“The Phantom of the Opera”

The Phantom of the Opera

Love of the Angel of Music


‘In sleep he sung to me,
in dream he came,
a voice that called me,
and speaks my name…’


The Phantom of the Opera is indeed a very nice movie. It is nice because it has a classical music played romantically in the story. In addition, this movie is full of arts that are psychologically interesting. This is because the music, the costume and the plot of the story are alive and connected one another. Meanwhile, the character, the point of view, the setting, the symbolism, the style and the theme of the story of the movie are slightly relevant.

After watching the movie, the point of view of the movie is seemed to be based on the eyes of Raoul. It seems that Raoul meets the mother-in-law of Christine Daae in a destroyed opera building. Raoul try to recall back all memories he has passed for so many years about his life during staying and living in the opera. The way Raoul recall back all memories is the way the movie presented. Therefore, as it can be seen, the suitable plot of this movie is flash-back. It can be seen since the beginning of the opera until the existence of the phantom in the opera.

The unique character is the phantom itself. He is a man who has a handsome appearance, especially with his white mask. He appears to be so due to his past as a boy of devil, as people call him. Due to that situation, the boy, who is going to be the phantom, hides his inner side. Madame Giry who felt sympathy to the boy, tried to save his life. Since then, he becomes a genius, someone who has a great talent in architect, composer, and designer. In spite of that, he is viewed as a crazy man. “The genius turns to a crazy one”, as Raoul said. After the appearance of Christine Daae as a new singer in the opera, the phantom cannot wait any longer to see and meet the princess of his heart.

In the story, Christine Daae is a girl who has been taught by the phantom to sing and feel the beauty of music. Christine Daae appears as a singer in the opera when the previous singer rejected her manager’s proposal to her. As the time run, and the successfulness of Christine Daae sings in the opera, the phantom suddenly appears. He appears because he is no longer able to wait for another opportunity to meet her lover. He has taught, guide, and go with Christine Daae since she was a child. At that moment, as the song of the phantom, he feels that Christine Daae is getting prettier as a young lady. She becomes a new primadona in the opera because of what the phantom has done to her in a lovely attention.

The life process of the phantom who hides himself in the underground space of the opera has changed him to be a sensitive men with music. Therefore, Christine Daae calls him as an angel of music because it was him who always accompany her to sing the song of her soul and the feeling of missing to the father. The phantom wants to get the flower that he has planted in all years until he meets. The flower is Christine Daae. Unfortunately, the lady turned to Raoul, a man who has a good-looking and rich. By the action done by Raoul to get Christine’s attention, it makes the phantom feels jealous. If it is viewed through the eyes of psychology, Christine Daae actually belongs to the phantom. She can sing as beautiful as an angel because the phantom is her teacher, the one who has guided her through the eyes and feels of love. However, he cannot run himself from the feeling of imperfectness. This is why he cannot win the battle of love to win Christine’s love.

In a whole outlook of the story, this movie is quite hypnotizing. The reason is that the pictures, the setting and the costumes of the actors and actresses are beautiful. They make this movie is completely full of arts. In addition, the viewers will find not only the sense of beautiful song and music, but also the good side of the plot of the story. Indeed, there are actually many moral values that can be studied through this movie and many sociological and psychological issues that can be studied in this movie. Consequently, this movie is worthwhile to be watched by the lovers soul and it is perfectly suitable for fulfilling your musical needs.



This writing had been published in my other blog A Space of Learning and Thought. Republished for sharing only but not to be plagiarized. Thank you!

Author: Syayid

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