Fulbright – An Example of Study Objective (2010) for Indonesian Applications

My friends in Indonesia asked me several questions dealing with how they should write a good Study Objective for the Fulbright scholarship. For the purpose of sharing what I wrote for my application and helping them to achieve a better result for them, I decided to share my study objective in this blog. After learning and studying in the United States for about two years in the Master’s degree, I found many tremendous achievements I reach both as a writer and as a teacher of English. Here is my Study Objective that I sent to AMINEF in 2010. For your information, I did not revise this document because I want you to see how I change and improve myself in terms of writing clearly in English (not just grammar correctness).

Syayid Sandi Sukandi
Master’s Degree

Study Objective
I am interested to study for a master’s degree in the field of English language and literature in the United States. The concentration within the field is Composition and Rhetoric. It is relevant to my educational background—Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature—and to the needs of the college where I am currently working. A master’s degree program will provide me with more in-depth learning and advanced training so that I will have the expertise I need inside and outside the academic world. Indeed, a master’s degree will enhance my academic qualifications and help me gain professional development as an English lecturer in STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat.

In STKIP   PGRI Sumatera Barat, I teach English subjects. The subjects are Writing I   (Paragraph development) and Writing II (Essay writing), Translation I   (English-Indonesian translation) and Translation II (Indonesian-English translation), Cross-Cultural Understanding, Speaking III (Speech), and English Correspondence. Recently, I have a plan to teach other subjects as well, such as Introduction to Literature, Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking, and Academic Writing. Since I do not possess a master’s degree, the chances to realize the plan are still out of reach. Therefore, a master’s degree program in English language and literature will surely improve my knowledge base in those subjects so that I can realize the abovementioned plan.

In the master’s degree program, I will focus my study on Composition and Rhetoric.   This is because the college needs lecturers who have academic skills and experience in all kinds of writing or rhetorical situations. The future objective for this is when I have accomplished my master’s degree program; I will take responsibility as an English lecturer whose specialization is writing. Besides, I will be involved as a member of the editorial board in the research unit of the college. The task of the unit is checking and revising the language of research articles before they are published in academic journals. Considering these goals, I am sure that the skill and experience that I will receive in a master’s degree program in the United States will not only aid my academic development but also empower me to achieve the goals. The head of the English department and Chairperson of the college have encouraged me to pursue a master’s degree by focusing on composition and rhetoric in English. They officially want me to serve as one of the trainers in the program of Professional Teacher Education (PTE) in 2011 to teach subjects related to Writing in the college. The program itself is conducted under the regulation of the Directorate of Higher Education of Indonesia. Therefore, I need to have a good understanding of composition and rhetoric in order to be admitted as a trainer in the program. Composition and Rhetoric will be a considerable emphasis to the overall program of my study in the master’s degree so that I am eligible to perform the best work in the program and effective in training the students who participate in it.

Regarding this Fulbright scholarship program, in particular, I want to obtain a master’s degree in English language and literature in the United States not only because it is an English-speaking country but also because it has an excellent reputation for the quality of education. As an Indonesian, I believe that studying English in the United States can help me acquire greater fluency in the English language, which, in turn, will help my future students. When I come back to Indonesia after successfully completing my study, I will have a better understanding of English as both a field of study and a   communicative tool. In addition, I will understand the cultural values of daily life in the United States. These values, then, can be shared with my students in the college in order to help them better understand the importance of cross-cultural understanding.

An additional thing that I want to learn in the United States is to know and understand how American students learn in their classes. In this case, I would love to share the knowledge of Indonesian cultures with students in the United   States. This activity will positively contribute to my personal experience as a lecturer and this kind of experience is really a rewarding one for me. When I have understood how the American students learn, I would like to apply the positive sides that I have seen in the United States to my students in STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat. I hope that a better improvement of cross-cultural understanding between the students of Indonesia and of the United States can be properly maintained after doing the above thing.

To sum up, studying English language and literature with Composition and Rhetoric as its focus in the United States will give me many great insights that I can develop and apply in college after finishing my master’s degree. Conducting research dealing with students’ ability in composing academic writing and sharing a well-shaped concept of English and American cultures with my students will benefit them in their university lives and in the future. I also hope to enhance and promote the future or long-term objectives of STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat is one of Indonesia’s important educational assets. In the end, a Fulbright scholarship will help me ensure the future development of Indonesia’s students and teachers.

