“Legend of the Guardian – The Owls of Ga’Hole”

The Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hole

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

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“To make strong the weak,

To mend the broken,

Vanquish the evil” – (Legend of the Guardians)


The movie entitled Legend of the Guardians mostly presents the story of the life of owls in their nature with heroic symbol but has moral messages to the viewers. In addition, a unique thing of this movie is that the owls are presented as if they are human as we are. Therefore, this movie is worth watching for children and family. In this case, after watching this movie, there are three messages that can be implicitly seen through the presentation of the characters and plot of the story. The messages are related to the power of family, controversies of reaching achievement through high self-motivation versus jealousy, and betrayals as the portrait of lame characters.

The first message is related to family. The central figures of this movie about family are Kludd, Soren, and Eglantine. In their family, Kludd is the elderly child followed by Soren and Eglantine. Soren but Kludd loves the story of the Kiel Knight from Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Eglantine loves the story as well. Kludd always believes in himself that the story of the guardians is just a tale and it never becomes real for him. Soren has a high motivation to be the guardian who always want to “make strong the weak, mend the broken, and vanquish the evil.” Besides, Soren is much-loved in the family than Kludd as it is presented in the preceding scene of the movie. In this aspect, it can be seen that family is the first stage where all children, including the children of owls in this movie, will always feel secure and have love to share the happiness and togetherness. In Soren’s family, his parents always teach their children to reach their highest potential so that they can be the true owls in their lives. In this point, the meaning is that family is important in every kinds of lives of living creatures, especially us, as human. Family is always the first part of someone’s life before s/he reaches the life out there. If a child is raised with love, then the child will find love in his or her society too.

The second message is mainly presenting the controversies of reaching achievement through self-motivation versus jealousy. When Kludd and Soren are growing as the teenagers-owls, they tend to have differences, especially in the form of personality. This can be seen after Soren and Kuldd are kidnapped by the Pure Ones ruled by the King High Tyto (Niddle Beak) and Nyra together with all other Tytos and bats. The stage where Soren wants to save his life and Gylfie at the time when they will be forced to be the “pickers”, Kludd refused Soren’s beg to join Soren and Gylfie. Kludd prefers to be with Nyra to join the army of the Pure Ones. As the story is presented, Kludd becomes the victim of the Niddle Beak and Soren joins with the Guardians after he finally realizes the dream to see and meet with the guardians accompanied by Gylfie, Digger, Miss P, and Twilight. In this separate stage, Kludd reaches his best potential and Soren as well. However, the main different thing is in the intention of how they could effort themselves to reach the achievement. Kludd is firstly motivated by his jealousy to Soren that he always thinks and considers Soren as a lame owl and too easy for kindness and softness. Meanwhile, Soren is soft in character and friendly to all his new friends. In reaching his achievement, Soren did all the best thing he could by driving himself through the self-motivation that he has inside himself. These two things reflect that reaching achievement through jealousy seems to bring the actor into negative condition in which s/he always feel insecure with the feeling of dislike and hate that lies in his or her mind. On the contrary, reaching achievement through self-motivation always brings better progress and result in which the actor could bring him or herself into such positive outcome that s/he can apply the outcome into the society.

The last message is in line with the betrayals. Through this movie, the viewers are presented with the power of betrayals. They often times have hidden mission that they want to reach although the way they realize it in a wrong one. Allomere, Grimble and Kludd are the characters of the betrayals. Kludd betrays his family and all the nice Tyto Owls by sacrificing Eglantine, his younger sister, as a victim for the Niddle Beak and Nyra in St Aegolius. Grimble, through he is a betrayal, he did that thing as a purpose to safe Soren and Gylfie from the dark power of Nyra and her troops. Grimble has finally freed Soren and Gylfie through the betrayal action but he could safe himself from Nyra’s attack. Allomere, is one of the selected guardians in the Ga’Hoole but he wanted the position of the king there. Despite his limitation in reaching the high position, he makes a political relationship with the Niddle Beak and Nyra until all the guardians who want to safe the kidnapped owls can be freed from St Aegolius. In fact, no matter how hard betrayals are conducted, the truth will always be the winner in life.

In summary, this movie, Legend of the Guardians – the Owls of Ga’Hoole, presents a symbolic story of three things. They are the cruelness of the betrayal to the truth, the vagueness of reaching best position through jealousy and hatred, and love in the family has always been a great part of children’s life when they want to face this life.

I like this movie and say thanks to Karthyrn Lasky for her great story. It inspires me a lot! J     


This writing had been published in my previous blog entitled A Space of Learning and Thought. Republished here for the purpose of sharing only. However, this is not to be plagiarized!

Thank you!

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