Fulbright: International Night at SIUE 2011

It was the first time I joined this event to take part in Flag Show and Cultural Show of International Night at SIUE 2011. Many thanks given to ISC and International Students Services Officers for giving this great chance and opportunities. Please how happy we were in this International Night 2011. This was only students activities but the meaning was directed to the world. The world. We love peace and great friendship. For everyone..! Cheers..!

Japan, China, Brazil, Morocco, and Indonesia
Ruth Sumule and I were in the Flag Show for International Night
Indonesia, China, and Morrocco Flag (Me, Anni Huang, and Jaouad Naji)
Happy times for the Flag Show..
Flag Show people.. ^_^
International Night Event (representative from all over the world)
Ruth Sumule and I were in Indonesian outfit
Smile and Cheers..!
Closing session of the International Night 2011

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