Politeness in Writing a Letter



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 8 (Eighth)
  • Date                 :
  • Topic               : Politeness in Writing a Letter
  • Target              : Understanding the use of being polite in a letter
    • References       : Rook, John. Everyday English.Jakarta; Binarupa Aksara.

1990, pp. 172 – 179

  • Contents          :


Efficient communication is always highly desirable but in business and other formal correspondence it is essential. Inefficient communication may not merely unfortunate but positively disastrous.


Accordingly, business letters and other kinds of letters should be:

–       Complete

–       Concise

–       Logically planned

–       Clearly and politely expressed in grammatically correct modern English

–       Tidily presented

–       Attractively presented


Therefore, some aspects that should be carefully taken care are:

–       Completeness

–       Conciseness

–       Planning

–       Tone

–       Language

–       Presentation (lay-out)


Two kinds of business letters:

–       A poor attempt

–       A better version


  • Exercises                   :


Group discussion


    1. Every time we write a letter, why should the language be polite?
    2. In what way we should do in order to make our letter better to be read and properly received by the receiver?
    3. What will you do when you suddenly realize that your letter has many grammatical mistakes but you have sent it days ago?
    4. Please explain the important things of writing a letter politely!





  • Tasks               :


Individual task


You have known so far the parts of letters and politeness in letters. In this task, you are asked to write a business letter, or a formal one, with the following situation:


You are as a student of STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat has finished studying, and at the moment, you are working as an English teacher and want to send a letter to your Academic Advisor telling that you have got a good work.


Please write a formal letter to your Academic Advisor about your successfulness in getting a good work.


Use your creativity in writing the letter but the content should be the same as mentioned in the topic of lesson today.




Author: Syayid

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