuous searching for work, I have done many things, but none of the job vacancies will accept me for work. Finally, I started to saturate. At that time, my brother name is DECI OKTAVIA invites me to continue college in STKIP PGRI university in jl. Gunung panggilun padang. I enrolled in the campus and took the test. Finally, I was accepted in the English department, my parents strongly agree on it.
    The first time I followed SIMAK/OSPEK(orientation of study and campus experience). I was very scared. Because I have no friends to chat with and other friends are busy with friends. Somehow my heart is sad and why I’m not like those who have many friends. SIMAK/OSPEK (orientation of study and campus experience) time has passed.
    It was time for the first day I entered college. We are also one by one in order by the lecturers to come forward to introduce their respective classes. After the introduction took place, we recognized each other. There began to establish a good friendship relationship and togetherness was also well established.
    The first impression when taught by the lecturer is he looks more relaxed in providing ways how to introduce themselves by using good English. Not the same as the teacher when I was in school. But, still the task given by the lecturers the same as my first school that lecturers provide individual tasks and group tasks that must be collected on time.


  23. Narrative Essay
    Shandra Fardani
    16040053/sesi B

    Classic moment
    6 months ago, before I got into this university. I have followed the police test. For the first time I follow the police test. Because it was one of my goals and I want to be like my grandfather, my uncle, and my cousin became a cop, they motivated to me to take the test. I want to be the first generation in my big family as police women. I’m so happy because my parents and my sister are very support.

    I also try to do the best. After graduating from senior high school, I began to search for information and complete the form filling. No one knows, if I join with that test just my parents and my sisters. One day, in the sunbeam I also did exercises in preparation for the test selection. And there is where I felt my skin is getting dark. Yeah, it is no problem until to be a success girl.

    Moreover, any some rule of the test. First, I come to the police office in my regency to prepare what should I need to join police test. It so many rule must I do. For example, I must go to village thief office. In there, I do some letters to legalize of my residence indentification card, head of family card, and official document. It is difficult for me, but sometimes support from my family it made me can do it. Next, I should go to the hospital to check health wise and get a letter of free drug.

    Then, after following a few tests at province, there is third step, it turns out I failed. It makes me sad, but my mother was always giving spirit so that I did not felt disappointed with it. My mom said, “Never give up, make it all is learning to you” and I thought, maybe God gave better than this. From this experience, I can get a lot of wisdom. There I met many new friends from various regions, they are very good, and I can get much information about it from their experience when they test last year. And I’m glad my friend has successfully passed the selection. If there is a chance I want to try again.

    In conclusion, that moment it is unforgettable experience. From the moment to be police women it made me sad, happy, rightfully, and knows God always give the best for me. Without support of my parent and my sister I will down with that situation. for the next time I wan try it again after graduated in university.


  24. Desita syafutri lisiana

    A vacation to the beach Gondoria
    On Idul Fitri, precisely at 11:15, my family gathered at grandma’s house. me and my family on holiday to the Beach. Before we left for the beach, I prepared food and drinks for us to enjoy there. While my family prepare the vehicle that we will use. After everything was ready, we went straight to the beach. The beach we visit is gondoria beach. Precisely in PARIAMAN
    During the trip, I was amazed by its natural beauty. The winding road, and the atmosphere is very beautiful. It turns out so great Gifts that God has for us all.
    Arriving at the beach, we immediately look for a shady place. Incidentally that day the weather is quite hot so we have to find a comfortable place to rest. Something was suitable, and we had lunch with the menu KAPALO LAUK, after eating my sister and I instantly healthy. We immediately played the waves while enjoying the waves that came to our body. Not to forget we were taking pictures
    After that, my parents asked us to stop swimming and immediately clean our bodies full of sand. They do not want things that can not happen. Of course we stopped immediately.
    Before we go home, do not forget we clean the place we sit. This holiday gives my own memories.Because our family get together


  25. Nama : zainal Amir
    Npm : 16040069
    Sesi : 2016/c

    Out of my mind

    “What should I do?” it was a big question after I graduated in senior high school. I did not have a choice anymore excepting working when I looked at my knowledge. No subject that I mastered. Some of my friends asked me to register in IAIN SUNAN AMPEL ( now UIN Surabaya ) and My parents forced me to continue and register my study in one of universities in Jogjakarta but in the deepest of my heart, I was so afraid if I only made them disappointed again, again and again.

    After thinking a lot, I could not find the solving of my problem. Finally I tried to talk to my parents and explained if I did not want to continue my study. Oh my god! After talking much, my father was really angry with me. He said,” if you do not want to study, I’ll never give you money again. Please, look for money by yourself”. I was shocked when listening what my father said. I could not say a word. Only one thing that I wanted to do crying

    Two weeks after discussing with my parents, I got a phone call from my friend. Banny is his name. He is my classmate when I was in senior high school. He invited me to learn English in Kampoeng Inggris Pare, Kediri, Jawa-timur. He said that you could speak English well after learning 3-4 months. I laughed loudly listening my friend’s explanation. It is impossible for me to speak English when I look at myself, I said”.

    After phoning and thinking a lot. I decided to permit to my parents. Alhamdulillah They gave me an opportunity to learn English in Pare with some requirements. The first, I only got a year to learn there. The second, I might stay at dormitory and the last, after a year, I might register in one of university there. After considering all requirements, i agreed.

    In 2010, i went to Pare with my friend. On the way, I asked to my friend,” Do the societies in Kampoeng Inggris always use English in their communication?” he said,” Of course”. Getting that answering, i was so confused. How could I communicate with them if I was not able to speak English? How could I buy something to eat if I did not know how to order? It was to anticipate the worst thing, i tried to search in the Google how to communicate in English and memorized some of shot expressions which I needed.

    Arriving in Pare, we were really shocked because it was out of our mind. The conversation that we heard was not English but they used java language. May be the only students who were wearing uniform were speaking English and they did not speak as difficult as I watched or heard in TV. I tried to ask one of the students about the best course. He said that in Pare there were more than 100 courses. We could choose what subject that we needed to improve. After listening his explanation, my friend and I looked for the course which was the best for beginner and we decided to register in Kresna English Institute.


  26. Name: Marissa Amelia
    Npm :16040070
    Sesi : 16C
    Narrative Essay

    Anger ends death

    My name is Marissa, this story about my experience. The experience of anger that leads to death. Everyone must be angry, and every anger is caused by a thing. That anger can happen when we lose control or lose our mind. But, what happened if your anger may cause death?
    Seven years ago, I have a boyfriend his name is Ryan, he is handsome and smart, he has pointed nose and white skin. First I knew him when I joined my brother to attend his car club anniversary. There I met Ryan who initially just wanted to be friends, but overtime we like each other. After a month of acquaintance and exchange of thoughts we were dating.
    Two years I dated him all went so happy. He is the one who always understands what I want and he is the one who always takes patience with my childish attitude. Until ome day we were fighting because there was a woman who approached him. I know he does not respond to the woman, but I feel in a lie because he never told me if there was a woman who approached him.
    That night I was very angry and went home, he followed me to my home. He apologized to me and did not want to go home before I forgave him. But I did not listen to him I drove him home and ended our relationship. He went to his home, but after that I did not hear his news or any incoming messages from him. The morning I got the news thawhe was an accident and died on the spot.
    Since then I am sorry and always blame myself for what I have done. I lost someone who was really sincere to me just because of my anger. Until now regret is always there and always I feel. And the end, I always think to hurt other people with my words or actions.


  27. Failure When Reading Poetry Contest

    Two years ago when I was in Senior Hight School, to celebrate Mother’s day in my school held a poetry reading contest with the theme “Mother”. Each class must have a representative who became the contestant. My classmate pointed me as a reprentative of the class, because they know my hobby is writing and reading poetry. But I’m not interested to followed that contest, because I’m really nervous ad difficult to control it, I’m afraid will forgot the contents of the poetry when on stage and was witnessed by the crowd. So I refused a request from my classmates to join that contest.

    At that moment, our homeroom teacher was angry with us, and she said if there is no reprsentative of the class for poetry reading contest it will get sanction, it saction is pay Rp. 100.000. suddenly one of my classmates pointed her hand and would to followed that contest, her name is Novi. We were very happy and impatient to immmedietly to registered her name to the committe. But she said, she could not write poetry and asked me to wrote the poetry to be contested. To reedem the guilt because I did not want to follow the contest than I helped to write the poetry to be contested.

    Next, poetry that I had writen I gave to Novi. But suddenly Novi resigned because she was sick and can not followed the contest. Heard the news we were very surprised, but we could not force her. Then, without thinking long, my homeroom teacher appointed me as a representative of class to replace the novi. I thought it so bad for me, but for that time I can not refuse anymore.

    The next time, when my lot number was already on the called then I immedietly went on stage and read poetry without text. On stage I was very nervous and my heart pounded. Then, I can not to control my nervous and I forgot the stanza to 5-6 on the poetry that I read. I really forgot and I can not remember it at all. I was dissatisfied wit my appearence, felt very disapppointed with myself and very embarrased.

    To conclude, failure when reading poetry contest that ever happened I will make it to be lesson and experience that very valuable. I had to learn to control my nervous when performing in public. I do not want that embarassing thing to happen again. Hopefully from exsperience and this failure for the next contest I can show better.


    NPM: 16040054



    This is my story when I was in class 2 senior high school, when I was 16 years old. One day when I saw my old brother , and second brother was able to drive a car, at that time a very strong desire arises from within me to learn to drive a car. At that moment the thing that I feel is a very strong desires and desires and also a concern that arises in me because I fear will happen things that I was not want. But all that can be lost because of a very strong desire from within me to be able to drive a car. Feelings that I feel it can be said of a feeling of envy but in a positive thing that makes the embedded within me to be able to do what I really want.

    An interesting story started from the first week I learned how to drive a car. At that time I learned to drive my father’s old DX car. On my first day of study, my Dad told me the function of each item. For example, telling which ones are holding, shaking, gears and clutch usage. After that I started running the car slowly, while I was still driving it at my home yard, I just do the movement back and forth it is done to familiarize and remember the function of each item there.

    In the second week I began to be taught to drive cars on the streets. At that time I studied with my father and accompanied by my younger siblings as passengers. It was a rainy day and the streets were deserted. At that time my father told me to drive the car on the road for the first time. I am very surprised because I have never driven a car especially in the streets. At that time I started tense and forgot what I should do and no longer remember what the function of each item is. My hands started to cool, I paused to take a breath and calm myself and start building my confidence by thinking positively as I think of my father who trusted me to try to drive the car on the street for the first time, I think my father alone believes I, why I do not trust myself, I must be more confident in myself that I can. And at that time I started running it slowly until I started to smoothly drive it.
    And on the third day when I was almost starting smoothly driving my car was invited by my father to go the highway. And when in the middle of the street my father stopped his car and told me to drive it. At that moment I felt happy because I could do what I wanted from the goal I wanted to achieve, but I also felt nervous, but I wanted to do it.

    In conclusion, after I did the exercises and learned to drive my car was getting smoothly driving the car, but my dad did not allow me to drive alone, and had to be accompanied by my dad when traveling long distances, but if still traveling around my father’s village I allowed myself to drive it, but in the past year I have never driven my car because my father has sold the old car, and yet I am very glad that I have had a very valuable experience in my life though only while enjoying it but, very useful later day.


    NPM :16040031
    SESI : 2016 / B

    When I was in the first year Senior High Shcool

    Everyone has a various kinds of story in their life, be it a sad story of a bad or fun experience or a dark past. In my life, I has a story that I want to tell in this essay, there is experience about register to sign in senior high school. Every teenagers who graduated from junior high school must be want to continue study to senior high school favorite as well as me. After graduated from junior high school I chose to register in some famous school. My experience begin in here. I had a hard time when I was at class X.
    I registering in some famous school because I felt that my score enough to get into the schools. But at the end of the new student admission announcement my name is not there and I can not register to another school because the deadline is up. My parents asked me to be unemployed for a year but I did not want to do, I cried and entreated to my parents to send to school and agreed to the school wherever it. Finally, my parents send me to islamic school or madrasah. Actally I did not want to studied in there but I promised to accepting however school.
    After that, at the first year I really depressed to study in madrasah because I did not has basically about subject that usually learning at the junior high school. For example on the subject arabic, fiqih, akidah akhlak and SKI, I very difficulty about arabic, I have more troble in this subject. In the first semester I was very lazy to learn even I rarely pay attention to the teacher explained the lesson. In addition to his difficult lessons and no enthusiasm for learning, the teachers who are very boring teaching. The way his teaching is not fun.
    Besides that, the factor that make me lazy to learn is students are in that class. I entered excellent class,where all the students obsessed with a high score or got the champion class and I did not like it. Because by me in adolescence it is a wonderful time where we learn to share knowledge and multiply friends not to compete and consider friends as enemies. Finally, at the time of the increase in class I was scolded by my parents because my score were very bad with ranking 32 but luckily I did not live class. Therefore, I learned that everything starts with the not sincere then it will not gets good results in the end.
    Because of the mistake I made in class X, I got a lot of misfortune. I got score that not satisfying and I was also scolded by my parents for being ranked in the last five. I was really bad at the time. I realized that many made mistakes at the time. In the end, I did not enjoy my adolescence and I was very unhappy at the time.


  30. Stayed Up in My Aunt’s House

    My name is Ahra, when I was in senior high school, I did not leaving in my house. I leaved in my aunty’s house. At the first time, I refused. Because my father would not allow me to lived with my aunty, and also I know my aunty’s well. She is not a kind person. But because she asked me, on the grounds she would leaved my grandmother alone in that home, because she wanted to move out from that house. Then I approve of her request.

    I went and stayed at my aunt’s home. There, I was treated not like a niece, but a maid. In the morning, I had to got up at 4.30 to clean the home, before I went to school. While her daughter was sleeping. When I came back home from the school, I also did a same things. No day without work. I take care of everything, namely; clening home, washing and ironing clothes,and taking care of my grandmother’s food. While my aunt idleness alzy and pamper her self with spent money.

    Someday when my aunt was sick, I take care of her. while her daughter did not care of her. At that time, I also sick, very sick. But I forced my self to take care of her, untill night. After she slept, I went to my bedroom and sleept. The next morning my aunt was angry, bacause I woke up lated. It made me felt so sad, in my heart I said “even when I was sick, I still care of her. But when she was healed, she did not care of me” .

    This is my last day in this house, before Igo back to my house tommorow. Because I already finised my senior high school. I felt happy and sad. Happy, because I will free from all these sickly commands. And sad, because I had toleave my grandmother alone in this house. No one else will pay attention to grandma’s food.

    In the nigh, I slept early. But I did not lock the door, because my sister was still outside. While I sleeping, I felt there was a man beside me, and look at me. I immediately woke up, and saw my uncle was sitting at the corner of my bed. I immediately sit down, while my uncle went stright away and saying “ go back to sleep, nothings happen”. After that, I cannot sleep. I think of negative things. And I cannot sleep more untill moring.


  31. NAME : Veronica Ciana Putri
    NPM : 16040067/ 16C
    Class : 16 C

    Happiness is in a new place
    Narrative essay

    That day where at the moment after the graduation of senior high School I was very anxious to continue Higher Education again that is lecture. But, maybe at the moment the luck has not yet sides with me for enrolled at a State University that is my place. And to register for lecturers to private colleges will need a lot of money so I prefer to postpone my desire to be there. Until my sister took me to join with her to the city of bandung city is very beautiful and full of amazing Attractions.

    At a the when im bandung, I sense a New mood I think is very different from the atmosphere that exists in the place of my birth. In bandung, I get to know New places, New people and New Languages AS well. The language that I think is very Strange and sometimes hard to understand and sometimes also difficult to distinguished which one is polite to use and which are not. As long as I’m there and along with my sister, I helper my sister in some work that is commonly done by a woman while I’m waiting for the next College registration.

    In Bandung, I know a lot of culture, try the food I think is unique and also tasty, feel the live independently without depending on the parents, doing my own needs without the help of others including my sister. I also have a very good friend who is willing to teach me a New language that is Sundanese language to me, because his house is vey close to my sister’s house. We know each other each language like me who taught him the language of Minang and so did with my friend that’s taught me languages of Sunda.

    While in bandung, I’m on the invite to Attractions that are very amazing and also wonderful with a very New to me. Like Tangkuban Parahu, one of the many Attractions on the visit by tourists from outside and from within the country because ir shows the beauty of the crater. In additional, I’m also in my sister’s by invite to one of the beaches that are in bandung in West Java in particular namely Pangandaran Beach, a very beautiful beach is also clean and I can also see the sunset at the moment becauseI come at the very just right.

