Charateristics of Professional Educators

Characteristics of Professional Educators

Elsa Ninda Meifira

Nowadays, we often find educators who care about their business without thinking about their students’ desire. Most of them forget about their duty as professional educators. They only come in the classroom, watch their students present the presentation and convey a little material about the topic which has been presented by their students. In the present condition, the students do not need an educator is not professional but they need an educator who has characteristics when s/he educate them, such as consistent about what s/he has said. An educator can be called a professional educator if s/he has characteristics in front of their students and their friends. Therefore, a professional educator should have several characteristics in order to be a good example for her or his students as well as for her or his colleague.

Professional educators must be responsible persons. They are not only responsible for her or his profession but also responsible for her or his student totality. A professional educator must be responsible for her or his students’ behavior because the role of educator is to educate her or his students’ morality and mentality. Even though the role of parents and educators are the same, but in the present condition, students have more time at their school with their educators than at their house. Therefore, professional educators must be responsible for it. Besides that, a professional educator must be responsible for preparing and explaining her or his subject. Sometimes, an educator comes in the classroom, s/he makes her or his students present the presentation, and takes attendance list. After her or his students finished, s/he only reviews the material without explaining it clearly. It is not responsible because not at all of students can understand the material easily even though their friends have presented it.

A professional educator also must be open-minded. S/he knows up to date information. It purposes to add her or his students’ knowledge besides books which they have, for example an educator who teaches in isolated area. As we know, in isolated area is seldom found television so that her or his students are less getting information, especially about science. Besides that, if her or his students ask something matter that they find in internet, books or television of education programs which still relate to their subject, the educators must answer it. For answering and explaining the question from her or his students, it is needed for educators to add and improve their knowledge through many ways, such as reading the article, searching internet or hunting the best book because educators is also source of science for her or his students to explain something matter. Other characteristics of professional educators are consistent persons. Several educators do not have this. In our reality life, we often find educators who have made regulation but after that s/he breaks what s/he has made and s/he does not do the regulation as good as s/he can. This situation will cause bad effect for student and educator itself. Students will assume what the regulation is made for if it will be broken. It means that the viewpoint of students for their educators will be negative thinking because before educator makes regulation, s/he must be consistent to do it as students do. If educators have done it, s/he can persuade her or his students to obey the regulation.

The other characteristics of professional educators are having wisdom and principle. Although the wisdom and principle come from inside someone self and not all of persons have it, but if person has involved herself or himself in education field, s/he must have a wisdom and principle to make students to be a wise man and having principle too. Between wisdom and principle are related. An educator will be a wise man if s/he has a strong principle. A wisdom and principle are needed to various things, such as in taking decision and solving the students’ problems. If there are several students face studying problems and they often get bad mark, wisdom of educators in the cases are needed. They must give advice and solution for their students in order to the students can get good mark. The educator can also do the extra lesson for her or his students. All of the actions of the educators are done because the educators have a strong principle to make their students to be intelligent persons.

Therefore, the professional educators must have characteristics. These characteristics will make them to be perfect and professional in educating their students. Indirectly, those characteristics will make themselves to be respected by any one. Responsibility to be a professional educator is very difficult things but it is the respectable for educators. Characteristic of the professional educator is very important to create students who have knowledge, intelligent and responsibility for themselves and the others people.


My comment for this essay:

  • The ideas are organized properly, started from Thesis Statement until the Concluding Paragraph; however, thesis statement should have been better if only Elsa mentioned the list of the characteristics into the thesis statement, which means you mention the characteristics earlier, so that the readers know what your essay will mostly talk and present about to them.
  • The language that you use is understandable despite some small grammar mistakes are found in the essay. The good thing of this essay is that you have many content words which help your essay flow academically. Besides, the way you choose the words is, in a general point of view, precise and interesting.

Any other comments and feedbacks are welcome for this post.

Author: Syayid

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4 thoughts on “Charateristics of Professional Educators”

  1. You could improve as well, Fajri.
    To have better and proper ability in writing needs passion and diligentness.
    You have a way for that. The only thing that you need to do is to keep writing and,of course, feel what you write inside your heart.

    Good Luck!

    Syayid – your lecturer


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