Letter (part II)



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 5 (Fifth)
  • Topic               : Letter Part II
  • Sub-Topics       : Attention Line, Salutation, Subject Line, Body of the


  • Target                : Understanding the letter of part II
  • References       : Suryanto Dan Hetty Rachdiana S. English Business Correspondence. 3rd Edition. Bandung; Humaniora. 2009,  pp. 10-12.
  • Contents           :


Attention line



The Banjaran Weaving Mill Co. Ltd

823 Jl. Banjaran

Bandung40377,West Java


For the attention:         Mr. Atmadibrata

Purchase Manager





British style

American style

For a respected person Dear sir,


Dear madam,

Dear Sir:


Dear Mr. Syayid:

For one person or more in a company Dear sir,

Dear Mesdames,

For someone who is close to you Dear Mr. Riki,

Dear Ms. Shanty,

Dear Miss Nila,

Dear Mr. Riki,

Dear Ms. Shanty,

Dear Miss Nila,

For someone special My dear Jane, My dear Ron,


Subject line



Dear Sirs,

“The Birthday Party”







Body of the letter


  1. Opening paragraph


It has a function that is as an introductory part of a letter. Without it, a letter would not be interesting to be read.


  1. Message of the letter


It is the core point of a letter. The content should be written clearly, condense, detail, and polite, as well as straight to the point.


  1. Closing paragraph


The content is the hope, wish or statement of thanks that is in line with the second paragraph.



  • Exercises                    :




  1. Can we make a letter with any salutation that we want? If yes, why? If no, why?
  2. Please describe the differences of the four parts with those that are found in Indonesian letters style?



  • Tasks               :


  1. Please write the examples of each of the above parts at least five examples!


  1. Please write one body of a letter with this case:


You wanted to go to a funeral yesterday. Because of your bad health, you could not go to the funeral. What will you say in your letter if you wrote the letter for your friend? You may choose any name you like.





Author: Syayid

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