    Although I want to accomplish Education delayed, I’m very happy at the same time I’m also feeling New things that never I guess before because I could feel the atmosphere that I think is very New and also very different from the previous, because I can learn a New language, meet New friends, New people who I think are very friendly andalso accept it before in their Environment. And see a very beautiful places.


  32. Name:Meri Ofadila
    Vocation to Pariaman

    One month ago, me and my classmates vocation to Pariaman. That the time we went by train. Our holiday is aimed to make our class compact and establish intimacy so that there is no division, understand the caracters of each. That time we left at 9 am and arrived at 12 o’clock on the gondariah beach. Many thing we do there from 12:00 pm to the ofternoon.

    At 12:00 pm we took a walk around the beach. Coincidence the weather was very bright. And we capture the moment to take pictures together. We agreed to rent bicycle to around the beach. At the time my friend Mega get accident, because Sarah camera’s that brought damaget fell from the bicycle. Mega is very sad and apologized to Sarah, and then sarah forgive her. The problem was finished we continue our journey.

    At 1:00 pm we stopped the mosque to pray. After that we feel so thirsty because its so far we brought the bicycle. And we agreed to bought coconut water. We saw beutiful scanary, blue sea, bright weather and fresh wind. It’s was make me happy and stay longer in Pariaman.

    At 2:00 pm we wareso hungry and we agreed to rent a carpet and bought some food for eat. Really fun this our holiday. We loughed together, spilit the food and we do not forget to selfie. We almost forget to order ticket, because it was so fun we joke and loughing together. After that we rushed to bought the tickets. Fortunately we did not remainder the train. And we back to home safely.

    In conclusion our holiday it so much fun, and will never forget in my memory. Many thing we do together. Because it does not need to spend a lot of money to get beutiful place. It just simplicity and so hard to forget in our memories. And i hope our class always compact and keep our relationship


  33. Nama : Sisri Handayani
    Npm: 16040059
    Sesi : 2016 B
    Tugas Writing (Narrative Essay)

    After graduated from high school, I went to college. The process that I passed very long from taking the exam SMPTN, SBMPTN and SPMB but I did not pass, I am very disappointed. After I think, I chose to enter private university STKIP PGRI West Sumatra. At the time of registering I chose a history and language majors because I love the subject. But my sister recommends to choose English because of many job opportunities. My sister explained her job opportunities like I could be a teacher, a job at a BANK or a company. Actually, I’m not interested in English because I think English lessons are very difficult and very boring. With the explanation given by my sister, I chose the English department and I made the first choice because I did not think I would graduate in this department.

    After a few days, the announcement of the outcome test, I am very surprised my feelings are uncertain. I was accepted in the English department. I do not know what to do. After the announcement came out, I told my parents. I told my parents. My father said are you sure and able with the majors you choose?I answered yes I can. At that time, I doubt because I know my knowledge is lacking in English. To hone my skills, I tried to translate English texts,
    read English texts and memorize vocabulary.

    My first day in college, I was very nervous. I am afraid the first communication using English. In the grammar course we are all told to introduce ourselves, why choose English. I am very confused what to say. It turns out after I observe many of my friends who do not master the chosen field. During college I started enjoying and changing my thinking about English majors.

    Now, I think the English department is very cool and very interesting and not everyone can speak English well and correctly. Many of the process I experienced and the result is quite satisfactory in the first round. I really feel the knowledge I get in the learning process. I know things I do not know like how to meet well, how to pronounce true, how to make the correct English writing and compile the correct sentence. Then, I study harder and have a goal to get past the value I get by being active in discussions, making assignments and always following the learning process.

    In conclusion, do not give up before trying. We can hone our ability to learn really and now I am according to my department now. To hone my skills, I tried to translate English text, reading English text and memorize vocabulary.


  34. Ronaldo ananta

    MT Talang

    One year ago on the 15th of February I went up the gutter mountain with 16 of my friends. We depart from the Padang at 9 am and arrive at Batu batumbuak Solok at around 1 pm .
    When we got to the first base we checked out equipment such as food, tents, mattresses and medicines. After everything was checked we then pray to each other’s beliefs, after the prayer finished we started the journey by walking for 4 or 5 hours,
    just walking about 1 hour we were treated to a beautiful view of the tea garden surrounding us with green spoil my eyes, after passing the tea gardens the air began to feel cold and we ended up getting to the first post, at the first post we met another climber who stopped enjoying his hot coffee, then one friend brought out the stove and cookware for heated.
    After a few minutes our coffee was ready to be drunk with the bread we brought from downstairs, it was delicious to be in a cold area enjoying hot coffee by sharing stories with other climbers.
    Finished a cup of coffee before continuing the journey to the field where we set up our tent not to forget to clean the post from the garbage and just continue the journey, the road we went through is very exciting and there are some hurdles that spur our adrenaline,
    the longer we walk the more hoops we pass, the climbs and the descendants and walk on the edge of the cliff is a sensation to defeat ourselves.
    After approximately 4-5 hours walking in the middle of the forest we finally arrived at the camp and immediately divide the task some are looking for firewood some are looking for water to cook rice and drink at dinner later,
    About 8 o’clock at night we gather and make a circle in the middle of his there is a bonfire, with meal dishes already available we then pray and start eating and after that go to sleep.
    At 6 am we were awakened by other climbers to pray together, after praying we made coffee while waiting for the sun to rise about 30 minutes waiting for us to walk to the top betina the peak to see the sunrise and we really see the outside scenery we can when in the clouds.
    So, I am grateful to God for having created the world with great beauty here is a wonderful place to blend with nature and that I have ever visited.


  35. NAME : Salsabila Afifa
    Sesion: 16B
    NPM: 16040035

    My younger brother

    I have the experience of my most beloved younger brother, my younger brother in my family named M. Luqman Arif. When my mother pregnant Arif, my mother had experienced something very serious and almost a miscarriage, the incident was, my mother was exposed to electricity when I wanted to plug in the refrigerator. My mother fell and was immediately taken to the hospital, the doctor decided it was time to give birth so that children in the stomach can be saved. At the hospital the doctor was trying hard to get the child in my mother’s stomach, because she had a very serious bleeding, her baby born in my mother’s stomach was very difficult because of weakening energy and also too much bleeding. With the power of effort and prayer Alhamdulillah the baby came out with life and breathe, we are very happy, then named the baby M.Luqman Arif by my father, two weeks later after being examined by the doctor, Arif positive leaking heart disease.

    After Arif confirmed positively exposed to heart leak, Arif always brought to check once a week to the cardiologist, more or less for two months after that in reduce again, Arif check to the cardiologist once two weeks and the last once one month. In the process of about a year, Arif always check to the cardiologist to know the state of his heart has started to improve or not. Alhamdulillah Arif state gradually began to improve, when the doctor said “only a miracle that can cure the disease as a whole, because the disease is very difficult to heal”. With the efforts and prayers my father and mother always look for medicine for Arif, until the traditional medicine is also given to Arif in the form of green coconut that is consumed twice a week, by getting used to
    drink green coconut water that Arif condition looks better than before, and examination to the heart doctor only at do once every six months. Alhamdulillah when Arif was five years old, on the last examination the doctor said “It is a miracle from Allah Arif has healed, on condition that he should not smoke to death”

    Arif is very fond of playing toy cars, when two months after recovering from the leaky heart disease Arif affected burns disease. The cause of Arif’s burn was when my mother was cooking in the kitchen Arif also played a toy car in the kitchen, when my mother’s cooking oil had boiled Arif closer and slipped and went inside the cauldron. When the incident my mother immediately lifted Arif and immediately took Arif to the hospital with our neighbors, on the way Arif felt pain and my mother calmed him down to the hospital. After the examination by the doctor, who was affected by burns is his waist, doctors give drugs to apply to the burn to dry quickly. After one week Alhamdulillah Arif’s burn was dry, and three weeks after that only a trail of burns on his waist, so that Arif was able to play and activity again as usual.

    Continue with another story, only a matter of months back Arif affected. It was a kite-making season that was assembled and built by itself with bamboo materials, so that in front of our house was very crowded with people who made the kites. When Arif watched the man make the kite, Arif also thinking to make his own, secretly Arif took a large knife in the kitchen. Arif started cutting bamboo with the people around him, the misfortune of Arif’s hand was cut by three fingers, strangely his finger was jumping up and down and his blood was flowing very much, then they called my mother and brought it back to the hospital. At Arif’s finger hospital in dressing with a bandage then in the love of anti-pulse drugs, then go home and in bed order so that his pain is not felt. As time went by Arif’s fingers began to heal and in grade one elementary school Arif’s fingers gradually grew until three fingers were cut off perfectly again.

    In conclusion, every disease there must be a cure. God gives us a test or sickness and sadness to us there must be a way out. The healing of the disease must begin with sincere acceptance and always try and pray for the healing of illness or calamity that happened. Do not ever despair just because of illness, because the disease is the slain of sin that we have done. Forbearance is the key to the realization of a good reality of events that have taken place.


  36. Liza Aulia Gustina


    Writting II

    Narrative Essay

    Parade August 17

    When I was a kid I attended one of the primary schools in Bukittinggi. And when I was in third grade elementary school I was once appointed to lead the marching band. The marching band will follow the Indonesian independence parade held on August 17th. At that time I was happy, and when I got home from school I immediately told my parents. They are also happy to hear it. Because I am very happy on the day I forget the dinner.

    Then, because I did not eat because hearing the good news the next day I got a fever. Therefore I can not follow my regular practice with my band mates in school. I feel very sad at that moment. I said to my mother, it seems that I can not lead the marching band and my mother asked ‘why chid? is not that what you want?’ I answered ‘how can I lead this team while keeping my own health unable’ with eyes tearing my eyes hugging my mother. She rubs my head gently and says’ so if you feel happy when getting something you want, do not forget Little things like eating, because if you do not eat you can not lead the marching band right? ‘Nodded listening to mother’s advice.

    After 2 days of not being able to follow the marching band practice with my friends at school I was finally able to participate in marching band. Before that I shyly apologized to all my friends in the marching band team. And I also say I can not lead the marching team of this band. By expressing what I think they understand and understand. From a distance our marching band builder noticed him, and he smiled at us from a distance.

    After about 2 weeks of training finally came the day where the uniform division for the marching. which means already H-1 to the parade event 17 August in downtown Bukittinggi. The event was attended by representatives from all primary schools in the city of Bukittinggi. We all felt gerogi and awkward. On the day we showed no confidence came. We all felt inferior to seeing participants from these elementary schools.

    Finally after following the parade that I think it was a thrill event se bukinggi I feel relieved. Although walking a few miles away we also feel proud to be the center of public attention bukittinggi although only a few moments. Finally we can rest, we sit on the floor of a building because it is very tired. Accompanied by my mother, she also gave me food and drinks. And I tell all things from tired, arrogant, happy to my mother. He also listened to all my stories with a smile. That’s my happy memory when I was a child.


    NPM :16040005
    SESI : 2016/A

    Narrative Essay

    In this time many people thought travel is a going to everywhere and adding the knowladge about a culture, aslo got experience. And three months ago i went to beautifull beach with my friends, that was very excited placed for me and my friends. Arrived at there we dirrected to take a picture at the nice spot. Not long time we felt so hungry and thirsty some of my friends want to buy ice cream and noddle. After that, we next to found nice another place, when we got the place I directed to take a rest with my friends in that place my friend said ” i want to tell some story to you guys” so we all answered yes we want to hear that storied you want to tell.

    The beach like so beautiful and made me felt refshing with some fews in the arround at the beach. Much knowladge i got from that palce not only happines,togetherness, and the pictured. But i could knowing about the nice of nature when we had to make having fun that was we can to get any place for took a rest at beautiful beach. From that experience i know what is important to go to travel. Because feeling together can to make me become more refresh. That day i got much beautiful experience.

    There is was amazing moment, to talk for me and my friend. Because that thing could made me felt happines also laugh together at the beach,until we forgot the time to go at home. The chirp some of bird and blow softly by wind adding the eminece become more interested. We saw a beautiful startfish, the high coconuts three, and white sand. When i and my friend want to take the starfish suddenly i was scared.

    Travel to beautiful beach is form to refresh our mind and got to enjoy. Also studying about what is the important for we do when we had a hard time to thought in any major like : the worker of office,and students. From that we could to know how to respect what is very valuable for me. There are something we could learned to keep the nature to order always beautifull and we would got the nice few for everytime.

    In conclussion going to travel in beautifull beach i and friends got the best also beautiful experiences. After we played with some animals of beach then i and friends decided to go home. While on the trip we felt hingry again, so i and my friend must bought some foods. At the store of foods at store we eatong together until finished. Because the day would night i and friends dirrected to go home. The finally in travel to sumedang beach i felt very happy and got moment also best experience.


    NPM :16040005
    SESI : 2016/A

    Narrative Essay

    In this time many people thought travel is a going to everywhere and adding the knowladge about a culture, aslo got experience. And three months ago i went to beautifull beach with my friends, that was very excited placed for me and my friends. Arrived at there we dirrected to take a picture at the nice spot. Not long time we felt so hungry and thirsty some of my friends want to buy ice cream and noddle. After that, we next to found nice another place, when we got the place I directed to take a rest with my friends in that place my friend said ” i want to tell some story to you guys” so we all answered yes we want to hear that storied you want to tell.
    The beach like so beautiful and made me felt refshing with some fews in the arround at the beach. Much knowladge i got from that palce not only happines,togetherness, and the pictured. But i could knowing about the nice of nature when we had to make having fun that was we can to get any place for took a rest at beautiful beach. From that experience i know what is important to go to travel. Because feeling together can to make me become more refresh. That day i got much beautiful experience.
    There is was amazing moment, to talk for me and my friend. Because that thing could made me felt happines also laugh together at the beach,until we forgot the time to go at home. The chirp some of bird and blow softly by wind adding the eminece become more interested. We saw a beautiful startfish, the high coconuts three, and white sand. When i and my friend want to take the starfish suddenly i was scared.
    Travel to beautiful beach is form to refresh our mind and got to enjoy. Also studying about what is the important for we do when we had a hard time to thought in any major like : the worker of office,and students. From that we could to know how to respect what is very valuable for me. There are something we could learned to keep the nature to order always beautifull and we would got the nice few for everytime.
    In conclussion going to travel in beautifull beach i and friends got the best also beautiful experiences. After we played with some animals of beach then i and friends decided to go home. While on the trip we felt hingry again, so i and my friend must bought some foods. At the store of foods at store we eatong together until finished. Because the day would night i and friends dirrected to go home. The finally in travel to sumedang beach i felt very happy and got moment also best experience.


  39. Nama: Lingga Anggraini
    Npm : 13040031
    In the past, there was a puppeteer whose name is Geppetto. He eager to have a son very much but his wife passed away several years ago. One day, he got an idea to make a puppet in order not to be lonely again. He made a puppet all day long. Finally, in the morning he had finished his work and he named the puppet Pinocchio. Soon he felt lonely again since Pinocchio couldn’t walk or talk by itself. One night, Geppetto prayed to the God to become a real boy. He always thought it on his mind in his dream.

    In the next morning, he was surprised that Pinocchio was alive. He taught Pinocchio how to walk, how to read, how to speak and to do other things as human. He then studied at an elementary school. One day, Pinocchio felt bored and it made him go home late. When Pinocchio finally came home, Geppetto asked him. He said that he was on school but he wasn’t. Instantly, Pinocchio’s nose grew longer and longer and it meant that Pinocchio has lied.

    The next morning, Pinocchio was kidnaped by the owner of circus. Pinocchio soon became a slave for the circus. He was so famous because he was a puppet which can talk. Geppetto worried about him because Pinocchio had not been going home for almost two days. He tried to find Pinocchio everywhere but he found nothing. When he searched him on the sea, big wave smashed him. He was then in whale’s stomach when he awoke. He couldn’t find the way to go out.

    Pinocchio was terrified. When the guard arrives and takes him out of the cage, he runs very fast and he manages to escape. At the same time, the evil wizard, summoning all his troops with him, runs after him and he pulls out his wand. Evil devil transforms a small wooden doll into a chocolate cake. When he returned home, he told the whole story to his father and they went to find the gods fairy. After a long journey, they finally found the gods fairy and they had a magic potion for Pinocchio.