From what you can read above, you can see that I tend to compose my ideas on grammatical aspects too much. As a result, I did not let my ideas out on paper. Perhaps, this very aspect was the thing that created a gap between me as a student of English as a foreign language with most Americans who are, of course, native speakers of English. Now, after learning Writing in the United States, I am able to use my own linguistic abilities to argue and even compose my own ideas in writing – truly with my own “voice”. Writing in English has become one of the joyful experiences I have in me. Every time I read a book, I could hear someone is saying something to me through his or her works. Besides, I also learned how to engage with American and international students in the classrooms in order to see how they argue and think as well as react to different things.

To be honest, I did not travel a lot around the United States due to several circumstances, but by reading, I can have a thorough comprehension of this country. It turned out that being an American is not as easy as being an Indonesian. America is so complex in lots of aspects, especially after the influence of European settlements in history, the riot of civil wars between “white” and “black” people, and the political interests of this country over other countries that might not be interpreted well enough, given the barrier in language. I am also aware of how Americans frame certain ideas in English because, sometimes, what they intend is the same as mine, but because of the language barrier, the same intention is not translated well across different types of English language users on the globe.

For my friends who want to apply for this Fulbright scholarship, please remember that this country is not as singular as your country, Indonesia, especially on the basis of race. In this country, you cannot call others based on how they look. You need to respect one another. You also need to be respected by others, equally. I thought that I would see blonde and light skin people all around, instead, I see people even within the same color as I am – Asian American. Therefore, I cannot judge others on the basis of skin colors in the United States. Also, religion-wise, you will see the reality of how people see your religion through different lenses. Since I am a Muslim, I know that not so many people in the United States know clearly what Islam is. If I accidentally meet people who disrespect it, I tend to explain to them that what they did was disrespectful. If they still do things that harm me emotionally, then I will better go and leave them, for good. The more you understand this country, the more you will see that basically, people everywhere are the same. What makes them different is what came to them for the first time. My point is: before you came to this country, please be prepared mentally and socially. Never lose yourself as an Indonesian because they basically want to know you more, individually, because you are the “chosen” people from both countries. They also want to know more about your country through you. Sharing what you know to the best you can is a good thing to do. In spite of that, do something as you need. You do not need to do things that do not resemble yourself. If you do not eat pork, for example, tell them. If you do not drink alcohol, inform them. They will respect what you believe and choose. However, always set your studies as a priority. In my case, if I let myself drowned in traveling too much, I will end up learning nothing for my professionalism, especially since I focus on the Teaching of Writing. Without practicing Writing, never dream to reach a point where you can write, deeply on “your style.” I think I have achieved it now. In years ahead, I hope I can write my books. 🙂

Good Luck with your applications. Oh, before I forget, please remember that the living costs in the United States are high. Sometimes, this situation does influence your mood to learn and study. All the best to you!

2013 – A Year of Achievements and of Learning the Beauty.

Author: Syayid

Syayid Sandi Sukandi is a person who is just like you. He loves to meet new people. He likes to learn new things and opens his horizon to understand how this world works. He is happy to help you when he can. His personal blog is Sparkling Silent Silhouette (https://www.syayidss.com/). He can be contacted at e-mails: syayid@gmail.com or said_sandi@hotmail.com. He has a YouTube channel @Mr.Syayid's Corner. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may follow and subscribe to his creativity and works there. Enjoy different perspective and insightful ideas!

60 thoughts on “Fulbright – An Example of Study Objective (2010) for Indonesian Applications”

  1. Assalamu alaikum Mr.Syayid,
    I am Juli from Padangsidimpuan, North Sumatera. Your writings are really helpful. Thank you very much for sharing. Now, I have some ideas to write on my study objective.
    Anyway, I plan to pursue my master’s degree. Could I have your email to ask some things about schollarship or courses?


    1. Wa’alaikumsalam, Juli. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am glad to know that my writings are useful for you. That sounds great for you to apply Fulbright scholarship. I hope that you are successful in your application. ☺️

      For email, you may contact me through these emails:


      I occasionally check the second email. You can send me emails through the first or second email above. Just pick one.

      If you need to watch my presentation on Fulbright scholarship, you may watch it here:

      Or, you may simply click my YouTube channel here:

      (Mr. Syayid’s Vlog)

      Don’t forget to Subscribe ya…


    1. Thank you for your question. From the requirements outlined by AMINEF in Indonesia, such fine achievement and organization help your application stands out from the crowd. From my experience, you would likely be more selected and your chance is bigger if you have additional credentials in your scholarship applications documents. Wish you good luck.


