Cause-Effect Essay and the Example

Cause-Effect Essay



Knowing and understanding this kind of essay will help you in adjusting your ability to express your ideas that are in the form of cause and affect relationship. In an academic essay, this essay has specific form and function. The form is a cause-effect essay. Meanwhile, the function is to express your ideas academically to your readers with two things or more that you think they have a relationship of cause and affect.


The Cause-Effect Essay

Question 1: What is cause-effect essay?


Before knowing the definition of cause-effect essay, it is a necessary for you to understand what the word of ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ means. According to Hornby, ‘cause’ is a person or thing that makes something happen (p. 177), meanwhile, ‘effect’ means a change produced by an action or a cause and a result or an outcome.

Therefore, the meaning of ‘cause-affect’ essay is an essay that presents the ideas of how a cause can make an effect, or the relationship between a cause and an effect.


Question 2: What are the characteristics of cause-effect essay?



According to Anderson (2001: 237), there are some characteristics of a cause-effect essay:

While a process pattern of development explains how, cause/effect development explores why. Cause is a writing strategy concerned with why something happens, effect focuses on results or consequences.

For example:

Cause                                                                          Effect

Too much rain                         leads to                       flooding

Flooding                                  leads to                       destruction of crops

Loss of crops                           leads to                       shortage of products

Shortage of products              leads to                       rise in market price

Obviously, the characters are:

  1. The writer presents a reasonable thesis connected to logical cause/effect development. The subject is an event, occurence, or phenomenon, and the writer focuses on cause, effect, or both.
  2. The writer uses detail to develop one or more causes or affects connected with an event or occurrence; the writer may focus on causes, on effects, or on a combination of both.
  3. The cause/effect development has a particular structure.

Structure of cause/effect essay:

Structure 1

Cause à

à Effect

à Effect

à Effect

à Effect

Structure 2

Cause à

Cause à

Cause à

Cause à

è Effect




Question 3: What should we do in writing a cause-effect essay?


There are ways that we can follow in writing a cause-effect essay.

They are, as Anderson states (2001: 240-244):

  1. Determine Purpose and Audience
  2. Focus Your Subject
  3. Choose the Structure
  4. Connect with cue words
  5. Use Specific Details
  6. Avoid Possible Pitfalls:

–          Oversimplification

–          Post Hoc Fallacy

Meanwhile, you have to consider the words that you use to indicate the cause/effect relationship.

In Bailey (2004: 53), you can use ‘passives’ and ‘conjunctions’ to indicate the cause-effect.

In terms of the ‘passives’, you can use the passive forms by adding to be+Verb-3+by.

For example:

  • The traffic jam is caused by the bad system of transportation.
  • The low score in Writing II is caused by laziness in studying.

In conjunctions type, you can use the following things.

  • Because of
  • Since
  • As
  • Owing to
  • Due to
  • So
  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • Which is why

Please try to make a sentence by using the above conjunctions!

Additionally, as Blass points out (1968: 134-137),

“An effective way of making a point in an academic essay is to show causal relationships. In other words, the writer shows the cause or effect or both of a particular action or idea. A causal relationship can be described in a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire essay”.

A simple cause-effect relationship is when one action or idea leads to another:

a  –> b

The causal chain for a cause-effect essay:

Thesis statement: a –> f

  1. a –> b –> c
  2. d –> e –> f
  3. Conclusion


The idea of writing a cause-effect essay is to present a causal relationship between two or more than two things in the essay. This essay has its own format and structure. Therefore, paying attention to the structure of the ideas, as well as how you use the conjunctions and types of sentences are important in this cause-effect essay.



  • Anderson, Marilyn. Keys to Successful Writing – Unlocking the Writer Within. New York; Longman, 2001, pp. 237-243.
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Example of a Cause-Effect Essay

The following text has been taken from Anderson’s book, page 239-240.

The author is Swarupa Reddy.

                Swarupa Reddy reports that the strategies she learned in her first college writing class helped her “build the foundation to complete freshman composition and other transfer-level English courses.” In addition to raising a family, Swarupa is currently taking courses to prepare for her transfer to a four-year university. She intends to pursue a career in one of health professions.



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