“Fantastic Four”2015 – How Intelligent Matters with Humanistic Personality

I have recently watched this Fantastic Four movie today. It leaves me a simple but interesting idea to come in my mind. I would mention that as how intelligent matters with humanistic attitude.

There are basically five main characters in the movie. Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny, and Victor. All of them have a great sense of intelligent as it can be seen from the way they work in the laboratory. Things get better when the “Dad” request for all of them to work together to build that machine.

They eventually did that at the end. Well, as most people already believe that drinking beers and alcohol can lead you to the drainage of brain cells, especially Reed mentioned that. Unfortunately, due to Victor’s insistence, he drank that together with Johhny. They went to the “zero planet” afterwards. Sue knew what happened, but she was late. The four men already went to the planet.

Unfortunate situation happened. They were all hit by the energy on the planet. It turned out that Ben changed into a stone-like human, Reed turned into a human with flexibilities like sticky rubber, Sue has the ability to be invisible and easy to move things as well as fly with her power, Johnny changed into a fire-like human. Victor, sadly enough, was left in the planet. Well, very easy to be predicted, Victor became the bad guy. They fought and save the Earth. And, the Security Department want them to work for them.

After watching the flow of this movie, I found it easy to be interpreted. The movie is kinder in the way that it involves low level of infidelity and destruction. Basically, all characters are alive in their own uniqueness and they present viewers with interesting dynamics. However, if I may give input to this movie, it last too fast. Watching it feels like watching a short clip. Everything is so fast. Emotional ties between Ben and Reed, to me, is what I liked the most. Please don’t say that being a homosexual picture of two boys have great feeling one another as friends. I like that part so much. I guess that the presence of Sue does not limit what a woman can do and she displays how she adores Reed as well as how Reed sees Sue as a woman with his intellectual mind.

Above all, when I watch this movie from symbolic presentation, we all can come to different conclusion. However, yes, intelligent matters with humanistic personality. Someone who is smart, but has positive attitude toward one another, though that person has ambition for something great, is a lot better than a smart one but has lack of values even toward himself. All that kind of person needs to be taught how to use that driven motives for themselves and for others around them.

And, well-done! That message is so clear for teenagers today. Hope they could think of it. I am waiting for another movie like this, but please, with more interesting visual dynamics and stronger enemies. Fantastic Four is too strong. What makes them strong is, their humanistic personality.

Hatred and revenge really kill you, inside.

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