Genre of Essay: Exposition

Genre of Essay: Exposition



Writing an expository essay needs specific understanding of what an exposition is. This kind of essay is usually written when someone wants to give a specific argument or influence readers to the topic that s/he believed to be right.


The Expository Essay


According to Pardiyono (2007: 215):

Exposition adalah jenis teks yang tepat untuk (1) berargumen bahwa something is the case (analytical exposition), (2) berargumen bahwa something should be or ought to be (hortatory exposition). Analytical exposition lebih mirip dengan descriptive arguments, sedangkan hortatory exposition lebih mirip dengan suggestive arguments. Key words untuk jenis teks ini adalah “What do you think” OR “Do you want to argue?”




Pardiyono. Teaching Genre-based Writing: Metode Mengajar Writing Berbasis Genre Secara Efektif. Yogyakarta; ANDI, 2007.



Example of an Expository Essay

The following writing sample is taken from Pardiyono, 2007: 221


Increases in the prices of fuels has resulted in the ‘social disaster’ although it is rationally planned to improve the social welfare of the people.  

Thesis: containing topic and brief statement of the writer’s position related to the topic



Increases in prices of fuels results in the increase in the cost of transport. Transportation is the core of economic development and safety. The more expensive cost of transport will surely result in in the more expenses to pay by the suppliers or distributors. This condisition will result in the more expensive products to sell people as to compensate the cost spent on the transport.


Arguments that describe the reality according to the writer’s opinion

Increase in prices of fuels results in the increase of prices in many consumed-daily living products, such as food and beverage products, healthy and beauty products, clothing products, products for schooling, etc. This negative impact is unavoidable because the production of those products will certainly cost more.



The more expensive cost of living, which is not accompanied by the increase in income of the people, will result in the ‘imbalanced life’, and this means ‘disaster’. More people begin to decrease their expenses, more children cannot go to schools, and more companies begin to close down the production activities, as people begin to lose their buying power.



Briefly, increases in the price of fuels has resulted in the more expensive cost of daily living needs, which possibly leads to ‘social disaster’.


Writer’s reiteration or restatement related to the thesis




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