The Beautiful Side of Indonesia – in Videos!

The nature of Indonesia is still fresh and somehow, it has the aspect of “virgin” nature. Some books that I have read about Indonesia are only explaining this country based on individual perspective. It is still growing in a lot of ways. One thing that makes people coming from around the world to this country is the hospitality and the well-coming services that they get. You will never know what country Indonesia is. Well, all I can say is that, don’t trust “news” or “political discussion” because they are, sometimes, bias and subjective in nature. So, just come to Indonesia and enjoy yourself. Find things that make you enjoy the most.

What a Wonderful World – Indonesia

Indonesia and its cultures

Indonesia – when the butterflies come

Indonesia – The Ultimate in Diversity

Inspiring Indonesia Visit 2011

Discover Indonesia – part 1

Discover Indonesia – part 2

Finally, I would say, Indonesia is traditional in a lot of ways. That happens because we value our culture and we value the way we live.

If all places in the world are in the same ways all together, what a boring world isn’t it? You’ll be surprised to see the things that you can see in the country.

Welcome to Indonesia!






Author: Syayid

Syayid Sandi Sukandi is a person who is just like you. He loves to meet new people. He likes to learn new things and opens his horizon to understand how this world works. He is happy to help you when he can. His personal blog is Sparkling Silent Silhouette ( He can be contacted at e-mails: or He has a YouTube channel @Mr.Syayid's Corner. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may follow and subscribe to his creativity and works there. Enjoy different perspective and insightful ideas!

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Side of Indonesia – in Videos!”

  1. Hi, I would like to use your image with the various “rumah adat” for my page. Do yoy have the copyright to that image, and if so would you mind me using it? Thanks!


    1. Would you mind sending me a link to those images? I am not sure which pictures. Some pictures in this blog are from internet, while some pictures are my own pictures taken from different places. Please email me for further conversation regarding this matter. Thank you.


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