  2. Thank you for sharing with us Mr. Syayid. Your writing makes us who are stuck in the corner become peaceful. I am going to contact you and also asking some suggestions regarding what I need to do to conduct good study objectives that might make me become one of primary candidate and even awardee.
    Thank you a lot.


  3. Dear Mr Syayid
    my name is dini muthiah islami, i am also graduated from andalas university. i have read your study objectives and thank you for sharing. i wanted to apply fullbright scholarships in this year. may i know your contact information, to know more about fullbright scholarship?


    1. Dear Dini,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and reading one page of it. You are welcome.
      This year, Fulbright scholarship closes on February 15, 2019. I think that you should visit the AMINEF website for detail information.
      You may contact me at syayid@gmail.com, or, said_sandi@hotmail.com. In case of important matter, you may visit and talk with me in office hours at the campus where I currently work (January 20, 2019).

      Best of luck for your application, Dini.


  4. Hi Dear sir Sayed.
    This is Ehsanullah Poya contacting you from Afghanistan I had made my study objectives and personal statements can you do me a favor just one’s read it and edit it according grammatical mistakes. Your helps means me very lots.
    Thank you
    Best regards.
    Ehsanullah Poya


    1. Hi Mr Poya,

      I would like to help you, but unfortunately, my students and I will approah Final Test schedule. It will be started from beginning to the end of January 2018. I will get back to you someime in February or March 2018. Would that be fine? I am really sorry that I couldn’t help you this time. When will your application due?


      1. Again Hello to Mr. Sayayid.
        I am going to apply this year for 2018 the deadline is end of March, my mean is Fulbright deadline.
        If you have time you that will sound so good.
        best regard
        Ehsanullah Poya


        1. I would love to help you, but like I said earlier, I am going to correct and check my students’ writings. January would be my busiest month this year. Therefore, I need to set priorities, Poya. I am sorry.


  5. Thanks kak for sharing a story and example essay, I hope that I I would be there in USA
    Recently, I have been preparing my document especially study objective that very important document to apply fullbright scholarship for the next year. Could u help me to review my study objective please?
    Thank you 🙂


    1. Reviewing your Study Objective? Well, I would love to, but I am helping on the basis of helping. My comments on your Study Objective should not be seen as a representative of AMINEF. Good luck, Devi! 🙂


  6. I am a veterinary doctor and recently i have completed Master of philosophy in veterinary pathology after Doctor veterinary Medicine D.V.M. and now i want to get admission in Phd Veterinary Sciences (espacially pathology). Anyone can help me in writing of study objective.
    Write a clear and detailed description of study objectives and give reasons for wanting to pursue them. Be specific about major field (Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Pathology) and specialized research interests within this field (Veterinary Pathology). Describe the kind of program (Phd in Veterinary Sciences; veterinary pathology) expect to undertake, and explain how study plan fits in with your previous training and your future objectives of original innovative research.


    1. Hello, Mr. Muhammad Umair Shah,

      First of all, if I may suggest, you should write your Study Objective by yourself because you are the one who knows exactly where you will go with your PhD plans. Asking someone else to write your own is, basically, part of plagiarism; therefore, to the best of my knowledge, you should write the Study Objective by yourself.

      When you finish writing the document, then you can ask for peer review to see what works and what doesn’t work in the document. Then, by doing so, your document is still valid. Checking on grammar and spelling by someone else is fine, I think, but to write the document by someone else, is not a good attitude of a “scholar-wanna-be”.

      If anyone wants to help Mr. Shah, please send personal email to him. I personally will not write a Study Objective for anybody else; however, checking only the grammar and spelling would be fine.

      Hope it helps!


  7. Thank you very much for sharing your experience as an applicant for Fulbright , please are all daily costs on yourself or ambassador? Another questions, how many essays should I write to apply ?


    1. Hello, Ibrahim.

      Generally, the costs were paid by Fulbright scholarship. You will receive monthly stipend, which is appropriate with your location. Hope my answer helps.


