Making a Good Essay

Making a Good Essay


Question 1: What is a good essay?



A good essay is an essay that is understandable, readable, and interesting for the readers. In this case, you will write an academic essay. Therefore, your essay should follow the standardized grammar and structure, correct spelling, relevant vocabulary, and a specific context.

Question 2: What should we do to make a good essay?


As you can read in the answer of question 1, your essay should have good grammar and structure, correct spelling, relevant vocabulary, and a specific context.

Good grammar and structure can be reached after you have finished checking your essay in terms of Coherence and Cohesion. What you need to do in this case is to find error or mistakes of your essay for the following items:

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement
  2. Noun and Pronoun
  3. Modal and Verbs
  4. Tenses
  5. Punctuation
  6. Transition Signals

After checking the Grammar and Spelling, you will need to check the Vocabulary of your essay. What you should see here is whether the words you choose are appropriate for the essay or not. If they are not, you should change them immediately. Otherwise, you will make your essay is not understandable. When your essay is not understandable, it will ‘kill’ your essay and you will receive low score.

The next step is to check the Context of your essay.

Context can be seen from your thesis statement and topic sentence in each of your paragraphs. “Is the thesis statement clear?” If your thesis statement is not very clear, it will make your readers confuse to determine what your main point is. Therefore, you should make the thesis statement as clearly as possible. The key is to choose specific words for specific contexts. Context can also mean field of knowledge for some writings.

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