Fulbright: Thanksgiving Time! 2011

In my entire life until 2011, I never celebrate what American people said as Thanksgiving. I was not sure what it means but since I was curious, then, I participate into a Thanksgiving time in a host family of mine in the United States. What I saw was there were plenty of foods! The pictures below are some of the foods that I tasted at that time. So delicious! However, I need a break when eating those foods because I did not get used to eating with lots of foods at one time. 🙂

A unique and cute stuff of Refik (my roommate)
What thanksgiving is.
The Story of Five Grains of Corns


It's the Turkey!
It's all bread..! Yummy...!
Cakes...! Ah, so tasty!
It's my salad, but, its way too much, but, still, it's delicious!
Eating the Turkey meat. After eating this, I feel so full..! ^_^




I had a delightful Thanksgiving with my host family in the United States. Thanks Joyce and John Schrader!

Wish you all happy and blessed be by the God. Amen!

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