Excellent Discussion with Dr. Ingrid Mattson (Professor of Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary, USA) about Women in Islam

Short biography about Dr. Ingrid Mattson:

Director of the Macdonald Center for the Study

of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

B.A. (University of Waterloo)
Ph.D., (University of Chicago)

Islamic Law, Early Islamic History

The above information is taken from this link.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

In the  four videos above, Ingrid Mattson has discussed the ideas of woman and man in Islam. She views almost all aspects of how women are seen in Islam. These are things that are not properly seen by people in the western cultures, particularly the United States and Europe. Understanding all the above videos show that women in Islam are not oppressed, but, indeed, they are seen as partners of men in promoting more delighted civilization in Islam. Besides, being a Muslim for woman and wearing hijab do not mean a fashion statement but it is a part of ibadah. In relation to the United States, Ingrid tries to picture that many American Muslims try their best to stabilize their country although some parties may try to impose dogmatic perception about Islam and Muslims. In this case, Ingrid tries to make a stable condition of Muslims in America. I support what she is doing in this way.

A long conversation with Dr. Ingrid Mattson, explaining about American Muslims. This one is a good conversation.

In that discussion, Dr. Ingrid Mattson as the leader of Islāmic Association of North America views a lot of common issues between Muslims in America and other people in the United States. A general thing happening in the United States is the misconception of Islam, especially after the nine eleven tragedy. Now, it seems that a lot of American people would like to know what actually Islam is.

As a Muslim, I said that Islam is a religion directly from Allah SWT as the God and to know about Islam, do not see that from Muslims because they are also still learning how to be a better Muslim. To get into the paradise in Islam is not easy. But, indeed, when someone wants to learn about it, learn it through reading the Qur’an. (Paraphrased from Yuruf Estes, a former Christian priest and preacher who came to Islam in his late 70’s).

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