    In conclusion, Pinocchio finally could escape out from the circus. He came home but nobody was there. Latter on, he searched Geppetto in the sea. He got the same accident like Geppetto and he met Geppetto in whale’s stomach. Both of them got out from its stomach by making a fire. In the end of the story, they went home together and lived happily ever after.


  40. Nama : Sarah Ramadhanty
    Npm : 16040047
    Narrative Essay

    Memories Of My Life
    My name is Sarah Ramadhanty and commonly called Sarah. I am 19 years old. I have a hobby of singing and sometimes I like reading novels like famous as Ayat- Ayat Cinta, Dear Nathan and Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan. I come from a city that is knowns to be quite cold, the Padang Panjang city. I have one brother and two sister. I have a selfish, hard hearted nature and sometimes I have envy to others. Not the envy of ones physical or wealth, but the family it has.
    When 9 years ago, I have a strange disease because doctors also do not know I suffer from what disease. At that time, I still have a happy family. I still have a father who is very close to me as well as with mother who love me very much. When I was still sitting in elementary schoo, which a child still needs a father figure. At the time I did not understand what the intention of divorcing in family. When I was cured of the disease, my parent said the word divorced in front of me. Arguing and finally the word farewell was the end of the debate.
    When I sit in high school, thats where I begin to understand what a divorce. When I still need the love of a father. At the moment I heard thet my father again remarried. With a sick, fragile and broken heard but there is a women who stands firmly to support her 4 children. A woman with all her might to support her childs life. The woman who never sheds tears in front of her child despite the heavy burden she faces. The woman is my mother, yah my mother is all her women for my life. The most extraordinary woman in the world.
    My mother got up by doing all the halal work. Ranging from washing clothes police, selling and until now my mother has a mini market. Thanks to the sincere prayer of a mother for her child, alhamdulillah mu life is more than enough that previously let alone have tv to eat hard. I am very grateful, god give the woman that strong for me. Until finally I can feel at University.
    But I also do not forget my father figure in my life. Although sick to remember, but father is still my parents. I also have to respect as much as I respect my mother. As I get older, I understand more and more what family means. Family is every thing in this world.
    Well, this is where I learn from my past life. The past is not our obstracle to progressing to the future. The past teaches us the meaning of life and the future to achieve the life we want. Foe me, not a separated family just time and separation. But I still want to be like a complete family. On the other hand I am also grateful because god still gives me a peaceful family.


  41. Nama Titik dwi slopa
    Npm : 16040036
    Tugas : Writing II
    Narative essay :
    Experience accopying a college chair

    The time I started being a student.I feel scared and feel unable to become student.because I was feel that still in high school.because I feel that being lectured is the same as in school.turned out to be studied very different in school and the way of learning is very much different than the college.

    The first,studied the way of learning by way of studying in school is very different ,because in college students who are more active and students who also have to ask many lecturers. And in school the way it is learned bt the way the teacher explains ahead but in the lecture the way the lecturer delivered the matrial is very different. Because in college students who have to look for the matrial that has been conveyed by lecturers and students who will explain the future. After I know and feel to be a students I quite undestand the sytem learning in college. After I found out I was not afraid to be a student, because I thought being a student was a challenge for me to live as a student.

    The second, every time I entered me classroom I was afraind to follow the lecture. Because at that time I have not me a friend who can make me not afraid to enter the room when college is in progress. After two weeks of many college I started to feel happy, because I’ve met a lot of friends when I feel student. And a lot of experience and motivation that is provided by my friends so I do not feel afraind when entering the room to attend college. In college I also get a lot of friends languages that I know and the various experiences I get when I become a student.

    In conclusion ,do not be afraind to achieve the desired goals because ideals are the key to being succesful. Every who become a students so many students get a tough challenge or partience and perseverance to be a student. Therefore from everyone to be a student do not quickly give up to run the challenge in getting is a key that will be run with patience . and in every decision that wants to be is a challenge that must be run with patience and persistence.


    16040057 (B)

    A meaningful holiday

    Holiday is the thing most people look forward to. Same as me. I always wait for the happy things that are in it. During the holidays yesterday, I went holiday to my grandparents grandparents. I want holiday there because it’s been a long time since I met them.

    When I was on holiday and holiday there, I was very excited because I could see my grandparents doing fine. We are not just groping, but we also do fun activities together. Such as fishing, climbing trees, gardening and raising. The experience was very memorable for me because I was able to witness the happiness that emanated from their faces. It was very impressive.

    Day run has arrived, my family busy preparing food and drink after the prayer ied. Many people came to forgive and stay in touch. I am very happy to see it. Whoever sees it, surely his soul will be at peace. The people there are very friendly.

    After holiday was over, one week later we had to go back to my hometown. That’s very sad. But what else, I have to go back to college because the holiday has run out. I said goodbye and left with a heavy heart. Although heavy, I can not impose my will to linger there.

    My days passed unusually. What used to be a laugh of grandma and grandpa, now must be a memory. But I do not want to make my grandmother and grandfather sad. They used to tell me to be a useful and proud person for everyone, especially the parents. I was determined, too, to not long to go into grief. I also have to be able to practice and prove that I can.


  43. Name : An Nisa Hasanah
    NPM : 16040052
    Session : 2016B

    A Beautiful Day on Pariaman Beach
    Togetherness is a very valuable things for the people in the world. Everyone wants to togetherness and solidarity with the people who love them. As well as me, I want to spend all of my time with my loved ones. That was I feel recently. Three weeks ago, precisely on Saturday. I went to Pariaman beach with my friends. Even if it was just and ordinary road by someone else, but for me it was amazing. It was the first time I went to Pariaman with my classmate that is “B Session”

    Before we left to Pariaman, the first we ordered tickets to alai station to leave at 09.00 am. We had all gathered in front of before 9 a.m. While waited the train came, I and my friends counted the tickets that had been purchased 21 tickets. Not too long, the train came. And we all got in the train. During our journey we sang and laughed together. It was make me happy. We had never been together since years ago.

    We arrived at 11 o’clock in the morning. The weather on the was so bright. It was a perfect time to enjoy the beach. We were happy when we got the beach. All of my friends were busy with their business in beach. There were took a picture with his friends, played the beach waves, and just saw a beautiful scenery. After that, I made a plan to played a bike around of the Pantai Gondariah. We tourned the beach with bycicle. That was amazing, it was so nice for me.

    After played bycicle for a few times, we also felt tired. It was means to lunch together. We had lunch together with foods, vegetables, and fruits we had brought earlier. When ate together, that where our togetherness, compactness, compassion and peace there. After lunch, we just stayed under tree. While waited to home, we ordered tickets at 16.00 p.m. To spent our time, we all relaxed on under the tree. It was do not feel, the time was already 4 hours. So it was time return to home. We all went into the train and said goodbye my beloved Pariaman City.

    It was an amazing holiday experiences in Pariaman. I will never forget all this experiences. All the togetherness that was felt. We are everlasting friendship.


  44. Alif Joza Putra
    Narrative Essay

    First Climbing At Talang Mountain

    It was the day before the youth oath, my friend and I for the first time made plans to go to Talang Mountain to celebrate the youth day oath. Before leaving, we prepare everything needed for preparation, from logistics, tents, and others. After preparing everything we get ready to go with a motorcycle.

    At that time the day showed at 3 pm and the rainy weather conditions, we left by motorcycle, before we headed to the mountain of gutters do not forget we fill the gasoline first. After filling up the gasoline, we continued our journey to Talang Mountain. Our journey is very far, there are about 2 hours to get there. After we had a tiring journey we finally arrived at the location. Before we continue our journey, we first buy the entrance ticket and pay the motorcycle parking fee.

    After buying the tickets, my friend and I rested for a while at a nearby shop. It was 9 pm, we were getting ready to continue the journey by walking. during our journey we laughed and really enjoyed the scenery around and of course the weather there was very cold because we were in the mountains. 1 hour we walked, we paused to rest and fill some water.

    After taking the water, we continued our journey with heavy rain. The road to get there is very far and slippery because of heavy rain. After a 2 hour walking, we arrived mid-climb and decided to stop and take a break. We try to light a fire and set up a tent. At that time we were not alone, there were many other climbers going, and of course everytime we stopped, we found lots of friends, telling each other and joking. We cooked some food, drinks like Cooking coffee and Cooking noodles. After all the rest, we continue the journey. After 3 Hours of journey we finally all arrived at the mountain of gutters, My friends and I very happy because after all the tiring journey is paid with the scenery around very beautiful, Like the shady trees and the smoke from balerang mount gutters. We all started looking for a great location for camping and rest while enjoying this incredibly beautiful landscape.

    In conclusion, we were the first time to go mountain climbing, during our journey laughter and meet many friends. All the problems lost when we reached the mountain of gutters and we really enjoyed this beautiful natural scenery.


  45. Name: Indri Yunissha Ramadhanti
    BP: 2016 A
    NPM: 16040003

    Comparative Study to Jakarta – Bandung

    A year ago I was 3rd grade high school, at my school held a comparative study to Jakarta –Bandung. I’am very happy to have a comparative study to see the activities on campus java area such as; UI,UNPAD and ITB. Not just visiting order campus, we will also on holiday in Dufan and also go to Tangkuban Perahu mountain that is in bandung. In my class that went only about five people. Because of this comparative study is expensive that is 3.400.000 rupiah it is includes hotel, play in dufan and rent a buss. The morning I woke up at 05:00, I immediately bathed and prayed at dawn. Wasted no time , I left at 05:30. Mom and my brother drove me to BIM airport. At 06:00 Am I arrived at the airpoet,There I saw my friend from science class 1 Runi and Resy. They are same second flight kloter me.then, I say goodbye to mom asking for blessing in order to be safe until the goal luckily. Not long after me and my friends check in us to ,the next stage of boarding pass and last inspection of sharp wepons and drugs. The process went smoothly and we just waiting for the flight.

    At 8:00 our plane departed. The airplane was so fast that one of juniors was frightened. But I calmly prayed that I hope to survive the goal. At 10:00 Pm , we have arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport. We waited for our suitcases and went straight to the bus we rented. Our frist trip visit campus UI. I was so happy because UI campus is state campus located in the city of Jakarta. After visiting the campus of UI, we immediately went to Bandung and stay in Meize hotel. Arriving at the hotel, we immediately rested. One room of three people. The second day we went to the restaurant for lunch. After the meal we headed to UNPAD campus. This campus is very nuce and do not forget we capture the moment with my friends. At 03:00 we continue our journey to ITB campus. ITB campus is very large but unfortunately the building used is still fairy old. There we see the activity campus, not far from person of Student of Padang. After that we went home to Meize hotel.

    The third day, we went to Gedung Merdeka. There we listened and observed the historical objects and also the artefacts in it. Much once unique objects here. I was amazed at the nine organizational statue, as well as the foreign not forget we capture the moment. After that we continue to Tangkuban Perahu mountain. It is very far from Gedung Merdeka. Once there we immediately buy a mask, because the fog is thick in there. See the number of typical merchandise contained,. I chose to but sourvenirs ranging from bottles contained. i chose to buy souvenirs ranging from bottles containing Tangkuban Perahu mountain, knitting bag, key toy, shirt and dressing. Here we capture the moment behind the white crater. Tangkuban Perahu mountain has been destroyed.,But we were very happy to visit this mountain. Finally, we went to proceed to Jakarta city and saty at BIG hotel. As usual a one of room three people.

    The next day, this is the most we are waiting for the holiday in Dufan, soon we arrived, and choose to ride the rides. Me, Runi,Resy,Ridha,Tari,Fira. the six of us chose roller coaster rides,Hysteria, Niagara-gara and sloping spaces. After that we take a break to eat a box of chicken nuggets that are very tasty. The day was getting late we went straight to the restaurant of dinner, finally day we prepared to go back to the fields. before that we visited the mosque istiqlal, and do not forget to buy gift for our family. After 06:00 we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport and continue the flight to Padang city.

    In conclusion, the moment that I remember the most until now, in addition to adding experience, I can also vacation to the best places in Jakarta and in the Bandung city. I’am very pleased and amazed at the trinkets in Jakarta and Bandung. Although I can not go to college here, but I’m glad to ever entered the campus that is here. For me this momen t that I will never forget in my life and if later there is sustenance want to go back visit the two cities.


  46. Nama: Indri Yunissha Ramadhanti
    BP: 2016 A
    NPM: 16040003
    Narrative Essay

    Comparative Study to Jakarta – Bandung

    A year ago I was 3rd grade high school, at my school held a comparative study to Jakarta –Bandung. I’am very happy to have a comparative study to see the activities on campus java area such as; UI,UNPAD and ITB. Not just visiting order campus, we will also on holiday in Dufan and also go to Tangkuban Perahu mountain that is in bandung. In my class that went only about five people. Because of this comparative study is expensive that is 3.400.000 rupiah it is includes hotel, play in dufan and rent a buss. The morning I woke up at 05:00, I immediately bathed and prayed at dawn. Wasted no time , I left at 05:30. Mom and my brother drove me to BIM airport. At 06:00 Am I arrived at the airpoet,There I saw my friend from science class 1 Runi and Resy. They are same second flight kloter me.then, I say goodbye to mom asking for blessing in order to be safe until the goal luckily. Not long after me and my friends check in us to ,the next stage of boarding pass and last inspection of sharp wepons and drugs. The process went smoothly and we just waiting for the flight.
    At 8:00 our plane departed. The airplane was so fast that one of juniors was frightened. But I calmly prayed that I hope to survive the goal. At 10:00 Pm , we have arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport. We waited for our suitcases and went straight to the bus we rented. Our frist trip visit campus UI. I was so happy because UI campus is state campus located in the city of Jakarta. After visiting the campus of UI, we immediately went to Bandung and stay in Meize hotel. Arriving at the hotel, we immediately rested. One room of three people. The second day we went to the restaurant for lunch. After the meal we headed to UNPAD campus. This campus is very nuce and do not forget we capture the moment with my friends. At 03:00 we continue our journey to ITB campus. ITB campus is very large but unfortunately the building used is still fairy old. There we see the activity campus, not far from person of Student of Padang. After that we went home to Meize hotel.
    The third day, we went to Gedung Merdeka. There we listened and observed the historical objects and also the artefacts in it. Much once unique objects here. I was amazed at the nine organizational statue, as well as the foreign not forget we capture the moment. After that we continue to Tangkuban Perahu mountain. It is very far from Gedung Merdeka. Once there we immediately buy a mask, because the fog is thick in there. See the number of typical merchandise contained,. I chose to but sourvenirs ranging from bottles contained. i chose to buy souvenirs ranging from bottles containing Tangkuban Perahu mountain, knitting bag, key toy, shirt and dressing. Here we capture the moment behind the white crater. Tangkuban Perahu mountain has been destroyed.,But we were very happy to visit this mountain. Finally, we went to proceed to Jakarta city and saty at BIG hotel. As usual a one of room three people.
    The next day, this is the most we are waiting for the holiday in Dufan, soon we arrived, and choose to ride the rides. Me, Runi,Resy,Ridha,Tari,Fira. the six of us chose roller coaster rides,Hysteria, Niagara-gara and sloping spaces. After that we take a break to eat a box of chicken nuggets that are very tasty. The day was getting late we went straight to the restaurant of dinner, finally day we prepared to go back to the fields. before that we visited the mosque istiqlal, and do not forget to buy gift for our family. After 06:00 we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport and continue the flight to Padang city.
    In conclusion, the moment that I remember the most until now, in addition to adding experience, I can also vacation to the best places in Jakarta and in the Bandung city. I’am very pleased and amazed at the trinkets in Jakarta and Bandung. Although I can not go to college here, but I’m glad to ever entered the campus that is here. For me this momen t that I will never forget in my life and if later there is sustenance want to go back visit the two cities.


  47. My Police Test

    In my life, there is one bad experience. When I graduate in senior high school I want to be a police. My parents support me to be a police. My parents have many ways for me to be a police. They ask to their friend to help me practice and study about the police recruitment.

    When the police recruitment open, I prepare my document for register the police recruitment. After two days I know that recruitment, Iam immediately register the police. Before that I must prepare like SKCK, family card and license in senior high school. When I make SKCK there are many problem. The problem is when I lost my photo for SKCK . I must print the photo again and photo studio is very far from there. Its make me tired.

    The next day, I register online the police after my document finish. I get the number register. After that, I prepare everything I need like shoes and cloth for test. The first test namely is administration. In that test I will measure my height body. Next, the committee check my license senior high school and check my mark.

