Teenlit – Bellamore: A Beautiful Love to Remember

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The Novel - Bellamore

Nashar, Karla M. Bellamore: A Beautiful Love to Remember. Jakarta; PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama. 2007.


This novel is written by a great scholar whose name is Karla M. Nashar. After reading this book, I found that women were so fantastic but again, they could make their life like a stupid creature. This story about a woman who keeps her virginity while in the same time, she has to fight for all the things that her environment calls love as ‘making love’.

Is that what all man want from woman?

Does having sex mean that the men will love the women forever after he gets what he desires from the women?

In a large-scale, is it what we see from our society, or, the author has shown that love does not mean sex, but truly finding someone, in your apposite gender, who is able to make us real as a human and perfectly a great life partner?

The name of the central character is Lanavera, with her best friends are Tiar and Sissy. Two different characters but they are strongly supporting the rich side of the story. There is a man whose name is Fabian, an Italian man. He is adored by not only female but also men, or, as I call it, by some same kind lovers. Fabian slowly shows his unique attention to Lanavera but she does not accept it as thing she calls ‘love’. All what Fabian wants is only having ‘bed love’. Because of her principle, Lana always ignores what Fabian wants. Another man whose name is Iwan, a kind guy, likes Lana. He knows Lana through Tiar.

Fabian insists Lana that Iwan just like any other man. What he wants is only ‘bed love’. Will Lana trust Fabian?

Slowly but sure, Lana is getting in love with Fabian. Fabian has dominated Lana’s mind.

For you guys out there, I bet that you will eager to find a girl that looks like Lana. She has a great principle before marrying.

Actually, the story is not exactly about virginity, but about how you keep what you have decided to follow in your mind and through your life. In this case, it is about virginity.

Will Lana choose Iwan for his kind attitude or Iwan is the same as ‘lelaki buaya darat…rupa manis sekali, tapi hati bagai serigala..’?

So, enjoy the story!

For you girls, keep like Lana. If you once have been seduced or loved in bed by not your husband, then you are a rubbish in a man like me eyes. Girls must have a strong principle to live their beautiful life!




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