The Essay

The Essay


The following explanation is derived and taken from the following reference:

  • Blass, Laurie and Meredith Pike-Baky. Mosaic II: A Content-Based Writing Book. New York; Random York. 1968


Thesis statement


  • For college writing, the thesis statement generally comes at the end of the introductory paragraph.
  • There are usually two parts to the thesis statement: the topic and the angle on the topic. The topic is the general subject of the essay, and the angle is the writer’s attitude or opinion about the subject.


Type of support in an essay:


Type of Support



Example Representative person, quality, or event Shows common quality or illustrates a general rule
Fact A piece of information that is true or an event that has happened Documents and presents evidence
Statistic A number of part of a collection of numbers Represents measurements or facts
Anecdote A short story about a person or event Illustrates or dramatizes a point



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