    The second test namely is health check. In the test , I will check my body health. The check like check my eyes, my teeth and check my ear. In test , I success. It make me very happy. For the next test I must wait three days. After I wait three days , the third test come. The test namely is academic. Before the test, I study hard from morning until evening.

    In brief, I must keep spirit for the test. Because , police its my future. I do not want failed. My parents support me. I do not make my parents disappointed. I hope , I will success in this test.


  48. Bad News From My Parents

    In life, many events affect the way a person acts or decisions one makes. Basically, a person experiences certain events in life that have a big impact so they really change a person is life. For me, life altering events happened when I enrolled in college a few years ago. The incident occurred in November when I first became a student at one of the universities namely STKIP PGRI West Sumatra. Where at that time when I first became a student and then also towards adolescence who have new friends different regions.

    When it was about two weeks or so I became a student, there were various problems that made me have to move to college right away. One of the problems is that my father moved to work abroad namely Australia and I also had to move with the family. At that time I did not think about that problem I just focus on college. I thought I had to be really diligent in college, because I did not want to go to college and go with my family. My mind just flashed I did not want to move, and at that moment the news of my move was not yet clear.

    At that time, because my college transfer decision was unclear, I went to college at my favorite college. At that time I had attended the event that is the campus held a Keakraban Mahasiswa or called with a welcoming Party (WP) event for Prodi English Deparment. I followed the show smoothly. The various races that I attended on the show. That is where I started to get along with all my friends all sessions A, B, C and especially B sesion. Many activities we have passed together are eating together, taking pictures together, playing together and others.

    When the WP event ended one day finished the event I got news from my parents that I had to move with my parents right then and there. It was Monday I was picked up to Padang and had to prepare all the goods that will be brought. At that time I denied my parents to move with them, because I was very comfortable lecturing at STKIP PGRI West Sumatra. One of the comforts is that I have a good lecturer, have fun friends who have been through hard and happy together. It is not easy to leave it all and it is not easy to fit in a new place, because we have been a family on campus. But my old man kept pushing me to move with him for some reason. One of the reasons is that if I get sick then who is taking care of me because the family is not in Padang, I am also far away with the parents. At that time I had to go, because I could not argue with my father when he said that. My mother could not do anything. Because we are afraid of my father.

    And in the end our family went to Minangkabau international airport. Once there I continued to persuade my mother to tell my father that I did not move while crying. My mother tried to tell my father well both the reason I did not want to move with them, because my mother can not bear to see me like this. I am just waiting for what my father’s decision. I hope I will not move. A few minutes later my mother finished talking to my father. My mother told my father’s decision that I did not move with them even though my mother and father had a fight about it. After hearing the news, I immediately rushed to the campus to continue the lecture again.

    To sump up, I did not go to college with my parents. Although initially not allowed by my father, and I can not argue with the words of my father. And in the end because of my persistence to stay in Padang, I asked my mother to talk to my father. And my final decision was allowed to stay in Padang again to continue my studies, although there was a bit of a quarrel between my mom and dad.


  49. Have a Bad Feeling
    I was in elementary school at SDN 48 Ganting. The school is undergoing a renovation that eventually made me and the other students transferred to a school that is very close to the beach. Elementary school at SDN 31, there I was and others moved for a while.
    In that school, I was still sitting in 6th grade. On that day me and other students were doing try out exam. Try out test is aimed so that students can face the problems that will come out in the national exam. So that students can choose the school according to their desire to learn the next gap.
    On that day at break time, my friends and I went to the cafeteria to buy snacks. Because the break time is still much left, I along with my friends went to the beach to look around. There we only saw the beach scene in the afternoon then one of my friends named Bayu said, “After school, let’s go swimming in this beach”. Then my other friends agreed.
    The break was over, my friends and I returned to the classroom to continue the lesson. In the classroom, there was only a teacher’s voice explaining the lesson to his students until the bell rang. Then when I want to go home, usually I ask for my brother’s pickup but on that day he had a stomachache. Because I feel bad that day I finally came home with a run.
    At the time of running, my chest began to feel tight, I felt there was a feeling of fear in it. The arrival at home felt a little relieved. But after I changed my clothes, the feeling I feared was that a magnitude 7.6 earthquake shook the city where I live. My body trembled after the devastating earthquake ended, I can not imagine if I went swimming with my friends or waiting for my brother’s pickup. While my neighbors have been evacuating, only a few people and my family have chosen to stay at home. Luckily the thing I fear most at the time did not happen.


  50. Winda Sofia
    Narrative Essay

    Unforgettable Experience

    Three years ago i got good experience,when I was sitting in my first middle school I had an unforgettable experience that was unforgettable in my life. When I joined the selection of vocal group competitions for the school level in the district. Of the 87 participants to be selected only 4 students will be selected. Finally I was selected in the selection to follow the competition at the school level,it was . After school I told my parents that I was selected to participate in a vocal group competition at the school level. Then my parents said alhamdulillah good luck and the name of the school to the provincial level.

    After one month of training, I was not sure I could win a race at the school level. But thanks to the suport and motivation provided by the teacher, me and my friends sure can win the race. Master said win the most important back problem you have tried and tried. After a few months of training it was time for the anticipated race to begin. On the 11 o’clock of Thursday at the start of the race, I arrived at 7 o’clock to prepare the property and makeup to perform. Then I was appointed by the teacher to take the lot number and finally my school for first appearance. And when his time came we did not forget to pray for the performance smoothly.

    In the afternoon it was time for a winning announcement to represent the district to the provincial level. Me and my friends prayed and held each other’s hands, and finally announced that my school became the 1st champion to represent the province. With his humble we immediately embraced the tutor teacher because we will continue the race at the provincial level. We feel very proud that we have made the name of the school. Struggle for less than 4 months is not in vain and to fruition. After a week of school-level competition, I and my friends prepare for the training to follow the race to the provincial level.

    In July I and my friends went to Bengkulu province to join the race. We left by bus, when I was caught and my friends singing and playing guitar.We are excited to be represeted the school in this competition. I felt the very happiest thing I ever had, because I went in charge and got an allowance. In fact, I did not spend a fortune to follow this race. When we arrived in Bengkulu province we went straight to Bengkulu Beach to see the beautiful sunset. After a few days the race is over and finally the awaited announcement arrives. We won 4th place but we are not disappointed because we have tried and tried. The next day me and my friends circled the city of bengkulu to play and shop.

    In conclusion, with this experience I can learn that all we can achieve with a business and hard work. And thanks to the belief of a goal can be achieved. I am very proud of myself especially to my parents, because I have made them proud of my achievements. I am also proud of the school because it has been the name of the school and thanks to the teachers who have guided me until I can follow this race at the Provincial level. I think this is the best experience ever in my life. I will do better in the future and make my parents more proud.


  51. Nadila Yunika
    16040026 A
    Narrative Essay

    unforgotable memories

    On december 2 th it was for the fist time for me to seen the karate champion. I went to karate champion with my friend and she is a karate athlete. She invited me to saw karate champion at Padang State University. Then, we went to Padang State University together. When we arrived at Padang State University i saw many karate athlete and i am so excited to saw karate champion.
    When i saw the karate athlete fight on area mattress, i saw the kid seven years old fight with her rival seven years old too. And i am felt so shy to saw the kid because when i was a kid i can not to fight or to joinned with karate club and they are made me interesting to joinned to karate. Then, i ask to nada “ nada, how long been you joinned at karate and am i joined to karate too ? “ and then nada answers “ i joinned with karate club when i was junior high school, of course dila you can joinned with my team if you want to learn karate “. Then i am verry happy to heard nada answer my question, furthermore i ask to my mom “ mom, what do you thing if i’m joinned to karate like nada ? and then my mom answer “ if you want to be a athlete like nada its your choise,and you have to focus. “ more than more i think again and then i choose joined to karate.

    Furthermore, i got many information all about karate when i saw the champion karate at Padang State University yesterday. After that, i’m so excited joined to karate. Then i’m registred to coach in karate to be a new karateka . I’m joined to karate because i want to make my parents proud of me. I want to be a athlete.

    In conclusion, it was unforgetalbe moment for me. Because i can saw how karate rouls, and how to fight on karate. Then i got the new knowladge from karate. And then i got the new friends. I can joinned with many people character. I can joinned karate because my friend hoby made me interesting to.


  52. Astari Rahma Malta
    Narrative Essay
    Thieves broke into my dormitory

    Some months ago, around 3 am happened an incident in my boarding house. It was an experience that made me more cautious and frightened until now. Because at that time my boarding house was entered by a thief. I found out after hearing the screams from the alley a. Because in my dorm divided into 2 aisles, a and b. I had time to think if the shout was out of that time i was only half asleep, because before i watched korean drama. I watched until half past three in the morning, when i was going to bed, after about 30 minutes of falling asleep i heard a shout.

    When my roommate got up, then i asked “who’s that shout? Ah maybe trance guy” i thought. But a few seconds later people shouted “thieves, please have thieves !!!”. After that i immediately stood up and turned on the room lights, then i heard the door rekha room and winda open, they asked what happened i said there was a thief who entered. In front of the rekha room we think there are still thieves hiding there. For fear they ran to my room and immediately locked my room door. After checking it was not there. After feeling safe then i open the lock, rekha and winda go out to see the situation, but still afraid i do not dare to come out of the room. I kept standing in front of the door until i was calm again. I heard if the thief had run away. Then we gather in the rekha room for sahur because on that day we will fast.

    Finished our meal telling the story of the incident, then we wonder whether because at night we were too happy and also told about the mystical things one of which we discussed about the strange sounds that exist in the song or music video k-pop. About half past four in the morning i went back to my room and went to sleep and we had to get up again because there was a half-past eight. The next morning, at 7 past 15 we left for campus when we were still sleepy. And all day it was not all the material that caught my brain. By the time we reached the dorm, we heard the news that one of the a’s siblings was missing, the thief was able to enter because the window was open and the key was hanging on the door, so the thief could put his hand through the window and turn the key without sound.

    In the evening, because we are still afraid that usually the door of the room is open until 10 o’clock but after the incident at 8 o’clock we have entered the room and locked the door. I usually leave the window open, after which i close it. For approximately 1 month we are still afraid and anxious.

    Then i think it could have been the door of my room that was open because the thief tried to enter my room, because at that time my window was open and the key just hanging on the door. Did not seem so because at that time i had not slept, so he let the door remain open, if he closed the door will be very loud. When the thief opened the door i did not know it because at that time i was watching while wearing a handsfree and turned my back door. Until now i am grateful because at that time i have not slept, maybe if i was asleep maybe i lost my laptop, mobile phone. We are afraid of thieves because what we have in mind is that thieves always carry sharp objects. It does not matter if it takes valuable items that may be bought again, but not with lives.


  53. Nada NurAfrita
    16040017 A
    Narrative essay

    My Champion

    When I was seventeen years old I was joined with the karate club at Polsek kuranji. And then, I tryed to focus on my trained because I had a schedule for Sumatera champion. Further more, I had a coach from INKADO ( Indonesia Karate-do) especially she is a good athlet in West Sumatera. And then, we were trained together hard. And when she taugh me about the Kumite ( Fight ) on karate.
    The first, when I prepared my self to joined at the Sumatera champion i had a problem with my school. Because when I went to champion my teacher at the senior high school called me. She told to me “ Nada, you have to back to school as soon as posible. Because you have to clearly about your examanation”. Of course it is made me confused because how can I back to Padang as soon as possible. because I was champion at Dharmasraya.

    The second, I told to my teacher at my senior high school “ I’m sorry miss I can not be back to Padang today” beacuse i had a schedule at Dharmasraya for Sumatera champion. And then when I told like that, my teacher at senior high school just quite and then she told to me like “ Oh My God, Nada you made me confused. But I did not want to distrube your time. You have to care about your champion. And I will gave a time for you and I will told to Mr.Zainal Akhil for gave you a longer time ”. And then when I heard my teacher told to me like that I felt so happy. And I just focus for my champion. And then, before the time for me, I always trained with my coach.

    The third, when the time was coming I prepare my self with the pray to the god. Who has a given the blessing, and for make my felt cam dawn. I got the first round with North Sumatera contingent. And I fight for tweny minutes and i got the eleven score and my rival 3 point. For the first round i was been a winner. And to be continue to second round, i gor the rival from West Sumatera. She is my friend from KPJS team and we fight seriuosly because at the time for fight who has your friend are your the time to champion are your rival, ad after the champion we are friend. And then after we fight i got the seven score and my friend got a three score. And then, to be continue to third around i met with my friend from West Sumatera and then we fight i got the four score and she got five score. Further more, i got the third possition winner i got the bronze medal. But its oke for me, i was do the best for my champion. And i said thank you for my coach who has taugh me for a months ago.

    In conclusion, it was very interesting memories for me bacause i can be a winner even though i just a third position winner but i’m very happy. I did it my self and my coach always taugh me. And then, i apreciate everything what the god given to me. Then, i’m proud to my self because i can got a medal from the leader Inkado. Even, i just a third winner but my parents said “ we proud of you my daughter “ and i’m happy to heard that.


  54. Name : Ranita Juliani
    Npm : 16040015/A
    Narrative Essay

    Got Something New

    I got something new of my good experience with my friend. My experience gave lessons for my life. When that time, I felt bored in my dormitory at weekend. The luckily my friend came to me and offered me to go to refreshing place. We determined where the place that we will at that time. Finally we were choosing going to rent bicycle. That was good idea for refresh of my mind and for healthy.

    We got the good way for refresh our mind. On the way, we enjoyed view of nature and we talked about everything. We searched the place to take some pictures. We went to Siti Nurbaya brige and we were happy at that place. That time I felt can to divest my mind. I Can expressed my feel every time when we rode a bicycle. That was can be mood boster for mind and condition.

    Play with my friends that time I got the lessons, such as, I can to share my story with my friend, that is the socialization of people. It made my feel more better. My friend also shared her problem to me. We changed of mind and laugh together. We can also visited the good view for take a picture. I got the meaning realated in friendship. We believe to share problem and we talked the funny things.

    Everyone has good experience and bad experience in life. People do not forget the important incident which has meaning in their life. Incident or experience can give lesson and can educate for people. That good experience can make people always remember it and want to repeat it. People also tell again and again about the good experience to each others. The good experience can give the traumatic of people who feel about it. That is bad time for people in their life. Experience gives many good lessons for people.

    In conclusion, the good experience is how people also get the lessons from it not only get the happiness. The good experience can give the something and get the new experience for lessons mind, change of mind, and get the new experience for lessons of life. I think I can get the benefit from my experience and take lesson from it. That way is my experience more better than go to refresh to place or play with friend only get tired and do not get the something new lessons of life. We should smart in get lesson in experience which can be benefit for our life.


    16040061 / 2016 C

    Learn To Sew With A Sewing Machine

    Sewing is one of the hardest jobs in my opinion, because there are so many to connect between the fabric one with the other. Sewing is not the result I get on the contrary. Sew even that makes my hands often stab needle sewing. Sewing so much makes me lose because sewing is a job that not everyone can and likes. And sewing is the thing that makes me tired of being home.

    After that, my mother asked me to learn to sew. At first I did not want to sew because sewing is so boring. But my mother forced me to learn sewing because she wanted me to sew with the machine. Because sewing is useful until whenever the word “my mother”. And I was forced to learn to sew although initially very boring for me. It turned out to be very nice sewing after I grabbed the unbanked material and I stitched it up.

    But once the material is finished, I look back at the stitches I made. It turns out the results are beyond my expectations, because what I make does not match what I think. It turns out that sewing is fun, after what I feel. I feel very happy with what I’ve got so far. Although I forced my mother to learn sewing, but the results are very productive. I am very happy to get this sewing science, because it is useful in the future.

    I am very lucky because I get the science that benefits me in the future. And I am very grateful to that knowledge from my own mother. With that knowledge I can help my mother at home and lighten her work. I was very proud to get the science of sewing even if initially forced. Instead I want to learn to design so I can open my own business.

    So, never ever complain before we try. And do not ever avoid the effort that has been in front of the eye. In addition, we should be grateful for what we have been and do not ever do something with it. Do it sincerely and with pleasure, because any science while positive is useful in the future.


