Best Minang songs and dances – Syayid’s collections


1. “Badindin” by Tiar Ramon and Elly Kasim

This song reminds me somehow to the way people of Minangkabau treat their culture.

2. “Jaso Mandeh” by Nuskan Syarif

This songs tells that “mandeh” or mother in raising her children is never repayable.

3. “Tanti batanti” by Ria

When I stay in the United States for two years, pursuing my master’s degree, I enjoy this music so much. There is “western” music style in this song, too.



1. “Pasembahan Dance” from West Sumatra, Indonesia

This dance is always performed when there is guest in honor coming to Minang

2. “Tari Piriang” from Minangkabau

This dance is played by using plates in the hand

3. “Tari Rantak” from Minangkabau

This dance is played by Minangkabau youth as an expression of happiness



There are actually many songs and dances of Minangkabau but you might know more if you visit the place.

It is usually played in Taman Budaya kota Padang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia.


Author: Syayid

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