  8. Hi, Syayid.
    Terima kasih telah berbagi pengalaman bersama Fulbright, terutama membagikan Study Objective yang Anda pakai untuk melamar beasiswa ini.
    Saya berencana untuk mencoba melamar beasiswa S2 melalui Fulbright ini, dan artikel-artikel Anda sungguh membantu saya dalam menyiapkan diri sebelum melamar.
    Mohon maaf sebekumnya, tapi apakah mungkin saya diperbolehkan untuk meminta kontak Anda dan menanyakan hal lain seputar beasiswa Fulbright ini? Jika berkenan, saya bisa dihubungi di alamat email Riantytantya@gmail.com atau melalui Line dengan ID @riantydt.
    Sekali lagi, terima kasih 😊 Semoga segala urusan Anda dilancarkan dan diberi kemudahan.


  9. hello,
    I’m dal from Lebanon , I’ve been surfing the internet for some good articles to help me starting my application for Fulbright scholarship, and i ended up here …. however I highly admire your determination and persistence ,moreover your honesty .. writers like you are needed so keep it up and wishing you the best of your career … thumbs up 🙂


    1. Hello, dal.
      Thank you very much for your support.
      I share good things of what I know to people. Perhaps, in that way, I could give valuable things to the world?

      Yes, I will. Honesty is the best policy, but some people find it hard to live with. However, I will always strive my best to be a better person and a highly qualified academician in my field.

      Best for you, too, dal! 🙂


  10. Hi Syayid, I have just stumbled upon your post as I am in the process of apply to graduate school and do not know where to start with this part of the process. However, I have read and found your post to be of great help to me and many others as far as I can see. It is good to know that there are still people out there like you who are willing to help others. I thank you a great deal. All the best with learning English and all other endevours. In addition, congrats on the level your are at. Take care


    1. Hi Anneka,

      Thank you very much for your kind response. I am happy to know that what I wrote on this blog means something to the readers in this globe.
      I like the way you put it, “congrats on the level your are at”. You know, in my country these days, people seem to focus too much on getting the “academic title” and forget the essential component of what it means to have that title, or the “level” that you mean. We might work together with other folks who have the same jobs as we do, but essentially, we are totally different. Yes, I will continue my many more endeavors. To the best future and glowing success. Cheers!

      Syayid ’15


  11. Thank you Mr, Syayid for your useful blog , I really loved your study objective its very good and it can be a perfect guidance for people who got confused in this mater. concerning the work experience, I graduated in 2014 and i do not have a work experience yet so is that mean I cannot apply this year ?
    thank you again
    Alshimary from Iraq


    1. I am not sure about your work experience, though, but I suggest that you to have one before you apply for this scholarship. In case you need preparation, your work experience can help to get more work experiences in the States, I think. Anyway, this is just my point of view. It will be better if you consult the nearest American consulate in your country. Good luck! And, thank you. I hope what I wrote in this blog can be very useful for everyone. 🙂


  12. Hello,
    My name is Natasha and I’m going to apply Fulbright scholarship for master degree this year. I am very bad at writing. Do you mind helping me? It’s frustrating, huuuffttt.
    I will send my study objective to your email. hope you don’t mind.

    Thanks or posting, it’s very helpful


    1. Okay, you can give me a try, but please also remember that I have other things to do here with my work. Please be patient if you need to read responses from me. I am doing this just for humanity and charity. Hope it can help! 🙂


  13. Syayid you such an inspiration. You really offered a guideline for me; am also working on the same scholarship in environmental management and sustainability (masters) now that my undergraduate from Moi university was tourism management. I will be glad to post like you when this goes through and be an inspiration to many others. Big up and good job. I celebrate you so much.


    1. Thank you, and yes, I also hope the same good things come to you, too. Also, never give up with what you want to achieve in your life. Big wishes, and best success for you, Simon. 🙂


  14. A greetings of happy new year Mr. Syayid Sandi Sukandi,

    I am so impressed how you made your essay on personal objectives. This gives me a lot of nerve to write my own,too. I am planning to complete my application documents for Fulbright scholarship grant here in the Philippines this 2015. As of now I’m working with the application form (i’m doing right now the study objectives and personal statement parts).

    It’s my great honor for me to let me know how you accomplish all the required documents and how can I succeed for a Fulbright grant.

    P.S. We can keep in touch with each other through my contacts below.

    Thanks and more power.


    Michael Leonard D. Lubiano
    Filipino Science teacher

    Email add: leonard.lean14@gmail.com
    Skype account: mr_lubiano
    Telephone No.: +63427971020


    1. Hello Dear Michael,

      Thanks for reading my post in this blog. I am grateful indeed that such writing can give you additional input on how you will write your own study objectives later on. You could email me through: syayid@gmail.com. I would be so happy to reply the emails in times when I am available online.