  56. Dwi Tania
    Narrative Essay

    Meet Up Harris J
    A month ago I got information from my friend that Harris J will come to Indonesia in some cities. Among them are Jakarta, Solo, Padang , Pesisir Selatan, and Banjarmasin. Harris J is a Muslim who lives in Chelsea, England. He is a Muslim singer whose song are all about Islam. The information I got that Harris J will come to Padang on November 7th. Located at the UNP Auditorium in a seminar entitled ‘Anti Bullying’. I am very excited to meet with her.
    On November 7th, it was the day I had been waiting for. Because I wanted to met Harris J. I really idoalized Harris J from the beginning of his appearance with with the song Salam Alaikum. But I had a problem that day. Because his seminar started at 1pm . At 7am I remembered today I had a midterm exam schedule. I do not know what time to finish. I told my friend who at the time promised to come to the seminar that I was not sure to went with her. Because I have a midterm exam. I few minutes later my friend replied by saying that to come to the seminar she skipped the German Language Course. And I do not want to do that.
    On that day, I had two midterms exam schedules. Namely the Grammar and Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan. I was very frightened and nervous at the time because I could not answer it well. But I try to answer the question well and hope get good grades. Did not feel time to answer the exam passed so quickly . I am very glad that the schedule is coming home sooner than I had expected.
    At 11.15 am, after the exam is over I rush home to put book and take a helmet.I went with my friend to the UNP Auditorium. Towards location takes fifteen minutes from my house. After I got there, I was very surpised to see that it was crowded by school students representatives of Padang city and students from various universities. Everyone is excited about getting into the Auditorium. Over an hour everyone stood in front of the entrance while shouting the word ‘open the door!’ together.
    At 1 pm the entrance is opened. Everyone jostles to get inside. But the event organizer said that the seminar was specificallyfor school students. So students take precedence in advance of the student from various universities. For a long time I waited my turn in front of the door with my friend. And at 1.30 pm the door is opened again and everyone is allowed inside. I am very happy because I was allowed to enter. But when everyone wants to go in, there is very crowded and jostling situation because I can not wait to see Harris J. When I try to get inside I get into trouble like being pushed very hard from behind, and me and my friend are squeezed in the middle of the crowd and I finally got inside.
    I was very impressed when I was in the Auditorium. There is very crowded like being between the human ocean. Everyone was anticipated to meet Harris J. And after a few minutes then Harris J went upstairs. I was very excited and enthusiastic when I first saw Harris J. Everyone shouted and called the name of Harris J. Then Harris J sang some of his songs and everyone sang along. I really enjoyed the event and did not feel the time passed quickly. And then Harris J goes to another town. I was very happy at the time. And it was memorable and unforgettable to me. A beautiful moment upon seeing Harris J for the first time.


  57. M. KHADAFI


    It was about five years ago. When I was still at nine grade of junior high school, eaxatcly in the last of semester. Before, I had usually taken a pray at masjid as well as at home. Neverthless, I only took a pray for four times such as: Dzuhur, ashar, maghrib, and another was isya, i got bother to take a pray for Subuh. At that time, I did not take a pray for five times. But I wanted to perfect it. I always pushed my self to do praying for five times but the lazy feeling always made me could not do it.

    There were three main factors that made me could perfect the praying became five times. They are the countdown approached UN of junior high school (Final Examination), the support by my parents, and the other was the next school was far from my house. The countdwon approached the UN was one of main factors that made me praying for five times. At that time, many news which was being viral both on Television and on newspaper that the first time for Kemdikbud would apply the UN of 20 packets for every junior high school and senior high school in Indonesia. When I heard that news. I was worried with my self because I was affraid, I could not pass that final examination. Then, I determined that I had to be study hard for it. Before, I decided to study hard, the first thing that I had to do was praying to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala so that I was given blessing to do it and surely kept praying for five times which it had been obligation for all moslems. When the UN was going, I felt that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala gave me easiness to answer all of the questions on the examination paper. I realized that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala was really true accepting my wish.

    After the UN finished not only I passed the final examination but I got the best result of UN among the nine grade students at my school. I was excited because my wish and my effort had accepted by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. This thing was a kind of internal force that made me more spirit to perfect my praying to be five times a day. When the UN finished, all of the nine grade students are given long weekend all at once to prepare where they had to continue the study. During the long weekend, my faith was down. the lazy feeling to take a pray for five times was back. Like usually, I always got bother to take a pray for Subuh. Neverthless, I had the parents who usually kept praying for five times, they always reminded me. Especially for Subuh, my parents always awakened me at 05.00 A.M so that I took a pray. Also, if I did not take a pray for Subuh , they gave me an explanation about the sins for the poeple who do not take a pray for Subuh as well as the superiorities for the people who took a pray for Subuh. they often supported me, so it realized me that the important of kept praying for five times.

    When the long weekend finished, I had to prepare where the school to continue my study. Actually, I wanted the school which was far from my house. Eventually , I chose vocational high school to continue my study which it was around 20 kilometers from my house. When I had applied to vocational high school, I was accepted immediately and became the student there. Cause the vocational high school was far from my house, I had to get up early morning. My parents often awakened me in early morning, it was around at 04.30 to 05.00 A.M o’clock. If I had got up on that time, automatically there was no reason for me to leave praying for Subuh. Then, I took a pray for Subuh all at once preparing before I went to school, such as: took a bath, wearing uniform school, another was breakfast. Therefore, I decided to choose the school which was far from my house.

    Everything began a compulsion and fearfulness of UN 20 packects, the support by my parents, the next school was far from my house, so it made me wanted to perfect the praying for five times. We knew that the succes key of praying was a compulsion, if there was no that feeling compulsion I could not imagine what happened with me now, even though I never felt how I could perfect my praying for five times a day. Sometimes, the lazy feelling was back in my self. But, I ignored that feeling because it would make my faith was down. The internal force always affected me so that I had to be always thank to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and kept praying for five times everyday.


  58. Name: Nindalagu Saputri
    NPM : 16040071
    Class : 16/c

    A tough teenager

    My name is Bella,I am a teenager who works hard to finance my own school. I was born from a simple family. My dad only works as a casual worker who is not necessarily his income. While my mother was just a housekeeper.

    Despite the economic limitations of my family, I have never been discouraged to continue school. Because my dream is to go to college. Because my ideals just want to be a Manager in a company. And I want to make my parents happy.

    Every day I sell light snacks in the school. At first I was embarrassed, but with a strong determination to change my life to be better than now. And also want to happy parents. I do not care anymore with the sense of shame and scorn from friends. Although the profit I get from selling not so much.

    Not a few friends who degrade me, he said “the poor are still poor people, where maybe he will become a successful person”. They laughed at me with pleasure until I cried. But of the many who mock and humiliate there is a friend who always support and help me. And also what makes me tough is advice from parents, they always support when I am sad or happy, that’s what the family means. My mother always said “let people degrade us, prove to them that the humiliated person will be better and more successful than the patronizing person.”

    Without the support of the record maybe I will not be a strong and steadfast person to live this life. And from now on I will always be grateful and start living life with a smile and spirit. And thanks to my mom and dad who always gave me support.


  59. Name : amidatul maiyuza

    My fantastic holiday

    Last holiday my family and me went to Medan. Meanwhile to attendet wedding party, there we also to holiday. We leaved from my house at 5 oclock am. We went to Medan by my car. Long time in the trip about one day.

    On the trip we stoped in the restaurant in Sidimpuan. I there me and my family get eat and peayed befor we contuniu our trip. We ordered many eat for my family. For example vegetables,drinks and the other. After that we continiu our trip.

    We are on the trip in the night. Me and my sisters fall asleep besides mom and dad. Suddenly the car os stoped. I am shocked why the car is stoped because i know we not arrived. After that i awken and asked to my mom what happen ??. My mom said the car is strike. My father controled the car until the car go anymore and we continiu our trip.

    The next morning we wake up and saw wa are already in the city. Even though the place we were headed was about four hours away. Afterwards our searched about place for lanch. In there our dissappointed because the food is not tasty and not in accordance with the desired. Meanwhile the food is very expensi.

    After a long journey we finally reached the place of destination. In there we get rest and relax. After that me and my mom helped my aunt to cooked for dinner and our get lovely dinner. The next day our tour to tourist attraction. In there we go arround and enjoyed beautiful views and the next day we went to the cousin’s mother’s wedding where the party was very fancy and festive. The invitees were very good and polite we did not stay there too long because the foot had to go elsewhere again.

    The conclusion of my experience above is a frightening and fun experience. Which at night the car we used broke down and we only had one. We are also afraid of being trapped in that place and not getting to the destination. On the other hand I am also happy because I can vacation there. I can enjoy the beautiful scenery and see different types of flowers. Attending a lavish wedding which I have never seen before.


  60. Name: wetri lisya zurianda
    Npm: 16040048


    A chinase company that stood a few years ago have a employees who was two children. This family come from different dialect, culture and religious language. Because mandated to work there. They must accept the consequences. With this condition, two children must moving to follow his parent.

    When jorsh 12 years old, his parents moved to work at a place called BTN. That place jorsh family get new environtmen which around it have different that not become berries to jorsh hang out with friends.

    Next, adjustments in environtment he can hang out friends. He also get new environtment in his school. Jorsh thought is he able to adjust when with his friends?. However, he was a sociable student. Jorsh did not feel alianated with his friends. In the end, jorsh get used language that friends used they.

    Besides, different language jorsh must also adjust himself in the environtment who hard language. Speaking that loud accent is Batak language that at first jorsh dis not know the language. Loud language but around people have heart friendly in hang out. Jorsh enjoy around environtment because about that he have many study about the real live

    In concluation, many different background we can take a study in live. Which every places we take positive things as learned and make live guidelines that in world and have the same right and can compensate. That basic have different language, cultural, and religion but the convince that human was his good side.


  61. Name: wetri lisya zurianda
    Npm: 16040048

    A chinase company that stood a few years ago have a employees who was two children. This family come from different dialect, culture and religious language. Because mandated to work there. They must accept the consequences. With this condition, two children must moving to follow his parent.

    When jorsh 12 years old, his parents moved to work at a place called BTN. That place jorsh family get new environtmen which around it have different that not become berries to jorsh hang out with friends.

    Next, adjustments in environtment he can hang out friends. He also get new environtment in his school. Jorsh thought is he able to adjust when with his friends?. However, he was a sociable student. Jorsh did not feel alianated with his friends. In the end, jorsh enjoy around environtment because about that he have many study about the real live.

    In concluation, many different background we can take a study in live. Which every places we take positive things as learned and make live guidelines that in world and have the same right and can compensate. That basic have different language, cultural, and religion but the convince that human was his good side.


  62. name : Firma lestari
    npm : 16040078

    Continued education

    One year ago when I finished from senior high school. Continuing education to a higher level is a huge desire. But it is not my desire alone but the desire of everyone. At that time, it was a very confusing day for me. Where at that time I did not know where to go to foot, almost every day I did not go out, just silence to be drawn to think about where the direction and purpose to go. While friends have been busy to enroll themselves to the university, take the test, and there are also some who work. When friends ask me where I am going to college, this heart seems to want to cry when I listen to it.
    One day my friend came to my house with the aim of inviting me to go with him to continue education to Bogor. From my deepest heart I would like to join my friend who continue his education to Bogor. before deciding our own decision as a child must seek parental consent. At that night I dared to ask permission from my parents. I’m very disappointed with their answer, they do not allow.
    ” Continue education there too far for you ” my parents said, I can only be silent when heard answer from my parents. Yet from the time I was in junior high school and high school I was eager to live in life away from the family and become an independent child. But I can’t, any desire to go away from family. My parents always say ” you are still small can’t be separated from parents ”.
    When it was almost for two weeks I never left the house. One day I tried again for my parents’ discussion, that I wanted to continue my education. Maybe they have been sad to see me often stay in the room, finally they allow me to continued education. After getting permission from my parents, I started preparing the terms for admission to the university. At that time I wanted to enroll in a medical faculty which was my small dream. But when I applied for my university requirements, my parents did not allow me to enroll in medical school. it’s too hard for you and your physical weak, how you want to treat others while you yourself are often sick, ” my mom said. In the end I did not sign up to the faculty.
    When I did not know what to do, my parents encouraged me to continue my education to Padang. I have lost my hope to reach the childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Although not allowed to enter the faculty to the doctor. That does not mean I do not continue my education or college. Instead of staying home, I decided to follow my parents’ wishes to study at Padang. Right at that time on Saturday, I went to Padang with my friends when I was in high school. We went to the paddock ride travel, when we arrived in Padang we were confused to find the address of my friend’s brother who also studied in Padang. Maybe we look like fools on the road with an address we carry from the village. We are often stray when looking for the address, every public transportation passing us show the address we will go. So we are not lost again.
    We are very tired when looking for the address and countless how many times we lost. Waupun often lost but did not make us give up. We keep trying to find the address we want to go. As we boarded the last public transportation , we asked for the address we were going to go to the public transportation driver. Alhamdulillah father know the address we are looking for, and you were escorted by the father to the address we were looking for. Perhaps the father has felt sorry to see us who look tired and have often stray father did not want to accept the cost of public transportation from us. My friend said ” there are still some good people in the city .yeah,,, ” yes, sustenance a good children ” I said.
    After a long and exhausting journey, we finally got to where we were looking for my friend’s brother. we stayed in the fund for a few days, my sister was very kind of she helped me when I enrolled to university. After signing up I took the test, when my test time came late, luckily the supervisor still allowed me to take the test. After the test we just wait for the results, one day before the announcement of the test results I was very afraid, Fear did not pass the test. Alhamdulillah when the test exam results have come out and I passed and accepted as a student STKIP SUMBAR.
    In conclusion, when I graduated from high school the day I passed was very confusing not know where the direction and purpose to go. Alhamdulillah in the end I still can continue education to PADANG in STKIP SUMBAR. Though childhood ideals can’t I realize.


  63. SALMAH AINI / 16040088
    2016 C

    Long holiday in java

    On the second semester holiday yesterday, right after eid Al-fitr I came to go home my brother to vacation there in Jakarta. Where, when traveling, spend 3 days. Maybe because my brother who brought the car is not too tight and often stop by to rest and eat. 3 days already spent time on the end of it we also arrived in Jakarta right Tangerang area. I see a very different atmosphere with my home page. Which city building is a very crowded and resident friendly . One week has passed there, my brother said, hi sis, you choose which sights we will visit first? the very question made me feel so good in that morning. And I immediately replied in a loud voice with the answer that I desire for this is at Ancol.
    That morning I was told to prepare myself and the goods that will carry food to stock there. In the Ancol, my brother and my family went straight down the street to see some rides such as; dolphin show, 4 dimensional watch and other shows. At that time my 7-year-old brother’s son always took my hand while inviting me to see the other unique rides that I passed. While holding the map of the tour guide the boy said, the aunt rides are very challenging. if you want to ride this ride after it would want to throw up, while pointing to a tourist spot called Hizteria. I also feel interested and want to climb it. The whole day has passed in the Ancol we went home and stopped briefly to stay in touch with my auntie house in central Jakarta.
    On the next day, through a very pleasant day at my brother’s home. My brother always gives more attention. And I know maybe because I’ve been a week more at home and she’s afraid I’m bored or as her. But I do not feel that and even I feel happy when there and can add experience to get along with the inhabitants. A few days later I was contacted by my friend who lectures there, precisely in Depok area. Maybe because I sent some Photo on social media accounts he knew I was there. Why do not you say you’re here? with a high tone when in my phone. I can only laugh and apologize to her. Not for a while my friend was already dating home. I am very happy with his presence, after a long story about the lecture. My brother gave the money and said, go out and play. And my friend was immediately answered happily invited me to Monas.
    At noon precisely at ten o’clock we immediately rushed to go to Monas by train. In Jakarta, the train there is very nice with the front seats and the various facilities that make passengers feel as comfortable as I feel. Not long afterwards until to Jakarta center that is it Monas. I feel very much at all being there and climbing up the Monas. Neither of us forgot to take photo along with the trip there. Who was only able to see on television and now live there that I really feel very happy. The day was there we went straight home by riding the train as well. on that night we got home at ten o’clock. I did not let my friend go home and told her to stay at my brother’s house. And tomorrow morning he was in college and I told him to go home tomorrow morning in between my brother. After a few days I was doing activities there and I helped my brother’s work in the shop and I was invited again to take the next ride of the vehicle that is TMII.
    Holiday this time we went with two families. My brother’s family and the family of my brother-in-law who live there. On the way to TMII we experienced a very severe congestion because it coincides on 17 August namely HUT RI. At that time we spent quite a long time on the road until the total stuck of course very tired in the car. After hours on the way we arrived at TMII and immediately rest for a while because tired in traditional house Minang Kabau West Sumatra. Because everyone who visits this place definitely choose to rest and visit the house of his customs area. And after that we surrounded some other custom houses where I got knowledge and insight about culture and some other unique things in Indonesia. Inside the traditional house Minang Kabau I take photo by wearing custom clothes Minang Kabau which is allowed there. All day already around TMII we went straight home.
    With a long time in the land of Java, eid Al-adha was already close and I decided to celebrating her in the village with a big family. So far, in Jakarta I really feel very happy and this is a memorable that will not be forgotten and until now I really miss the atmosphere of the atmosphere at that time.


