“Pan’s Labyrinth” – Psychological Confusion and ‘Magic?’

Pan’s Labyrinth – Many Ways to Interpret and Analyze this Movie

I am impressed watching the acting performed by a little girl in the movie entitled, “The Pan’s Labyrinth”. I forgot her name, since I watched the movie only once, but I could tell you that in general, I like the way she acted in the movie. Now, when I try to write my own feedback about the movie, I would think that one obvious thing about her acting and the overall plot of the story was basically related to the image of psychological confusion of a little girl. Although, at some points, this movie also indirectly relates to the realms of “magic”, which seems to be unseen, but it is felt and viewed as real as it is for the person who could feel the existences of this magic. Of course, I do not concentrate on the magic, rather, I will look at how the little girl could be viewed as facing psychological confusion.

The setting of the movie is in Spain, 1944. During that time, a war happened. Perhaps, as I could understand, the setting of the war was happening between the movement of local Spanish people with the “wicked general”. Now, at this point, this general is about to wait for the birth of his son, but eventually that this baby is not his son, although he knew it pretty well that the woman who is pregnant is considered as his “wife”. As you know, during war, anything that seems to be ridiculous to us today would likely to be seen as acceptable, although we know that war never ends in such safety, except the image of sacrifice of blood and tears in order to be victory in front of the enemies. In this setting, the little girl accompanied her mother who is pregnant. It is predicted that her mother would wish to have a son because the general needs to have a son for the replacement of this throne in the army. (You see, even in the war, men rule – patriarchy). Then, she and her mother came into a tent where the general had waited patiently (at least, he seems so).

Days and days passed. Her mother faced worst condition in her pregnancy. At the same time, as a little girl, she found a stone on the ground and put it into a statue that has one of its eyes is lost. She put the stone in it until an animal, looks like an insect, came out. Later on, this animal kept following her wherever she goes. At night, when she told the stories to her mother, the same animal came again, showing itself as a little fairy. A unique one. This little fairy asked the girl to came out and go to the labyrinth. She followed it. At the place where she is supposed to be, a creepy creature came out. It looks like a combination between a goat and a beef. Later I know that this creature is known as a “faun”. Very creepy, but it can talk like a human. Very interesting!

The little girl made a promise to this creepy monster because what she needs is to save her mother. She would say, “yes”. Until, she broke the rules. She ate two bites of small grapes in a place of a monster where she found two of the fairies where being eaten alive. She looked so afraid. Then, she ran out. Luckily, she could escape herself, by creating a line with a chalk that she has in the wall. The next thing she did is to put a “ginger baby” with a bowl of milk under the bed of where her mother is sleeping. The creepy monster asked the little girl to give the baby some small dots of bloods every morning. She did. Then, she realized that it could move as if it is real. On and on until she came to the labyrinth in order to save the baby. She died. The baby is still alive.

Now, when I look at the overall picture of the movie, it seems to me that this little girl has a psychological dilemma within herself. She needs to make her mother alive, even though she dislikes his “new father”. She would do anything to protect her mother. For his “baby brother”, she had to sacrifice herself in order to help her brother born well. All of these situations influence the way she built a certain image in her mind in order to find a place for her to stay balance between reality and the unconscious mind. I even remember that when I was a little kid, I used to think like that. Building my own fantasy. Now, a fantasy creates fantasy, otherwise, it could create a genius. About the magic things, at one point, I would think that the “deal” she makes is related to the deal with the devil. She met this devil beneath the ground, in a very dark place and creepy. Because this little girl could not fulfill what the creepy monster wanted, she sacrificed herself. However, this is only my own interpretation. The deal that we make in our lives, especially with the devil (no matter what its form, especially if we have to sacrifice “people” we love), eventually, it will take our lives. When I step outside from this metaphysical dilemma, she basically faced psychological dilemma. At the time of her death, the same creepy came again, bringing the image of three people: father, mother, and “the other one” that is invisible. This little girl smiled due to her innocence. Then, at that point, she gave up. Her last breath was taken away. Leaving her body in cold, and in a pale outlook. Everyone around her is crying. A very tragic movie that ends with death. Blood. Tears. Only the meaning of the baby that I could see as, “Let the babies alive. The babies did not have any problems, but we do.” Will we do the same thing as what the little girl has done?

You decide.

Feedback – Not that creepy, but very explicit for its “dark” side.

(Watching this movie with other international friends in Cougar Village)

Author: Syayid

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