Review of English Correspondence Subject



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 16 (Sixteenth)
  • Topic               : Review
  • Target              : The students can make a conclusion for the subject
  • References       : Previous Handout (2 – 8 and 10 – 15)
  • Contents          :

This meeting will be organized by conducting a class discussion.

You are allowed to ask any questions to the lecturer in relation to the topics that are still confusable for you.

  • Exercises                   :

There is no exercise in this meeting. The lecturer will see and evaluate your activity in engaging yourself into the class discussion. Those who remain silent will be considered not active. This will be another point for the lecturer in interpreting and evaluating the students’ ability in the class.

  • Tasks               : Considered as a Final Assignment

Individual Task

After the meeting has been conducted, you are asked to write a conclusion about the previous topics in the following table. You can make the same table in your exercise book.



Definition and Types of Letters
Parts of Letters
Electronic mail and e-mail
Letter of Application and CV

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10 thoughts on “Review of English Correspondence Subject”

  1. Karna saya ngulang semester ini pak 😥
    Maana pak materinya, saya udah lama juga nunggunya…
    Saya kalo sama grammar, emang gak pernah akur pak.
    Gimana saya mau akur, orang grammar itu aja tensesnya hampir nyampe satu kodi begitu 😀


    1. Karena apa, Shinta? Sebenarnya, materi Advanced Grammar itu nggak begitu sulit, kok. Tinggal baca, pahami, dan kerjakan latihan. Semoga sukses dengan kuliahnya, ya. 🙂


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