  64. Syilvi Anwar
    Narrative Essay

    Fake World Fool Everyone

    Have you ever heard about fake world? Some people said that fake world same with social media, like facebook ,twitter, instagram and others. Fake world is not different with real world. You can find another people and know each other. It was the first time I tried the new world named Role Player. Because the name is roleplayer it is mean we play a world where we are being another people or actress. First time I join that world I did not understand how to paly , than I just scroll up and saw how other people play. They enjoyed it and look happy, suddenly smile and laugh like they fool by that world.

    In this fake world I found many people from many cities. We were talking each other and sometime having call also. Fake world can make people falling in love each other just by typing. Why do I say like that? In that fake world we did not know people real name, we did not know people real face, than we just talking in chat room. There is people said that love can appear if you feel comfortable with people even you don’t know them. I feel like this words. When I play this fake world. I found man who made me fall in love with him , just because his typing or maybe because his good boy I think.

    Usually I never really care with another people but with him I felt care . It was since 2013 from I started to play and until now I still play that crazy world. Talking about him , I was shocked when he said that he got Cancer. That was suprised me because he never told anything before. I want to know more about his life, so I ask to his brother then he told me everything. It was started with his broken life, he is broken home and got cancer also. I think he is really pity. I just tried to motivated him and said “do not give up, you are not a weak, do not lost with that cancer” .

    Meanwhile I was a new member in that roleplayer so I just believe what people said. Fake world same as like you played a drama where you are being that main character. Foolishly I’m in that drama. Time passed we still have good communication . Untill someday I got message that boy was passed away because his cancer. It was suprised me I want to cry but I think why should I cry event I did not know this was real or not. I tried to make sure this information. And then I got funny message from his brother who told me that he life again. I think they foolish me. Five minutes before he told me that his brother was passed away then five minutes later he told me that his brother life again.

    Many things can be happen in that fake world. For example, not only me who ever felt like that, I tried to ask another people and they ever felt like me also. At least I am not they only one who fool by that drama. Since that I decided to stop communication with crazy boy and his brother. I tried to forget anything about them, then started a new world but I still play role player. It was two years I never heard about them, but suddenly I got information about that boy. He play role player like me again. But I did not want to know anymore. Just let he with his life and let me with my life. I just think maybe he would make a new drama with his new couple, like he ever made with me before.


  65. Yola Puspita
    Narrative Essay

    Meeting Social Media’s Friend in The Real Life

    Some people did not believe in fate, but when I was about 18 years old, I met someone that I knew from social media Facebook. I met him at Aimatsuri UNP 2015. That was the first time I met someone that I never knew before. I knew him for about almost three years. He was someone that I consider to be my brother. He was a good boy since I knew him. He was the first person in social media that I met in the real life.

    For the first time I do not believe that I could meet someone in social media, because many people in the social media are lie and fake. My life is flat and I also do not believe in a word of “friend”. Later, I spend my life on Facebook, tried to find someone for spent times. And then I found him in a group and I saw he is from West Sumatra. After that I started to text him.

    As the time passed, we became closer, and I learn life from him. We had the same things about character and blood type. I saw myself on him but only half of me. I remember when I asked him about life, and then he said “my life? If I do not make any problems, my life would be boring”. I really loved that answer. And he know me a lot, as if he had known me for a long times. He was the first person that was impress me with his world that I was a type of person who was not interesting with anything and when I always try to do something by myself he said that I would not be able to do everything alone. He is the wise and nice person. Everyday my life filled with his wise quotes.

    At the last grade of school, he also taught me about subject of school, especially mathematics. Even if only by text, but I was understand with his explained. He said that, even though I was a troublesome little sister but I could rely everything on him, and he would be there for me when I needed him. I was thankful that I met him, he was such as gift that God already gift to me. I do not have a brother and he said I could call him my brother. I hope I could meet him in a real life.

    Finally, when he decided to go to UNP for study, I also decided to meet him at an event that would be held there. At that event called Aimatsuri 2015, I texted him that I want to meet him, because it was near from his dormitory. Although, I was a little bit nervous, but he was agreed. And when I met him, he was look nicest than what I expected. He was high and thin. We did not talk too much when we meet unlike in the text, we talk everything. I was finally relieved I could see him as real.

    In the end, I was happy I could meet someone that I call my brother. I was a little bit doubt that he was real until I met him. Meeting him is a beautiful and wonderful moment in my life. I do not believe in fate, but after I met him, he changed my life. His words inspired me every day. One thing that I like from him is that he really enjoys his life and he is surrounded by many people who love him. I think everyone loves him. I hope someday I could meet another Facebook’s friends like him and I hope we also could be a friend in the real life.


  66. Name:Siziah Juandri
    Npm :16040011
    2016 A

    Unforgettable Memory

    One year ago, I and my friend went to UIN in graduation event my friend’s sister. We went by motorcycle about ten o’clock time. Arrived in UIN the graduation event had finished. When we arrived there,they had taken picture. So, it was good time for we, we can take picture too. For celebrate her graduation we would have planned for vacation to gondoriah beach.

    That night, we stayyed in my friend’s house. It was time for take a rest after back from my friend’s sister graduation event. As long as we had dinner together and spent our time for watch television. One of my friend had slept, sure she was so tired. It was about ten o’clock time and we decided for sleep, because we would have planned to gondoriah beach tomorrow morning.
    In morning, we were shocked by one of my friend’s voice. She screamed and said we were late. So, we looked wrist watch, it refers nine o’clock. We were so panic and we took a bath in three minute for every body. We were hurried and can not for breakfast because we had bought ticket last day for ten o’clock trip.

    Arrived at station we bought bread and mineral water. After that we got stand in line for take a chair in train. Then, we got ticket for every body and our ticket was different railway carriage. So, we sat separated in train. We did not know why it happened.

    In our journey to gondoriah we ate the bread that we bought in station. We were so hungry, because we can not breakfast before left to station. We enjoyed our journey in train with beautiful scenery. And finally we arrived at gondoriah beach. It was so beautiful beach and we took some picture there. As long as took picture we were hungry and decided for lunch. We would have planned for go to Angso Duo island by boat, but the weather was not good in that day, we canceled our plnaned and decided for back to home.


  67. My Best Friend

    My name is Ovalia susantika this story of my friendship while sitting on the bench SMP. My best friend’s name is Indah. She is smart, beautiful, and his like sing a song. Initially, I knew him when he joined me on SMP singing contest, because we are not a school and I do not think he will not be my best friend. Since then I and beautiful often go to play together, often learn together, and our family already know each other.

    Everyone often tells us that our twin words we are similar. But we often denied their opinions. I know that he is not my sibling so vice versa. We once promised that whatever happens between the two of us, we will be true friends. When we want our national exams even rarely play together again because we focus on national exams.

    After graduating our SMP school at the same SMA and same majors. A different extracurricular time. I took sports and biology while he was taking art and physics. Since then our friendship began to loose because we are busy with their respective activities. we’ve met to hang out or eat together again, even though we’re a class. Once there was a friend told me that my friend started to move away from me because he was busy with his new boyfriend and his girlfriend told him to stay away from all his friends

    Several months after the incident, he came to me crying. At the beginning I did not want to hear what he was going to say, but I remember the promise we made. After that I sat near him while saying what makes you sad this time. In the end he started to tell me the problems he faced to me that he was only played by his girlfriend and used his money. Then I started to say to him “what is your religion”? by sobbing he replied “Islam”, not in our religion teaches his lawful haram for dating, and you must be sure that Allah will meet you with a better person, it would be more beautiful to marry first dating.

    After that incident, I and Indah become even closer together now. Even though we were studying at sistemt universities but we still communicated even though only through social media. Her lectures in Bandung while I’m in college Padang. Every once a year exactly our vacation time often go together, eat together. Because of this friendly relationship my family and his family became closer and we also began to feel we were a family.


  68. Name : Elok Elvi Sasi
    NPM : 16040002
    Session : 16 A
    Narrative Essay
    Thesis Statement : Miracle the Turn Off The Light
    Not easy for somenone to decide be mualaf. Like my friend has unique way to convert her religion which make her believe with that. She is a young girl, not old than me. She admitted was moeslem when she still in senior high school. Tionghoa’s lady was born from christian parents, unfortunately their both was died in accident when she was child. Since that day, she cared by her sister mother. Before she was mualaf, the last child from three sisters was told if she grew up in less religion. Therefore, she was never invited to worship in church by her foster mother. Nevertheless, sometimes her oldest sister invited her to worship in there.
    Because her religion knowledge was less, it made her confused with that. In one day, when she knew Islamic in her school because she picked to stay in class when Islam lesson occurred. She said if her school gave a permit to ex moeslem student go out when Islamic religion go on. “No one taught the religion science in home “ with her soft voice. “When l school in senior high school while the Islam religion was taught, but l picked to stay because l was lazy to got out, so l followed that lesson and felt interested with that. In tomorrow I addicted to learnt that, even I memorized the short Surah in Al-Qur’an and do’a in prayer.
    Since followed the Islam lesson in the school, she confused with her convince. She more did discussion with her moeslem friends. She admitted want to was moeslem, but still had a doubt in herself and worried about her families too. The doubt was always in her heart until off the light made her more convinced was muallaf. Maybe it was seems like weird, but it was happened. She told if her foster mother home was haunted, and because that reason she never in home alone. But, one day she had a moment when she imprisoned by herself and the situation was darked because the lights off. “one time this home had contract, but the contract not yet they was move to other place. They said if always bother by other creature and did not like with that home. I did not brave in home by myself, so l invited my sisters to talking in terrace. Suddenly, l wanted to got in to my room and the lights was off. My body was shocked and l did not brave to get our from my room” she said.
    In frightened situation and also my sweat was stream, she remembered her Islamic teacher in the school. He taught if felt afraid to something, read the short Surah in Al-Qur’an. Because she was already memorized Surah Al-Fatihah, An-Nas, and Al-Falaq she tried to practiced that. From that event , her heart was open for Islam religion and decided was a muallaf. “when the lights was off, I really afraid in my room. I could not get out from there,and l remembered if the cupboard in front of the door always openend by itself if someone alone in the home. Also l remembered the Islamic teacher was taught if we frightened from something, tried to red that third Surah and maybe after that had a miracle. After l red that, suddenly my frightened was gone, l felt if someone had take cared to me and l brave to got out from my room like nothing happened in there, l felt calm. Tommorrow, l determined to talked to my Islamic teacher if l wanted to muallaf. In front of the class, l red the two confession of faith sentences” she said.
    In the end, after she decided was a muallaf she asked her guide teacher to helped her, and she admitted to her foster mother too. Her mother foster said if she did not mind with that, also her sister. They submitted all her decision by herself, and she grateful to God on that event because it made her pleased in her new religion. She was relieved until right now and said never regret become a muallaf. “Alhamdulillah, maybe the God guidance in there. My family never force about the religion, provided not forgot with the family. So, if Eid came my foster mother cooked the “ketupat” and also the Christmas came, she lay down the Christmas tree” said her.


  69. NAME:Fatricia Golda Nihalai
    NPM: 16040013

    12 years ago is chillhood filled with beautiful memories. and as well as many bad memories.if i recall a wonderful and memorable small time experience i can not young as it use to be very different with situations in the era this now.i used to live where i live once rice fields and trees are lush.

    when i was 10 years old . i’m and friends have many and playground that is very hard to find at the moment. the present circumstances surrounding where i live are not what they used to be and nice place to play like when i was a kids.a wonderful experience when i try new things with my friends and case sometimes by my parent even that is a thing dirty for everyone. at the time i like playing rain, playing mud, and climbing trees so i feel off the tree and those exsperince not ever can i forget it.

    one upon my time stiil in the age of the children the atmosphere in which i live is very much the bus to the children doing the fun.and i also can feel how beautiful chilhood. but i have childrens now do not can feel what i felt first. because childrens jaman now done more than sophisticated. we only busy with gejed and game that in gedjed because existence change jaman now.

    But that would not be possible because the situation was different from now. On one side at that time I was a child who did not listen to parents. As a result of that I fell from the guava tree. It made my body painful and a deterrent effect. The incident may be only once in my life, but I want to repeat it that I can not forget

    In conclusions of the incident I understand how important it is to listen to the command of the parents. Because something that the old man said must be for the good of his child. And I should listen to the orders at that moment. It’s an event in my life that I might not forget. And that experience can not be repeated again only limited to remember that I can feel. From the incident I have to listen more to the words of the parents whatever the situation


  70. Lara dwi khairanisa
    Narrative essay

    First experience going to college

    Last year, the first time I went to college at STKIP PGRI SUMATERA BARAT and I majored in ENGLISH EDUCATION. Beginning after I graduated from SMA N 01 MUKOMUKO I continued my education to college. Originally I wanted to get into one of the UNIVERSITAS COUNTRY. But because I failed to follow SNMPTN in BENGKULU I was confused to go to college where. Then my sister advised me to study at PADANG SUMATERA BARAT. From many colleges I chose STKIP PGRI SUMATERA BARAT with majors ENGLISH EDUCATION by taking the test and I graduated. Finally I studied at STKIP PGRI SUMATERA BARAT. And this is my experience when I first entered college with a feeling of fear because I have no friends and is afraid of lecturers who will teach.

    At the beginning of college begins with SIMAK activities. SIMAK’s activities are activities undertaken to welcome NEW STUDENTS. At 5:30 am I was ready to go for the event. In a new environment with these new people I was afraid to go to college. Moreover, I do not have a friend, can imagine how I feel at the time. At that time my feelings were uncertain there was sadness, annoyance, envy to see the other new students go together, laughing together, it looks very nice, while myself at that time. Arriving on campus the senior of the department or HIMA was waiting at the gate to bring the juniors to sit in the place that has been specified.

    Then on the second day of SIMAK activity, I was afraid to go to campus. I was leaving at 5:45 am. Just like yesterday, today I am also leaving alone. Upon arriving at the campus I sat under a tree where many people sat there. Then someone came up to me and got acquainted with me. It turned out that in also a new student EDUCATION ENGLISH. after that we get together because the event will start soon. Today I am very happy to have a friend. Wherever we always eat, pray, we are always together. Until SIMAK activity ended.

    After the activities of SIMAK ended the lesson began. The first meeting is the introduction with the lecturer of the course. Because I major in ENGLISH, the introduction must be in ENGLISH. And it makes me scared, afraid of being scolded by lecturers because I can not speak English. When I can turn to introduce myself, I speak not as fluently as other friends, because then I heard one by one words that the friend whispered by me. Nevertheless the lecturer never scolded me when he just said “learn again so you can speak in English”. that’s why my fears are slightly reduced for the next meeting.

    The first meeting ended with a second meeting that started to learn. The fear of the lecturer is slightly reduced in the first meeting, but in the second meeting it increases. Because that makes me afraid of the lecturer that I feel unable and afraid to fail in the subjects taught. At that time there was one subject that in demand to talk a lot while I was weak in speaking English. That is what burdens my mind because I think “if at the beginning I feel scared how I can continue to the next semester”. at that time I had time to think to move majors. Hearing that my family advised me to keep trying in the majors that I choose because it is the department that I want. I listened to that advice and remained on my current department. Until now I am still in the majors that I choose the EDUCATION ENGLISH. And I will try and learn so that my worries can be lost.

    In conclusion, in continuing education to college may be many obstacles that we will face. At first I was afraid to go to college because I did not have a friend. But then I found someone who helped me in my adaptation on campus that is a friend. With him I learned a lot. And until now we are still friends. This is the best experience I experienced when I first went to college and found a very good friend.




    At the end of the first semester before my final exam and boarding buds have plans to go for a walk before the exam. We have several choices of places we will visit. As to Pariaman Beach, Padang Beach, and to Alahan Panjang. After we had thought for a few days we finally agreed to go to the padang beach only. Because of our reasons for the exam. If the way out of the city of the wilderness will be something we do not want to happen.

