Never know how that could be

April 28, 2009 at 11:33am


It was such a nice warmest day I had in the yard

she was there, looking at the blue little sweet smell flower

In a second, she stares at me as if she is so close in the eye

BUt, again, I was just as silent as dodo


Could I know that she feels my heart

Yeah, nobody knows that she kills me with the knife in her heart

So pain

So dark

So yellow in the mud

I am dying and it’s all gone


But, someone came and smiled

Then, the dark disappear as such a rainbow in the bird nest

so beautiful

But, again, I should have not known that person

Cause it broke my heart all apart

When I know that I was just a doll for the person


Lovely blue beach, Padang, Indonesia

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