Princess “Diana” Life Story

Princess “Diana” – A Movie with Naomi Watts. Who does not know her?

Princess “Diana” Life Story

Watching the movie of Diana made my thoughts and feelings shook deeply, especially after I knew how hard she faced all of those problematic and dramatic life problems during her life. From the movie, I found that she was completely feeling bare within herself for all the boring and rigid lifestyles in the palace of England. Living as a princess seemed to be living a life without the great side of happiness. All what she did with the all-of-sudden relationship with Hasnat Khan sounded like she needed someone who would see her as the way she was. Surprisingly, as this movie succeeded in showing Prince Diana’s character, we all could see now how perfectly well she composed such a story to build up the overall impression about herself. I figured out that the man to whom Diana made a love affair in newspapers was completely a lie. The feeling of being ignored by the husband, Patrick Williams, and the feeling of being lost within herself as a woman and as a mother of two wonderful boys were seemingly the triggers of why she turned into a woman with personal life confusion. She felt like being taken out far away from her personality into life with boredom and stiffness in the palace.

The way this movie was played out is like having a flash-back mode. The beginning of this movie, to me, is a bit confusing because I did not know what the character would do when it was walking in that house. Surprisingly, it, later on, became an interesting aspect to see after I watched the entire plot of the movie. After watching the story of the movie, I knew at the end, why the telephone was a crucial thing to her. Diana walked in limbo when she was there, in that room—where, at the end, it clearly showed to me how important for her to get some supports from the person she feels to be happy to be surrounded together.

Lessons that I can take from the story of this movie:


First of all, in spite of being born as an Indonesian who is far away from England, but from this movie, I learn that in some instances, human in everywhere are basically the same, regardless what sort of political, cultural, or ideological values that they have individually.

From the character of Diana, she portrays the image of lonely woman who, by the grace and gift from God, has that wonderful personality. Her passion to help other fellow humans makes her appearance as the Princess remain absolutely suitable, at least, in my view. The only challenge that she met within her household is the strong “men’s rules.” Patrick seemed to forget that his wife is a human being who needs place to feel joy and to feel the freedom of appearing herself as the way she wanted to be. Therefore, the first lesson that I can take from this movie is related to understand woman. At this time, I know that I am still single, but one day, when I get married, I will try to learn woman as I learn what would be the best part of her that can make her happy to live with as a husband. Beyond work, there is a wife. It does not mean to put her as everything. No. The point is the idea of being balance. This is one thing I need to learn and comprehend. To share my times as a husband and to use my productive times as a professional worker is what I would do later on.


Possessing many wealthy items is only complementary for women. Is it true? From this movie, it is seemingly true. The story of Diana teaches me that happiness for women basically exists in the form of attention. What kind of luxurious things that she did not have as a Princess? The very basic thing that she did not have and that is attention. The feeling of being cared for and the feeling of joyful life to be together are two things that she has lost within herself. The life that she lived with all those rules made her getting closer to emptiness. Therefore, what I can learn at this point is that wealth is important for those who never taste wealth, but for those who never taste the happiness of being loved, losing wealth is such a no big deal. If I have to choose, I would be happy to be a rich person whose richness can help the lives of so many people; even though, in fact, this purpose is still like living a dream in warm shiny day.

I, then, recommend this movie to be watched by those who wanted to know the truth behind the story of Princess Diana and what would it feel to live with a wife who really want to feel free, like a beautiful bird singing in glooming flowery park. 🙂

To Ms Diana, I like your smile. You are not very sexy, but you have a pleasing figure to see. 🙂

To Diana, may you rest in peace. Amin.


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