    We will leave on Sunday, because at that time we are busy from Monday to Friday. The Saturday we all clean up boarding house to fit our holiday later our boarding will remain clean. And the next morning we all cook first to eat so that later we are not hungry fit away later. Actually we went the road did not have any money because it was an old date. So, we went for a walk just to take pictures as memories when we were away. Although we are far apart in a short time. The four of us are like family, complement each other.

    At 1 o’clock we were all bathed, because we could not wait to go for a walk, so we took a bath earlier. And besides, one of us is slow when it comes to bathing. We went for a walk but we did not know the way to get there. So in order not to get lost later we choose to use GPS. From boarding house to there GPS is activated. We went there using public transportation or public transportation. When in the angkot one of the friends there is a drunk or dizzy because of angkot ride. It turns out he was the first time to ride an angkot so a little dizzy a little said.

    After that, we got in front of Plaza Andalas and we all went down there.After getting off from angkot, then we see the GPS which is our guide to the road Taplau. We also follow what is pointed by the GPS. From Plaza Andalas it he said straight then there is a red light, after that turn right and straight again. Once the instructions from the GPS. While on the trip suddenly my friend named Nunung ask to rest for a while. Because feet sore because of wearing shoes that are a little too small in his legs.

    After a long break, we also continue the journey with the help of GPS earlier. My friend is still hurting pain. We walked from the red light was far enough away. When I was walking on my feet again relapsed his illness, because my legs were exposed to centengan or throat in the thumb. So, if long in the shoes he will water and will feel pain. And we had to rest again, and I opened my shoes to give air to my aching feet while wiping the water.

    When we rest, there is an angkot that stops in front of us. Then the father asked us where we are. And my friend who jaw if we want to go to Taplau or Muaro Lasak. The father said again that from here to Muaro Lasak is still far so good ride angkot only and let father who thrust there. We thought for a moment, if still walking on it seems impossible because my legs and my friends are sick. We decided to take an angkot just to get fast and not tire-tired walk again.

    Inside our GPS angkot is still active and we see that it turns out from our resting place very far with Muaro Lasak Park. The GPS is not honest to us, luckily there is a father of this angkot who would tell us. Once there, we immediately take pictures and enjoy the beach view. We sat under umbrellas while ordering a bowl of rice with orange nutrisary beverage. Given our four finances so we can only order food like that. However, even so we remain happy because togetherness to go for a walk. With a little struggle we can also get there. My friend said what if we go to a place that is not in the Padang area maybe we will not to the extent because it does not know the way and the direction to be in the way. Although the GPS use still can also get lost. Once satisfied eat the circle and play sea water. We want to go home, because if we go home too late there is no angkot that will lay us home.

    In conclusion, we enjoyed our trip even though we had no money. And there is the pain because the shoes are in use too small. Slightly lost despite using GPS. And there are angkot fathers who want to let us know that the place we are headed is still far and then deliver us to the destination. Although we can only order a platter but we are still happy.


  72. Siti Syaqiratur Reka
    2016A / 1640024
    Narrative Essay

    Sanlat in Bengkulu
    It was theree years ago when I was second grade in Senior High School. I was graduated from MAN/MAPK Kotobaru Padang Panjang and lived in dormitory. There were an organization that must follow when we were a domitory student. Then I followed S2MS because I came from Jambi. That S2MS is an abbreviation of South Sumatera of Moslem Students that is dominated by students who come from Jambi, Bengkulu and Palembang.
    Every year there are activities that we will do when the month of fasting is Sanlat that means Pesantren Kilat. It is purpose to try us stand up in public and share the knowledge of religion that we already know during school in MAN/MAPK Kotobaru. That time before the fasting month My friends and I held a meeting to disuss where we will hold sanlat. The first meeting we chosed jambi to held Sanlat. After the discussion again it turns out the Jambi’s students were holiday during fasting month and the end we chosed in Senior High School 1 Bengkulu.
    After meeting several time My friends and I have prepared various events that we will do during there. While there My friends and I stayed in My friends house. After fasting one week My friends and I went to Bengulu by bus. We left from Padang Panjang on Saturday morning and arrived on Sunday morning in Bengkulu. When we arrived My family’s friend was waiting for us at bus station.
    The next morning My friends and I immediately held an events that has prepared before. Then My friend told to the students where we came from and what our purpse to hold this events. The first day we have an introduction and opened the events, the second we shared material about fasting month and playing games and last day we closed the events. It turns out the students were happy with our presence. They said they were happy to get acquainted with us.
    I felt happy for what they said. In this events I studied how to speak in public . From this events I got knowlegde that I did not get in my school and got a new family.


  73. Nama : Fitriani
    Npm : 13040019
    Sesion : 2016 C
    Narrative essay

    Meaning of loss

    On November 2nd, 2016 was a historic day in my life. A very sad day. At that time I was practicing field in Vocational High School 2 Padang Panjang. At that time I called my sister to go home because there is a very important problem.

    So at that time I asked permission to tutor teacher to go home. Then my guardian allowed me to go home. At that time my feelings were very anxious. At that time the rain was very heavy and public transport was very difficult. I thought that my mother was hospitalized because my mother had diabetes. Finally I saw a motorcycle taxi and asked motorcycle taxi drivers to drive me home.

    When I got home I saw my sister crying and looking tired. My sister hugged me very tightly and told me that my male kaka died from an electric shock. My feeling at that time was so devastated that it hurt so badly and I was devastated to hear the news. I felt it was a dream but it was a very bitter reality.

    My sister told her husband to borrow a car to a friend so we could go back to Padang. Finally my brother in law got a car loan from his friend. Upon arriving at the House I saw the embedded hemp go mourn t to my house. I saw my mother drooping and tired crying beside my man’s body. I was embraced by my mother very tightly while crying. Mother said that she did not expect to lose her son.

    In conclusion, November 2, 2016 was very historic in my life. Because I lost my brother as well as four I told the story. I am very familiar with my older brother probably because we are three years old. I think if lose brother is really sick let alone lost parent. There seems to be no motivation in this life. But I have to explain the departure of my older brother even though it takes time. Because no man lives imortal in this world.


  74. Nama : Dewi Sartika
    Npm : 13040030
    Sesion: 2016 C
    Narrative Essay
    lost friend

    Tuesday, July 14, 2010 happened an event that I never forget all my life, that day I lost a friend his name is Budi Yanto. Budi died in the cause of motorcycle and car accidents. My best friend died on the spot because his head was broken and his head brain came out. When my beloved friend died, I began to understand how the pain felt by everyone who had felt the loss of someone they loved.

    There are no words to describe this pain, every time I remember the memory of my best friend as there is a knife that pierces my heart and makes tears flowing down my face while remembering that the fact the person we care for has gone away forever.

    After that incident each morning when me and my friends passed the road where my friend was mine died we always remember about the incident, where an accident that has scowled my friend’s life. Usually every morning we go to school by motorcycle together but on the day of the accident my friend wanted to go to school himself he did not want to ride with our other friends. At that time I and the other friends felt something strange with him but we just ignore him, we think he wants to own again.

    Meanwhile, while at school during the last lesson in the class she said, ‘that she did not focus on the lessons because she was so sleepy,’ I kept saying “Soon we’ll be going home so now focus on lessons and joking said that when you come home you will be satisfied to sleep because no one annoys you “. And he just smiled at the answer from me while continuing the lesson.

    The last words he said that I still remember until now, when it was school hours and that day me and my other friend that is our coincidence Rosi there is schedule picket that day, so my friend goodbye go home first. At the time he said goodbye, he said that he went first (go home), but with not care I answer home you first go we went school did not together, he kept saying again but with a rather high intonation “I am serious I will go ahead what you will not lose me and later we will regret it because it let me go “, and casually I replied” Do not confidence (Gr) and just go there if you go there are still other friends and anyways at home later see we’re a village. Those words are what makes me regret until now, why I let him go (go home) first if I prevent he came home first maybe accident did not happen. But after the thought again where there are humans who can change the destiny of Allah SWT.


  75. Vina yuanda sari 16040083
    My Unforgetable Moments

    One year ago I was a worker. I decided to leave my hometown, Alahan Panjang village, to lived and worked in the city of the field. Staying away from both parents was not new to me anymore. I had previously lived in my grandmother’s house in the town center for a vocational high school. So no wonder I as a daughter get permission to work in the Padang town easily from my parents . As the eldest child in my family, whatever decision came from me always appreciated my parents, especially by seeing me after my dream during vocational high school to continue college failed. Maybe they hoped by working, my mind and my disappointing feelings about college could be a little lost, and I could smile back.

    September 2015, after I missed 3 months off after finishing the vocational high school by just lamenting the failure in the yard, I started to fulfill my plan of going to padang city. Not for studying or college like my peers do, I go even for life and work. That afternoon I escorted my father to the bus station to the paddock. This bus is the only bus to the paddock. I’ve seen buses that are identical with orange colors and colored lanterns in front of me as I walk down the street. But have never tried to climb it. after making sure I boarded the bus, my father went home. I live alone to study maturity, along with the face of a typical face Alahan Panjang man who is still strange in my eyes. I tried to act like people do not fear because in reality I was hard to meet people. This is the first time I had gone to the pier of a desert on my own and have no idea what my destination was and where I should stay.
    Although my father and mother simply gave me permission to seek work in the city, they could not bear to saw me with the difficulty of finding a place to lived. They had contacted our family who lived in the city of Padang so that I could temporarily stay at home.

    Long story short, I lived in my uncle’s house was a cousin of my father. They a
    Was a small family with two children and a wife who lives in a house that was not too big and only had one bedroom. They were the ones who always help me to maked a job application letter and submited it to various places that open vacancies, such as minimarkets, malls (ramayana and sun). There were countless applications that I sent but none of which gave me any news or response that I received until a few weeks passed. I was still an unemployed girl living in a house with an allowance that was getting thinner. It makes me uncomfortable with this family and worries that I will not be accepted at any job. That’s why I decided to go out alone to find a place to work. The main purpose was the largest market in the city of Padang was the market highway. I set out on an angkot that went straight to the marketplace. From shop to store I walked, as though I wanted to go shopping while looking for a job. There were countless more shops I went to and there were still no vacancies. I also feel lost in this market I call endless. I began to feel desperate, by sitting empty table in the middle of this market I rested unwind. I looked ahead to see a bag store that seemed ready to be ready to close. I was amazed by that old-fashioned seller and his present style kept the spirit of doing his job. With a tired step I approached him, and asked the same question I asked every store.

    But this time the answer was different. With a friendly smile typical of the merchant’s seller responded that he was in need of an employee and I could go straight to work tomorrow morning. It’s certainly like a boost for me after a long day of weary traveling around the market. I came home after thanking the friendly mom and the gratitude I kept saying all the way back home. As a beginner in terms of selling goods, I certainly have not been too able to do so. Many mistakes I made when selling goods, such as failing to persuade buyers to buy bags until sold at a very low price. The old salesman I used to call mom patiently taught me until I got used to my new job. I felt lucky to get this job, though only a small employee in a bag store. Day by day my shy nature and fear of meeting people began to change. I started to brave strangers. Behind that many things I did not expect to see here, such as harsh words and dirty words from almost all the sellers in the market. Even fighting fellow seller karna has seized the buyer. From day to day I feel no change, I am still just a small employee in the market, I also feel my behavior started like any other seller seller in the market. I feel no longer fit in this environment. I again unearthed an almost forgotten old dream of becoming a student. After nearly 10 months I worked in the market I decided to stop and return to the village to prepare to apply to several campuses. I used to be a worker starting to reach my old dream by trying to be a student. With any process I was accepted on campus which I think was true to my true identity.

    I feel lucky to have learned a life lesson for the past year. God has given way to me, I may not have dared to meet many people yet, but now I am even more courageous even to speak in front of the crowd not as a bag shop employee but as a student in university.



    Ellena’s Story

    Once upon a time, there was a girl who really quiet and talented. Her name is Ellena. She is a student in one of elementary school where near from her home. She lived with her parents and her sisters. Her parents especially her father worked in the oil’s company. And her mother just stay at home to keep her children. Her father was too busy with his work. But, her mother was very patient to wait her husband. Then, she had three sisters. The oldest sister’s name is Rihanna. Rihanna is a student in Islamic boarding school in a city where far from her home. Because of Rihanna school in Islamic boarding school, so, she had to lived in the dormitory. After that, the younger sister’s name is Walley. Walley is a clever girl. She really different with the other sisters. She is really cheerfull and happy girl. She is a student in elementary school that near from her home. And the youngest sister is Ariana. She is a lovely girl who always help her parents diligently. Ellena really love her family.

    A year later, Ellena graduated from elementary school. Her father asked her to school in the city where not really far from her home. Ellena was very happy. Something that made her feel sad is she had to lived in the dorm that near at her school and had to far away from her parents. So, she had to be independent. First time she went to her school, she was a very quiet girl. Many students when the rest time came, they were took a rest out of class. But, Ellena just sit down until the class over on that day.

    Day by day, her class had to gave a friday ceremony like a muhadharah event. Her friends asked her to sang a song in front of people on that event. Because of she is a quiet girl. So, she said yes only. Before the event comes, Ellena prepared her performance diligently. She memorized the song that she would sing. After that, Friday came and she had to show her song. Suddenly, the master of ceremony asked her name to entertain in front of people. And she felt surprised and then walked to the place which she had to sing. After she sang, many people gave loud applause and really surprised of her voice. Her voice is really beautiful and amazing. Ellena was very happy and proud of herself and proud to The Creator of the world also.

    After that event, many people gave much praise and always gave a greeting to her when met. Then, Ellena was not too quiet again. Many people knew her name. She had many friends and she was very happy. Next day, she was grade two and had new friends. The boys on her class asked her to join a band. She did not say yes fastly, but she though it before and finally she received it. Next, the boys told her that there was a festival a week again. They had to prepared it well. But, when Ellena sang a song on that festival, her voices shrill suddenly. It made her ashamed. Many people laughed at her. After that, she had to back home with her friends. Her friends told that they were not win on that festival. Ellena was really sad. But, she tried to be calm.

    When she arrived, her parents and her sisters came. She was very happy. Her parents visited her dorm once of a week. When her parents came, her parents often brought a food for her. The food made by her mother. Her mother cooked was very delicious. She loves her mother’s cook. Then, every her parents went to her dorm, her parents did not forget to give her money for a week. After that, her parents went to home again. She did not forget to say “Becareful, mom,dad. Don’t forget to informed me that you arrived”. Her parents answered “don’t worry, dear. We would informed you”.

    Ellena’s birthday came. Suddenly, her parents and her sisters came. Her parents brought a cake for her. Her parents gave her a necklace, footlace, and ring also. Ellena was very happy and thanksful. She hugs her parents and her sisters. She proud that she had a family which full of happiness. A week later, she got an information that her father married again. He felt so shocked. After that, her mother came to her home alone. Her mother lived for two days in her home. Her mother cried everyday. It made Ellena sad and depressed. But, Ellena tried to controlled her sadness. She tried to calm her mother. She said, “Mom, you do not need to cry, be patient mom. Maybe Allah gave us a trials”. Ellena supported her mother everyday. Then, her mother tried to be spirit and patient. After two days later, her father went to Ellena’s home. Her father invited her mother to back home. Her mother received it. But, when Ellena had a holiday of school. She went to her parents home around oil’s company. When she was there, her parents always fight and her mother cried everytime. Ellena was very sad.

    Two weeks later, Ellena back to her home in city. She was very different and did not like the other days. She always looks moody. Everything changed on her life. She felt like from the lightness to the darkness. She was not serious on her school and her achievement down. Her body was so thin. She could feel what her mother felt. After that, she tried to calm her heart. She tried to be happy on her life. She prayed everyday. Wish her parents would be like last time which is full of happiness.

    All in all, Ellena was really sad and wish her family like last time. She could not strong to saw her mother heart broken so long time. She hope that the happiness for her family especially her parents would be come someday and forever after.



    NPM :16040029

    when I get home from school,I am sit the badroom. And I look from the bedroom door,sister and brother talking. Sister and brother want make surprise for me. But they lie by pretending to find a way to surprise me. And they walk here to buy drinks to search way make surprise.

    “my sister, do not we buy drinks,”.and “my brother,yes,waiting sister”.you very long”,speak sister. we want to buy anything?..we want to buy the drinks.oke lets go”.

