“Battleship” (2012)

Such an amazing experience watching this full of animated-geographically scientific visual images movie! I was amazed by the appearance of the alien spacecraft and the way our satellite system is being used as a means of communication with creations living in outer space (assumingly). From visual images to audio system, the movie did not show any lack of quality. However, some parts of the movie are not using many computer graphic mode systems, except for the image of the alien plane and the visual image of the aliens. This technical part makes this movie looks even better. This movie tells something “as if” aliens will come to the earth.

When I watched this movie, my mind goes back to watching the serial of Alien versus Predator and Transformers. The aliens’ appearances at this movie seem to be similar to those that are seen in the Alien versus Predator. I was given again with the image of aliens with advanced technology that uses multiple techniques and incredible war-like system machines and weapons. The different thing between Alien in Alien versus Predator with this movie is that the alien in the Alien versus Predator came to the earth to make connection with humans and try to save this earth from the attack of the Predator, while in the Battleship the aliens are already trying to attack humans with their massive advanced technology. What makes me surprised is when the aliens came from the outer space right after they received a “certain signal from the satellite”. Does that means the aliens came after this signal? Or, they came after they know that the satellite gave signal to the outer space where the aliens are located? These things wonder me a lot.

When I look at the aliens, now they have unique characteristics. They look “like” lizards, I would think. What does it mean by this? Why did the aliens have the lizards’ eyes? Fiction is always interesting, isn’t it? Then, at the stage where the main characters captured one of the aliens, I imagine that this alien signifies “something”. I saw that the aliens have “beard” now. Fantastic! Why did they have “beard” like form? I would assume that the aliens resemble the image of “Muslims”. Usually, Muslims have beard, just like Osama bin Laden. And, how are about their eyes? Why did one of them give sign to the main character that his planet will be attacked soon by his own peers? This Battleship movie, I think, is more than just a movie about Battleship. It provides clues to many more angles of interpretations. What does it mean with “using the sun as the way of murdering the aliens”? Was that a sign of saying something about “immigrants in the United States”? Well, I may have gone too far in analyzing this movie, but so far, for average viewers, this movie is indeed worth watching.

In general, the plot of the movie is not flashing back, but it is moving forward. In other words, there was no scene where all characters present the historical event, although the movie itself shows some signs of historical events, such as the ship using name of Missouri, in which closing to the end of the movie, some old-people showed up to use the ship. This scene tells me that “respecting the elderly figures is a sign of respecting the history behind the freedom of a country”. The Pearl Harbor tragedy is one of historical events where the United States defeated Japan in the World War II, although before that Japanese fought the United States for similar purposes. This alien spacecraft illustrates the idea of Japan’s technology at its time in opposing the technology of the United States. At the ground of the Battleship, the real image of the story with what happened in the past with Pearl Harbor was almost the same. A deep message of this movie seems to be taken from this Pearl Harbor event.

Subconsciously, this movie is indeed presenting a complicated but yet deep meanings and interpretations. It resembles history, politic, culture, and even gender-based representation in the movie. The death of one of the male characters in the movie also reflects something, which I would think as more than just a death. I would probably go too far in seeing this movie. And, again, what does it mean with that “bombs” that look like bottles? That looks like bombs that are being used by the demonstration at different places on this earth. Looks interesting, right? Rihanna is also there in this movie by playing as one of the ship crews. She is better in the movie than in her songs lately, I assume. From the “races” presented in this movie, most of the races existing in the United States are there as well. This movie also presents male domination, but the presence of Rihanna has made this movie interesting. Besides, the female character with the blonde reveals the system of class and life in the mindset of American people, I think. The man with the broken legs means more than just a man with broken legs. He is the icon of the hard part of being veterans. I guess most American generations owe respect and gratitude toward their old veterans. Without them, their country will stand as it is now. It is the duty of American people to stabilize their country, but of course, the enemy is not just what we can see by our eyes, but it is indeed something dark that lies within ourselves that we need to cure. This darkness is triggering brutal ways of restoring peace. Peace cannot be done through wars. This is an absolute claim. If we could talk, why would we want war?

Well, after you watch this movie, please let me know your opinion. I would love to hear your answers on my questions above. Is it worth watching for different times? Yes, it is! Does it have sexual explicit movie? No. This movie is open to all ages, I think.

Have a great time from finals for all graduate and undergraduate students in the United States by now. Take care!

Author: Syayid

Syayid Sandi Sukandi is a person who is just like you. He loves to meet new people. He likes to learn new things and opens his horizon to understand how this world works. He is happy to help you when he can. His personal blog is Sparkling Silent Silhouette (https://www.syayidss.com/). He can be contacted at e-mails: syayid@gmail.com or said_sandi@hotmail.com. He has a YouTube channel @Mr.Syayid's Corner. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may follow and subscribe to his creativity and works there. Enjoy different perspective and insightful ideas!

2 thoughts on ““Battleship” (2012)”

  1. I am sorry but many things in your blog is wrong or just uninformed. For the “bomb” being in the shape of a bottle, is to make the “bomb” more aerodynamtic so the “bomb” flies farther. In alien verus predator (or avp), the predators were worshiped by humans in ancient times. The aliens were used as game for hunting, as we use deer, bear, and other animals to hunt. If you re-watch avp you will see that the predator and the main female human character fights together to stop the aliens from destroying the human race. For the signal thing it is matter of opinion and I think they caame to earth after the signal. I believe in the movie the main character states that the aliens on earth are just seeing if it would be worthwhile for the rest of the aliens to come for the resources. I could be wrong on this part, we will just have to re-watch te movie. The aliens looking like lizards, i can’t explain. I’m going to guess that the developers wanted to make the aliens to look like something that has not been done before. I would also disagree withh your idea, that the aliens having beards resembling muslims. Everyone in the world has beards, not just muslims. In the U.S. the stereotype of a “lumberjack” also have big beards. My interpertation of the alien telling the main character their plan, is that it has been done in most alien movies. I think the aliens have a mental form of communication instead of a verbal one. I think it may be an involentary response to share information, between soldiers.I realize you say you might have over analized the sun killing the aliens and its reference to immigrants. I think you did over analize. i can not really think of anything relevent without over analizing. I think if anything, it means it is showing the viewer we have to be careful when we go to a new place. Things as simple as the sun or viruses, bacteria (from the movie and book war of the worlds) can be harmful to us. I would think you over analized the historical part above. I think one of the reasons why they used the USS Missouri is because it is one of the few surviving battleships of the U.S. navy. I would have to agree with respecting the elders. I do not understan what you mean when you say that Japan fought the U.S. for similar purposes. During World War II, the U.S. was more technically advanded than Japan in most aspects. The only thing I can take from Pearl Harbor, is the U.S. was surprised by the attack, but they were willing to fight back and win. For the male domination, the military in all of the world or at least most of it has been dominated by men. However in the United States more and more women are joining the military and are taking more combative roles as well. I think it shows the role of women in the military are increasing.


    1. Thanks for sharing your ideas and views in my blog. I highly appreciate it.

      I have nothing to say in order to disagree with your ideas. Perhaps, because I am not growing up in the United States, that is why I did not have a good comprehension over many historical parts that the movie presents. Your justification helps others readers to know other things beyond my own interpretation. For the first sentence that you wrote, I think it was too much to be overstated. Perhaps, only in this Battleship post I argue with something unusual. The other posts in my blog are based on my own ways of thinking. There is no true or false concerning things in it.

      Glad that I could read new insights from the movie as well. Never hesitate to argue my post, arsenal1624@yahoo.com (USciti). The post of the blog is only my interpretation. Everyone who might have different views are very much welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!


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