Developing an outline into a good essay

Developing an Outline into an Essay


Question: What should we do in developing an outline into a good essay?



  1. Develop each item in the outline into a paragraph by:
    1. Giving definition
    2. Giving Relevant Example
    3. Giving Illustration
    4. Giving Compare and Contrast Analysis
    5. Giving Cause and Effect Statement


–          You have to include Proof or Evidence in your essay so that your argument is strong.

–          Do not use Words that are difficult for you. You may use words that are familiar for you and you really understand what the words mean. Otherwise, if you use words that are not understandable, it will influence the overall meaning of your essay.

  1. When you have finished doing number 1, you use Transition Signal to make all of the paragraphs connected
  2. Read your essay again and check the grammar. In this case, you should use the sentence patterns that are easy for you. You can use the following kinds of sentences in English:
    1. Simple sentence
    2. Compound sentence
    3. Complex sentence
    4. Compound-complex sentence
  3. Make sure your essay has what we call as CCU, “Cohesion”, “Coherence”, and “Unity”

–            “Cohesion” means your essay is relevant with the title, topic, and thesis statement

–            “Coherence” means that the paragraphs in your essay are connected one another by Transition Signal and the idea is relevant with the title, topic, and thesis statement

–            “Unity” means that your essay is in one main idea and is connected from the Introductory Paragraph, Body, and the Concluding Paragraph

  1. At last, you can determine your essay is good if:
  2. Understandable
  3. Readable
  4. Interesting

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