Civil War – Avengers: “Stood for What is Right”

After watching more and more movies on the Avengers, I became to be acquainted with the message that it holds. As I can tell, many values that I could learn from watching this movie. I guess that this movie is more than what it presents to the viewers. Of course, everyone would have different opinion about it. However, to my mind, the strong idea of the “righteousness” is clearly portrayed in this sequel.

Just to flash back the story, as the beginning of my article, Tony Stark and the Cap had disputes over the issue of bombing on the Lagos, Vienna. When the meeting of the UN took place in Vienna to discuss over the matter, the man who would deliver his speech on the act had been killed as well by the sudden bombing. Soon afterward, Avengers had divisionary decision on which to follow the UN and those who will not. Only the Iron Man and Captain America who later are in different positions one another. Iron Man signed the law that the Avengers are under the UN agreement. Meanwhile, Captain America firmly believe that the signing is putting the Avengers on unfree will to protect the people and the earth. On and on, the flow of the story in this movie becomes more interesting and interesting!

What surprises me is that at the end, the actual doer seemed to be unpredictable, although in some parts of the movie, clues had been shown up. Moreover, surprisingly enough, the Antman and Spiderman acted out as well in this movie. All these characters seem to strengthen the dynamics of visual images of the story as well as the way the story had been presented.

The only kissing scene that happens is between Captain America and the girl whose friend is the Cap’s wife. Interesting, isn’t it? (I guess that it shouldn’t have to be there and it does not add “something” in that movie).

For the values, of course, we can see these values from the way the Captain America “stood for what is right” and he viewed Barnes as the innocent person who had no other option to select. Meanwhile, Iron Man had filled himself almost with revenge and hatred after knowing that Barnes is the person who murdered his parents.

At last, the value that we could get from this movie is that we could be easily influenced by our own ego or emotional state of being; unfortunately, at some points, our logic cannot be trusted for there is one thing that is still more powerful than our mind. It is what we all have, “our beating heart.”

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