    And they are go to mini market. And and I thought they were real buy the drinks. even though They are buy the cakr birthday. when they get home,they are search reason to surprise. And my brother, call me out of the bedroom.

    after I get out,my brother said”Nesa, may I ask for your money?. And I replied,”I don’t have money”. And my brother scolded me. He said” You stingy. he kept scolding me until he made me cry.

    And after they successful to make me cry, I went to the kitchen to complain to the mother. And until I am in the kitchen,my brothe and my sister they are was carrying a cake birthday for me. Here I am felt sad,angry,and very happy.because I am give the surprise by sister and brother. They are sing a song happy birthday. And I am never thought I was given a surprise like this.


  78. Nama : Ranti Fitriyani
    Npm : 16040050
    Sesi : B

    My Lovely Family
    Eid Fitri three months ago My family and I visited Bukit Tinggi precisely Puncak Lawang tourist attraction. Many people go play with their families. At that time the weather was very bright. We leave at 10.00 am. At that time the atmosphere was very cool.

    At that moment I hesitate to go or not, for fear of drunknness on the streets. But I think again, this moment just at the time of Eid Fitri, I finally decided to leave. Before leaving, candy and bread should be brought for lunch in order not to vomit. In addition, do not forget to bring wind and plastic oil to anticipate if it feels nauseous and want to vomit. During the course of Ac should not be turned on, because it can make My stomach and cause me to vomit.

    When My sister and niece enjoy the beautiful
    scenery and invite me to join in laughing with them, but I just pause. Along the way My view is just straight forward. If I see the right and left, especially the back of My head feels dizzy. As well as speaking, on the way I can not be invited to tell. So the family already understand how me.

    Did not feel the clock already showed the time of prayer, we and the whole family stopped at a mosque to perform the prayer. On the way out of the car, My head aches and My stomach feels sick. So I take a breath and sit down to be more relaxed. But it does not make me relax, My head aches and stomach getting sick, finally vomiting. But I have been against it so as not to vomit. Soon after praying, our family went. Did not feel we reached the tourist attraction Puncak Lawang. My family and I enjoy the food and the scenery is so beautiful and cool.

    In conclusion, Eid Fitri this year was very
    impressed. My family relationship getting closer, because have gathered together. Keep harmony with fellow family. Without our family is meaningless. Love and keep the good name of the family.


  79. Nama: Suci Aulia Ramadhani
    NPM: 16040001
    Class Session: 2016/A
    Narrative Essay

    A fun ghost house game
    This happened when I was a junior high school. Me and my friends plan to go to Gor Prayoga, because there will be a ghost house event. This is the first time i tried the guts to enter the ghost house. We leave using angkot, when we’ve got there, I saw the crowds of visitors coming. I am very excited to get in soon.

    Furthermore, we queued to buy tickets, about 5 minutes we were in the front row and going into the ghost house. What surprised me, that I was the first person to enter the ghost house and my friends followed me from behind. I was initially hesitant and scared, but we know that the ghost inside the house is just a fake ghost. Ok, calmly and confidently I try to enter. In the very dark room, in the corner of the first room I saw a female ghost sitting up and hitting the wood hard.
    Moreover, when passing through a door there is a pocong who was sitting too, making me and my friends screaming loudly. After that, at the top of the roof there is a ghost with thick and long hair, this room is very scary and funny because when the ghost frightened us from above, I accidentally pulled his hair hard. Very funny right?. Therefore, in the last room. There are many ghosts, this room is the very make me laugh out loud because, my friend slip missing and my other friend want to quickly to toilet. When we were outside, we were still laughing with the incident.
    However,before we go home, we want to take pictures with the ghosts that are in the haunted house. I took pictures with mbak kunti and mas pocong. I also saw many visitors to the toilet after coming out of the ghost house. It’s very funny when you see people running to the toilet. I was lucky not to feel the same with them at the time.
    In brief, it was a very pleasant and unforgettable experience for me and my friends. When I think back, I really missed those memories. Do a very funny and simple thing together. Beautiful memories will never be forgotten until whenever. Appreciate your precious time with the people you care about.



    Started after I graduated from senor high school in 2013. I wish to continue my education to the state university. My wish was supported by family especially my parents. They really want me to go to college and be a successful person later. I was the first of two children. So I am a role model and hope to be happy for my parents someday. To go to college many paths or ways that can be passed, the first through SNMPTN. When in senor high school I have followed it. But I did not pass the selection through that path. I am very sad, because I hope to pass through the path. But that is not the end of everything. After graduation, I have a long holiday. During the holiday a lot of my friends who follow the tutoring activities. This activity is to assist in facilitating answering test questions when you want to go to college through the second path is SBMPTN. But at that time, I did not follow the tutoring, because it was expensive and far enough away. I just taught myself at home using a neighbor’s book that once also took the exam SBMPTN.

    Each person does have different desires and choices. As well as I who want to continue education to the state universities in Java. Because I think if I go to college there, I will get a lot of experience and many families who live in Java. However, parents do not allow to go to college there, because the place is quite far away. My parents suggest to study in west Sumatera especially in the field. When I was not allowed to go to college in Java, I felt sad. But because of my parents’ wishes I signed up for college in the field. Because at that time I did not pass on the SNMPTN line, then I followed the second line of the SBMPTN. I took the test in the field. At that time I enrolled in UNP and UNRI and majored in psychology and state administration. But fate said another, I did not pass back to go to college through this SBMPTN line. My heart was so devastated at the time, the dream for college is no longer there. But my parents still give me the spirit and support to stay college. Then after that, I was told to go to private college in the field and I choose STKIP PGRI SUMBAR with English majors and the result I received. Maybe this is his destiny, and I will do it as well as possible.

    One year ago was the beginning where I knew the lecture. In the paddock I live in a boardinghouse not far from the campus. It was the first thing I felt. I must be away from my parents and family. The first time I was very sad or not even feel at home. But I still try to survive, because this is a trial that I must pass. It was the first day I went to college. it seems very strange and different. The first day is the day where all the new students gather and make a relationship between them. When I was confused, because I do not have a friend in the English department. All strangers to me. But I still feel calm and try to adjust to my new environment. Many of whom were busy with their own affairs and humorously humorless. No one wants to come closer to me, because I was then quiet and afraid. In the activity, new students are just told to sit under the front campus tent and listen to the direction of the campus. Then many seniors who joined in the organization participated in organizing this student gathering activities. They also help provide guidance and introduce what is on campus STKIP PGRI this. The first day was boring, but I tried to follow it well.

    Each campus has its own uniqueness and way to hold the activities of new students. First if there are new students the campus held an activity called OSPEC. Where students are required to perform activities that are not fair. But it has now been abolished from the world of lectures, especially in the Padang. Because it is less effective and less educational to implement. In STKIP PGRI the activity of the new student gathering is held 2 days only. On the first day just listening to directions about the ins and outs of the STKIP PGRI campus. Then when the second day the atmosphere is different. When I went to college, there was a girl who approached me and invited acquaintances. I felt shocked and disbelieved. It turns out he is the one who sat next to me and chose the same majors that is English. Since I know him I feel no fear anymore because I’m not alone. On the second day, there were many competitions such as singing, drama, poetry reading every majors. I hope the English can win the race, but fate has not been lucky we did not get the champion in the race. It is already natural, we can take his experience.

    In conclusion, the beginning of the course is indeed a transitional period. Where we experience changes from school to college. Who used to use uniform now wearing clothing free but polite. Once when the school was called by the students and now it was called by the students. A lot of changes that occurred when it entered college. When the beginning of college entered many new things as well as funny events that can be felt. This is indeed a natural thing to happen when the beginning of college. We must be able to adjust to the new environment. As time went on, I enjoyed my college time and I had to be successful and proud of my parents.



    Life is short and we have to enjoy it as we are eating some special foods. That is the same situation in our life. It is about my exprerience with foreigners, it is started since I met them after I did my friday praying in the nearest my house. They are from France, their name is Owen which is funny and has curly hair, then Tristan which is the man which has many styles and the last is Owen which is the man who does not like photo. We were together for a week and we went to many places. They told me about their country, their culture, their family and their life in France. And then, they came closer until it liked we were family. we visited waterfalls, beach, mountain that made us closer and they are my brothers.

    When I met them at 4th August 2017 in Siti Nurbaya bridge, they looked were being confused. Then I came to ask something, we should be humble right?. “May I help you sir?” then Noe said “yeah, I need to go to the top hill here for seeing the view”. Fortunately, I was free and I took them to every place that is quite beautiful. While we were being on the way, we talked many things, and ofcourse we introduced our self interdependent. I asked their girlfriend, it was funny, one of them was still single because he could not move on yet. we often did a joke, one thing that I never forget is a word, “ayam” is chicken in Indonesia but in France it has 2 meanings, first is a rape and the another is the name of the famous singer, then we laughed togother. We visited Air Manis beach by walking for 2-3 hours. They never said “tired” and it made me laughed. After we arrived at the Air Manis beach, we swam and ate together untill we felt tired and we decided to come back. Before we came home, I invited them to come to my house, I would like to recognize them to my family and it was going well. Then, we made appointment for going to Lubuak Tampuruang waterfall and we were going to gather in my house.

    Next day, we went to Lubuak Tampuruang waterfall. For this moment, I was not alone because I invited some friends to join with me. It was going well, they were happy. Especially for Tristan who I got a ride together, he recorded everyting when we started to enter the area of Lubuak Tampuruang. He said “it is so damn beautiful, I feel calm and quiet here” the location is still nature with the green hill and green garden. When we arrived, we started to get a lunch together and I taught them how could we eat with our arm. It was such as funny, they tried to eat with their arm and it looked like strange. I told them, that was named Makan Bajamba. After that, we swam together and took a photo until they felt satisfied then we came back home. We made appointment again for going to Lubuak Hitam waterfall together.

    Sunday 6th August 2017, we went to a place that we had decided a day ago. The same situation, I took somefriends for going there. In this day, I got a good news that I was invited for going to Kerinci mountain which is the roof of Sumatra. In this case, I had a bit scary cause I never climbed mountain but my self was challenged and I had to do it. Then, while we were waiting all of my friends that wanted to go, we ate noodles in my house and we left. We spent an hour for arriving there and an hour for climbing the hill to reach Lubuak Hitam waterfall. while we were hiking, we did a joke and I liked to bother Tristan, he hiked like a girl and then I call him My Girly Man until now. We laughed together, took a photos together and helped one to each other. Then, we arrived, we swam untill we felt quite cold then we left. Before we saparated, the france guys told me, Tristan said “Iyam, you have coming to brigitte’s house at 10 o’clock”, you know who was Iyam? That was me, Tristan was always wrong to pronouce my name. Then we left and I prepared everything that I would need it.

    The day was coming, I finished to prepare my equipments and I left, my parents said to me, “do not forget to pray son”, I kept it. I came to brigitte’s house at 10 o’clock and we left. We talked many topics while we were being on the way and they taught me the English expression like finger in the nose, falling apple and so on. When we arrived in the homestay, we were having dinner then took a shower and slept. Next day at 10 o’clock, we prepared our equipments and we left. In this case, I was lucky cause I just needed to bring my clothes and I dit not have to pay the cost. While we were hiking the mountain, I was taught French language. how could I greet someone and introduced our self. Since that day, I started to love French language and learned it. On the contrary, I also taught them Indonesian language. They told me a game “The floor is lava”, we could not stay on the floor, we had jo jump to the rock or tree and it was funny. The way for going to the top is quite far and it was not easy to walk like usual here. We halped to each other interdependent. Finally, we arrived at the place we would camp for a night and I did not forget to pray when the time came. We took a photo, we scared and we saw how beautiful the view.

    8th August 2017 in the night, it was our bad time, Tristan and Noe were getting ill. They throwed up, it suddenly happened, I was guessing it caused they were not suitable with rice. Guide said that for tommorow morning, we had to leave and went to the top mountain. At last, it was only both of us that could go, it was Owen and I. We climbed it in the cold weather then we arrived at the top mountain. It was the most beautiful, I could see everything. We did not forget to take a pictures. Unfortunately, the weather was not friendly, it was rainy and I could not hold the cold weather anymore, then I left. We arrived at the camp location, we came back to our homestay. While we were being on the way for going back, I met Annisa Nasrul, she is my senior in my college. Then we arrived in the buss place and we did not talk much anymore, everyone had been tired such as me. When we arrived at the homestay, we took a shower and took a rest. Every legs felt tired and sick, sometimes I bother Tristan, I pushed his leg then I laughed. Next day, we came back to Padang city and we saparated in the middle night.

    In conglusion, we never know what will happen in our life and we have to enjoy it every moment. In this case, I do not know, I have feeling like I do not want they leave. Every moment that we had done , that likes a dream for me. I know that every meeting has a bad situation which we also have to saparate. I miss them every moment. I through a week after they left, it was the day really hurt for me. Eventhough they are far, we are saparated by the island but we are still close and I feel it my deep heart. They are my brother.


    NPM : 1604005
    Sesi : 2016 A

    Argumentative essay

    The television is very influence for people in the world . because much people spend the times to watching television (tv), without thinking obout the effect and bad influences of that. When people watch tv they wil forget all everything waht they do. And they just know about happiness also enjoyed, so from that they will be get negative effect of television. In this tiem everyone like to watching tv, and they feel comfortable but is that not true.
    The negative effect from television is very important to disscus. Because bad effect from tv making people become lazy to work, and for students lazy to make homework, also late to go to school. Not only that people often sleepless, and get disease. sometimes they can do violence because they immitate the adegan in television. For example now much insident not imposible will be happen like, killing the child and the ect.
    Television is form a thing very influences and have much bad or negative effect. From the thing we must to take care about the matter of televison. Until now we still like to watch tv although we know much advantages occur from television. The other problem is much people redicate derivation effort of they think. When we over ong time to watch of course that is will be influence to concentration of our mind.
    In this time we need to avoiding influences of television. And also remind people not over long time to watching tv. The comfortable feeling from people about television that is will make they lazy to moving and going sport. So, they are become to obesity, also not more be interaction with others people.
    In conclusion television is media electronic that can make a people in the world become lazy, and did not carring about they environment,and often sleepless. The bad effect and influences of television is important to discuss and giving deep attention for dangerous effect and negative effect. In this time everyone like to watching tv and they feel comfortable but is that not true. So we must to avoiding also take care about negative eefect that appeared by television.


  83. Name : DIKA
    Npm : 16040018 (A)
    Writing 2,Narrative essay.
    Every Beginning Must Be Hard

    My English is start not from zero but minus, can you imagine it, I knew nothing about English or even,to make one sentence it was so hard for me, so I could not communicate using English. but the limitation of English knowledge for me making me curious and wanted more to learn about it, so I had a great intention to have English step by step, that is English the apartment.

    Let me tell you one story of my bad in English once, I must do a literature presentation in English, English department. the problem is I did not know how to present using English in front of the class, I produce language not English and my lecture was so angry to me, she said that she does not want to hear me speak in Indonesia. Finally she asked me to be back home to learn speak English by myself.

    At the time I was so nervous, ashamed of my friend, hopeless and of course disappointed with my lecture and my friends laugh at me but it is okay it is real ,that I still hard to speak English. Getting home, I was crying , I just wanna realize my emotion and my feeling. for about a month I did not go home ,I felt so stupid. until my mom come to me and asked what’s wrong with me, after having sharing with my mom, I realize that I must change, I must break my limit. I got the new enthusiasm for English.

    I choose to go somewhere for study English ,and it was the first time I boarded the plane .where it taught me many things, although I far apart with my parents but I just crying if I miss you with them . Because I believe with myself if I can also like my friends. I get many suffering over there ,step by step I collecting new vocabularies I do not now I tried to make it into sentence although it is very simple sentence . whether it is wrong or right I did not care.

    At last I have tried that only collection the vocabularies. I bought some book about grammar to support my learning. I did a conversation using English with my teacher and friends every time, it is does not stop and I do listening , I understand of course not but I keep listening to English music , movie and game. I increased my listening and speaking skill through watching movie,so many sentence and phrases I got from the movie and I practice it in my daily conversation.

    And then besides studying ,I have many new friends from sabang until merauke, I have new family. I have many experience, knowledge and I feel a deep longing for parents. In conclusion, I work twice harder than my friends, if my friends did not laugh at me, if my lecture did not angry with me it is impossible for me speak English right now, and nothing someone that stupid if you have strong courage.


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