All I need is Love

Whispering in a blue beach near the window

I see people laughing freely

Feeling as if no tears to be kept

Hoping that life run well as a shining moon


Down in the park,

there is a lonely boy sitting in the bench

We feel like we are the same



As I come near him

He cries

“All I need is a Love”, he said

I cry 


“Where is you mom and dad?”, I ask

“They are busy with their own. I am left alone”

When I look at into his eyes

I feel an angle there, waiting to be touched


Days and days pass

We are getting closer

Now I know, love can turn to everyone

Even to someone we think only as a friend


I have a love now

Love of a young boy

And I am his biggest brother

Till he finds his parents again

To go far away left me alone


And the moon is shining so blue

While I am here, waiting for someone new to come


To touch me a love

To warm with a love




(My bedrooom, before going to work in the morning, 2009)

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