“Finding Neverland” and the Love of a Husband

Finding Neverland (2004)

This writing is a reflection of a movie, Finding Neverland. In Indonesia, this movie is distributed by Prime Movie Entertainment. No. SLS: 432/VCD/R/2.2007/2005. Date: May 20, 2005. This writing has been published in another blog of mine but it is republished in this blog for the purpose of sharing only. However, please do not plagiarize.


Finding Neverland:

The Love of A Husband that Falls to the Smile and Happiness of a Widow’s Children

Life is the place of all feelings, like love, sad, pain, happy and hate. These kind of feelings are actually found in many literary works and arts. One of forms of the arts that has those feelings can be seen in movies. In this writing, the movie that is going to be discussed is Finding Neverland. I found that this movie indirectly reflects the very basic, but highest meaning in some extent, of the human relationship, that is in the form of family. The thing is love. Love is simple in word but deep in heart. This is why the movie is worth watching by all movies lovers.

Life of James, an author of plays

The main character of the movie is James performed by Johnny Depp. The main character is an author of plays in the movie. Based on the story of the movie, James is illustrated as a very famous person with his artificial works, that are plays. He has been married with a wife who is very lovely and polite. It seems so because James’ wife is able to socialize with all people in the place, theatre, in which James’ play has been performed. Due to his good social status; therefore, James and his wife have a delightful life. They have everything they need for life and living, except one thing, that is a child.

Ms. Davies’ Children are waiting for the figure of a father

It is contrary to the condition of Ms. Davies. This character performed by Kate Winslet, is a widow of four children. She has been left by her husband because of death. As a result, she has to live her life lonely. The good thing that she has is that she has four cheerful children who always go with her in all occasions, whether they are good or bad, the children are always been with her.

James needs children for his inspiration

It is in a shiny day, James sees and meets children who are playing a hide and seek game in a park in which he is sitting on a bench. He meets the children right after they try to close to him in distance to declare a ‘sorry’ for the naughty of the youngest child. As a feedback of the situation, James makes a story about a man with his big bear in a circus. When he looks at the laugh and smile of the children, there is something that he does not know and understand what it is in his heart.

As the time runs, James is getting closer to the family of Ms. Davies. He wants to know more about the women’s family because he has known that the family is not as fortune as his. Therefore, he wants to give some help. In the beginning, James invites the children to dinner. The next day, James comes to the children’s house where they always play, take a rest, have supper and dinner, and especially, where they can gather together as family, sharing all the pain in all nights. Day by day, James is getting closer to the family. Because of this, James’ wife is starting to feel being ignored, and this feeling has made her making a relationship with a men who is supposed to be the outsider for her.

Time is passing by and by. Peter, the youngest child of Ms. Davies, is getting closer to James. Indirectly, their relationship seems as if James is their father. This is because the children have waited for the figure of a father who shall be the place for them to share and tell their own stories at all nights before they go to sleep. James can see the beauty that the children have when every time he plays with them. Time to time, James relationship with the children is going on like a father-children mode while his own relationship with his wife is not as good as he may have been in the first times of his marriage.

Love has finally fallen to the children’s smile and happiness

James can no longer hide his feeling. As a man, he feels that he also wants to see the smiles of the children he loves. Unfortunately, the love he has falls into the children who are not his. The more he tries to understand why, the more he feels that he cannot live without the children, although he really knows that his love is supposed to be for his wife. However, time has changed everything. When he sees that the children are the inspiration for his genius work, James has decided to live his life with the children. And his wife, he cannot force to stay because he knows that his wife does not love him as he expects.

A Marriage without Children seems like a Phantasy without Angels

By looking at above story, it can be assumed that a relationship like husband and wife, can be over because of no loyalty, no children, misunderstanding and egoism. As a husband, he has tried to make himself comfortable to what he already has. Unluckily, James is not supported by his wife. In the movie, his wife seems unaware of what James really wants as her husband. It means that she has failed to run a balance role in her marriage. Meanwhile, James has fulfilled all what his wife needs. Then, when James meets and plays with Ms. Davies’ children, he soon realizes that the children’s smile and happiness have become a place for him to be more alive. He has seen a family in which loving and living souls are already there. Without being understood, James indirectly loves Ms. Davies for her children. At the end of the story, James can bring Ms. Davies to a Place, called ‘Finding Neverland’, and her children are adopted by him.

The reason that makes no loyalty as the cause of James’ divorce is because loyalty plays a central role in a relationship. In any kind of relationship, especially husband and wife, loyalty can help the relationship to be always in a good condition. How can a relationship last longer if the husband or the wife treats his or her significant other unfairly? Besides, according to the story of the movie, children are also the basic measurement to influence the husband and wife’s mind in maintaining their relationship. Because James does not have children, he is dare enough to let his wife goes to another men, although he still can love his wife as he should.

In addition to that, a marriage is probably the place for a men and a woman to share all what they have in mind, heart, soul and desire. Misunderstanding and egoism have taken a very serious position in a marriage relationship. At the beginning of a marriage, a couple may have a romantic times. But, as time runs, they will have to face a reality, that is to where they should lead their relationship. Even in this modern times, egoism of a man to see his wife stays at home has made a bad image of a marriage issues. Meanwhile, the egoism of the wife to continue her career without paying attention to what his husband desires from her has created a worse image of women in all marriage aspects. Then, the live goes to other place that people cannot predict where it flies.



Author: Syayid

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