“Brave” November 29, 2012

What an astonishing movie! Yes, I would recommend you watching this movie!

Basically, this is a 3D movie with a delightful visual image. Everything that is being presented to the viewer seems to be alive as if it feels like watching a real-image movie. From the beginning to the end, the quality of the pictures and the audio are exciting, even though at some parts, small visual images do not have any audio. Then, what does this movie entail to the viewer?

I decided to watch this movie because it seems attractive to watch, especially after I looked at its cover. There is a girl with red hair carrying an archer with her hand. This movie is almost similar to that in the Hunger Games. The only different thing between these two movies is in the visual image. The former is 3D movie that is developed through the anime style, while the latter is also 3D movie, but the image is taken from the real image of humans.  

After watching the movie, I was a bit surprised to know that this movie is a rebellious action of a girl to object the marriage planning of her parents. Knowing that the situation of the movie plot is in the era of where kingdoms were still emerging, therefore, an arranged marriage seems to make sense. When I view this movie through the lens of current feminist ideas, this movie is indeed supporting the ideas of what a young girl should decide. It seems like saying and inviting a young girl to fight for herself from any dictated plans and actions that are driven toward her life. At this point, it is good by the way, because only by doing this, a young girl could get what she needed in her life. The question, “In what way we might view the rebellious action? Is that related to old traditional custom? What is it to do with moral standpoint and current viewpoint of what it means to get married?” Let us take a look at the characters.

Analysis on the main character:

Merida – The Young Girl with an Archer

Merida is a young girl who has red hair. She has a boyish characteristic in a way that she does not want to imitate everything that has been informed to her in terms of how to be a “princess”. This nuance is vividly seen in any movie which supports the idea of liberalizing women. A bit surprising to see, that kids have been given this kind of image in their earlier period by watching similar forms of movies like this one. However, at the end of the story, Merida’s character resembles a label and fragile young girl with everything that she needs to oppose the tradition. What makes Merida seems to be rebellious is the way she opposes the idea of an arranged marriage. I assume that in the setting of this movie, what she does is the right thing. She has to speak for herself, without following any temptation whatsoever from any external voices, but, of course, the role of her parents is undeniable to the growth of Merida as a brave young girl.

The “Mother” and the “Bear” – The Queen Elinor

Right after Merida came back from the witch, she got the cake with a spell. Merida thought that she could change her mother’s opinions about marriage after consuming the cake given by the witch. What happened was a bit different from what she might expect. Her mother turned into a bear. Merida felt worried because her father would kill this bear if it is still in the house. Now, when I look at this changing physical appearance from a lady into a bear, it seems that the bear replaces the image of what Merida thought about her mother. Elinor felt in the deep of her heart that what she is saying to her daughter is something false, but she had to pretend that she must ask Merida to consider marrying one of the princesses come to the castle. It feels a bit awkward for this decade to know and see such an arranged marriage, but it may be possible that it is done in any society in the world today. The visual image of a mother turns into a bear reflects the idea of what the daughter thinks about her mother when her mother forces her daughter to get married with a man whom she does not love. Then, what happens next? Merida has to stay with her “bear” mother until the spell can be taken out by declaring that she forgives her mother and accepts that what her mother does is her mother’s rights.    

The “Father” – King Fergus and the Boys

The father role is not really obvious in this movie. A father is a father who has power and leadership. Surprisingly, it is the queen that could control the king. I think that this image is good. With the queen’s beauty, grace, and intellectual speeches, she manages the leadership of her husband. In Islam, this might sound like, “Beyond a strong husband, there must be a great wife”. King Fergus fought with the wild bear one time and he won. Elinor ran somewhere else to save Merida. This role is presented in such a fair manner. The king fights and the queen saves the generation that will prolongs the existence of the kingdom’s leadership. The boys do not seem to represent anything, but their naughty attitude shows that boys are naughty.

The Witch, Spell, and Consequences

The stage where Merida ran off from the castle and finally came into a witch house is where the miserable future impact starts. If only Merida could control her emotion to face her mother, she would not end in the witch, but if she could not do anything to say what her hearts demands, she might not possible have the experience of having a bear mother. The witch is the representation of the dark side of Merida’s character where she wants to change her mother’s opinion about the marriage. The spell is the intention that Merida has. Because her intention is not good toward her mother due to her lack of emotional intelligence, her mother turns into a bear, the animal that Merida’s father really dislikes. And, the consequence is that the “bear” has to escape from the castle before it is killed by the father. A good point where the changing of the mother is useful is when she fought with the greedy prince from the legend. At the end, the story ends with, as usual, happy ending.    

Moral Lessons

Simply put, I learn some moral lessons from this movie. These moral lessons are also in line with what Islam teaches:

  1. Respect and love your mother because she is the one who always have the hardship in giving birth to you and educating you with her love and care. She might not be that good in front of other people, but in front you, she has to be special, except if she teaches you something wrong, like stealing; then you deserve to tell her accordingly.
  2. Dare to fight what is good and best for you with respectable manner. What Merida did in the movie may not be appropriate in life because you will deal with a human being. Your mother is not Elinor. She might hurt more than Elinor or she might not care, worse than Elinor when you disagree with your mother’s plan. Somehow, she asks you to follow the plan marriage only because she could not fight for her decision. She has your father. In that situation, the mother has to deal with her heart and reality. And, I learn that being a mother and a wife as well as a queen is not easy. Even in the real life, being a woman is not easy, but of course, being a woman who could decide the better one for herself is the best of all.

Good for Kids? Yes, it is! Don’t forget to teach your kids that rebellious is okay, as long as for humane reasons and for the freedom of the kids from being oppressed by any type of oppressors. After that, teach the kids to be responsible for what they decide and do afterwards. Don’t let them go astray by their ignorance of knowing the meaningful aspects of their life.    

The Brave Trailer

Author: Syayid

Syayid Sandi Sukandi is a person who is just like you. He loves to meet new people. He likes to learn new things and opens his horizon to understand how this world works. He is happy to help you when he can. His personal blog is Sparkling Silent Silhouette (https://www.syayidss.com/). He can be contacted at e-mails: syayid@gmail.com or said_sandi@hotmail.com. He has a YouTube channel @Mr.Syayid's Corner. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may follow and subscribe to his creativity and works there. Enjoy different perspective and insightful ideas!

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