The Monkey King 2: A Personal Review

The Monkey King 2 is a movie that has an interesting plot and stunning video graphic design. I watched this movie on April 23, 2017. Although this movie was released long before this date, I never lose a chance to have an opportunity to watch this movie.

The first aspect that I would like to comment on about this movie is its plot. This movie, as I understand, is a continuation of the previous volume, which was entitled The Monkey King. In this serial, Monkey King is performed by Aaron Kwok, who in the previous serial, performed antagonist character. The plot of the story in The Monkey King 2 is almost similar to the previous serial. However, a different aspect is seen in the stage where Sun Wu Kong met with Zhu Ba Jie and Sha Wu Jing. In the end, they will eventually accompany the Master – a Buddhist monk to find a holy scripture that was located in the Leiyin Temple of India. The plot is organized as in a moving forward mode; nevertheless, some parts of the story are reversed in order to give a richer description of how these four characters came into being at the end of the movie. One character that is vividly influential in this movie is the character of Goddess, Kwan In, that always reminds Sun Wu Kong about his spiritual journey.

The second aspect that I pay attention to in this movie is the graphic design or the animated visual display. I find the visual display of each scene in the movie, stunning. My favorite scene is on the stage where Sun Wu Kong fought with the White Bone Demon in her castle. Unfortunately, when the demon changed herself into a giant bone-like creature, she looked ugly and I thought that she would transform into a monster. On the other side, the stick of the Monkey King, as an influential property, seems undeniably strong and powerful. It sticks with Sun Wu Kong. At some points, I thought that the stick cannot be broken into pieces because it is the strongest property in the plot of this movie. All scenes in the movie use strong graphic design, which in turn, makes this movie is worth watching for children and family with almost realistic images.

In brief, the plot and the graphic design in this movie are two elements that interest me very much, as its viewer. I suggest that this movie should be watched from the beginning until the end. The teaching and character might be framed within Buddhist stories, but in terms of the movie, The Monkey King 2 is a lot better than the other Chinese animated movies.


To purchase the movie, you can go to this link: THE MONKEY KING 2

Author: Syayid

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