      That is great to know you coming from Philippine! As far as I know, Fulbright has its own branches in the world, especially in Southeast Asia. I suggest you to check the local website for Philippine Fulbright because the technical concerns would be somehow different, I assume.

      To answer your questions, to be honest, I only prepared the required documents and fulfilled the application form as truthful as it is. When the interview panels asked me questions, I answered the questions honestly. Besides, the Fulbright officers, whether in your country (like me in Indonesia), and in the United States of America, including the admission officers in the host campus later on will have their own procedures. Thus, my suggestion is you just follow the system and if that is your biggest chance, you are ready to go! By the way, I still believe that this Fulbright scholarship is meant for people who have high caliber in academic and personal organizational achievements as well as for those who have experiences to contribute to local society in positive ways will likely to be selected.

      Good luck for you, then, Michael! And, Happy New Year, too. 🙂

      Best wishes,
      Syayid Sandi Sukandi


  15. Thank you so much for sharing this study objective. It is really helpful and I will try to make my own study objective. do you mind if I use your study objective as my reference, not reference actually hmm… I mean like a guideline to write? he he
    I always have a difficulty to write when I have to divide my mind to think about the idea and focus on grammar. and the worst is I lose the idea because I just think too hard to fix the grammar. It is just like a nightmare, losing the idea when I am in a very good mood to write is a nightmare (he he)
    I love to write, and I really enjoy it. Writing is such a great pleasure for me since I can make my own stories.
    Anyway, I have just bookmarked your blog in case I want to read your writing in another time so it will make me easier to find it.
    Once again, thank you, Sir! 🙂


  16. I like what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll. kceddgkdcgke


  17. dear Mr syayid ,I think you have a grate writing style ,I am applying for the Fulbright too I sent my personal statement and the study objectives on your gmail maybe you can read it and give me your opinion ,pleeeeeeeeeease


    1. Hello, Zaineb. Yes, I have read your message on my email. When everything has been back into normal, I will try to give my responses for your Personal Statement and Study Objective. However, please make sure that what I will tell you cannot be seen as the solid answers for Fulbright scholarship because the scholarship officers will have other ways on how to read your writings. Cheers. 🙂


  18. no one’s perfect.. 🙂
    thank u so much for yr post, by hoping, I can get fulbright like u and my teacher in dorm in 2015,, 🙂 🙂


  19. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much
    about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read.
    I will definitely be back.


  20. I have never been in an English speaking country. I self-studied it, I read your study objective and your description on how the scholarship has enabled you to become a better teacher and writer. I don’t know how long it took to write the description and your experience studying in US, but you still need improvement. I don’t know what have you been doing during two years in US. If I become Fulbright alumni and study for two years, it’s impossible to write with so many unclear and grammatical errors.


    1. Thanks for your response, Rahim.
      Basically, studying two years in the US cannot guarantee your English, I would say, but you can improve many aspects of your English language abilities – beyond grammar. And, being correct in the aspect of grammatical sense is just working for non-native speakers of English. To have grammatical errors is fine in my blog since I am using this blog as a writing practice – to let go my “voice.” Also, since I am not a native speaker of English, then, when you see some grammatical errors in here, that would be fine, right? Some of my writings in this blog were written long before I came to the U.S.
      Perhaps, what you mean is the idea of having a personal “style” in writing. I tend to write in the context of a student, not a writer. When I was teaching English in Indonesia, I tended to focus on grammar, but forgetting my own voice. Consequently, my writing seems to be odd and stiff in tone. Now, I know my voice and I can have it written down.
      Therefore, please read my blog as collection of writings that were written by a student. This blog is not intended to be perfect in all aspects. Anyone can argue or debate about it.

      By the way, I need to correct your writing, too. For many occassions, please avoid typing, “don’t.” It will be better if you write it completely with, “do not.” Also, grammar wise, it is beyond my comprehension to read your words on, “I self-studied it.” Even for me, no reasons to study a language by myself without communicating with the people who use this language in daily basis.

      Do you have a blog that you can share with me? I would like to read yours. Besides, could you please share me the examples of the grammatical errors that you see in my blog? Thank you.:)

      Of course, I am a life-long learner. I always learn to improve myself to become a better writer with my own unique insights.


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