“Monster” – The Lesbian and Controversial Movie

MONSTER (Based on A True Story)

Actress: Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci


This movie is, in my understanding, having a great side of presenting about things that people usually state about ‘life’. Life in this movie is presented not in a good way, but just as the way it is. It means that life itself can be good and bad. It depends on the ‘circumstances’. This is what the main character of this movie faces in her life. At the end of the movie, the plot comes to a saddest scene in which the main character should take a death penalty for what she did. A love, a friendship and a revenge are put in the same place. What a great story to take a lesson from and a great movie to watch a hard life in the ‘life’ that we usually call.

A Painful Life of A Lady

In the beginning of the movie, the main character is presented as a kid who wants to be a star. Until she reached her teen age, that was when she was in thirteen years old, she became a ‘hooker’ or a prostitute girl. She did that just because she wanted to see people to know how beautiful she was, and, of course, to make her still alive. Unfortunately, as the time runs, she did not feel what she had to have in her life. Everything turned bad and things were suddenly changed and these changed her way of thinking, especially her own mind and soul. The name of the main character was Aileen, who was called Lee. This character was played by Charlize Theron. This character has a suddenly blowing up emotional condition and complex for what she has in mind. Of course, because of the choices in life that she does not have.

A second companion to the main character was Selby, that was acted by Christina Ricci. This character was presented as a girl who always went to church with her family. She was a girl in her family and a very delightful daughter for her parents. It can be seen from the way her parents protect her. By the very protecting attitude that the parents do, they do not realize that it makes Selby felt like ‘kept at home and tight’ until Selby realized that she also needed some time to feel, see and face what the outer life looked like. Then, Selby had to go out and intermingle with other people to kill the boredom that she usually had in her daily life. In general, the characteristic of Selby was that she was a typical cute girl and had a logical thinking in mind though what she would face with Lee was going to be so controversial.

On one occasion, as a starting point of the story, Lee and Selby met in a bar. At the first time, Selby wanted to treat Lee some beers for having a small conversation with her before she went home. Lee did not accept that kind of social attraction because she thought the Selby was a kind of ‘stupid gay girl’. A little while later, they had a talk and it was so ‘open’ eventhough they just met for the first time. Lee was invited by Selby to sleep in her house and they then were in a same room and bed. In this scene, it was the first time for Lee to listen to someone who told her that she was pretty by touching her face skin. There was a ‘something soothing’ in her mind since that moment.


The story continues to present Lee and Selby together. Now, they have a relationship that they call love. They share the feeling so beautifully that they do not even know what they are doing. Selby had to choose to go with Lee because she thinks that she will not find a person like Lee again if Lee decides to go far away. During the time of her ‘togetherness’, they should have a food and small needs and stuffs to make them keep alive. Therefore, Lee should go to work and find some money. Because Lee is used to be a prostitute, she has to do that despite deep inside her heart, she never wanted to do the ‘street work’. In this stage, Lee faces a psychological conflict. Because she cannot control her mind and feeling anymore, she then kills men who invited her for having ‘sex in minutes’. Her emotional condition has made her to take revenge but she knew that what she was doing was not that good.

After she killed a man and took his car along with the money that she found in the man’s wallet, she felt a trigger. Again, as she felt that she did not have a choice, she took that way of action to be hers. Consequently, she killed men not for once but for several occasion. Until she killed a police officer, she felt sorry for what she did. Television has reported her face, together with Selby’s face. Because Lee did not want to see Selby in danger as her, Lee had to let Selby goes and Lee must have to face her life alone to run her complex life as a street person. Finally, the story ended when she is captured in a bar and the court has decided to give her a death penalty.

Things that can be learned from this movie.

In general, this movie presents about a painful life of a lady. She is actually pretty but her life turns into miserable because she does not believe in what she already has as a human. The environment has changed her to view this life as a bad place. After watching this movie, there are three lessons that can be taken. These lessons are based on the approach of moral in movies. The lessons are firstly, ‘never view yourself and your life as a bad one. What you think about is what you will have in your life’, secondly, ‘life always brings choices, so, please be careful on taking the best choice for your life’, and at last, ‘love and believe in yourself are the keys to find a meaningful life for yourself and for others that you love’.

Additionally, there are many things that can be learned from this movie. However, the life style of a prostitute now is not the same as presented in this movie. It can be even more glorious and elegant to be a prostitute. Even they have their own car. But, the point is not in that way. What can be a very major point is that the black and white of life cannot be seen from one side only. Even for a negative person in life, they still believe in the existence of God. They just do not know the life that they are living. For this kind of people, what they actually need is love and be loved. This is why Lee loves Selby so much that she wants Selby back to her, although she is basically not a lesbian. Life and the social condition that force her to take that picture of life. At last, if a kid is taught in a loving and caring family, he and she will find and see this life as the most beautiful picture on earth. Then, the world will be a paradise before the real paradise can be seen by our own eyes.


Life is only once, so, do good and be good brothers and sisters. What you do is what you get. So, do good to get good!

Bye yow!

Author: Syayid

Syayid Sandi Sukandi is a person who is just like you. He loves to meet new people. He likes to learn new things and opens his horizon to understand how this world works. He is happy to help you when he can. His personal blog is Sparkling Silent Silhouette (https://www.syayidss.com/). He can be contacted at e-mails: syayid@gmail.com or said_sandi@hotmail.com. He has a YouTube channel @Mr.Syayid's Corner. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may follow and subscribe to his creativity and works there. Enjoy different perspective and insightful ideas!

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