Ingin belajar ke Amerika Serikat untuk S2 dan S3? Check out these videos!

This video helps you know what graduate studies in the United States like.


If you want to know about Admission to the Highly Selective University in the United States, please check this one out.


Dr. Steve Bennett talks about the U.S education


Why study in the US is the best place for study


Admission process to study in the United States


Tips to international students on coming to the United States by Robert Arcangel


Syayid’s note:

In years ahead, the United States will be a great place for people around the world to study. One thing that should be remembered for international students is that the ability to use English well. For the United States, protection to international students is compulsory. I believe that many American people will have international mindset to people (international students) from other countries because their country has been educationally known worldwide. A problem like “a priest burning Al-Qur’an like Terry Jones” should no longer be heard because that will not determine the United States as a center of education. Educated people are those who have bright mindset and well-educated thought for pursuing and reaching positive purposes in life. I study in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for master’s degree and this is really a good experience for me. Meeting students from around the world is a great experience in spite of high cost for studying. It is worth studying in the United States. However, the system of financial aid is also a good thing for the students and it could have helped them in studying.

Wish I could pursue my Ph.D in the United States!


Author: Syayid

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